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imagine yoongi’s face when jin brings the sugar gliders home, like he can’t believe jin would bring a living thing into their dorm when they’re always working and always away on tour and “who the fuck is going to take care of it?” “we all will yoongi, like a family.” so yoongi reads all the articles on how to properly care for a sugar glider because the members can hardly take care of themselves much less a pet and he doesn’t want the fucking things to die, not on his watch. and late at night or early morning when he comes home from the studio he lets the critters out of their cage and plays with them because he knows, he knows, he’s read about it, that these nocturnal creatures need time to bond with their humans for them to feel like a family so he feeds them, plays with them, lets them run around on his side of the room then places them back into their cage without jin ever waking, until one night his eyelids get too heavy with exhaustion and he falls asleep while their pets are still loose.

imagine jin’s face when he wakes up one morning and finds the cage open and empty and he panics because sugar gliders, as cute as they are, can be stupid enough to fall into the toilet and drown, so he panics some more and rushes to wake up yoongi to ask him if he saw them when he got home but all he does is sigh in relief and coo a little bit at probably the cutest shit he’s ever seen: eomuk and odeng, curled up on the space beside yoongi’s head on his pillow, fast asleep.

later that day everyone comments on how yoongi looks like shit more so than usual and yoongi complains loudly that he was shouldering someone else’s responsibility while that someone slept like a log the entire night. but jin only scoops up yoongi’s face and kisses him on the nose and says you’re going to be a great dad someday yoongi leaving yoongi flustered and sputtering for a full ten seconds.

My INTJ best friend: super talented, has spent her whole life honing her skills to perfection. Plays the piano, cello, guitar, sings like an angel, digital art goddess and is writing the final draft of her trilogy.

Me, an INTP: “you can make a soap bar float in water by microwaving it for a minute”

i won’t believe you

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Title: i won’t believe you
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: Best Friend!AU/High School!AU
Summary: After she confessed her love for Byun Baekhyun, she had learned that first loves always ended in mistakes. Perhaps, she won’t ever trust the man even if he comes back after many years.

The sound of a ball hitting the floor was the first thing she heard when she got out of her house to go to school…every day. It was repetitive, probably some of those moves that basketball players call dribbling, but it was the sound that announced that her companion to school was there. Usually, there would be two males going  to school with her, mostly because one of them lived really close –in this case Sehun- and the other was her best friend, whose name is Baekhyun, and the three were all complete opposites. Baekhyun was the loud one, from the moment she met him in the first year of high school, wearing the uniform as he pleased and actually getting out with it because a smirk of his could have the teachers shrugging off his attitude because in all seriousness, he was a respectful kid. Apart from that, he was an exchanging socialite, meaning that he was never in just one spot, he hung around with the jocks when he liked to play around, he went out with the geeks because he actually really liked video games, he attended to drama club gatherings sometimes because he was bored and he actually liked acting, and then…he always came back to them, always spending the first moment of his mornings walking to school with his friends and the last shift was also followed by a walk back home. Sehun, on the other hand, was an absolutely tall teenager that seemed to be more on the nonchalant, quiet side and he preferred to talk when he wanted to sass Baekhyun, but both Sehun and she had been good friends since they both moved in to a strange country after years of living abroad. The two were alike, more often than not letting Baekhyun speak and do as many things to make them laugh, but unlike her…Sehun hadn’t grown feelings on the short, chirpy man.

That was the reason why it hurt so much.

It hurt to the point that she doesn’t want to go to school anymore, the fact that he is getting farther and farther away from them. Technically, Baekhyun went around social groups like a plague, but he always went back to them…there wasn’t a day he ignored them, but right now…he was acting completely different. She had decided to shrug it off, the fact that he decided to walk home without his friends wasn’t something that changed a lot, but what had been the last drop of the vase was the fact that he kept ignoring her. She knew this since he was her chemistry partner and he had decided to decline her calls to get together and do the project, telling her to do it herself and add his name on it. Strangely enough, she did, because she liked Baekhyun and she just wants to think these have been two bad weeks for him.

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Hey mama. I broke up with my abuser last night and I'm having a really hard time. I'm still deeply in love with him and super lonely now but I'm trying to do what's good for me. Doesn't help that he's still trying to get me to come back and it's taking all of my physical and mental strength not to. Do you/any of your followers have any suggestions for enjoying the life of the newly single? How can I make this bearable? Thank you so much!!

((OOC: First off, before we go on to the whole “What now?” question, I think we should pause here and say, holy SHIT, I am incredibly proud of you. You saw that you were in an abusive situation, and you did what needed to be done to get out of it. That is a HUGE deal, love. You have been strong, and you have been brave, and I hope that you are recognizing that as you face the new hardships.

So now we go on to the question of how to handle this new situation. This was someone you loved, and for very good reasons, they are gone now. And worse, they are gone, but they aren’t respecting your needs and fully leaving you alone, which is what you need.

It’s time to work on cutting this person off, and surrounding yourself with as much strength and positivity as you can. Alert your friends and family to the situation, and ask them to help support you as best as they can. And then, it’s time to take a deep breath, relax now that the threat is gone, and work on taking care of yourself.

I don’t know what the situation you were in was like. But I do know that, in ANY relationship, the focus you have on yourself tends to blur. So start living for yourself again. Watch your favourite films, visit your favourite places, eat whatever you like! Mourn what you’ve left behind, recognize what you have accomplished, and then start getting reacquainted with yourself and your needs.

And if you need someone to talk to, you can always feel free to message me.))

there are apparently 3 videos of VLD from Dream//worksTV tagged as klance.

  1. [MOTION COMIC] The Tale of Lance and the Dragon - Part 2
  2. If the Lion Fits 
  3. Voltron Vlogs: Keith

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tenrose + 29 ?

WHOA, sorry this is like hours late! I was on mobile and I didn’t expect I got anything. Thank you!!

433 words, human AU

29. “Can I take you on a date?”

“So…” The Doctor began, fidgeting, “Can I take you on a date?”

Rose gaped at him. 

He hastened to continue, “Well, that’s—if you don’t mind, that is. No pressure, really, I don’t want to make you feel like you have an obligation. I just thought, ‘Hey, maybe she wouldn’t mind?’ and I—”

“Doctor,” Rose interrupted. She placed a hand over his, where it was threatening to completely throttle an innocent jar of preserves. He met her eyes with a slight grimace, relaxing his grip. “What’re you talking about?”

He regarded her then, some of his nervous energy melting into confusion. “I—Did I say the wrong thing somehow? Rose, I’m asking you on a date.”

She rolled her eyes. “No, I know that,” she said.

At her response, the Doctor looked hurt. His immediate thought was that she was rejecting him and it must’ve shown on his expression, because the next thing he knew she was sitting up. Something in her eyes shifted, a thought clicking in place.

“Doctor, look around you,” Rose said. She gestured at their surroundings. “Tell me where we are.”

He answered automatically. “The park. Why?”

She sounded like she was explaining a particularly difficult concept to a particularly troubled child. “What do you think we’re doing at the park?”

“Having a picnic, obviously. Rose, I really don’t get how this is supposed to—”

“And who decided we’d be having a picnic in the first place?”

“Well, I did.”

“And who brought all the food?”

“I did.”

“Who drove us here?”

He paused. “I… I did.”

Rose waited for him to continue, to get the big picture, but it flew right by him. “Can’t you see it, Doctor?” she finally asked. “We’re already on a date.”

“Oh.” His eyes widened, “Oh.”

“Yeah.” Her lips curved into a teasing grin. “Took you long enough, you plum.”

The Doctor gave her a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his neck. “I figured you thought we were just hanging out as mates. So… if this is a date… then what does that make the others? The, uh, planetarium? The aquarium?”

Rose nodded, “They were too! And the fair, the museum, all those movie nights…”

“Were they any good?”

“I wouldn’t be here now if they weren’t, now would I?”

“Right, right—of course—yes,” he babbled. Then he caught her eye. “Do you want to go on another one?”

Rose scooted up closer to him and bumped him playfully in the shoulder. “Let’s finish this one first, yeah?”

The Doctor bumped her back, a grin breaking across his face. “Yeah,” he beamed.