i don't edit pictures so uh

PSA about my Human Zim

I am very very happy that he’s gotten such a high and positive response and I do thank everyone for reblogging and liking art with him in it, but I want to say something as it’s come to my attention pictures of him are being used for an rp blog without my saying so. 

I am not comfortable with that, and I never gave the okay for it. Zim is not my character in any which way, but the design for his human self was made by me. It’s a design I took forever to conjure up and a design I love dearly. i’m flattered, really, that people like him enough to create fanart and even ask to use his design as a faceclaim for their rp blogs. But I never said yes. Please, do not use my designs, any of them, unless the okay is given. If it continues, I will block people. 

I’m not happy to say this cause I’m normally chill about these things. My furry ocs have been used in this way and it’s still just as uncomfy as this is. So please, be respectful. Ask and wait for a response. Respect an artist’s wishes. I literally don’t want to upload pictures of him here if people are gonna just take his pictures and use them like that. If this was any other pic of zim or Dib in their usual canon looks, I wouldn’t care cause the designs are not mine. But human zim’s design was made by me, so uh, yeah. 

EDIT: Also this is not a call out. this is just a general thing for everyone. Please do not harass anyone ;^;