i don't even care about the notes


Let’s appreciate the fact that Tehyung recently became very manly. Not only his fashion style but his body (look at his shoulders!) became more toned. I’ve liked him before but his new, manly and grown up image is even more appealing than ever.

literally every time got7 has drama you ALL bandwagon jump on youngjae and stan him for 20 minutes because your bias is problematic.. im so tired of seeing posts about him being so unproblematic and “pure” because none of you actually care about him and you only want the notes. he does not deserve just to be recognized when another member fucks up

when jooheon was hypnotized and wished monsta x would finally win and be acknowledged, my heart broke. he didn’t even care about being #1. he just wanted them to be acknowledged. these boys have worked so hard for their dreams to get where they are now. their teamwork is amazing, along with the strong chemistry and bond that holds them close, no matter what happens. i know every group works hard no matter what but monsta x has been exceptional and i’m really proud of their growth. stan monsta x, y'all. 🌟🌱

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Gabi you're one of the best parts of this fandom. I know you don't feel that way, but many of us do. Thank you for reminding us that Hollstein loves one another and that they ARE versatile.

Thank you anon, you’re right tho, I don’t think I’m one of the best parts of the fandom LMAO.  I appreciate it tho <333 I’ll be here for a long while talking about and appreciating my happy and in love forever otp~

Um, hello…don’t reblog things and remove the text on the post. It still baffles me why people don’t get that this is rude. I don’t care how much you like the pictures. If I wanted to post pictures without a description just for the sake of being artsy and vague then I would have. I didn’t. And I’m gonna continue ranting under read more…

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heathers soundtrack: a summary
  • Beautiful: public school
  • Candy Store: the overplayed one
  • Fight For Me: violence is sexy
  • Freeze Your Brain: surprisingly fucked up for a song about the Slurpee(TM)
  • Big Fun: property damage
  • Dead Girl Walking: SEX BREAK
  • Very/Veronica's Chandler Nightmare: voyeurism gone wrong
  • Me Inside Of Me: how in the name of fuck do you write a suicide note that fast im calling bullshit
  • Blue: the other cursed song
  • You're Welcome: hamilton's what the kids like these days right?
  • Blue (Reprise): does Not have the right to be this fucking catchy fuck you
  • Chainsaw: weird euphemisms
  • Our Love Is God: partners in crime
  • Prom Or Hell?: going steady even after he kills three people
  • My Dead Gay Son: gay dads
  • Fight For Me (Reprise): violence is no longer sexy
  • Seventeen: teenage homicide (don't do it)
  • Shine A Light: i don't care what anyone says about ms fleming this is the best song in this goddamn musical ok fight me
  • Lifeboat: jesus she's on the freakin' bus again
  • Shine A Light (Reprise): I CAN'T GET THE CAP OFF
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: surprisingly not a melanie martinez song
  • Yo Girl: she will never leave the cul de sac
  • Meant To Be Yours: bang bang, ma'am. bang bang. stick em up ma'am. this is a robbery
  • Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): why im terrified of pep rallies
  • I Am Damaged: sayonara slushfucker
  • Seventeen (Reprise): if i see one more edgy purgatory theory about this song i'm gonna eat a fridge

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I was wary of Angus at first because, like, no one ever really comes to the Voidfish chambers to see me, especially not multiple times. However, turns out, he wanted Viol lessons and wasn't sure how to ask about them. He's talented as hell. Sure, Taako's called me Student Thief a couple times because of it, but I don't even care. I have a best friend for the first time in forever and it's this awesome magic boy. So, like, callout to Angus for being super talented and great. -Johann


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do you ever feel embarrassed or anxious about posting your work? i'm just starting out as far as illustration goes and I want to put myself out there but i'm also aware that i'm a beginner and not that good yet & i don't want people to laugh at me :/ lol

a aah I do. all the time, even now, seconds after posting something. the cycle mostly goes like this:

- finish artwork
- looks neat! ready to upload!
- no wait there are 1994783 mistakes
- correct
- OK now time to upload
- upload looks great now so fab
- 15 sec after “shit why did I even post this haha no one cares and I just found another 2883 mistakes”
- BUT!!! I keep telling myself that to be honest it’s ME who shouldn’t care about how many notes it gets, it even depends on the time you upload, whether there’s a big hype of the fandom right now etc. No one will laugh at you (if they do they’re huge asses and most probably can’t do better).
But /you/ are trying to get better, and it already takes a lot of courage to even just put yourself and your art out there. So that deserves respect, and isn’t smth to laugh about (again, if someone does, let me whoop their ass)!
My art wasn’t really great (in my point of view) either when I first started uploading here. And I barely got notes. But I just continued bc I drew for myself and it’s fun! so just go!! for! itttt!!!! 👊💥💥💥

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The manager that doesn't like me is putting me in the back today, where I'll have to climb lots of stairs, even though I called in sick yesterday because I was at Urgent Care and could barely breathe. I still can't really breathe, but I'm afraid to say anything, since in my experience she doesn't give a shit about my health or safety, unless it involves being assaulted by a customer. My wallet went missing last night so I don't have my doctor's note either.

I’d like to share
something with you….
I can paint a picture of you,
but I can’t have you.
I can make the bed,
but I sleep alone.
My truck has two doors,
but I only open one.
A six pack is about three too many now,
and even my cans of soup
have approximately two servings.
Everything is too much,
because I have not enough.
They say sharing is caring,
so I must not care ,
cause I don’t share.

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how would you interpret akira? because sometimes i think i know what it's getting at and sometimes i don't!

to me, and please note that i have never read the manga, it’s about how youths stick together under the actions of corrupt authority figures. there’s riots and protests constantly seen throughout the movie, and even if kaneda is a delinquent shithead teen, he still emerges as a hero and he constantly cares about his friends: he doesn’t want anyone to kill tetsuo but himself, and he risks his life crashing yamagata’s motorcycle purely for a ritualistic sendoff, the blue psychic children also have a really strong friendship.

i think there’s a lot of stuff too about what it means to be alive and a human too, tetsuos powers are described as being primordial and amoeba-like

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how did you get people to notice your art? whenever i post mine i get 0 notes even if i tag it :(

aaah i didn’t really do anything special? >o<;; i just posted art and tagged it ;; there was a point where one of my works got noticed and reblogged by a rather popular blog, so that definitely helped! I think you should also think about timing! There are certain times when there are more people online, for example. And while making art for a currently popular series/character/show/etc would probably make your chances of getting noticed higher, the best advice I could give you is to draw what you’re invested in! I made my one blog just to have a place to put art for ships that I was really into back then, not really thinking too much on getting lots of notes or anything (i actually expected i wouldn’t get any, and i didn’t for a long while), and I was pretty happy just to be able to have fun!! To be completely honest I found the most success in making art for things that I really wanted to draw (as you can see by my sometimes random, multi-fandom scattered-ness), because most of the time it shows in art how much someone likes something! And that kind of thing is what can really draw people in! It doesn’t even have to be incredible technical skill, but sometimes the content that makes people really notice something and want to share with others! 

There’s really no One True Way to get noticed really,, and gaining followers or a bunch of notes definitely doesn’t happen overnight or that easily. If you asked me, it takes a lot of luck, perseverance & determination, and just really liking what you do!

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they could literally just be chillin and i’d still get all warm and cozy inside

and even when yoongi often ignores jimin

meanie hyung




and does things to jimin like

and despite all those endless affection teasing he does

he does subtly takes jimin rather fondly 

and that their fluffiness 

actually goes way back since predebut ©


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Fuck my neighbooors and their loud music at past midnight

Like, before midnight I won’t complain, even if hey, based on the municipal law, I could start at 10-11pm.

But be fucking considerate. Some people are trying to sleep and don’t care about your shit music. And when I ask you to please, just lower the sound, well, please LOWER THE FUCKING SOUND