i don't even have a wig


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…

So many questions…

A sloppy first-time makeup test for my upcoming Wilson Higgsbury cosplay for Awesome Con! I used an old wig to slap on for contrast - I’ll be using a different one once I have it, and ofc the rest of the cosplay put together! XD I’ll also do better with the eyes… yeeeaaa. I’m going to do lighter, very light shadowing on the top and keep the bottoms dark AND HOPEFULLY EVEN NEXT TIME.

If I have the chance, I’ll also make a more natural looking flower crown!


Okay, I will be honest, I did not expect the makeup here to work out as well as it did. It’s not even a legit Anna wig it’s a Pepper Potts wig um oops


oK I don’t cosplay since 1865 aC but with my wrist out of order I had to spend my time so I re-styled my Eijun’s wig and fooled around all evening 

I am sorry I am expressive like idk a potato 

I keep cracking up because I went to see Civil War with a bunch of the usual suspects yesterday and @aicosu was coming straight from a photoshoot, so when we were walking up to the theater, Sylar was standing in line, still dressed as Hux, and we could see him from a mile away because of the ginger wig.

Post-Mockingjay Hayffie, dancing or something I don’t really know. Effie is not wearing wigs or makeup anymore because I don’t think she would after the war.

 I imagine this taking place long after Mockingjay when they’ve both healed a little bit :) 


Just call me Carol :D   … Superhero 5K 2015 is DONE! Woohoo! I had a such a great run! I was a little bummed I couldn’t wear my cool blonde wig, but the wind was crazy! I almost ran in my long sleeved shirt it was so cold. That weatherman we have here LIES! It was supposed to be in the 60′s and sunny. Not even close. It was about 45F with clouds and a headwind up until the last mile of the race. I had tears streaming out of my eyes even with sunglasses on there was so much wind! And look! I fixed my arm band. Girl gettin’ crafty with a saftey pin :D

I finished with a time of 34:06. I wanted to be at a 10 minute mile, but now I really have something to work towards for next time. 

Things I learned about myself in this race that will help me train for the next one: 

1. I am slow. (ha ha) I need to incorporate intervals and more hill training to improve speed and endurance. 

2. I run mostly trail runs. So running on asphalt the entire way was much different on my muscles and my joints. I was able to walk afterwards and stretch, but I will definitely be sore by tonight. Incorporating some roads runs during training will probably help me.

3. I CAN do this. I CAN run! I always swore that my “lungs were broken” and I was only cut out for short bursts of speed. Not long distance. My lungs didn’t fail me.

Even my cute hubby high-fived me when I told him I ran the entire thing. Love him <3 Thank you to all who sent well-wishes this morning :) You guys are so great!!