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Enjoy your Mafia goodness, my precious children. Of course, this meal wasn’t just made by us alone, but also by the lovely mother @crimson-chains

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

that GAD feel when you’re calm and just chilling, and all of a sudden a random thought that has no bearing to anything important,, triggers That Pit Of Anxiety In Your Stomach for absolutely no reason?? there was no difference in your environment or ??? anything ??? why ????

Two Types of Miraculous Fans
  • Person 1: The only way that Chloe should get the bee miraculous is through a redemption arc. Only good people receive the miraculous unless it is found like Hawkmoth's. So, if Chloe starts to realize what a mean person she can be then fixes it, she can get the bee miraculous. We could also find out about her mother and her life, because she probably has some self-doubt and confidence issues. That's why she acts like she is better than everybody else. It is her way of hiding her insecurities by taking it out on others. That's why the logical route for Chloe would be a deep redemption arc and character development to become a superhero.
  • Person 2: cHlOeS cOlOrS bEe MaTcHinG sHe Is GeTtInG tHe BeE MiRaCuLoUs

Alright, I told my wife @the-calvaree that I’d write her whatever she wanted post-job interview and she asked for “IronFalcon, maybe in the Secretly Married verse” with “anything related to balloons and cupcakes” so. You all get this.

Somehow Peter Parker comandeered your story, my dearest Keeta, so… that’s a thing.

“Whoa, did a Party City explode in here or something?” Peter said, batting a balloon out of his face.

“Shut up,” Tony said, strolling out of the kitchen, a bowl of chips in his hands. “We may have gone overboard,” he added, glancing around with a slight grimace.

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let’s give thanks series (ep. 1) ↴
             🙏   -  happy mark tuan.

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I love your bee Rose!! could you maybd draw Juleka with the volpina/peacock miraculous???? (So they are together :3)

thank you anon! of course i had to give her the peacock miraculous because “the birds and the bees” had me cracking up (and let’s be honest juleka would rock a peacock) so if peacock juleka is called peacock (if any of you have better names tell me i would love to hear them) would their ship name be peaille haha? either way they’re the best gay superheros in all paris, i love them 

There was a bumblebee in our basement again. Once again, seemingly flightless while in the basement, at least–though this one (or maybe it’s the same one who knows) had more spunk, and was buzzing angrily even on the floor.

I scooped it up, took this quick video, and brought it outside. It stayed on the peony for about two seconds and then took off, flying over our house and into the sky.

I am so confused. @curlicuecal , how much do you know about bumblebee behavior?

Miraculous vs Civilian identities

So– okay. Most of us have seen a lot of the zagspoilers (and if you’re trying to avoid those, don’t read on) and so I guess I wanted to give my two cents. Primarily about Chloe and the bee miraculous, but especially about how all the miraculous identities compare to their civilian identities. 

Okay so first, Marinette: she has the ladybug miraculous, and her power set is all about luck. Good luck. This contrasts with Marinette’s civilian self, as she’s seen to be quite clumsy and unlucky. Cool. Great. Moving on. 

Onto Adrien: he has the cat miraculous, which is all about bad luck. Destruction, discord, etc. This contrasts with Adrien’s civilian self, since he’s much more stereotypically “lucky.” Even though he might not be the most satisfied with his situation, from an outside perspective he is quite “lucky.” Rich family, big house, famous model, etc. 

So in short, both Marinette and Adrien’s miraculouses (miraculous? miraculai? whatever) are the total opposite of their civilian personalities. 

ANYWAY, onto the new miraculous users, and this is where things get spoilery, so again don’t say I didn’t warn you: stop reading if you want to avoid zag spoilers. 

Alya. She gets the fox miraculous which, tbh, I’m in love with this concept. And here’s why: foxes are all about lying and manipulation, if we’re to go by what we saw in Volpina. And as we all know about our beloved Alya, she’s obsessed with the truth. She’s a reporter by nature and dedicated to getting the real story about Ladybug. Even her akumatized self was hell-bent on one thing: the truth. Which, in my opinion, is perfect. Foxes: lies. Alya: truth. So in the same way that Mari and Adrien’s civilian selves are the opposite of what their miraculouses are about, so is Alya’s. 

Still with me? Okay. Onto the point of this: Chloe. She gets the bee miraculous, and much of the fandom has adopted calling her “Queen Bee.” It’s clever, and matches Chloe’s personality pretty perfectly. But here’s the thing– it matches too well. The Queen Bee persona, the the most important thing, the center of attention, the ~queen~, is too much like Chloe’s actual personality. And, as we’ve seen with unlucky Marinette, lucky Adrien, and truth-hound Alya, the miraculous identities tend to contrast really strongly with civilian identities. 

So here’s my thought: if it’s true that Chloe does get the bee miraculous, maybe she’s not actually Queen Bee, but something more akin to “Worker Bee.” Dedicated to hard work in order to support someone other than herself. It would contrast really well with Chloe’s established personality, and maybe even help contribute to a redemption arc for her. We’ve already seen Chloe as the queen, and the center of attention, so maybe now, with bee!Chloe, we’ll get to see her as the hard, selfless worker. 

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Hey Sun Dragon its Kitty Cat i miss you sooo much and i have been thinking bout you a lot and i just wanna say im sorry for everything i do check up on you sometimes to see how you are doing even tho i dont have a tumblr at all and ill never get one again you dont gotta post this if you dont wanna just know that this will be the last you hear from me but i just had to check on you im a lil imcomplete without but i gotta move on even tho it kills me


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I can’t describe how much I can’t right now…. I am only posting this so all of you who followed BumblebyQueen know that she’s still alive and okay.

I hope she’s okay.

i  feel  like  this  kinda  goes  w/o  saying  but  i  ?  am  Not  duplicates  friendly .    i  had  an  Awful  experience  with  another  leia  previously  and  i  am  Not  about  2  be  back  on  that  bullshit ,     so  if  i  see  u  interacting  w  another  leia ,     i’ll  probably  unfollow .    also ,   any  leias  that  follow  me  will  get  blockt .    thanx !

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wait superman is afraid of quicksand? does he realize he can exert far more force than it can and could totally just fly out?

he also flails away from bees despite knowing that he is physically incapable of being stung by bees and doesn’t like stepping on cracks because he worries about his mother’s back

clark kent is not always a rational man

More Patater Family!AU

Follow-up to this post. Last thoughts on the Patater family for tonight because I realize I’m going overboard with this buT LAWD i love them so much

I imagine that even with how involved Kent and Tater tries to be in their kid’s life, there are just some moments that they will miss because of how much they have to travel. Their son understands; his parents more than make up for it when they come home and he knows they love him a whole bunch but it still sucks sometimes to only talk to them through Skype for weeks at a time. Like in third grade when he made it to the final rounds of his school’s Spelling Bee, but lost at the end, he really wished that his Pa was there to tell him he did a good job, or to see his Dad in the front row probably trying to stifle his backseat coaching because “Kenny, is spelling, you cannot coach. That is actually cheating.” Like yeah, they always do the thing with the matching suits and accessories whenever they go to Back to School Night, and Karen from the PTA basically wants to slaughter Kent for dissing her baking skills, but he’d rather have that than walking home alone from school to an emptyish house (nanny is there) for weeks at a time.

Every single time, the regular season pretty much coincides with the annual school play, and ok, their son doesn’t really care about the play. He’s playing a tree that says about five lines total, but looking in the dark at the parents and not seeing his blows a lot more than he’d expected. When the play is over and they all stand in a line to bow, the lights turn on and suddenly, amidst the clapping and cheering, he hears a familiar accent yelling, “That’s my son!! You see! The third tree!” And their son notices the two figures in the very back, still in hockey jerseys and looking pretty frazzled, are Kent and Tater, who’d immediately jumped in the car post-game interview (tbh Tater only said “I have to go to my son’s play I am sorry maybe next time!!! Ask Zimmboni questions he was very good!!!” and Kent just straight up walked out). Kent and Tater are the first parents to rush forward to collect their kid and are extremely alarmed when their son barrels towards the two of them, crying because he missed them. Tater raves about how convincing he was as a talking tree and Kent wipes the tears away and gives a bunch of gross cheek kisses like he did when he was in first grade. (Headcanon that Kent calls their son Tater Tot and does kid-friendly chirps while giving said kisses.)

BONUS: All the parents in the auditorium are turning their heads and you hear the crowd whispering excitedly as they recognize Kent and Tater in their jerseys. Except for Karen, who glares at Kent for a full minute while Kent narrows his eyes and look highly unimpressed.