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In today’s episode of ‘I’ll just put these random words together to make it sound drastic’ I present to you:

‘fetishizing friendship’

If you think your friends are attractive or god forbid start to date a friend or develop romantic feelings for them, you have a friendship fetish, sorry I don’t make the rules antis do

if you write friends to lovers, tag your fetish pls to warn the children

(OR ‘shipping otayuri is fetishizing friendship’)


Akaashi’s reaction will be like … 

Yes akaashi. We all know they have been dating even though their movements move faster than their own.Like this picture down here.

Okay,before any of you go future,don’t shoot with my anger/curses words.I’m just making an assumption on my favorite KurooTsukki pairing so if you’re not then please back off so I didn’t need to deal with it.I’m just sharing my opinion okay.

But seriously,to all KurooTsukki fan,do you agree with this?Please say yes.But some may say no I guess. Oh,okay then.

So KurooTsukki fan, Tsukki seem to rub his back where Noya slapped him?Let’s see,what if Noya slapped him where his hip hurt ‘cause it look more like he’s rubbing his lower back near his hip than the upper part where Noya slapped him.So do anyone get the clue?That maybe Kuroo and Tsukki make out before the international ?

that bpd/dpd + avpd feel when your avoidant ass keeps everyone you care about at a distance, but then there’s that one Exception, your Favorite Person, whom you pull in close and absolutely cling to, and you expect everything you should be taking from other relationships to be satisfied by just this one person

i see your regional gothic and i will raise you: outer space gothic
  • You know it is breathtaking and beautiful, so striking that you are not sure you believe it even though you’ve never known your senses to lie. It is beautiful and yet there is something creeping at the edge of your vision, floating behind you and twinkling like a distant star, always blinking out of existence as soon as you turn your head.
  • It is the silence that suffocates you more than anything, more than the lack of oxygen, the pressure on your lungs that feels so foreign. It is a silence so crushing, and then there is a whisper. Radio broadcasts from an earthly war long past bounce between the stars, and occasionally you catch a glimpse of one, full of static and desperation–or, you think you do. You can never really tell what’s real, out here.
  • You are floating somewhere inside Ursa Major, and while each bone is light years from the next, you cannot help but feel like you have indeed been swallowed by some great beast, devoured whole and left to decay in the everlong darkness.
  • They say we are all made up of stardust; it is supposed to make us feel sacred. Instead you feel compressed, you look at the vastness and feel it pulsing inside of you, the bright stars calling every molecule home. You see planets, bold and looming, you feel yourself being pulled into their orbits against your will.
  • You have yet to encounter a black hole, but you are bracing yourself. You know that the silence and emptiness you are experiencing now are childsplay, that getting swallowed with the light will burn more than the fire of any star could. You feel the universe expanding, flowing as if from your fingertips, reaching for something, some endless light beyond it all that you cannot see. You know with every part of you that it is there.

this post is to explain why many of you wonder why we saw yoongi refer to holly as ‘her’ before, when holly is actually a 'boy’.

there are many differences between english and korean, 'her’ and 'him’ being one of those. in previous videos where yoongi mentioned holly, he didn’t specifically use the word 'her’, as there’s no such word in korean, he either said '홀리가 […]’ (Holly is…), or didn’t use any pronoun. jimin used '얘가 […]’ (from what i heard in the video, he might have used no pronoun at all) when talking about holly. 얘 doesn’t specify the gender, it’s just a word used to refer to someone younger than you. the most accurate way to translate yoongi’s talk about holly is, 'holly is…’, 'holly does.. ’. but since we all assume holly is a 'girl’, many (including me lol) just went with 'she’ when translating.

there are words in korean than can still be used when you want to specify the person you’re refering to is female or male. like, 그녀/그 여자 = that girl/that woman, 그 남자 = that man. adding 그 (that) would do that. but, there is no direct translation of 'her’/'him’ from english to korean. we choose how to translate when we see who the other party is.


rule of thumb: if it’s under the sink, you don’t eat it.

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Got any tsukiyachi headcanons?

these two posts are pretty much all i have for tsukiyachi BUT FOR U I’LL TRY:

if tsukki ever falls for anyone, he’d know. like i don’t really see him as someone who’d be all “the fuck is this shit fuck feelings!!” and be all irritated. i mean, he would be, but the irritation would probably stem from the fact that he’d fall for anyone at all because he realizes that even some things are out of his control l m a o

he wouldn’t do anything about it though? much like his feelings towards volleyball (at least, in the beginning) he doesn’t really see the point of pursuing a relationship at their age at least because high school’s only 3 yrs long then they graduate and then what??

OOPS HE FUCKIN SLIPPED and now he has a teeny tiny crush on yachi of all people because why not?? she’s cute, she’s smart, she’s Not Annoying and she’s nice to yamaguchi and even to him despite how scared she looks every time they interact

yams my man catches on because he can read tsukki like a book. he doesn’t let tsukki pull that “there’s no point in trying” BS that he’s all about and tries to encourage him and yachi to talk a bit more outside of her just handing him a towel and a sports drink

SO before a major exam or something yams arranges some study sessions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that tsukki is against because he knows what yamaguchi’s up to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so he argues and says they don’t need it because they’re all smart anyway but then yachi says she’d be happy to do it and honestly how can tsukki say no to that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

and this becomes a regular thing for them!! where they just go to yachi’s place after practice to study?? sometimes just hang out because her flat is really comfy? YAMAGUCHI THOUGH would leave early every now and then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says he has to practice his serves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) until he stops showing up altogether to leave them alone and just texts tsukki every now and then to check on him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

but tsukki tells yachi there’s not really much point in doing the study thing anymore (fuck u tsukki i s2g!!) if it’s just the 2 of them but then yachi actually seems disappointed so he panics (serves u right!!) and says he could still walk her home ????

AND SHE JUST BEAMS AT HIM AND HE MELTS AND HE HATES THAT HE DID rip tsukki this is going to be the slowest burn of all time

BONUS: now during practice there are so. many. smiles. thrown at each other. every chance they get. mostly from yachi but even he can’t help himself anymore and everyone notices because it’s weird af coming from tsukki everyone takes turns telling him they’ll beat the shit out of him if he hurts yachi


But dammit I still have nightmares about what it was like to be with you
I told you it hurt I was crying on the floor and you laughed
And now you show back up with that same smile and I feel like my insides are ripping apart
Do you not have any remorse for killing an innocent girl
Do you not even care that she always flenched when you reached for her
She said she was scared
Dammit she was scared
She tried to kill herself twice
A bottle of aspirin because the heart ache wouldn’t go away
She would rather been touched by death than by you

I’m still trying to unpack all of my thoughts and feelings and various interpretations from the finale, and also reconcile those with what Bryan has said to be his intent with how this all played out. Some of those interpretations match up with the word of god, some of them do not at all, but I think all of them are equally valid and can coexist alongside one another at once. Mostly I think it’s clear that even Will wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted or what he was doing, and I feel just as conflicted about what the one “true story” is as he likely did.

One thing is for certain though, even if Will’s plan in the beginning was to kill Hannibal, or to watch Dolarhyde kill Hannibal, once the moment came he simply couldn’t do it. He said these words to Reba earlier in the episode about her relationship with Dolarhyde, and he understood more than anyone precisely what it meant to be in love with a man with a freak on his back. And I think somewhere along the way Will realized there was nothing he could do about it. There was nothing he could do to make himself stop loving Hannibal.

Maybe he wanted him to die, maybe he wanted to run away with him from the beginning and was playing everyone including Hannibal himself, maybe he simply wanted to have just one more moment with him and whatever happened after would be just fine. Maybe he knew they would kill Dolarhyde together and it would be everything Hannibal ever wanted. Maybe Will wanted to give that to him. Wanted to give that to them. Maybe it was all of these at once. I think that is far more likely. Nothing with Will Graham is ever simple or straightforward. Nothing is ever always right or always wrong.

It’s not easy when you know the one person who understands you – every part of you, all your light and dark, all your good and bad, all your best and worst – is someone commonly referred to as a monster. It’s not easy when you see him and he sees you and you’re both laid bare before each other and you know that you will never connect with another person ever again in the way you have with him. You tried to live without him, you really, truly did, but you discovered that you were only lying to yourself. There was never any living without him. Only standing still. Waiting.

And you fear that it will ruin all your good, that his dark will sap your light, but he is magnetic and you are both somehow just alike and you look into his eyes and you know everything he wants to say to you, and he knows everything you want to say to him. He sees right through you. You see right through him.

It’s not easy, but that’s love for you. More often than not it is illogical and stubbornly devoted despite all your knowledge and foresight. You know it’s going to hurt. You know it’s going to ruin you. You want it anyways. And sometimes you want nothing more than to purge yourself of it desperately. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. Can’t conceive of an existence where you exist and they do not. After a while mutual destruction seems to be the only option.

Whatever Will was thinking when he sent them tumbling into the Atlantic, I don’t think it can ever be entirely narrowed down to one thing. Maybe he was terrified of how peaceful he felt, bathed in the blood of their slaughter, knowing he would always want for it to be that way, the two of them and their beautiful chaos. Maybe he couldn’t picture a more perfect end for the two of them, clinging to one another in the night. Or maybe he wasn’t thinking at all. Maybe he just simply let go and hoped for the best. Or the worst. Or whatever.

He couldn’t kill him, and he couldn’t watch him die, but maybe if they only tumbled into a new life – or a certain death – together, anything that came after would be just fine.


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You and me ‘til the end
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Words: 900
Tanaka is ready to sacrifice himself for Nishinoya. Nishinoya won’t have any of it. It’s the both of them, together … until the end. 

“So,”Tanaka says, his voice more of a huff in between his ragged breaths than anything. “This is it.”

“Don’t say it like that,” Nishinoya hisses at him, even when he knows. He knows how hopeless it is. But when Tanaka says it … the realisation of their situation slowly sinks in. They’re backed into a corner, only a wall separating them from the enemy. They chased them right into a trap, right where they had wanted them. By the time they realised, it had already been too late.

Now, there is no way to get out of this anymore.

“Sorry, Bro,” Tanaka says, and he sounds sincere. He lowers his weapon, shifts a little to look at him.

“Maybe, if I distract them – maybe you can –“

“Don’t say that!”

Nishinoya clutches his own gun more tightly. His fingers feel almost numb after clinging to it for so long. He tries not to let his voice tremble.

“If we go, we go together.”

“Bro,” Tanaka whispers, voice full of emotion. Nishinoya raises his head to look into his eyes, a wobbly smile on his face.

“You and me 'til the end, bro.”

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FOR THE DRABBLE ASK GAME: number 6, ereri ! ;D (btw i love ur icon js)

omg thank you!!!! sorry this is so late i’m trash and i have no idea what’s going on here i just hope you like it nonetheless

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

Eren woke up to the sound of someone talking in the other room, a headache that could rival that of his 21st birthday and a vague sensation that something is very off. 

With a groan he tried to sit up, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to elevate the pressure behind his eyes but only managing to make it worse and flopping back unto the bed with another groan and decidedly doing his best imitation of a dying puppy.

Apparently he made too much noise because whoever it was talking outside peered in and quickly whispered a goodbye to whoever they were talking to before they entered the room.

“Look who has finally decided to join the land of the living.” Came the teasing tone that was definitely not either Armin or MIkasa and it quickly sobered him up enough to make him open his eyes and squint at whoever it was standing in the doorway. 

“You’re not Armin.”

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I took two of my friends' two 15-year-old daughters to see Mockingjay today, and one of them commented that they'd never read the books, said they didn't really read much in general. I asked, "Well you've at least read Harry Potter, right?" And their response floored me and depleted my lungs of all oxygen. I think an owl in fact died when they simultaneously replied, "Ugh, I hate Harry Potter. Those books are crap. They were terrible." Allison, I can't even with how I looked at them.