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It’s the first day of summer, and Alex Standall has nothing but time ahead of him.

He doesn’t bother to get out of bed early. No one’s around, no one’s gonna call. He stays buried under six blankets, listening to music as loud as he wants and scrolling through Instagram. When he finally deigns to get up, he eats a breakfast that’s just a bagel and juice virtually straight from the carton.

The day won’t be a real scorcher, though the golden shafts of summer sunlight drifting in hot from the windows promise that it will be nice. Alex showers with the bathroom windows open, phone on the counter blasting The Raincoats at top volume. What’s he going to do with himself, anyway? He didn’t make any summer plans.

“Don’t take it personal, I choose my own fate,” Alex sings as he gets out of the shower and dries off. “I follow love, I follow hate…” If he had to pick a favorite song on the album, “Adventures Close to Home” would definitely be the one.

Now there’s an idea, Alex thinks as he yanks on his admittedly-seasonally-inappropriate skinny jeans. What about his own adventure close to home? Take his guitar, go for a walk, find somewhere to sit and just play. He hasn’t really had the chance in a while. He might even come up with something interesting! And since it sounds like a good idea, that’s what he does. Alex finishes getting dressed—some colorful band shirt, a light cardigan—and doesn’t bother to do anything with his hair. He snags his guitar and takes off.

He lives in a pretty nice neighborhood, all things considered, and there’s no shortage of places to walk. Nobody else is really out, though the day is bright and green in the best summer way. There are sprinklers going, and the only care Alex takes is to avoid getting his guitar wet.

Eventually, he hits the park. It’s a wide green field with big trees in full leaf, barbeque grills scattered throughout, a picnic shelter off to the side, and a playground. There are a few kids on the playground equipment, but nobody else to speak of.

Alex sits down under one of the trees and breaks out the guitar. He checks its tuning and starts playing. He covers Wonderwall, with genuine feeling instead of irony since there’s no one to hear him, and tries to figure out a nice slow acoustic version of Taylor’s “Shake It Off”. And Alex does play his own music, coming up with something that would make a good backdrop for sprinklers and golden sun and the endless summer ahead.

And there will be time, later, for friends and nights at the movies and playing on command all the things they like, for family dinners, for summer homework from the AP classes in the fall. But for now, just right now, Alex is alone with his guitar. It’s a beautiful first day of summer, and he’s happy.

Sometimes I lose followers and tbh I don’t mind at all bc I think you should only follow my blog if you like it and want to but also I can’t help but wonder like… I wasn’t doing anything I don’t normally do so what did they expect?? A good blog? Everyone should know not to expect a good blog here lol. I think its bizarre that people follow me at all tbh bc all I do really is ramble all the time and it even annoys ME MYSELF so how.. how do y'all tolerate it?

visayanmermaid  asked:

your tags are so on point with what I was feeling. That scene was what really bothered me, it felt totally weird for Sakura who's this character who has grown and changed so much to revert back to this girl who couldn't even look Sasuke in the eye. The scene when she heals him was much better in that aspect tbh after all they've been through I don't really see Sakura acting that way in front of Sasuke

i had a moment of venting in my tags. i almost didn’t. for the most part i’ve been objective and aim to be but. i’m just going to be emotional for a moment? yes. that.

i ship sasusaku, but sakura acting subservient or shy or coy or submissive around sasuke? no. no and get that shit the hell away from me in fact because she worked hard and she deserves better than to ask his fucking permission and not even look him in the eye as she speaks to him.

no. not here for that. 

you know what i wanted?

i wanted her looking him in the eye, standing with her back straight, proud to be there and his equal. i wanted her to say: ‘i’m gonna let you go, sasuke-kun, but you’d better come back or i’ll hunt you down again.’ i wanted her to say this with confidence and with a hint of a smile because she trusts him to come back without having to hunt him down.

the scene where she’s healing him and emotional and loving him and telling him to shut up, so glad he’s alive and okay and willing to call him an idiot because he almost died (they both did) and that would literally shatter her heart? YES  i am all for that because she is meeting him there as an equal.

but this. 

this tentative question where she is hesitant to get the words out, obviously struggling, where she won’t even look at him, where she has to *peek* like she’s still twelve. no.  this is a moment of character assassination and i’ll say that anywhere.