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About your "I don't have any ships post," neither did I. When I watched Voltron I had no inclination to ship anyone. When I rewatched it before S3, no ships had made its way into my cold heart. Then S3 hits and Keith shows up looking for Shiro and I was like "Damn. He really cares about him." Finally Keith says "As many times as it takes" and I clutched my heart. You don't get more intimate than saying you'd put yourself through hell countless times in order to save someone you love.

Ya I can see what you mean, usually I don’t go into a series looking to ship something. But yes, watching Keith grieve Shiro throughout season 3 was just so damn heartbreaking. Even if I didn’t ship it, I’m pretty sure that character arc still would’ve broken me. Because you know it’s been weeks now, months–everyone else has moved on, but Keith’s still searching, he never loses hope. He’s still looking, because if he doesn’t, no one else will

And it’s always Keith who we see mourning Shiro. Keith who’s still carrying a torch for him all these time, who can’t bear the thought of losing Shiro when he’s endured that hell once already, who’s so overwhelmed by emotions both human and galran he lashes out in his rage and grief, taken aback by his own behavior because he’s bottled his feelings up for so long he’s just ready to burst. And we know from Joaquim that, “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep in check.” 

Later he mentions that “[Keith’s] got this emotional side to him,” and Lauren adds that, “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And I think he just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from the galra side.” Shiro literally helps Keith retain his humanity; he’s the only balm that can really soothe these volatile, intense galran emotions Keith really struggles with. And so to lose that one person who was so grounding, who was his anchor–you know that really hit him hard

And really, you feel Shiro’s loss through Keith. He’s the one aching and longing and hoping and fighting–he’ll save Shiro on his own if he has to, because it seems that’s exactly what Shiro did for him. And even though lots of fans don’t ship it I imagine it still must have been painful to watch Keith endure all of this, to know that he lost the person he cares for the most and would give anything to have them back. 

He’s so invested in Shiro, so adamant about finding him–it really stings to see the others pull him aside and say you have to move on. And the fact that he’s really the one with his heart bleeding out over Shiro, that you have people telling him Shiro would want him to go on, it does give me the sense that this is someone mourning a lover. Keith’s grief is almost singular and possessive in nature–he accuses the others of not caring about Shiro the way he does, reminding them that, “We don’t have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” This is a very deeply personal, intimate loss. And it runs much deeper than any connection he’s ever had with the other paladins 

and then that reunion!! When you finally see Keith save Kuron and the look of absolute adoration on his face–the way they both slowly drift into each other’s orbit in a scene that’s just the two of them. How Keith is the only one Kuron is comfortable having at his bedside, the fact that Keith must’ve been there to have these talks and care for him all this time. And the way Kuron says, so matter-of-factly, that Keith has always been there to save him, and just how unbelievable that is–again, really reads like something you’d expect from a love interest to me. And Keith’s confident, gentle promise of “As many times as it takes,” is just so heartfelt and sincere I can see why it changed your mind 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: homestuck is ending tomorrow. Tomorrow. everything andrew hussie has worked towards for seven years is coming to a conclusion on 4/13. after tomorrow we're never getting another upd8, never going to see the characters we watched grow up again. there's never going to be another story like this one again. the fandom is slowly going to grow smaller and move on and stop caring about the incredible world that hussie built. and I know we all like to joke about finally being free from this hellpit, but frankly I'm not ready to say goodbye. I don't want to say goodbye to the characters I've loved for so long, to the comic that's shaped me into who I am today. I'm not even close to prepared for this but I don't have a choice. Because homestuck is ending tomorrow aND NOTHING IS O K A Y
Teen Wolf
  • Does anyone else believe Teen Wolf ships just can't work?
  • Sterek: No Stiles instead of going for you the cute dorky kid I'm gonna go out with a bunch of people who want to kill me.
  • Scallison: I don't care if you saved my life multiple times I'm not gonna trust you.
  • Stydia: I'm gonna go out with Malia even though you are finally showing interest in me and as soon as we break up our parents are gonna get together so we can't be together.
  • Stalia: I'm just gonna ruin your trust while you ruin it at the same time instead of trying to fix out relationship.
  • Marrish: Oh sorry your not 18 yet
  • Scissac: I'm just gonna go out with your ex-girlfriend, then move to France and never talk to you again.
  • Stackson: Sorry I don't go for lizards
  • Jott (Jackson & Scott): 'Where are you getting your juice'
  • Scira: And yes I'm smart enough to be in your AP biology class
  • Dethan: I don't trust liars
  • Laiden: Revenge Season 3B (I think we know what happens)
  • Thalia: You got one speeding ticket
  • Sciles: You almost hit me with a baseball bat

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

Finally. I'm moving on. Its about time. I still get emotional thinking about you. Shit. after all the things you put me through I cant blame myself. I hope she was worth it. I hope the karma you get fucking sucks worse than when you blocked me on facebook when i needed you. I'm happy now. with my Best friends, and a new crush. hes not like you tho. Hes responsible, cares about others feelings, and respects me enough to tell me the truth even when I don't want to hear it. you should take notes if you come back.
—  I’m moving on babe..
Nick and Judy plays the Kingdom Hearts series
  • Nick: alright I got the games!with our weekend free I think we can finish the whole thing.
  • Judy: I don't know, aren't we a bit too old for kid games?
  • Nick: of course not, let's give this one a try, it might be interesting.
  • Judy: well...okay, I get the first turn.
  • *five hours later*
  • Nick: get a potion! Get a potion Judy!
  • Judy: shut up! Shut up! I got this, why are there so many heartless!?
  • Nick: you're going to die! Just use cure!
  • *another five hours later*
  • Judy: *slamming the controller repeatedly on the floor* Why. Do. I. Keep. Dying! Come on Sora!
  • Nick: give it to me, I'll kill Ansem!
  • Judy: No! I'll do it!
  • Nick: you died twenty times!
  • Judy: No! I can do it!
  • *end of Kingdom hearts*
  • Judy: yes! I finally beat it!
  • Nick: wait there's a cut scene! It's Pluto! It's Pluto!
  • Judy: hurry put the next game in!
  • *five hours later*
  • Nick: wait! So that Ansem wasn't the real Ansem?!
  • Judy: who cares about him?! What about Roxas?! I miss him so much!
  • Nick: you need to move on, Judy.
  • Judy: but Roxas is so sad! Why did he had to goooo!?
  • *five hour later*
  • Judy: *crying* oh Roxas! Why did Sora had to fight him?! And now he and Axel are gone!
  • Nick: Judy stop crying, he's not even real!
  • Judy: don't say that! Of course he was real, he just wanted a heart! And eat sea salt ice cream!
  • Nick: okay, maybe...you should take a break.
  • Judy: no! I have to know what happens next!
  • *another five hours-morning of the next day*
  • Nick: ...Judy? Did you stayed up all night?
  • Judy: yeah, just leveling up so I can go into the castle and finally do the boss battle, I also found all the treasures, and defeated most of organization 13.
  • Nick: did I miss anything?
  • Judy: just cloud meeting sephoroth...oh and goofy died but not really.
  • Nick: What?! Judy! Why didn't you wake me up!
  • Judy: okay I think I'm ready to fight in the boss battle.
  • *two hours later*
  • Judy: Roxas! Oh Roxas!
  • Nick: *rolls eyes*
  • *cutscene*
  • Nick: what...what is this? Is this final fantasy?
  • Judy: I don't think so, is it still kingdom hearts, who are those three-oh my gosh! They look so cool!
  • Nick: look how they fight!
  • Judy: what is this?!
  • Nick: it's called Birth By Sleep! We have that! We have that!
  • Judy: put it on! Put it on!