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Imagine your OTP
  • Person A : *is playing pokemon GO*
  • Person A : Oh! There's a rare pokemon! DON'T MOVE!!
  • Person B : W-what?
  • Person A : Just...don't move. I'm gonna catch it
  • *person A is sneaking towards person B*
  • Person A : *hugging Person B tightly*
  • Person B : What are you doing?!?!
A Christmas Drama
  • Person A : *takes a deep breath* I can't believe you did this to me!
  • Person B : I didn't mean to! I-I just...
  • Person A : WHY?! I TRUSTED YOU! I can't believe you betray me like this!
  • Person B : Please, listen to me I just- *tearing up*
  • Person A : I can't believe you would...I thought you LOVE me!
  • Person B : I do-
  • Person A : THEN WHY?!
  • *silence, heavy breathing
  • Person A : Then why...why would you eat all the Christmas cookies? *sniff
What Markiplier Said About Darkiplier (in case you missed it!):

- Darkiplier will be coming back.
- Much like Warfstache, he doesn’t obey the laws of physics, and he exists in another world and bleeds into this world.
- Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who Mark is.
- Darkiplier admires what Mark has accomplished.
- He is a manipulator, a 100% manipulator.
- He leads you into this false sense of security and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.
- He is not there to help you. He is not your friend. He is there to use you.
- He is not kept together, as Mark put it.
- When Darkiplier glitches, it’s not Markiplier trying to break free, it’s his shell cracking.
- A lot of inspiration of Darkiplier goes to G-Man from the Half Life series.
- Darkiplier seems human but is actually not.
- Darkiplier is like a shell of a person that is in a human suit and is trying to puff it out so you can believe him but he is really good at it.
- Is Mark is ever going to make an opposite version of himself, he is going to be the worst, the most awful person.
- Darkiplier doesn’t have a shadow.

so uhh,,,,,, Darkiplier isn’t really a good person,,,,,, o h

That’s all the Mark said about Darkiplier, just in case any of you have missed that part of the stream! Hopefully I got all of it but feel free to add more if you’d like!

no offense, but what are some of y’all even talking about in the responses to Lauren Zuke’s post on how Zuke was writing the characters (amedot/lapidot)

have you…have you not been watching the show responser? what’s even going on

“You realize you have a Ginny smile, right?”

Mike leans back from his perch against the counter and looks at Evelyn who moves to stand beside him.

They’re encamped in the Sanders’ kitchen, watching as Ginny and Blip attempt to best Marcus and Gabe at Just Dance. 

“In all the years of knowing you, Mike,” Evelyn continues. “I’ve never seen you smile like that except when you’re smiling at Ginny. Or because of something Ginny did. Or when you’re in her general vicinity.”

Mike’s shoulders drop before he takes a long drag of his beer. “She’s with whatshisface. So there’s nothing to do,” he replies, trying for flippant, but not quite getting there by the look Evelyn levels at him.

“So, you’re just content to pine and hope that maybe–”

“I’m not going to ruin anything for her,” he interrupts. “I’m not going to make her life any harder. If he’s what she wants, then so be it.”

Evelyn shakes her head and goes to refill her wine glass. 

“Just seems like a waste of a good smile.”


Omega!Percival and alpha!Credence

 Okay, this idea has been rattling around in my head for the past few days and it’s not going away, so I have to share it. This is a headcanon/fic idea/idle musings, you name it.

An ABO AU with secretly Omega!Percival Graves. A very ambitious and talented omega!Percival Graves, who wanted to advance his career and social position despite the prejudices of the society he lived in. So he hid his secret by taking suppressors and using charms and spraying himself with fake scent and living a very celibate life and nobody ever found out. Until Grindelwald kindapped him, that is, and dug into his mind.

Imagine big, virile alpha Grindelwald having to spend a year dealing with the unfamiliar (on a personal level) physiology of an omega while impersonating Percival while having to keep the same damn secret because “Percival” is too busy with looking the child from his vision to have to deal with the ensuing scandal should people cotton on what he is. Much hilarity ensues. Grindelwald deserves the awkward situations anyway.

Back to Percival - Grindelwald is exposed, arrested, yaddayadda, Percival is discovered barely alive in whatever deep dark hole Grindelwald was keeping him in. He’s brought to a hospital, where, of course, his secret comes out, which in turn just adds to the trauma he’s already suffered because magical society doesn’t really seem big on patient privacy and the like. The president and other high ranking aurors certainly find out and openly blame his “weakness” (since he did get kidnapped and impersonated by Grindelwald) on the fact that he’s an omega (and not on the fact that he was facing an immesurably powerful wizard) because prejudice. He’s quietly fired at best or publically excoriated at worst, losing all that he’s worked for all his life to achieve, likely dealing with severe bouts of PTSD and having little to no support system both because he lives in a time where mental health help is all but lacking and there’s very little understanding of ptsd and because he’s lost what few friends he had after his own secret was exposed in the most callous manner possible.

Enter alpha!Credence whose phenotype manifested after he realized what a dumpster fire Grindelgraves was, together with losing control over the Obscuris. Obviously he survived getting blasted by the president’s aurors and spent the time during which Percival was physically recuperating in the hospital literally putting himself back together and hiding in NY (quite successfully too) because everyone thought him dead and no one looked for him. This Credence, however, is just done. He’s done. He’s spent a lifetime being abused and used and manipulated, including by a monster who he thought cared about him. He has real power now, power that he can control, as well as a lot of rage. He also realizes that he’s physiologically different from before but doesn’t pay much attention to it because he’s too busy trying to survive and to deal with his power and hide and learn more about wizards by following them around (in black mist form).

One foggy evening he sees the real Graves sitting on a bench in the park, looking utterly lost and dejected, in rumpled clothes and messy hair, unshaven, with dark circles under his eyes. His first instinct is to KILLKILLKILL before he remembers that the man who used and manipulated him only wore this man’s face but wasn’t actually him. He follows the man for a while before he decides to approach him in person.

And I am stopping here because I haven’t thought the rest of it through in detail. EDIT: I came up with a few more details.

I only know that I want:

-Two broken people to find each other and heal together. Somehow.

-They most definitely leave NY because neither has a reason to stay there.

-Credence finding himself - as a wizard, as an alpha, as a person who is NO LONGER under an abuser’s thumb, neither physically nor emotionally. He finds out what he likes, what and who he wants to be. He comes into himself, so to speak. And the end result is a powerful, talented young man.

-Percival heals. He learns to trust again. He learns to indulge himself as an omega, because in a way he too spent a life time being totally repressed, even if the repression was self-imposed because he wanted to fit societal standards, rather than because he was trying to avoid active physical abuse. It was repression nonetheless.

-They fall in love. More importantly, they become friends. Graves is not Grindelwald - he lacks that smooth, warm charm that Grindelwald could turn on and off on a whim, like yet another face that he slipped over his own. He lacks that charm especially now, after all that he’s been through. But he’s a warm, smart, Genuinely Good Person TM, even if he suffers from enormous trust issues and with good reason - a problem he and Credence very much share. Credence, on the other hand, is initially a stranger to him. Unlike Credence he has no expectations of his personality, he simply gets to know him.
Percival finds it very refreshing that Credence doesn’s suffer from prejudices against him because he’s an alpha and Percival is an omega. He doesn’t look down on him, doesn’t patronize him, doesn’t blame him. If anything he asks him endless questions about their magic and their phenotypes and Percival tries to answer as objectively as he can, often catching himself in almost parroting some of the toxic stereotypes that ruined his life. Credence actually hulks out on a few people to protect Percival, and while under normal circumstances Percival would be annoyed at that because he’s a grownass man who can fight his own battles thank you very much, he actually feels all warm and fuzzy inside because he knows Credence did on instinct and because he cares, not because he was trying to patronize him or thought him weak. He tells Credence not to do it anymore anyway. Credence listens.

-At some point they have a heat together BECAUSE WHAT IS AN ABO AU GOOD FOR IF YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT. (I am shallow, okay?). Lots of smut ensues. Credence tops. Utterly and completely. Percival loves it. This isn’t his first time - although as an Auror he’s been largely celibate and deliberately repressed his libido with drugs because he was afraid that if he indulged himself he might provoke dangerous rumours, he did have a few indiscretions in his youth. This time is different - this is the first time he’s truly trusted, truly let go, truly let himself enjoy it without fear and shame. Not to mention that a heat after a lifetime of chemical repression would be far more intense than a heat under normal circumstances. For Credence the experience is almost overwhelming - it is most definitely his first time and he has an armful of writhing, mewling, begging omega. Add to that the part that Percival is older than him and that he used to follow the fake Percival’s lead and wow now he has to take charge, what do?!?!? But he follows his instincts and it all works out. Spectacularly.


-Happy ending. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Person: *says something hurtful unintentionally*
  • Me: That hurts my feelings.
  • Person: But I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings so your feelings shouldn’t be hurt and I still think I’m right about what I said.
  • Me: But my feelings are hurt, because what you said was hurtful even if you didn’t mean it to be, and the fact that you’re trying to justify it instead of even attempting to understand my perspective is making it even more hurtful. (Things admittedly get a little nasty if the person insists on justifying what they said.)
  • Person: Well that hurts MY feelings.
  • Me: But can you try to consider my feelings for a second before you focus on yours?
  • Person: Oh, so your feelings are the only ones that matter?