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re: your post on Christians being killed and the 'bias' against reporting it: it's not an anti-Christian bias, it's a bias against black and brown people, specifically in non-western countries. there are so many mass-killings that we never hear about because they're in countries that are predominantly non-white. it's not because they're Christian, it's because they're not white. when the church in Charleston had a mass shooting that received plenty of coverage.

I agree with you, anon. You’re absolutely right. I think that, however “progressive” the news media (or even Hollywood) claim to be, they have in the past and still often minimize stories involving black and brown people. That isn’t to undermine the great strides that have been made today or the great people who have made news or have had Hollywood success in the past, but the bias can still be there, even if you don’t notice it at first.

But that brings me to my next point. While you think it’s one bias and not the other, I wholeheartedly believe that an anti-Christian and an anti-black and brown people bias, specifically in non-western countries as well, coexist

I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of Christian voices out there still or that we haven’t been louder in older days of America. But what I am saying is that in much of mainstream media, there is a very strong but often hard to notice anti-Christian bias. And in the case with Christians being repeatedly put to death in certain Middle Eastern countries, it’s a combination of anti-Christian and anti-black and brown people from non-western countries.

You’re absolutely right; there are hundreds of mass-killings that happen all the time in non-western countries that aren’t given the time of day in Western news. Not even in a low-key article. But you’re not understanding the difference that separates this tragedy from the others, even by just a little.

This specific event is being done repeatedly and has gone on for years now. You wanna know when I first start hearing about Christians being beheaded, crucified, or shot in groups at a time, specifically for their faith, often by the same group of people? I think it was at least 3-5 years ago. And every time I looked to mainstream news media to tell me more about it, I heard about suicide bombers in the Middle East (another specific event that’s been happening for years now) and nothing more.

So what else could it be? It has to be a brown and black, non-Western people bias, but there has to be an anti-Christian bias here as well. Tragedies like suicide bombings are mentioned because they’re relevant to the terrorism threat and fear we have in the West right now. Tragedies like mass shootings, whether they are in churches or in schools, are mentioned because they’re also relevant to the fear and violence we have in America right now. Some events, even if they theoretically wanted to, cannot be ignored by the news media. 

Christians in the Middle East who are repeatedly being killed are not mentioned in the news media because of a bias against Christian, non-Western, black and brown people.

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*hugs* not sure how I can help, but do whatever is best for you!

Thank you both so much for your concern. I should be okay so don’t worry~

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In regards to polymatsu, consider this: six times the hoodies to steal! >:D


Todomatsu would notice it first cause his hoodie would be one of the first to go missing. So he’ll probably blame his brothers cause how dare they touch his things even though they’re brothers and they live under the same roof grumble grumble. He’ll ask Oso (who isn’t wearing his sweater) and Choro (who is), and Oso would just be like “wtf no why would we take your sweater we have our own you know.” 

But then Totty would ask him to prove it and Oso would look for his sweater only to notice that his has gone missing too. It’s not in the laundry, or in their bedroom. But he’s not that concerned he’ll just wear his grey one and Choro thinks that Osomatsu just misplaced it and it will turn up eventually.

A few days later the bros have a conversation about how Karamatsu’s and Jyushimatsu’s grey hoodies have gone missing, but they still have their blue and yellow ones. Karamatsu thinks someone is out to steal their “perfect fashion”. But Choro still thinks that they’ve just been misplaced.

When one of Choromatsu’s sweaters goes missing he finally figures someone or something has been stealing their clothes and they need to do something about it. Like they’re getting ready to plan a stake out that night using Ichimatsu’s hoodie as bait for whatever reason.

Somehow these NEETs don’t realize that s/o had been borrowing their hoodies when they’re cold and has just been forgetting to give them back so they have a pile of sweaters in their home and they’re kinda like “Ah yeah I should return these.” So like they’ll show up at the Matsuno household wearing the hoodie they borrowed from Todomatsu initially and the others in a bag and when they see that the bros have legit set up one of those traps with a box propped up with a stick and Ichi’s hoodie under it they’re just like “Okay what are you doing?”

And it’s at THAT moment that they piece together that their sweaters have been stolen by the s/o sweater fiend >:3c

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