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Lets make a list of safe players

Okay, with competitive play now a thing in Overwatch, we’re now getting a lot of toxic players showing up. The kind of players that don’t care about making friends, being a good sport, trying to enjoy the game or raise the moral of the team. Instead they yell, use racist/ableist/hateful language and brings down the team when the team isn’t winning. I’m seriously over that kind of crap. If I got a dollar for every swear or ‘R’ word said by my team, I would be able to buy Blizzard, take control of the Overwatch franchise and perma-ban their asses.

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So I feel that we need to start a list. A list of players of all kinds. Low levels, high levels, those familiar with shooting games, those who are new to them and those who wants to try them. A list of players who are safe to play with. Players who respects the game, their team and their opponents. We should help one another, to give a safe place for those who wants to play. To give them options of players who are more than happy to lend a hand, help train and give an enjoyable experience in the game.

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Who’s with me?

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