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"Can I kiss you?"

This started just as a shindeku headcanon but it evolved into a full fic, somehow. As you can tell by this being an artblog I guess you know I don’t usually write at all so please bear with me, my horrible English and my useless tumblr mobile coding.


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Hi! I asked for fics for klaine that starts off as one night stands and you put a link to them but I'm using a mobile device and don't have access to a computer atm. Is there anyway you can post them with a link available for mobile devices? Thanks so much!

Here are three Klaine and two CrissColfer one night stand fics - enjoy!

Royal Pains by AlexaCardew

After a one night stand with a stranger, Kurt Hummel gets a little more than he bargained for.

Rumor Has It by chrisspiration

When Kurt has a one night stand and literally runs into someone while doing the walk of shame, the attractive stranger decides to help him out. This is the story of how Kurt and Blaine meet, become friends, and get together.

Kama Seusstra by GSJwrites  

When erotica author Kurt Hummel follows the hot guy from the book convention party back to his hotel room, he thinks it’s simply a chance to spark his lackluster sex life. But when a scheduling change finds him sharing a speaker’s podium with his one night stand, he discovers that he has hooked up with Blaine Anderson, America’s darling of children’s literature.

Can the writer of a popular erotic serial find love with the author who has made bow ties the literary and fashion trend of children everywhere?

Kama Seusstra follows both their efforts to navigate an unlikely relationship as well as their stories: “Out at Home”, an online erotic serial set in the world of professional baseball, and “The Brave Little Bow Tie”, a children’s story about a bow tie trying to find his place in the world.

This is a story of sex, love and the hard choices we make to balance happiness and success.

It’s Sort of A Small World After All by magsforya   (CrissColfer)

It was a one night stand–nothing more. They didn’t even exchange last names or numbers. So two months later when Darren meets up with Chuck, the last thing he expects is to come face to face with said one night stand. Turns out Chuck and Chris? They’re best friends. Oh! And the catch: Chuck doesn’t know that Darren likes guys.

Darren’s life just got a whole lot more complicated.

Letters and Sodas by nasonexyouswine (CrissColfer)

Darren calls it fate. Chris just calls it a nightmare. What else is it when that one night stand you had a few weeks back turns up at work and is going to playing your boyfriend?

I just started writing up a post about that Taagnus head canon on mobile and fuuuuuck it got long, so I’m gonna rework it tomorrow and type it up on he computer so I can put it under a read more 😅

The "I'm sorry I don't have a read more option on mobile" fanfic

Warning: my tablet stinks. Please stick with me if there aren’t any paragraph breaks.


Basis: Undertale fanfic. PTA Sans. Trigger warning because this is my first official fanfic sorry if it’s bad.

Frisk happily bounded up to the top of the bleachers, greeting their friends along the way. They always enjoyed sitting at the top. Not only did being up this high seem fun, but it gave them a perfect view of the rest of the gym.

Sans was sitting with the rest of the adults in the chairs, as they were having their PTA meeting. Frisk never understood why they invited the kids to stay in the gym while they had their meeting. It was so boring.

Sans wasn’t having fun either. These ridiculous people with their ridiculous uneducated opinions were enough to make anyone go mad. Every single time Linda spoke up, he almost fell asleep. Half the time he was joking, but once he actually did fall asleep. Eventually, Linda got fed up.

“If you aren’t going to be productive Sans, then go sit on the bleachers with the kids!”

Sans lazily walked up the steps, mumbling insulting puns under his breath.

Frisk stood up, exited to show Sans all their friends. The others were apprehensive. I mean, there was a skeleton walking around telling puns. Who wouldn’t be a bit worried at first? Sans turned to one of the kids, his hand outstretched.

“Don’t you know how to greet a new pal?” He moved his hand a bit, emphasizing that he wanted a handshake.

The kid hesitantly reached out his hand, and almost fell down in surprise when he heard a loud “PPPPHHHHHTFTF”. Frisk immediately burst into laughter, and the other kids followed suit. Sans looked down at the adults and saw most of them glaring in his direction, but he didn’t care.

After that, going to PTA meetings was fun. Sans often purposefully got himself exiled to the bleachers, where he was able to teach the kids more tricks. He taught them his best knock knock jokes, taught them how best to deliver a pun, taught them that getting yelled at for a pun was the best response.

Pretty soon, Frisk saw a change in their classmates. There was more laughing during class, and the students often set up the teachers for puns. The kids all knew what would happen, and all yelled “Geeeet dunked on!” when the punchline was delivered. Frisk greatly enjoyed the fact that all of the other kids seemed to genuinely like Sans.

Sans began to saw a change too. This one, however, was a negative change. The other adults in the PTA began to whisper when he walked in, and rumors began to spread. The adults often described him as a “bad influence”, and dragged their kids away when he got near.

Sans didn’t mind. He was used to the idiotic comments of the others. He had learned to ignore them. Besides, the kids were having fun, and that was all he cared about.

One day, when Sans and Frisk walked into the gym like normal, Linda gave them a pointed glare. She turned to the other parents and said just loud enough for them to hear, “I feel bad for Frisk. Having to grow up with that idiotic monster. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up in a mental institution, since they obviously love to hang out with these insane…things.”

Sans unconsciously took a step back. It was such a rude, uncalled for, and downright mean comment. Frisk looked up at their friends on the bleachers, trying to keep back tears. They didn’t exactly know what all the words Linda said meant, but they knew enough to know it wasn’t good.

Grabbing into Sans’ coat, Frisk looked up at him, a few tears falling as they said with a quiet voice, “Sans? What’s an institution? Am I really going there? Is it bad?”

Sans couldn’t bear to see them like this. Holding back his anger for just a few moments, he knelt down to Frisk’s height and put a hand on their shoulder.

“Nah kid, don’t worry. You aren’t going anywhere bad. I promise, nothing will happen to you.” With a pointed glare at the adults he turned back, deadly serious.

“I can’t promise nothing isn’t going to happen to these humans in a few moments, though. So hey, why don’t you go outside with your friends, build a sculpture of Linda, and wreck it for your uncle Sans okay? I have a feeling these humans are in for a b a d t i m e.”

Frisk looked at Sans with chills running down their back. He had asked them with his cold, black stare. He meant business, and Frisk wasn’t going to get in his way.

“Hey guys! Let’s go outside! I’m making a new recess time!” After hearing this, the kids eagerly ran outside, itching to get out of the stuffy and boring gym. Frisk looked back a moment before a blue aura slammed the door shut. Sighing, they went to go play with their friends, silently wishing that Sans would have Mercy.

Sans had no such plans. The lights flickered, the same moments that Sans was slowly approaching the now very afraid group of parents. Glaring up at them with one blue eye, Sans lifted them up off of the ground. It took all he had not to do anything drastic right then and there.

“Oh I get it now Linda. You think I’M the monster, huh? Well guess what, I think there’s an even worse one right here. In fact, there isn’t a single human in this room!”

The members of the PTA, realizing the intention of this particular comment, began to object. They immediately stopped once they saw the expression on Sans’ face.

Just as he was about to show them the true meaning of “get dunked on!”, he heard a tap at the door. Looking behind him, he saw Frisk’s face in the glass pane in the door.

Frisk had come back to make sure Sans didn’t do anything. They had been worried by the bright blue glow emanating from the room. They gave Sans a pointed look, and shook their head.

Sans hesitantly set the adults down and re-opened the doors. Frisk ran inside and gave Sans a hug.

“Oof, hey kid, not so tight. You don’t want me to fall apart!”

Frisk smiled up at him, glad that he didn’t do what he was about to.

“Come on Frisk, let’s get out of here. I think these humans have a lot to think about.”

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but can you imagine a yoonjin AU where jin is in a wheelchair and has bad experiences with relationships bc "special needs people are difficult" but yoongi loves him with his whole heart ????

Anon, I love this so much.  Imagine that Jin does food blogging too, that’s his main hobby, his blog is called easy peas-y and he specializes in doing healthy but easy to cook recipes for people who are busy, or who aren’t that great at cooking, or who have mobility issues.  Yoongi found his blog after almost getting scurvy from only eating ramen, and has been sort of obsessed with it (and Jin) for a minute now.  Jin is always so cute and friendly on his blog, with smiling eyes and funny jokes - Yoongi laughed so hard at his “Bok Choy and You” episode his abs hurt for three days.  

Anyways, one day Yoongi is out at his local farmer’s market buying his veggies for the week (Jin totally let him in on the weekly farmers market tip too), and he’s perusing the selection of eggplants (who the fuck would have thought he’d be fucking cooking eggplants?!) and somebody rolls up right next to him in a wheelchair with a super nice looking backpack hung over the back handle.    

Yoongi takes one look, and almost drops his veggies - it’s Jin!  Jin from Easy Peas-Y, and oh no Yoongi can feel it welling up in him - the urge to talk, to say hello, this never goes well never, and his inner voice is screaming at him to just shut up; but  Yoongi gathers up all his courage and says, “ahhh, hi excuse me, I couldn’t help but noticing…’  

Jin fixes his eyes on him, and woah - this isn’t the cute, funny lets-talk-about-mangoes Jin Yoongi had just seen in his cooking blog.  This Jin is frowning and staring at him with poorly disguised irritation.  

“Yes I am in a wheelchair how nice of you to notice,  no I won’t be in your way for much longer, no it doesn’t hurt, no I don’t want to talk about it, no I don’t need your help, thank you have a nice day.”  And with that Jin sighed and turned to get his eggplants and get the fuck out.  

Yoongi, shocked by the outburst just stood there for a second, mouth open, honestly - ok he’d noticed that the guy was in a weelchair, but that wasn’t a big deal at all - what was a big deal was getting some one on one lessons on how to shred a head of cabbage (and maybe a date?!) - but oh no Jin was rolling away and

“WAIT, EASY PEAS-Y” Yoongi said, shouting and waving his eggplant wildly, “I wanted to talk to you about Easy Peas-y!!!” 

And now people were staring - but he didn’t care about people, because Jin was staring too - and maybe even starting to smile a bit.  

“No seriously,” Yoogi said, “Without you I wouldn’t even know what an eggplant is, I’ve been following your blog for like a year now, and thanks to you I now eat actual food and just - Thank you.”  

“Holy shit that’s - really?! You read my blog? Jin said with pink wonder staining his cheeks and amazement leaking into his voice.  “Nobody’s ever noticed me for my blog before, it’s always for this,” Jin gestured to his wheelchair, rolling his eyes.  “Just gets boring, you know.”   

“I can imagine,” Yoongi said, “but no, totally Jin - your blog pretty much saved my life.  I mean…Hi…I’m Yoongi…I mean….” he ground to a halt, blushing wildly. 

Jin’s eyes went to the small eggplant Yoongi was still clutching to his chest. “Wait” he said, “Are you trying to make that excellent eggplant Parm dish I just posted, because you’re gonna need more than one eggplant for that - how about I help you out a bit - lets go shopping together..”

Off they went, talking the whole way.  And the rest is Easy Peas-y.  


Hi! I’ve broken my tablet so I can’t draw and it’s making me sad. But I thought that since I still have some things which I drew before, I could post them now :) So here are some wallpapers I did for myself a long time ago (I just updated their haircuts a bit, bc they were really outdated haha) It’s for your computer and mobile! Enjoy! ^_^

PS. Please don’t steal and repost anywhere, okay? :)

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hhh how do you turn off the update? I don't like it very much either-

Alright so on mobile, go to your blog and select the painters palette up at the top.

Then where you see the Likes tab down at the bottom, select and slide “Show posts I like” to OFF.

And then bam! All of your shameful extra-fandom posts are hidden from the world again and you can keep enjoying them in peace!