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Hey there! I was wondering if you could recommend any trans Erik or Charles fic. I've read like two now and I'm interested in knowing if you have any in mind you could rec or if you could direct me to an answer if this has been asked before. Thanks!

This sat in the drafts for literal ages because I wanted to make an exhaustive list. Let’s make a list of favourites instead, before this takes even longer!

Second Chances by Red [NC-17, Cherik]

In a modern AU where mutants are still treated as second-class citizens, Erik once found himself an unlikely friend at a state-run boarding school. When Frances went off to college early, he felt abandoned and figured he’d never meet her again. Fifteen years (and almost three thousand miles) later, Erik runs into an oddly familiar man.

Mod note: The fandom classic and with good reason too; It’s awesome!

Chancers by Obstinatrix [NC-17, Cherik]

Erik has always had special talents.

Mod note: The very hot remix of the one above.

Mutatis Mutandis by introductory [PG-13, Cherik]

Charlotte Xavier graduates from high school and is never heard from again.

Mod note: I love the title drop so much…

Your’re the only place that feels like home by betamax524 [PG, Cherik, Soulmate AU]

In this world, the name of your soulmate is marked onto your chest, on the skin above your heart. But what if they decide to change their name along the way?

Mod note: Interesting concept with loads of angst and pain.

Sharing is Caring by moncube [NC-17, Cherik]

Charles shows Erik what it is like to be on the receiving side of a handjob.

Mod note: This is such a clever use of Charles powers! Warm and fuzzy PWP.

Pregnancy is Magical by cygnaut [PG-13, Cherik]

“But—” Erik stopped. “But you can't—you don't—”

“Have a womb?” Charlotte suggested, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Well, apparently, sometimes that’s not necessary.

Mod note: I don’t even know how to tag this but it’s here, it’s queer, and I love it.

Even as Love is, Undivided and Paceless by Red [PG-13, Cherik]

The first ten anniversaries, they spend apart. But for each one after, Erika finds herself suffering yet another extravagant gift.

Mod note: Heartbreaking yet hopeful. One of my all-time faves. Make sure to check out the porny interlude!

Know you more, and different by pearl_o [PG-13, Cherik]

For all of Charles’s slight apprehensions about this visit and meeting Erik’s mother, he hadn’t been expecting this, the slight air of awkwardness that’s been following Erik around.

Mod note: One of the best fics from last year’s Secret Mutant Exchange. Very touching, very real and I wish there was a lot more.

Legally Charles by until_the_earth_is_free [Mature, Cherik, dark topics]

The fic where Charles Xavier one day wakes up and decides to go to Harvard Law, where he meets Erik, the sullen teacher’s assistant.

Mod note: Last but not least: this gem. Don’t let the Legally Blonde AU tag fool you, it’s not a glitzy, bubbly comedy but a quite dark modern AU. With some great humour sprinkled over it; ergo a fantastic read.

Seduction advices from the Free! boys
  • Makoto : Be romantic ^^ **intense lovely gaze**
  • Haru : Be free, be yourself~ **bring her to the pool tho**
  • Nagisa : Cook sweet things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rei : Take care of your appearance and act appropriately !
  • Rin : Show your sensitive side **try sakura trees**
  • Sousuke : Make her feel comfortable with you
  • Nitori : Be listening and honest :)
  • Kisumi : Have my name, it works each time ~ <3
  • Mikoshiba bros : SEDUCTION ? WHAT IS THIS ? **jump on her**

“Will, you’re such a genius and your writing is divine! ‘A rose by any other name’ is such a clever line!“. And they’re all “Oohh!” and he’s all “Stop” and they’re all “Yay!” and I’m all “Ugh!” and I’m really getting sick of it!

  • Okay I'm here to address all those fans out there that call themselves a (fandom name) but only love and support one or half of the members. If you'll join a fandom then that means you LOVE and SUPPORT ALL of them not just one. If you'll just care about a certain member/members then don't even bother calling yourself a (fandom name). I've been a Kpopper for eleven years and I've come across a bunch of immature fans but I guess they keep coming with newer groups. I just wish that if they join a fandom they care and support all the members and show them the same respect as their bias. Its just plain rude when someone other than your bias is doing something and you're like "where's (my bias) can you go get him?" Or "This is boring w/out him/her". It not only hurts the members when they read stuff like that but also the fans that are there for all of the members, that love them equally. I'm not saying you should bias every one of them. I obviously don't bias every member of every band but I do love and respect them the same and I am aware of what happens with the other members too.
  • Ex: When Hoseok does his HOTS there's a lot of fans that ask for someone else. Same happens with EatJin. It's honestly disrespectful not only to them but to us who actually enjoy watching them do what they love and it hurts us to see those comments too.
  • It's not only this fandom though (and obviously not all of you. I've met some really cool, friendly and understanding Armys too). I've seen stuff like this happen in other fandoms too.
  • LEARN to appreciate each and every member because the group wouldn't be the same without them (trust me, I've seen lots of members come and go, groups disband). There's a reason they're OT5, OT6, OT7, OT12 OT13, OT15, etc...

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Hey I found u through the sugar daddy tag. I really have been considering getting a sugar daddy but I have a few questions. how do I make sure I'm safe? Also I'm a little chubby and I have a scar from a tummy tuck I had. How do I know if they don't mind? I'm also not v comfortable with showing my body right now. How do I start?

My first ‘ask me’ question! YAYYYYY :)

First of all, it is very responsible to try and learn about being the safest you can be. In sugaring, there is always an element of risk - though if you’re careful and cautious you can reduce most of the potential danger by following these steps:

- Talk to a POT online for a while before meeting them

- Get their full name and info and check every photo they have on reverse image search. Look up name on linkedin, Look up their email, username, anything you can think of to make sure they’re legit 

- When you meet them, give this info to a trusted friend and instruct that they go to the police if you go missing for real

- Take a quick (and stealthy) photo of their licence plate when you meet them, and send it to said friend

- Have them come to visit you for your initial meet, in a public space

-  Use fake information (name, email, even address)

- Conceal your identity (by blurring out faces in all pictures remove geo locating the photos taken with your phone, flip the photo in editing mode and never use any photos that you have elsewhere on the internet) 

- Look for important red flags (Such as talking about sex too much, refusal to give a photo, asking for excessive numbers of photos or asking for nudes, asking for your banking info, getting you to come to them without giving you the funds for both ways upfront)

- Ask them for a small gift or sum of money (200-500 dollars or a gift card or shoes or something) to receive when you meet them, to show that they are serious

- Alone time only after your allowance is given (and safe at home/safety deposit box etc) 

If you choose to pursue a sexual relationship with an SD, ALWAYS use a condom to protect both of you EVEN if he says he’s clean/has a vasectomy and that he’s not sleeping with anyone. 

In sugar, you’re going to get rejected sometimes. A Sugar Daddy might think you’re too chubby, too skinny (even if you think you’re chubby), too opinionated or not opinionated enough. Everyone is different and SD’s are no different. Rejection in this line of work is normal and it happens to everyone- even the seasoned sugar babies making upwards of 10k per month. You just have to try again until you find a good match.

The best way to reduce instances of this happening is by trying to describe your body and personality accurately (though in a charming and confident way). As I’ve read in other Sugar blogs, confidence is what you need, and no SB will do well unless they act confident (but not arrogant). 

To get starting with sugaring you should make a fake sugar name, and use the same one from site to site. Nothing is worse than not realizing a POT or SD is calling your name from across the room. Get used to reacting to your sugar name!  

Collect good photos of yourself, such as

- hiking with pet

- in an evening gown

- cute selfie

- professional looking photo

There’s no need to have any photos that are even partially nude. Often it can look low brow, and a full body photo will show POTs what your body looks like anyway. Don’t edit your photos, unless it’s to add privacy for yourself or someone else in the photo, as an SD might not know what to expect. 

After you have your photos join Seeking Arrangement, Sugar Daddy for Me, and Ashley Madison. There are other sites, but lots are pay sites (even for girls) and you should have enough on your hands with just 1-3 to start. 

I hope this helps!!!