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okay but why is got7ing+ lacking so much jjp

I knowww😭😭 but it’s okay anon don’t give up hope!!! Just remember, JJP said that their relationship is not close, but deep. The lack of interactions doesn’t mean they love each other any less!!! They’re just busy taking care of their 5 other kids😂

confession: i rarely follow people who don’t tag their stuff. even if their posts are great, i want tags, crazy tags, random tags, rant tags, long tags, short tags, spazz tags, any kind of tags to read so i can relate to their feelings or maybe notice something new about a gif or edit that they see but i didn’t. i want my dash to be alive with people and their train of thought instead of just pictures so mind you i do read all of your tags and i love you to bits for sharing them

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she she really means: why is it that when people notice a camel toe they call a girl out for it but if a guy wears tight pants and his dick is practically bulging out of his pants no one calls him out for it? this is an issue of sexism that must be dealt with at once. also, with the skinny tight style of clothing do people still even if care if anything shows? cause if not, then why do i have uncomfortably wrap something around my waist to hide something that is barely even seen until it's noticed? lastly, people judge those who wear such clothing but shouldn't they be judged as well for taking notice of such things? cause it's actually rude to take notice such things.

Jake/Ryan + touch

Jesse x Lukas (smut) - Peeping

“Imagine character A accidentally catching character B masturbating. Character B does not notice they have an audience and continues what they’re doing, including saying things like how much they want character A to fuck them. Character A finally pipes up, “You know, that could be arranged, if you’d like… ”

(Prompt from OTPPrompts)

(Didn’t follow the prompt one hundred percent but oh well!)

Words: 1,104

Rating: M

Pairing: Jesse (Male) x Lukas

(Sort of) Smut below the readmore with guys! Proceed at your own risk!

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I have this photo album of my very first trip to disney world when I was 2 and there’s this one picture of baby me just cuddling up to eeyore’s belly while he’s trying to play peek-a-boo with me

I didn’t even care that he was trying to play with me (or most likely didn’t notice since I was apparently a very oblivious tiny according everyone that knew me back then) I just wanted to hug him, that’s all I needed. I loved eeyore that much and I still do to this day.

Rey spent so many lonely nights asking if someone would ever care about her, if someone would ever be worthy of her trust, if someone would ever come back for her. Then one day…

Finn does.

Finn is.

Finn did.

The questions used to make her cry. Now, if they bubble to the surface from sheer force of habit, Rey just smiles to herself, her eyes watering but not with sadness. Sometimes, (every time) Finn notices and asks why she’s smiling. She blushes, says “Nothing,” because she can’t say the truth–that it’s everything, that


everything. Not yet. But soon. Because now she’s asking herself if someone will ever love her, and she’s pretty sure that Finn is already the answer. Finn is


the answer.

More TG Art Theft

A few friends and I have been noticing reposters cropping up more and more, and we’re not sure why but PLEASE PLEASE stop supporting them, guys.  The latest one I’ve noticed is @shira-san-ni, who is even blatantly reposting TG fandom famous artists WITH TUMBLR accounts like @azuma04 HERE, @xinorinrin HERE, and @jujuwanko HERE and HERE.  I apologize for making these unpleasant posts, but we have to stand up against this type of behavior by being careful to ONLY reblog from the artists themselves or people clearly reposting with permission.  For the artists I’ve mentioned, and others that this and other art thieves have stolen from, I do know that Tumblr is very good about taking down these reposts when contacted by the artists themselves.  I’d appreciate a signal boost for anyone who wants to support our wonderful fandom artists and also keep this fandom healthy and respectful.  Have a good night, everyone!

tattooartist!luke on the phone with his mom one night trying to figure out how he managed to fall so in love with you in such a short amount of time. taking a glance around his room while his mom is chatting on about god knows what he notices all the little pieces of you that are scattered around. your light gray sweater with little fringes because you never seem to take good care of it laying across his desk chair, your bobby pins shining on the floor that you had hastily taken out of your hair while luke was kissing down your neck and of course you standing perfectly still in the doorway leaning across the charcoal wood with a small smile on your face eyes shining bright with love