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smut prompt: killian finds out that emma actually enjoyed when he called her a 'good girl' back when they were about to climb the beanstalk. it's okay if you don't want to write it, i just thought you would do the best job of it. :) much love <3

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He figures it out by accident, his fingers lingering on the stubborn piece of hair that keeps curling in front of her ear, brushing her cheek down to the dimple in her chin. He twists it up and away the same time he pulls her cap down lower over her ears, stupidly insistent that the knit beanie be situated correctly before she leaves the house.

(He’s been like this a lot lately - ever since, really. Holding her longer, looking for excuses to maintain physical contact. Whether it be his arm pressed to hers as they stand side by side at the sink or taking a solid fifteen minutes to make sure she’s as bundled as she can be before trekking into the unforgiving Maine winter.

He doesn’t need the excuse, though. Not when she’s reaching for him just as often.)

“Ah,” he smiles when he finally gets the strand to sit neatly in place, his thumb brushing the hollow just beneath her ear. “There’s a good lass.”

It’s stupid, the near instant reaction she has to the completely innocent words. A slow, languid spark of heat curls in her stomach and presses out - a sudden clench in her thighs as she shifts in front of him. She’d blame the wine they had with dinner, but that certainly doesn’t explain the way she wants to bury her fingers in his hair and tug - lick at his throat and nip at the underside of his jaw.

She likes it when he talks. Likes it even more when he talks about her.

“My, isn’t that interesting.”

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Hey :) I liked the College Au chapter. Maybe Rose could invite him to a college party and her friends are a bit weird with partying and drinking and the typical. Maybe there is a guy that always flirts with Rose as well or sth. Or maybe bring some other Characters in. Martha as a nerd who likes John a little much pehaps, I don't know :P

(parts one and two)

Rose squeezed his hand nervously as John bounced along beside on the walk up to the house. One of his friends had invited him to her party, and he had invited Rose along in turn. She didn’t know anyone in his major, but he had assured her that it would be fun- after all, it was a costume party, and who didn’t have fun at costume parties?

They were matching, John with his hair combed back with black pants, a white polo and a leather jacket with Rose in a pink dress and blue jean jacket, her hair carefully styled to resemble something vaguely out of the 50’s. Her heels were already starting to be uncomfortable, but she hoped she could take them off in the case of dancing.

“Martha!” John said when an attractive dark-skinned woman opened the door. “See, right on time!”

She smiled. “Should have known.” The smile faded slightly when she looked at Rose and, more importantly, their intertwined hands. “You didn’t say you were bringing a guest.”

“I asked you if I could,” he blinked, but beamed. “This is Rose. Remember, the girl I have the study dates with?”

Martha grinned. “Right! Nice to meet you, Rose.”

“Hello,” Rose replied. “John’s said a lot about you.”

Martha ushered them inside and Rose looked around. It was Halloween, and the mood of the party summed up her relationship with John- crazy, exciting, and something that she feared would eventually end.

The tutoring session had turned into a weekly study session, which had quickly morphed into meeting three times a week- when they weren’t having meals together after class or even before it. Thanks to him she had gotten an A on her last test, and had improved in the others, but the grades were only a benefit. He was brilliant, charming, and made her laugh more in one day than she did in a week back home. He seemed to be genuinely interested in what she said and was always looking out for her, whether it was with a cup of tea in the morning or when they were hiding from the man who was threatening to run them over with his lawn mower for landing on his petunias (how they had ended up on his roof, she still wasn’t sure).

Rose quickly spotted Jack, a mutual friend of theirs, as Martha chatted with John. She joined him and pulled him in for a hug before greeting his boyfriend, Ianto. The three chatted before Ianto got drinks, and Jack looked at John before shaking his head. “She’s fighting a losing battle,” he said.

Mystified, she looked back over to John and Martha. He was currently acting out one of his exploits and Martha was laughing. “Who?”

“Martha,” Jack said. “Don’t you dare tell her I said this, because I’m a bit drunk and she should know better, but she’s sweet on John. Had a crush on him since Secondary. But he’s fallen arse over elbow for you, so she’s looking up the wrong tree.”

Bemused, Rose patted his arm. “I think you’re more drunk than you think. John isn’t in love with me.”

“You keep telling yourself that,” he sing-songed, before wandering off to pull Ianto into a dance.

John appeared seconds later. “Rose! Come on, let’s dance,” he said, as he took both her hands in his and started towing her towards the cleared space in the living room.

Rose laughed. “I thought you didn’t dance!”

He looked thoughtful. “Well, I couldn’t dance then, but I’m sure I can remember. Maybe you can teach me?”

She shook her head. “Nutter.” After glancing back at Martha- who looked like someone had stolen her puppy- Rose looked back at John. “You aren’t just dancing with me because you though Jack and I were flirting, did you?”

“Jack’s dating Ianto,” he reminded her, but added grumpily, “That doesn’t mean he isn’t open to a threesome.”

“Jack is so not my type,” Rose laughed as she stepped closer and linked her hands behind his neck. “Besides, he’s dressed as a world war two RAF pilot. We don’t match.”

“And fashion is of utmost importance?” John teased.

She freed on hand to pat the lapels of his suit jacket. “Of course. We look good together, you and I,” Rose winked.

He laughed and pulled her closer. “We aren’t going to become one of those couples that color coordinate their wardrobe, are we?”

“Dunno,” Rose said, acting indifferent even though her heart was racing. “Are we a couple?”

He swallowed, but his eyes were honest. “Well… one day.”

“Yeah?” She said, giving him a tongue touched smile.

“Yes,” he replied sincerely, before tucking her head under his chin and pulling her closer. She went willingly, letting out a small sigh.

Even when someone accidentally activated the fire alarm and she was pushed into the pool, it was the best night of her college life so far.

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Could you do weecest where Sam is kind of in love with Dean and he's obsessed with him a little and he's about thirteen and small, Dean finds out and he can't deny Sam so he ends up giving into him. Kind of angsty?

He watches Dean when he falls asleep on the couch early after they come in from school. He likes the beautiful pink of his plush lips, parted in sleep. He likes the flutter of eye lashes and the rise and fall of his broad chest. He gets excited just watching Dean.

He squeaks a little as Dean shifts on the couch and the movement makes his grey shirt lift up halfway. Sam almost creams his sweats just seeing the hard, tan muscles of Deans stomach.

He has dreams about rubbing off on that toned stomach, about Dean shoving his hips back and forth, encouraging Sam to go faster.

His brother starts to stir and Sam hops from foot to foot as he stands before him, barely concealed excitement at the prospect of seeing green, sleepy eyes. He loves the way Dean sometimes smiles lazily at him and says his name with that sleep roughened voice as he wakes up.

“Dean, wake up,” Sam whispers, biting his lips.

He waits till Dean is stretching and rubbing at his face to rub a soft hand in circles on Deans stomach.

“Come on, its almost eight, Dean,” Sam cooes, his finger tips discreetly raking through the trail of hair leading into his older brothers jeans.

Dean groans and grabs Sam’s hand, pushing it away as he sits up.

“Sammy,” Dean starts.

Sam doesn’t let the spike of arousal that rips its way down his spine and into through his balls show.

“Go take a shower,” Dean rasps, squinting at him with those eyes.

“Maybe you should sleep in the bed or I can make you something to eat if you want. I’m a little tired too so we could lay down together,” Sam suggests quickly, putting a hand on Deans chest.

Dean seats him away and rakes his hands through his short hair and grunts.

“Then take a shower and lay down and relax,” Dean sighs.

Sam nods and goes to gather his things for the shower, not bothering with boxers because he has a plan for when he comes out. He shuts the door with a smile.

Dean knows about Sam and his little crush, he likes to call it a crush.

He needs to get out before Sam does, he can’t be in here. He wants to tell Sam that he knows about how he feels, but he just can’t give in. The kid might just be a little wrong in the head, he’s bordering on obsession with Dean and Dad might be starting to notice.

He had told Dean that something weird is going on with Sam, that he watched Dean for too long and the look in his eyes he got when his older brother didn’t have his shirt on was too dark; too hungry.

He asked Dean if he had done anything, if Sam had experienced something lately. Dean told him no, no he hadn’t. He told Dean to take care of Sammy, but not too much.

He knew what he meant. His father can see it in him, that twisted need. Dean sees it in his green eyes when he stares into the mirror, same way Sam stares at him; straight into his broken soul.

He likes that Sam still loves him either way, but he can’t defile him.

Dean gets up and grabs his keys, his jacket, and writes a quick note to Sam.

He closes the room door silently.

He remembers when his father called him over to the bed after Dean left out a week ago. Sam was upset that he had left, tears streaking his face.

“Sam, Dean is older. He has to go out and interact,” John explained as he held his sniffling son.

“Why can’t he interact with me! I love him, I love him even when those girls don’t!” Sam cried.

“It’s different, Sam.”
“No, Dean could be with me,” Sam hisses.

John already felt a chill go down his spine at the words. He can hear the jealously there, but he needs to ask.

“Sam, has Dean touched you?” John whispers.
“N-no,” Sam sobs.

John almost chokes when Sam continues.

“I want him to so badly, Dad. But Dean doesn’t want to. I want him to touch me all the time,” Sam whimpers.

John just closed his eyes and prayed.

Sam tries to keep quiet in the shower, but he can’t help his sounds while he thinks about Dean. Thinks about his smile, his eyes, his freckles.

He likes thinking about how deep Deans voice gets when he talks to girls, but he replaces the girls with himself. He enjoys when he sees his brothers eyes darken and how he gains a little drawl when he’s aroused.

Sam pants out his pleasure as he strokes himself hard and fast, a single finger thrusting up into his hole. Its hot in the shower, steam everywhere but the wall is cool against his right shoulder.

“Dean, Dean, Dean,” he knows he’s shrieking a bit, but he bites his lip as he thumbs his sensitive slit.

He needed to take off some of the edge for what he was about to do. If he was going to seduce his brother he didn’t want to come as soon as he got Dean to touch him.

He can already picture the way Dean will make love to him, how sweet and gentle his brother will be with him. He can here his sweet drawl, little nicknames rolling off his tongue. He’ll call Sam sweetie and sweetheart, baby and baby boy.

He can feel how Dean will open him up and then eat him out. He wants to know what it feels like when Dean fucks his ass. Maybe Dean will say what the guys he talks to on the internet say to him.

Maybe Dean will really like to fuck his little boy pussy.

Sam squeals loudly as comes, splattering the shower wall. He knows he’s being loud, but he always tries to be quiet.

He milks himself until he’s whimpering and cleans off the wall, then himself.

He checks himself in the mirror, his cheeks have an orgasmic blush, his eyes dark, his hair a pretty mess, his lips bitten red. He’s perfect.

He grabs up his clothes and wraps a flimsy towel around his waist as he opens the bathroom door, steam rolling out.

“Dean?” He calls out sweetly, dropping his clothes on the bed and walking out into the living room.

“Dean-” he spots the note on the table.

‘Went out. Eat something and don’t wait up-Dean.’

Sam frowns and he feels angry. He had a set plan, a set fucking plan and Dean goes and fucks it up when it could have turned out good for him.

Sam turns out all the lights and lays down, he tries not to stay up and wait.

Dean trudged into the door, grumbling. The girl just had to be a tease, all she had to do was say that she wasn’t going to be going anywhere with him in the first place. She didn’t have to taunt him and then tell him she was a virgin and intended to keep it that way.

Now he’s left with a case of blue balls at twelve in the morning while his little brother sleeps in the bed next to him.

His dick is pressing hard against his zipper, its almost painful. He sits on the side of his bed to take off his boots and leather jacket.

He’s getting that needy urge, thrumming under his skin, telling him he needs to get off.

Dean looks over his shoulder at unruly mop of brown hair sticking out of the sheet from the other bed. Sam is fast asleep and he won’t notice cause Dean is quiet when he does this.

Or so he thinks.

Sam is alert when he hears the clinking of Deans belt and the sound of a zipper, jeans fluttering to the floor. The 'swish’ of boxers being removed off smooth skin and the sigh of relief as his hand touches his cock.

He immediately hardens under the covers, trying to keep from whining as he slowly pulls the covers from over his face. He can see Deans back, the tight pull of his white shirt over broad shoulders. The movement of his shoulder and arm tells Sam all he needs to know.

“Oh God,” he heard Deans hoarse whisper.

Sam slithers as hand down his body and dips it into his boxers to grasp his length, the flesh hot. He suppresses a gasp.

Dean is panting softly as he throws his head back in pleasure, the sounds becoming slick as Dean spits on his cock.

Sam mewls unexpectedly as he slips a a hand down behind his sac. They both freeze.

“Sam?” Dean grits out after a minute.

Sam whimpers and scrambles out of his bed with his bony knees and arms, and up onto Deans.

“Dean, Dean,” he kisses at the back of his brothers neck, running small hands over those broad shoulders that he loves so much.

“Sam, no,” Dean growls, turning around and shoving Sam back onto the pillows.

Sam’s breath leaves him quickly as he watches with wide, pleading eyes. His young body is still squirming, begging to be touched.

“Please, please. Want you so much, so much, Dean. I want you to touch me like you do those girls,” Sam whispers.

Dean shuts his eyes and shakes his head, all of this too much for him. He wants Sam too, but he’s so young, only thirteen.

“Dean, you can teach me to do what you like. I can be good for you,” Sam begs, slipping off his boxers, leaving him naked.

Dean tries not to look but he has to. His cock throbs when he sees all that pale, silky skin. His little brothers length hard and leaking, small and thin.

“You can even f-fuck my little boy pussy,” Sam blushes hard as he raises his knees to his chest, making his hole flutter.

Dean makes a choked sound and moves to kneel on the bed, finally giving in. He can’t stop it, he can’t.

“Oh, Sammy. You’d let me take your virginity? Be my good boy and let me fit my cock into that little hole?” Dean murmurs as he strokes Sams inner thighs.

Sam squeals in excitement and nods, his little hips moving.

“All for me? You ever been touched there, ever touched yourself here?” Dean whispers as he rubs his thumb against the furled hole.

Sam can’t help his shriek of pleasure, lifting his hips up.

“Yes, I’ve put my fingers in there,” Sam’s voice is reedy.

“Mhm, bet you have. I’m gonna do something different to you now, gonna do something I do to girls, will you let me, sweetie?” Dean drawls with a deep voice.

Sam almost messes himself right there at those words, instead he nods frantically, opening his legs wide and holding them back.

He stares down at dark green eyes, at plump lips that kiss along his inner thighs towards his hole. Sam might be whimpering, he doesn’t know.

The first kiss at his rim as him wailing and bucking up, scrambling for a grip in the sheets. Dean shushes him quickly and rubs his hands along his thighs.

“Quiet, baby. Gotta’ be quiet if I’m going to eat you out,” Dean soothes.

Sam nods and runs his hands down his chest.

He bites quickly at his own hand as Dean licks and probes at his hole, spitting on it. Sam feels good with Deans tongue lapping wetly at his ass, and hands gripping him to keep him open.

“Taste so good, baby boy. So nice and pink, so sweet,” Dean growls before he begins to sink his tongue inside.

Sam can’t help his cries and the tears that spring to his eyes as he gets eaten out, the pleasure exceeding his expectations.

“Dean!” Sam squeaks as his balls are lapped at with a large stroke of Deans tongue.

He writhes and starts squealing as his lower regions get soaked with saliva, Dean slurping at his balls, his cock, his hole.

“I think I’m going to come!” Sam gasps and shrieks, pushing at Deans head between his legs.

“Do it, baby. You need to come with my tongue up your pretty boy pussy?” Dean cooes lightly, gripping Sam’s thighs harder as he pushes his tongue deep inside, his nose pressed to Sam’s smooth balls.

Sam’s been told by the men on the internet that he’ll squeal like a stuck pig if he ever comes while getting eaten out. They were right.

His eyes roll back then shut tight as he thrashes and squeals extremely loud on the bed, Dean has to hold his hips down as he continues ravishing his little brothers hole.

“Oh, Dean. Please, stop. I can’t–I can’t!” Sam starts squealing again as his cock spurts out another load.

Sam goes lax on the messed up bed and Dean moans, kissing up his slick thighs.

“Look at you all fucked out,” Dean whispers, kissing at his sweaty, red face.

“Dean,” he murmurs when he feels the hard length pressing against his hip.

Dean sighs and tugs at his own erection.

“You can–I can,” Sam stutters, gesturing at where Dean is touching himself.

“You can what?” Dean smirks.

Sam blushes and pulls at his hips, trying to get Dean farther up his small body.

“I want you to fuck my mouth,” Sam whispers, hazel eyes glazed over.

Dean stares in shock before nodding, he knows it’ll take a couple minutes before he’ll shoot right into Sam’s mouth.

He puts his knees on either side of his brothers head, gripping Sam by his hair with his left hand and guiding his dick to Sam’s mouth with the right.

“Suck,” he demands, shoving inside his little brothers mouth.

He moans as he watches those lips spread over him, a wet tongue lapping at the head. He bears down, slipping in further till Sam gags.

“Shit, sorry,” he starts, but Sam pulls at him.

“You like that?” He asks, pushing in further.

Sam’s eyes flutter close as Dean begins to fuck his mouth, gently first until Sam taps his hip to signal him to go faster.

He gags when Deans dick goes deep inside his throat but he’s determined to take it all, even with saliva dripping down his chin and slicking up Deans balls.

“Take it so well, so good for me, letting me fuck your mouth, Sammy,” Dean breathes, voice faltering.

Sam grips strong thighs and sucks hard and swallowing around his brother.

“You spit or swallow, baby boy?” Dean smirks.

Sam just swallows around the tip of Deans cock and his brother jerks hard, bending over as he starts coming down his throat.

“Fuck, swallow all of it,” Dean shakes, rolling and tugging at his emptying balls.

He gasps as he pulls out, Sam coughing a little.

Dean comes back into himself as he watches Sam put his fingers through the mess on his chin and licks at it, watching Dean the whole time.

He falls down beside Sam ungracefully.

Even as Sam sighs and lays down on his chest, flaccid cock pressing against him, he knows he’s never felt more at ease.

“Dean?” John calls out.

Dean is already up, sitting on the edge of the bed when his father comes in.

John freezes in the middle of the room. Dean knows he can smell it and see that Sam is naked under the sheets. Dean is only his boxers, head hung.

“He finally broke you down, huh?” Dad asks quietly.

Dean nods, ready for his Dad to beat his ass. But John just stares at him with this odd look.

“Couldn’t really avoid it, anyway,” John sighs.

Dean shakes as he listens to his father get the whiskey from the cabinet.

Dean closes his eyes and thanks God.