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''surprising'' facts about the signs
  • aries: reaaaaalllly fucking sensitive. that's maybe why they can get angry pretty fast, because they just take shit too personal sometimes, and they can't deal with it. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, they're actually fucking adorable and smol little beans who just crave love.
  • taurus: very care-free and they do not care about a single shitt. they're very hard-working though and they try to get shit done, but they are also very lazy, which isn't really surprising.. they are also very quick to anger, just like aries.
  • gemini: gemini isn't THAT two-faced like people think. they're just moody. they can get easily annoyed and that's why their mood can change pretty fast.
  • cancer: they're pretty obsessed with themselves and they can be really fucking cocky. they secretly like to make others suffer and make them feel shitty. they do it very slowly and careful though, so people won't notice it.
  • leo: really insecure, but never shows their insecure side bc they still want to shine in the spotlight, without people noticing their flaws, if they even have them because most leo's are flawless af.
  • virgo: they tend to worry a lot, still they don't really care about shit. i know that it sounds weird, but it's true! well, at least for the virgo's i know in real life. they tend to worry a lot about their work and school stuff, but they don't really do anything for it, but they also don't really care. however, they always seem to make everything perfect.
  • libra: they are reallllyyyyyy insecure in their relationships. they're usually a pro at relationships, but they are really insecure about it and they often don't know how to deal with them, or what to do with them.
  • scorpio: they are perfectionists. i don't really know if it's surprising, but they are perfectionists. i mean, they are very ambitious and that isn't a surprising fact, but just like virgo, they want everything to be perfect.
  • sagittarius: they are soft little beaaans. don't hurt them please. they seem really tough and strong, but they're realy sensitive. NEVER SHOWS IT THOUGH. you will never know when they're sad or anything, they always want to stay positive and happy, so they do.
  • capricorn: they seem to be emotionless and insensitive, but that's just because they want to be like that. they don't want all these feelings and emotions. but everyone has them, so they do too, but they try to hide it with sarcasm and sometimes even with anger.
  • aquarius: they have LOTS and LOTS of emotions floating in their head and heart and they just don't know what to do with it, so they just let their emotions destroy them, without saying a word. i don't know if it is a surprising fact, but i think it is.
  • pisces: isn't that innocent than most people think they are. they have a weapon which is called, baby face. they have this innocent little face that makes you think that they're all niceee and sweeeet buT NO. they're really good at backstabbing.

what if we just stole NO cars and took the bus


i imagine this taking place in a relatively early cycle when merle, like….was off doing merle things; iirc, taako doesn’t have THAT many deaths under his belt, so losing him was probably hard to get used to. i also headcanon that it wasn’t often that the taaco twins didn’t go down together. so. here’s this.

also do consider full-viewing; i overestimated how large the panels would look.


Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.

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Re: Youtube being right-centric. Harassment and abuse is probably a large part of this. A lot of POC, women, neurodivergent folks, along with other marginalized identities are often targets of harassment even when what they are saying is mild and calm. So I think a lot of folks avoid YT because they don't want to be an easier target for those who would harass and doxx them. Which is just... scary and sad and arg....

I think that definitely has something to do with it. There definetly are social justice and feminist youtube channels, like I follow Kat Blaque, Franchesca Ramsey, and Pidgeon Pagonis on Youtube, but even watching those, half the recommended videos on the side are gross right wing shit. When I was using Youtube to watch a lot of those video I had a chrome extension that erased all of the comments on videos because I always ended up reading them and a lot of them were shitty. I think a lot of feminist channels have like, anti-fem stalker channels that exist just to fight with them, which is just nasty. Plus I mean when you think Youtubers most people think big ones like PewDiePie, who like, spew racist bs as “jokes” and have hundreds of impressionable fans who practically worship them, so it’s not that surprising that “that side” (for lack of a better way of saying it) iss louder :/ which sucks

I got a lot of people asking me if it’s okay if they repost my art somewhere else, and the answer will always be no. I don’t care if it’s with credit or without. There is no use to discuss it, I simply don’t want it. Some artists have no problem with it, but I am different and it’s my right as an artist to not allow it. I also added it to my describtion, so please stop asking me. I won’t change my mind about it.
If I want it to be somewhere else posted, I will do it myself. 

Thanks for your attention.

(I wrote it in the tags, but if you don’t read them I add it here as well: if you found someone reposting my art [especially on instagram] there is no need to tell me, because I can’t do anything against it, as far as I know. On tumblr it’s different but with instagram I have a lot of trouble and the reposter just don’t give a shit too often. So yeah… to keep the stress level somewhere not too high, please just don’t tell me… I know it’s meant well… but I just don’t have the time to deal with it and it’ll just make me crazy)

Sun in the Houses
  • wherever the sun is, it brings a vitality and focus. they fulfill their ego through that area. it's almost like having the sun in the sign that house rules, but not quite. here we go!
  • sun in the first house: the motto for this house is "i am," and i can't think of a better descriptor for the sun here. these people exist in whatever sign their rising is, and don't hesitate to actually exist.
  • sun in the 2nd house: objects. self worth. money. "i am what i have," and that includes mental shit too. they've got their life together (or will when they grow into their sun).
  • sun in the third house: "i think" is an accurate phrase to describe these people. they are quick. quick witted, quick thinkers. they are so funny!however, they often do not think before they speak.
  • sun in the fourth house: if i described these people in one word, it would be nostalgic. these people are very family oriented and would die for them.they can be very emotional.
  • sun in the fifth house: since this house is ruled by leo, the sun shines here! these people are creative, fun and romantic. however, just like leo, they can get caught up in their pride and ego.
  • sun in the sixth house: "i'll fix that." these people are helpers at heart. many of them will say that they want to fix you-and while this is a bit rude, they do not mean it that way. nervousness is their baseline mood.
  • sun in the seventh house: the seventh house is what we reject of ourselves. here we reject our ego, in a way. people with this placement are the kind to find themselves in other people.
  • sun in the eighth house: this house is ruled by scorpio. it signifies sex, death, change, and the occult. many people with the sun here are ones to be interested in witchcraft, astrology, things of that sort. they like to know everything about everyone else, but hate to let anyone know anything about themselves. they are great at making people feel like they know a lot about them when they really know almost nothing.
  • sun in the ninth house: these people are what you would call opinionated, or preachy. they know what they know, and want everyone else to know it too. they are the philosophers, the thinkers, and they have set high morals for themselves.
  • sun in the tenth house: this is another good place for the sun to be, in my opinion. the tenth house is also known as your MC, which is many things, but one is your public persona. people see your ego when they first notice you with this placement. the tenth is also your career. people with the sun here have a great poker face and seem very strong (i also notice their amazing bone structure).
  • sun in the 11th house: these are your humanitarians. these people are popular seemingly without trying, and will always be found in public with a friend, even if they are loners. you often do not know much about them, especially with scorpio or aquarius on the cusp.
  • sun in the 12th house: where sun in the seventh people reject themselves, sun in the 12th people could never find this part of them. the 12th house rules prisons, and it is like their ego, their main personality is locked away in a cell. oftentimes however, the prison is made by themselves. this may seem a little silly, but 12th house sun natives often seem both sleepy and confused, but that is just who they are.

A lot of people compliment my hairstyle on here and I’ve often commented that it’s a style that’s designed to seamlessly grow out into another, longer style, so that when I’m travelling and away from my barber I don’t end up looking like a mess. It is a cut that needs almost no maintenance, but there is one very important thing that I have to do, and it’s trim the sides in front of my ears as it grows out to keep the line straight and not pointed. This is very important as a transman and other transmasc people with short hair and no beards to shave off should take note. Not only does the trimming keep the haircut looking like it’s fresh, it helps you present as male. Pointed bits of hair in front of the ears on a short haircut is not only a marker of the traditionally female pixie cut, but it shows that you dont shave. People will unconsciously pick up on this and so it’s a very small, but very very important tool in my “I’m a man” arsenal. Remember: straight edges in front of your ears. Long pointy bits don’t ever end up looking like sideburns. They just look inherently female. Grab a pair of scissors, or a razor, and make those edges neat and straight.

the foxhole court characters as texts @wymack has sent me

Neil: "i have such a short temper i hate it but what can you do"

Andrew: "i’m getting peppermint hot chocolate and it’s 75 degrees"

Kevin: "i’m not in the mood for being conscious"

Aaron: "this is what hell is"

Matt: "least problematic fave"

Nicky: "it’s nbd but to me it’s the end of the world"

Allison: "sometimes i feel like i talk about myself too much but it’s just normal conversation i think"

Dan: "i’m fine with being a girl but like if i had the option i would choose to be a guy this shit is awful"

Renee: "i need to move on to happier things"

Wymack: "now i’m furrowing my brows and am no longer relaxed"

Abby: "she was growling at the male nurse she doesn’t like men that much like bitch me too"

Ichiro: "i’m so fucking dramatic lmao"

Riko: "ew"

don’t shop at pet stores like. pet stores add to the mass production of sick and poorly bred animals. if you’re going to shop, shop from a breeder who can show you a pedigree, family medical history, and proper home life. the majority of pet stores either breed their animals in store and treat them like shit, or buy them secondhand from who knows who that also treated them like shit. stop buying animals from stores.

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Waaaaaaay too often: "Can you read every ingredient off of every one of these 20 cans of cat food to me? I don't have my glasses and I can't see anything without them lol." Haha yeah, I can't see shit without my glasses either so you know what I do? I ALWAYS MAKE SURE I HAVE MY GLASSES WITH ME. Especially if I'm going to need to be reading, say, ingredients so I can decide what kind of cat food to buy. Get it together, I'm here to do my job and reading to your dumb self isn't in the description.


This was better in my head  

Joining the bandwagon of the Personality ah Swap au by @samijen​ 

Their meeting probably wouldn’t happen like this but I just wanted this to be more of a thing. Though with Ryan having Ray’s personality he’s likely joking but Ray doesn’t need to know that.

And Jack has probably left to make bets with the other dudes about when these guys are gonna hook up. 
Bonus hours later:

Fucking nerd

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I work at a Lebanese Mediterranean restaurant, we often get people who confuse our cuisine with Greek food, now I will admit, it's the same region, so the confusion is understandable the first time, what is not, is when you've come in three times this past week, ask for tzatziki sauce, I explain that's exclusive to Greece and all we have is Tahini, and you do this EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU COME IN. LIKE WHAT IS THE POINT OF ME EXPLAINING SHIT IF YOU DON'T FUCKING RETAIN IT?????

They don’t actually listen.


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Hey, you're a good writer, right? So I can ask you about this? How do you write panic attacks? Because I don't really know any other good writers so yeah. Just ignore me if you want.

first of all thank u! and id never ignore a friendly anon, no worries!

i write out of what i know and Boy Do I Know Panic Attacks. i start off of a few basics when i write them:

  • that shit hits hard. for me i usually don’t realize what’s happening til it’s already happening
  • breathing is fake, actually
  • your thought processes get really narrow and it’s hard to understand anything
  • everything is the worst

i also like to use really loud analogies and more frantic sentence structure! often i’ll pick a metaphor and just run with it so the whole thing is unified.

so when i write them it tends to be something like:

it hits like a wave crashing down, thundering through his mind until he can’t think over the galloping of his heart. there’s no air, no room to breathe, just the sensation of bodies pressing against his, his skin electric with touch, agonizing, unbearable. he can’t breathe. why can’t he breathe? something is crushing his lungs and he fights for air, struggles as hard as he can against the drowning, but it carries him away, and he’s so far gone he can’t even see the shore.

anyway panic attacks are shitty. good luck writing the most intense, distressing panic attack possible. i believe in you

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