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Okay I love your theories and am a big fan but it completely perplexes me how you think Terezi <3< Vriska is viable. Their relationship is so, so different from anything that a kismesis has been shown to be; granted we've mostly only seen what a possibly unhealthy one was, but I really don't get the feel that Terezi <3< Vriska has been hinted before; has any chance of happening.

…wait, really?! It feels like you must have been reading a different comic!  D:

Terezi and Vriska have practically been our prototype for what a kismesis looks like, even when it wasn’t working properly! Two rivals, getting under each others’ skin, who seek to improve themselves to one-up the other. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship founded on grudging respect, the parties constantly seeking recognition of the other. Kismesissitude was described as “an especially potent arch-rivalry”, and I dare you not to apply that label to Vriska on Terezi’s behalf. Hell, the word “rival” has been used more often between Terezi and Vriska than between any other two characters.

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Okay so usually gem fusion is made by two gems, no? But in the case of Stevonnie it’s made by one human and a ½ human/gem hybrid. His hybrid status already gives Steven some leeway– he can withstand that defusing weapon (while showing some signs of cracking), needs to eat and sleep, etc. Gems (in their original state) probably aren’t used to being connected to human, living flesh and bone either, which makes me very curious about HOW IN THE FUCK did the insemination even happen bUT ANYWAYS

Rose’s gem is used to dealing with human flesh, to the point that while Steven is able to do stuff like invoking energy shields or healing with his spit it’s very probable that when he dies his human body will stay like that, dead. Because he’s basically a human body whose life essence comes from a sentient rock (this is all wild speculation and might not be true, but work with me). So in a very basic way, Rose’s gem is already working in a way that’s very different from usual gems’ m.o. (which opens a world of possibilities about Rose spending months, maybe even years, experimenting with keeping a human fetus attached to her gem WHILE being in her own physical projection and working on keeping up a fake uterus on the sidelines).

So the thing is that Rose’s gem currently isn’t really working like a normal gem’s would, Steven’s gem is much more synchronized with flesh and bone and all that other stuff living things are made of in Earth than your average gem would be. So fusing with another living creature while keeping the harmony and not, idk, accidentally cannibalizing that being’s life force or fucking the fusion up in some other way, shouldn’t be that hard, right? And in the end atoms are atoms, so if Steven’s gem can adapt to dealing with human flesh instead of a Gem Projection™ then it’s possible it can also vibrate hard enough/do whatever the fuck a gem does to unlock fusion and trigger said phenomena. Conclusion? Two children fuse into a 2 parts human/1 part gem non-binary deity of hotness.

(But then again, this is all wild theorizing my brain slapped me with after reading your tags and seeing you wonder how in the shit Steven and Connie fused when Connie is (supposedly) 100% human born and raised)

TL;DR: Steve/Rose’s gem is doing weird shit just for Steve to exist, said weird shit might enable a higher compatibility with humans and that makes human/gem-hybrid fusion possible (which gives us in a non-binary deity as a result).

((……and now that I think about it, I’m really curious to know what Steve’s and Stevonnie’s DNA tests would look like. After all, Steve technically doesn’t have his mom’s DNA since she, ya know, doesn’t fucking have DNA…))

Oh my GOD you’re right, I was thinking about it entirely wrong. When I was calling Stevonnie into question I was thinking about when Garnet was telling Greg he needed a body that could turn to light in order to fuse, which Connie really shouldn’t have either. I was trying to figure out if something weird was happening with her. [Insert Yellow Diamond theory joke here.]

But you’re absolutely correct, Steven’s gem is used to dealing with biological (as opposed to geological) life all the time. And so it CAN do gem stuff, but it struggles a little since it has his body to deal with too.

I’m specifically thinking of shape-shifting. The other gems flash and turn white and you can see their bodies reform into something that’s still entirely them, that’s definitely their light-bodies in action. But as we saw in Cat Fingers, Steven just gets the fingers. His cells shifted and reformed into that new form, but the new form was formed with a more biological method and thusly became a new life

And in the OTHER totally horrifying gem shape-shifting mishap episode, So Many Birthdays, we see more of his gem trying to cope with actual cells. When someone poofs back into their gem, they usually have a chance to stop and consider what they want their next body to look like, as a better reflection of themselves. Steven’s gem can’t ever do that though, it already has a body with cells and it’s going to LIKE IT

But it’s still a gem so it still tries. And so when when you have a kid suddenly realizing the gravity of what aging is, that they’re getting older and have to start leaving the things that they love behind, the gem is going to try to reflect that change of identity for him in the only way it can: making his body and cells biologically older. He doesn’t turn white (to light) when doing so, he just glows a bit on the edges and his cells visibly change.

And he’s still a kid during that! Suddenly he’s a kid actually in an adult’s body and he feels EXPONENTIALLY older and his gem keeps trying to reflect that and he almost dies from it. (That episode makes it REALLY obvious that gems aren’t exactly made for the whole “mortal cells” thing.) 

That’s why he probably doesn’t look exactly like Greg, though, since you’re also right in that Greg is the only parent who gave Steven any DNA. He’s genetically a clone of Greg, but he’s still his own person, and so his gem makes his appearance reflect that.

Bringing it back to Stevonnie, Connie doesn’t have a gem, so all the work of fusion would need to be done by Steven’s gem alone. A la the conservation of matter, what his gem probably does is grab Connie’s cells and throw them into the mess of Steven’s cells that it already knows how to deal with. Stevonnie is just a REALLY BIG half-gem half-human with 2 minds tucked inside. The wikia page for Stevonnie points out that Stevonnie is mostly Connie’s mind, and that’s probably because Steven IS half-gem. His gem(/mind) is trying to blend their consciousnesses together, but her human mind isn’t capable of that sort of thing, and so she bleeds through significantly stronger than Steven does.

Normal gemstones wouldn’t have the slightest clue what to do with real flesh. It’s outside of their ability, which is why they CAN’T fuse with humans. Rose Quartz as an individual had to DIE in order for her gem to change drastically enough to do that, for her gem to make a meaningful bond with a collection of living cells. 

tl;dr: Steven’s biology as a gem is really hardcore.

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Do you think the show-runners realise the treasure they have in 'Olicity'? And do you think they will do this relationship justice? Great though their storytelling has been, their handling of romance in Arrow has not been the best - until now. Given the explosion of superhero shows in movies and television, Arrow needs something to set it apart i.e. - the awesome chemistry between Stephen and Emily. I scared - but I really hope they keep writing Olicity well :). And make them endgame of course!

Hey Anon!  I took a bit to think about your question and how I could best answer it.  It’s hard because I can’t speak for anybody but myself when it comes to what I like about Arrow, Oliver, Felicity, Olicity, and the team that is (for me) the trinity of Oliver/Felicity/Diggle. 

I’m going to apologize right now for totally going OT in this response - not to mention on and on  — but I don’t think I can discuss what you asked without discussing what I did.  :/

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Summary: Father MacAvoy has no idea how he ended up in the library, but he’s not upset.

Happy birthday, ANG! Remember how, when I posted the snippet of this, I side-eyed? Now you will know why >_>

ilu all. yolo motherfuckers.



It was a new bar, this time. Father MacAvoy had finally been kicked out of  his usual pub, so he’d had to find another one, one that didn’t know about his reputation. The only one he could find had been The Rabbit Hole, and he considered removing his collarino before walking in, but he was too unsteady to do anything near his neck.

That was how he’d ended up kicked out at closing time with hazy memories of being told that every pub in Greenwich was locking its doors to him. He staggered along the streets, vomiting occasionally—sometimes even into bins—until he had to stop and sag against a wall. Was the church even in this direction?

Didn’t matter. He’d either make it home or die on the way, and at this point, he didn’t care which.

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I don't think I realized how much I wanted Josephine/Scout Harding fic until you posted that pairing. So... #17?

(Okay, even I think this one came out super cute.)

Shy kiss: 

“You can do this.”

It would be fine. Absolutely fine.

“This is not a big deal, so just walk on in there and do it.”

She lifted a tentative hand, hovering and waiting to knock, but never following through; an action she’d repeated for several minutes.

“Dammit, Lace, you can do this, so just do it!”

Of all the hidden places and treacherous territories she’d scouted, all the arrows she’d loosed in to the wind, presenting a gift should have been as simple as knocking on a door also should have been. Yet try as she might her drive to do as she’d been planning for weeks just continued to waver, until she found herself caught somewhere between determination, shyness, and heavy irritation.

Lace had never, ever had so much difficulty trying to converse with someone she liked, but she surmised that it may very well have had to do with the fact that who she happened to like was very, very special.

And quite possibly very out of her league or at least that’s what she kept telling herself.

Josephine Montilyet was an absolutely amazing woman, so smart and kind and as pretty as a Redcliffe sunrise. Hell, even prettier, especially on the inside if her actions said anything. Lady Montilyet always took the time to speak with her whenever she had to return to Skyhold to resupply or turn in her reports, making sure that she ask Lace about her travels even when there were so many diplomatic affairs and crabby nobles to see to. No matter what might have been going on, Lady Montilyet had a basket of fruit or flowers to give, praises to share, and so many question about all of the things Lace had seen on her scouting missions, all of them given with a smile that made her knees feel a little shaky.

As shaky as they felt in that very moment, as Lace finally willed up the nerve to knock on the door and wait for a familiar voice to beckon her inside.

“Sorry to bother you, Lady Montilyet, but I have something I needed to drop off for you!”

“You are never a bother, Scout Harding. Please, do come in. It has been weeks since we last spoke and it is so good to see you again. Are you well?”

Lace felt herself smile, chest brimming over with warmth at all of the concern and kindness, not to mention the brilliance of Josephine’s welcoming smile.

“Just fine. Thank you for asking.”

Lace walked over to the massive desk that Josephine always sat behind, noting that she’d set her quill aside to give the agent her full attention. The basket she settled atop the desk was nothing fancy nor where the flowers neatly arranged within it, but it could have been filled with gold and jewels for the way that the ambassador’s eyes lit up  at the sight of them, a hand lifting to her smiling lips.

“They’re not much, but I’ve been keeping them up during the journey back here from Crestwood. The area has some of the brightest wildflowers I’ve ever seen and I thought you might like them. You’re always so sweet with the gifts you give me for my contributions to the Inquisition, so I figured someone should give you a flower basket too. Maker only knows you do as much if not more for the Inquisition than any one else.”

“These are breathtaking! Oh, the purple ones especially!”

Josephine leaned in, taking in a deep breath and then sighting at the fragrance of the well-kept flowers.

“They are wonderful. You are too kind, Scout Harding. I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me when you saw them.”

“You’re welcome, Lady Montilyet. And…if you’d like, I wouldn’t mind if you called me by my first name. Scout Harding is fine, but everybody calls me that, so it’s a little nice hearing something past my job description. Unless you don’t think that might be appropriate.”

Lace knew she had to be blushing, a reaction she wasn’t quite used to and found herself inwardly cringing over as she looked to Josephine, seeing a softness growing on the other woman’s face.

“I would not mind at all. And I think…I think I would like it very much if you would call me Josephine from now on.”


Josephine, smile still gentle and warm, nodded her agreement, reaching out to take hold of Lace’s hand, the gesture unexpected and wholly welcome.

“I have to go report to Sister Nightingale, but would it be all right if I came back to see you after, Lady Josephine?”

“I would like that very much. And if you please…”

Lace felt her breath catch as Josephine gripped her hand a little tighter, pulled her in a little closer, leaning in, but not crossing the distance, as if a little hesitant herself.

“…just Josephine.”

Giving in to the silent offer being presented to her, Lace closed her eyes and leaned in, pressing a kiss both shy and as sweet as the scent of the flowers on the desk upon Josephine’s lips, feeling the ambassador kiss her back. It was short, lasting a mere moment, but it was the best kiss of Lace’s life and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling harder than she had in Maker knew how long when it ended.

“I’ll see you shortly, Josephine.”

“I look forward to it…Lace.”