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Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

I spent a lot of time on the phone last night to @phannosaurusdil about Dan and Phil and the whole tour ordeal, and I can’t believe I have finally come to the conclusion the Australian ‘Phans’ behaved a lot worse than the American phans. I didn’t even think that could be a possible thing. But here me out. 

‘Stalking them to the airport to the point they had to put up barriers not only to keep Dan and Phil safe but to keep NORMAL people safe.’ What the fuck, they should be able to move around FREELY without you following their fucking asses. they are trying to get to their tours so stop waiting at airports.  

‘There was a huge deal about people putting ‘kiss Phil’ into the 7 second challenge box’ do I even need to explain why this is a cunt of a move. 

‘The whole ‘Everyone give Dan nail varnish’ movement.’ Okay yeah a lot of people wanted to see him paint his nails and in the end he did it. but can you honestly say he did it because HE wanted to or because EVERYONE kept telling him to, not only did people keep giving him nail varnish but they kept sending him messages and making tweets about making him do it. Even if he did do it on his own accord the fan stalkyness and forcefullness behind it has made it lose all meaning. 

‘It’s Dan and Phils girlfriends’ Oh my god you just need to stop getting jealous over every female that goes near Dan and Phil. The woman with long black hair is in fact their manager/tour manager/book manager? if you look at the photo from the USA tour a lot of their team are women but thats NORMAL in this kind of thing. 

And finally the posting of Tatinof, Americans did REALLY well when it came to following the rules, sure there was a couple of slip up but fucking hell Australia, we know its coming out on YouTube red soon but the rules STILL apply to you. Dan and Phil have asked people to TURN THEIR PHONES AND CAMERA OFF, to NOT TAKE VIDEO OR PHOTOS OF THE SHOW but some of you can not help yourself.