i don't even have a wig


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…

Batgirl by Joss Whedon
  • An unnecessary close up of Barbara Gordon's chest: I can't win this fight even with my genius and extensive combat efficiency by my dainty redheaded self, I need something stronger...I need Dick.
  • Chris Evans with a bad wig as Dick Grayson: Babs, don't worry your pretty little head. I know you're fully capable of handling stuff on your own and have countless times been the first to figure out the villains plan, but I'm just going to fight this battle for you anyway as it's a mans job and you've about done all the sexually charged close-up shots you can do
  • Barbara Gordon with a gratuitous shot of her backside for no apparent reason: I knew it. Dick is always dependable.
  • Tim Drake- watching from a distance: *Points out the sexual innuendo despite it not being remotely in character or appropriate for the circumstances*
  • Joss Whedon: This is it. Feminism.

Hipster Pidge?

Has anyone done this before? 

I literally thought about this when I was helping my sister pack and I was so excited to do it! <3

I know I don’t look that good but this was so much fun to do! I love her style and doing her makeup. I’m definitely going to do this at a coffee shop and redo the photo shoot (when I have someone to take pictures!)  

Also shout out to my sister ( @oceanspiritus ) for letting me use her wig! 

Trick or Treat

For some reason, trick or treating is always on 10/30 in my town. I’m sure someone told me why once, but I have no idea. So it’s 38° and really really freaking windy. I usually spend the 2 hours sitting in the driveway handing out candy and drinking champagne from a sippy cup, but I might have to take my sippy cup inside this year!! This bites. LOL

Fucking snatch his wig off then
  • Seven: I win all the time because I'm pure of heart.
  • Seven: Right, Zen?
  • Zen: You're a vice ridden degenerate, Seven.
  • Yoosung: I don't think you even have a heart.

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have you noticed how arya/bran/jon/daenerys stans all hate sansa but cersei stans don't?

Well damn even bran stans hate Sansa? What has she ever done to them? Lmao

But yeah I’ve noticed how some Jon/Dany/Arya stans behave towards Sansa. I think it all comes down to the fact that when the show started Sansa was irrelevant in their eyes and their favs got all the shine. Sansa has evolved more than any other character on the show and she’s been slowly snatching wigs for the last 3 seasons. They don’t like the fact that their favs aren’t that special anymore and Sansa as emerged as a player and as competition for attention and praise. Now Sansa is a force to be reckoned with and she had a growing fan base behind her and they can’t stand it. She’s beautiful and she’s smart and she’s getting popular and it’s getting under their skin.

I think Cersei stans can appreciate Sansa because Sansa was connected to Cersei’s SL in a huge way and was never truly a threat to Ceresi at that time. I think they saw appeal in the odd relationship Cersei had with Sansa and like the idea that Cersei helped partially mold Sansa into who she is today. They also prolly like that Sansa had an odd respect for Cersei while many of the characters don’t have that. I also
Think that a lot of Cersei stans are realistic. They keep it real about who their fav is and don’t hold a lot of these delusions about her like other stans do with their favs so they can be objective about Sansa as a character and not look at her thru the eyes of their stanning of another character.

I would be the messiest stripper.

Walk out on stage with my tampon string hanging out. I don’t have arm strength so I can’t do any tricks with the pole. My feet would be killing me so I’d take off the shoes. I’d try to twerk but my panties would be all bunched up. My wig would fall off, I’d try to sell dances but men would only pay me to stop.

So many questions…

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I enjoy your blog. Another fun thought/ask, I like to think that if Zim had chosen JV or the other writer as disguises, his disguise would still be crap and quite nightmare-inducing considering that Gir's disguise looks nothing like the dog Zim chose. I think something like a JV version of XJ9's normal girl "Skin" before it was improved. I don't know why much of the IZ fandom thinks he would have gotten some Tak-level hologram disguise if he had chosen something other than the contacts and wig.


And exactly! The only Irken with holographic abilities seems to be Tak, which is one of her eccentric features (besides being able to levitate, and cloak herself invisible) with no current justification that I can find. I get the feeling that she was designed to be different for the sake of being different. The actual Elite Invaders had disguises just as bad (and even worse) as Zim’s, so I never understood why people compared Zim’s competence to Tak’s through their disguises.

After watching episodes like Walk for Your Lives and Planet Jackers, one could argue that Zim’s disguise is actually decent for Irken standards. I’d also like to point out that this is another area where Zim’s technology fails him, such as his security garden gnomes and computer (he’s constantly fed inaccurate information). 

And yeah, I can totally see that happening considering how twisted Invader Zim is.

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don't you just love how the fandom freaks out over characters that legit we have never even met properly yet?? like, they did it with lawnmower white wig and now they did it with matt. i'm also noticing that most of these has to do with lance? people ship lawnmower with lance. now they're making a dollar store version of lance using matt.

yea and i also love how when poc and especially latinx fans are bringing this up bc lance is the one being targeted in this we’re told to “shut up and stop ruining everyone else’s fun” 


I was tagged to post some selfies by @blurrredpages and @lulumonnie Thank you 💕 You two are so damn cute and pretty and then there’s me.

Also yes i suck at taking pictures and i’m to lazy and not feeling well enough to take new pics so here are a few old pictures including a terrible one from when I tried out a wig I have. 

I’m tagging: @daehoneyy @k-a-k-u-z-u @fluffyjae @roses-for-jongup and anyone that wants to do it. Also you don’t need to do this. 

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There Cate was on a bench in the park, someone sat beside of her that wasn't familiar. The man by her side was someone she was having to fake a relationship with for information. Cate had on a brunette wig, but her face was still the same as usual. When she looked over from the conversation with the other person, she spotted Anti and immediately turned her head. She was hoping and praying that he hadn't seen her face. What was he even doing here? ( hope you don't mind i sent a starter. :) )

Anti was supposed to meet up with another demon that worked with Dark for some sort of group arrangement – an ambush of sorts that Anti was requested to take part it. He decides he would agree if he had the chance to meet the other demon they were said to be working with. They ended up meeting at the park to make it seem casual, rather than trying to seem inconspicuous while discussing in an alley.

The other demon seemed like any ither man. About the same height as Anti, broad shoulders and light brown hair that was a bit messy. Had the look of a soccer dad. They stood under a tall tree, Anti leaning against the thick trunk while the other spoke to him. He had no idea Cate was around, though.

((No problemo))

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who would you cast as ivy and selina in GCS? :o

honestly?? there are a lot of other fan-casted poison ivys that i like but one that i’ve never seen before that i think would be great is alexandra breckenridge

idk i think she’d be good. katie mcgrath with a red wig on would also be good. 

and then for selina i’ve been diggin’ morena baccarin lately

but i just googled her to find this picture and apparently she’s already in gotham?? yeah fck that

     “Happy Halloween everyone! If y’all need a place to stay where craziness isn’t happening, feel free to hide out in my place.” 

     Yes she’s wearing a wig in her natural color for her costume. Yes, she’s wearing a Victorian dress with the corset and all. And yes, this is the craziest she’s going to get.