i don't even care if that's immature

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Hi, Neil! May I ask, do you have any emotional attachment towards your own characters? I don't mean it like "I can't kill this character because I like them too much", more like you still are easily able to do what your storytelling needs, but you enjoy your own characters, think about them sometimes and just like them. I've recently heard that it's immature to like your own characters and I was kinda surprised, so that's why I've been wondering.

I love my own characters, even the ones I’m going to have to kill. If it didn’t make me sad that they were going to die, how could I make the reader care?

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All this meta on Hinoka makes me so mad at Treehouse for fucking everything up. Fans think she's just a streotypical tomboy (possibly a workaholic, but they don't care) but in the Japanese she's so messed up??? She has no meaningful relationships with people and she has this weird sort of emotional immaturity that's not being bratty like Takumi but is present in how she tries to save dying people and how she still thinks that Corrin's good in Conquest and she feels really naive overall.

Okay, I agree. I do think they were trying to do something good (look at me, excusing Treehouse, who am I?) by actually eliminating the gender roles that Hoshido has. Even though, those are actually integral to how some characters are (like Kazahana and Kagerou), and explains a lot about Hoshido. It actually lends some development to the country that we know literally nothing about, as unfortunate as that is. 

Hinoka unfortunately stereotyped as the tomboy really does detract from her character. She is just as complex as the rest of the cast, it just means you need to read into what she’s saying, and listen to what she says. Shocking! Again, like I always say, it’s not all laid out for you like the Nohrians. Maybe that’s why people love them so early on because we have everything early on. We don’t have to read into text and figure out half truths and actually try to pay attention to a Hoshidan other than Takumi. By Treehouse pushing her into only one role, instead of the many she encompasses, way to make her even more irrelevant and sidelined than she already was.

But, yes, exactly. Hinoka has no emotional attachments, apart from her pegasus and her older brother. She rejects her step mother, loses her father and birth mother, cuts herself off from her other siblings. She has no friends, even to her retainers she honestly displays no sense of care for, as she states to Hinata that they can quite literally do what they want because “they won’t listen to me anyway”. The only person we know of that she has somewhat of a friendship with is Tsubaki, who is also the retainer of her younger sister. Their only interaction was early on in her life when they were training to be knights. Does Hinoka honestly trust anyone in her life, other than herself and Ryouma. At least with Ryouma, they are both working towards the ultimate goal of saving Kamui. I guess that’s why they are so close because they both want the same thing. 

Hinoka is so weirdly well adjusted to everything, and yet it’s like one misstep for her, and everything will fall. Which is why in Birthright, she isn’t the one to bring Kamui home and you can see it affect her. All that training, and Kamui came home some other way. It wasn’t her who saved Kamui. There’s that hero complex ticking away in her, ready to explode. So she makes up for it by extending the suffering of soldiers in an attempt to save them, because she failed her life’s goal. At least in Conquest and Revelations, she has that second chance to take Kamui back. Her goal hasn’t been completed yet! She still can save her sibling!

Kamui to Hinoka will always be the good little sibling they remember vaguely from when they were a child. That image of course has been warped over the years, a single figure in the distance as she trains. Honestly, does she actually remember anything physically significant about Kamui? Probably not. Kamui is… quite literally like a god to Hinoka, just out of reach, but she’d follow to the ends of the Earth for. She’s gotta fix her family and sate her hero complex and reach Kamui. That’s it. But it’s so much more than that.

She was unfortunately typecast as a tomboy, and no one will ever realise just how deep her regret and guilt and need runs.

ok let me address a few things inbefore I get more people “warning me”“

first off don’t bother informing me of groups of people hating of me I honestly don’t care, if they want to be assholes? so be it!

they want to send me death threats (but they actually don’t dare bc they’re cowards)? so be it

they want to make up like 100 problems they /think/ are in my art just for the hell of it? so be it!

they’re going to screenshot this and have a laugh at it in their little hate club? SO BE IT

honestly if you’re going to try encourage people to hate on somebody because of your shitty reasons and self entitlement you’re just really pathetic (have you considered I could do the same and encourage everyone to hate on you? how fun would that be?! not very fun)

also since in between all the shitty reasons you’re bringing up there’s this too

you’re not really forced to commission y/k, I work for you, you pay me, if you don’t like the prices (which you know beforehand) you don’t commission me, you do NOT commission me and then go whining about how overpriced you think it is

“youre not going to get many commissions done“ excuse me while I laugh for 3 hours at this

also the whole cartoony styles are simple therefore less worthy that realistic styles argument it total bullshit

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addressing this wasn’t probably even worth it, I’m just writing it bc I don’t have an instagram so I can’t reply them and tell them personally