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Canon Shouji Mezou:  ᕦᕦᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤᕤᕤ
  • calm in the face of danger
  • level headed when those around him are volatile and emotional
  • is super protective of others
  • likes squid ink pasta and takoyaki 
  • Ranked 6th on the Quirk Apprehension Test
  • tries his hardest even when his abilities don’t match well with the challenge and he’s at the disadvantage
  • has absolutely nothing in his room except a futon and some clothes
  • can’t wear sleeves so he wears ponchos instead
  • Was born in the most yakuza heavy district in Japan
  • Is friendly, gentle, and empathetic despite being scary to most
  • is close with Satou
  • Is ranked 11th overall in class
  • has tentacles that can get chopped off but also regrow to make a chain of limbs that act as super long extensions of his own body
  • Doesn’t hold a single grudge against anyone
  • Has a grip strength of 540 kilos (1,190.5 pounds!!!)
  • Is the tallest person in Class 1-A
  • frequently talks out of his tentacles
  • eats from his tentacles because he doesn’t want to pull down his mask
  • wears a mask that covers half his face for an unknown reason
  • Once made Ojiro so happy while talking with him that Ojiro started wagging his tail


  • Horikoshi Kohei, creator of BNHA, admits that Shouji is fun to draw
  • His name comes from “壁に耳あり障子に目あり” (Kabe ni mimi ari shōjinimeari? lit. “walls have ears, doors have eyes”).

Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.

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Sing for me

“I was fine.. when you came and we fought like it was all a silly game.” 


Some previous designs I had done for Ladybug, even before the first one I posted xp
For the first one, with long ribbons and eyes (haha..) was the first one I did and probably my least favorite, though it’s only the sleeves that don’t convince me, but I liked the idea of her arm skin showing. Also tried to make her look like on the anime pv.
The second one, with the cape. This one makes me think of musketeers and I love it! Even when it might not be all that suited for the show. I think that what I like the most is how the cape looks like an actual ladybug’s back.
For the third one, where she’s spinning the yo-yo. I tried to make something that would be similar to Cat Noir’s outfit, which I think looks like a spy. I think I didn’t do so bad on this one.
Last one, sailor scout…. I was just playing around, really, that drawing is probably an inch tall. No mask, because Sailor Moon never used mask and no one ever found her secret identity =w=

i don’t even really ship this but I’m just imaging Wash having like a giant crush on Dr. Grey and big sis Lina is all “why don’t you just go talk to her?”

so Wash is like “That’s easy for you to say when was the last time you tried to hit on someone?”

And Epsilon snickers while Lina stares at Wash for a good 10 seconds before going “Wash I have literally been sleeping with Kimball for 3 months have you honestly not noticed?”

“…why does no one ever tell me anything? also I didn’t need to hear that.”

  • MCR: I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.
  • Me: I'm not gunna lie to you MCR. Sometimes I am afraid to keep on living and I am most certainly afraid to walk this world alone.

Uhhhh….attempt at chibis? >.<;;;;;

I’ve wanted to make merch for a reaaaally long time, starting with charms of some sort, but chibi art style intimidates the crap out of me.  I tried?  But yeah, I found a site that makes charms pretty affordably, even at smaller runs, with multiple characters. 

Would anyone be interested in charms like these?  I’ll probably just do two to start, but if people are interested I also want kitty!Hiro and puppy!Dashi charms, and ones where they’re in it together, and possibly other things too, like stickers and pins….is my chibi style alright????


How the Signs will Treat this Horoscope Post
  • Aries: is going to reblog it without even reading the--
  • Taurus: is going to reblog it after reviewing the accuracy of at least 3 other signs
  • Gemini: is going to reblog this bullshit to see which of their followers eats it up
  • Cancer: is going to like it with the intention of throughly reviewing it later (leaving it to rot with all the other horoscope posts) later or reblog it questioning the accuracy in the tags
  • Leo: is going to reblog jubilantly if it's accurate to Leo or be passive-aggressive in the tags if it's not
  • Virgo: is going to reblog it if it is kind, true, and necessary for Virgos and the signs of close friends
  • Libra: is going to like it, check all the signs, and then reblog it if it is true and insightful
  • Scorpio: knowing at least half the signs already, will either reblog with a Scorpio seal of approval or like it with the intention of editing it later
  • Sagittarius: decides whether or not to reblog based on the positivity of the post
  • Capricorn: can detect a lie five posts before this one, but is easily swayed by contemplative prose and solid advice
  • Aquarius: reblogs like ninety percent of these unless they are blatant lies, even then reblogging with questions in the tags
  • Pisces: the only way to get Pisces to stop reblogging is to swear off all horoscope posts... except the ones that speak to their SOULS

His eyes were large, long-lashed, like Helen’s; unlike hers,his eyes were mismatched. One was Blackthorn blue, the color of water. The other was gold, hazed through with shadows. - City of Heavenly Fire, Cassandra Clare.

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every westallen scene ever (106/?)

This blog immediately unfollows for Dean hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Birthdays || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 15 - Growing Up

When she turned 10, her dad had already left. 

Klaus looked at the clock and groaned. At 16 years old, he shouldn’t have been exhausted by 8 p.m. His mother had left him in charge of the younger kids, though, and their energy never ran out. Henrik and Kol were already put to bed, but Klaus knew the girls would be up a little longer. He could hear the pop music coming from Rebekah’s room.

Determined to enjoy whatever part of the weekend he could salvage, Klaus decided to play video games in the TV room for the rest of the night. He barely noticed the time passing until he heard tiny sniffles coming from the hallway. Pausing the game, he waited for whichever sibling had woken up.

Instead, Caroline turned the corner, twirling her blonde pigtail around a finger and wiping her red-rimmed eyes.

“It’s nearly midnight, Caroline,” Klaus said gently, startling the poor girl. “What’s wrong?”

As comfortable with Klaus as his own sister, Caroline climbed onto the couch and settled in next to him. “It’s almost my birthday,” she whispered. “I didn’t want to sleep in case Mommy came to pick me up. She promised to spend the whole day with me.”

Klaus sighed, tucking his arm around the little girl’s shoulders. “I think she meant tomorrow once you woke up,” he said, knowing that still wouldn’t happen. Caroline spent more time at the Mikaelson house than her own because her mother’s job was so demanding. “You have to sleep before you get there.”

“But what if she doesn’t come back,” Caroline asked, her lip wobbling in fear. 

Bill Forbes had left the town in scandal just a month ago, so Klaus was familiar with Caroline’s worry. “She will,” he promised, reminding himself to tell his mother about this. “But since it’s your birthday in,” he looked to the clock, “two minutes, how about a little treat before you go back to bed?”


Klaus shushed her for fear of waking up the others before nodding. “Come on,” he whispered. He took her hand and led her to the kitchen, where he made them both mugs of hot chocolate, only topping hers with some whipped cream.

“Happy birthday, Caroline,” he said, chuckling at the whipped cream covering her wide grin. At least she wasn’t crying anymore.

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I follow rivers… God knows I tried.

@ohnavarone I do swear I’m an interesting person. At least four people think so, and that doesn’t even include my Mother… But I don’t mean to brag.

For Anna. I love you. <3


Nick wouldn’t say he’s obsessed with Louis Tomlinson. He’s a grown man with his own life and responsibilities and he doesn’t care about stupid, annoying popstars, no matter how pretty they are. And no matter how many times he’s thought about kissing them. 

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sterek "Ordered a pizza stoned. The guy handed me my pizza and I tried to pay him by handing him back the pizza."

It was Stiles’ first night alone in his new apartment in New York City. He’d dropped Scott off at the airport earlier this morning and by now he was probably all the way back across the country.

Stiles is alone and it really sucks.

At least, Scott had contacted a friend and gotten them weed before he left which means Stiles is getting so high he doesn’t realize no one else is there.

To be perfectly honest, he may have been a little too successful.

He’s pretty sure he’s hallucinating the doorbell. There’s no way anybody’s at his door.

The button rings five more times before Stiles can finally drag himself over to answer.

He pulls open the door to see the sexist, scowliest man he’s ever seen holding five pizzas.

He’s definitely hallucinating.

He even tells the man as much.

The man quirks an eyebrow at him.  “How high are you?” He asks.

“Not high at all,” Stiles tries to protest. “But wait you’re not real so I can tell you.”

He leans in to whisper. “I’m super super high.”

“Really?” the man replies sarcastically. “I never would have guessed.”

“What can I do for you man of my mind?”

The man rolls his eyes and holds out the pizzas.

“For me?” Stiles giggles.

He grabs the pizzas and cuddles them to his chest.

The man doesn’t leave.

“Can’t you see we’re having a moment,” Stiles says only half joking.

“You have to pay me. You ordered them.”

“Okay,” Stiles says and looks around for anything holding value. He tries to hand the man a pizza. “Here.”

“You can’t pay me with pizza. Is there anyone else here who’s not as high who can get me the money?”

Stiles frowns.

He got high to avoid thinking about this, not to confront it directly.

“No, all alone. Forever.” He pauses a beat, but then inhales quickly and takes a step back, “but don’t kill me just because you know no one else is here.”

“I’m not going to kill you,” the man says with an exaggerated eye roll. “New to the city?”

Stiles nods and opens one of the boxes of pizza.

“You ever gonna pay me?”

“Can’t think right now, pizza,” Stiles mumbles through a mouth full of pizza.

He manages to drop the box onto the ground and the man sighs and takes the boxes from him and walks into Stiles’ apartment.

He forces Stiles to sit at the table and then he looks through the cupboards until he finds a rag and he scrubs at the pizza stain on the carpet.

“You’re lucky you were my last delivery tonight,” the man mutters.

He opens another cupboard and gets Stiles a glass of water and has him drink it.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Stiles asks.

The man shrugs. “It’s not fun being alone.”

Stiles nods his agreement, but now that his stomach is full of warm pizza he can feel himself getting sleepy. It’s only thanks to the man that he doesn’t end up asleep on a pizza.

Stiles groans as he wakes up the next morning, head at an awkward angle.

He tries to piece his night together, but it all seems a little fuzzy.

The pizza boxes are the only evidence that there was ever someone else there at all. That and the faint stain on the carpet that Stiles knows he didn’t clean are the only facts that reassure Stiles that he wasn’t actually hallucinating.

It’s too bad he was so high, he would’ve liked to talk to the guy from last night and get to know him.

Hopefully he’s still as good looking as high Stiles though.

The doorbell rings and Stiles groans as he goes to answer. Body way too stiff from how he slept.

He opens the door to see the man on the other side holding two coffees and a bag of donuts.

“Uh, hi?” Stiles says.

The man blushes a little. “I thought you may want some breakfast, but if you don’t that’s okay.”

“No, no, come in,” Stiles hastily pulls the door fully open.

The man steps inside and they both sit down at the table.

It’s a little awkward, but company is so nice that Stiles doesn’t even care.

He finishes his second donut and then realizes that he didn’t pay for these and he didn’t pay the man for the pizza yet either.

“Oh shit, how much do I owe you?”

“It’s fine, I’ll cover it.”

“You really don’t have to,” Stiles says as he digs through his room to find his wallet.

The man rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment, but then steels himself and asks, “Maybe you’d like to take me out sometime to make up for it?”

Stiles grins.

“I’d love that.”


It’s only that moment that he realizes he still doesn’t know the man’s name.

“I’m Stiles by the way.” He holds his hand out to shake.

“Derek,” the man replies.

Stiles grins back at him. Maybe the new city won’t be so lonely after all.

honestly I’m fine with nicole still being in the house (I guess…) I mean at least she tries to play and has funny voice but corey is such a waste of space I’m so annoyed that he even got cast there is literally nothing interesting about him he’s not even cute like he doesn’t even make me angry he’s just that boring I’m so over it