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Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.

ok so I can honestly just imagine pidge getting REALLY UPSET that shiro isn’t taking care of himself like

  • shiro gets sinus infections and shit pretTy often bc he’s got a huge lump of scar tissue hanging out in his nasal cavity, and the first time it happens with team voltron he tries to hide it until he FUCKING PASSES OUT LIKE A DINGUS
    • hunks like “woah pidge chill” but pidge is just: (ง °`Д´°)ง
  • pidge makes shiro PROMISE that if he starts to feel sick again he HAS to tell them–and they tear up a little bit–and shiro’s just like OH GOD I’M SO SORRY PLS DON’T CRY I’M SORRY
    • and pidge is just: (ಥ﹏ಥ) “…ok”
  • so a few months pass and shiro DOES get sick again and he’s like “…shit I gotta tell them but I don’t want them to worry ahhhhhhh fuck”
  • so he DOES tell pidge but really downplays ALL of his symptoms and pidge side eyes him SO FUCKING HARD like
    • (¬ ¬) “…ok. I trust you shiro. but you GOTTA tell me if it gets worse, ok? like if you develop a fever. ok?” and shiro’s like yeah sure no problem
    • (but he’s ALREADY got a fever, like a JACKASS)
  • and later that day pidge calls him down to their workspace all “shiro I want to test the levels of brain wave compatibility between paladins and their lions to better understand blah blah blah you’re most connected to your lion blah blah let me put these things on your head”
    • shiro’s sick and spaced out so he’s like “uh sure, that’s fine”
    • but PSYCH it’s a fucking THERMOMETER and the screen lights up “102.47″ and pidge just SCREECHES
    • and shiro’s stunned and apologizing, but also chuckling cuz it’s funny how upset pidge is getting about a little cold and saying, “pidge, really, it’s not that big of a deal, I just didn’t want you to worry over nothing.”
    • and pidge stops screaming really suddenly, almost crying, still obviously furious, just staring at shiro in silence. then just shouts “HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU?!” and storms off

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This was better in my head  

Joining the bandwagon of the Personality ah Swap au by @samijen​ 

Their meeting probably wouldn’t happen like this but I just wanted this to be more of a thing. Though with Ryan having Ray’s personality he’s likely joking but Ray doesn’t need to know that.

And Jack has probably left to make bets with the other dudes about when these guys are gonna hook up. 
Bonus hours later:

Fucking nerd

Compliments I’ve Gotten That Are Very INTP-Esque
  • “Your handwriting looks like a scientist’s writing.”
  • “I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture hall listening to the ‘really cool professor’ get off topic.” (Just after I told someone to wait while I collected my thoughts, to then continue explaining something.)
  • “How are you not a famous scientist yet.”
  • (I get a lot of scientist-related compliments)
  • “I can tell when you start thinking seriously about something; it’s like I can literally see the gears turning in your head!”
  • “I like hearing your stream of thought.”

I’ve been noticing a big thing in how my brain works. I don’t know how to describe it without an example, but it’s really odd and I don’t quite understand it.

I came up with the idea that I wanted to make a half circle skirt, right? I thought of the process of making the skirt; digging through my fabric, laying it on the floor, taking measurements, drawing out the pattern, cutting it out, sewing it up, inserting the zipper, hemming it… Then I thought about how this process was messy and usually took a considerable amount of space. Then I started thinking of how messy my room was. I decided that before I could start working on a skirt, I needed to clean my room. But some stuff I can’t clean up; I have a couple of piles of fabric that I can no longer fit into my storage bin. They can’t be put away until I can get a new storage shelf. So I started looking at shelves online. I got sidetracked by something else and dropped the whole thing for a while. Eventually, though, I stumbled upon the topic in my head and thought my way through the whole process again. This time, instead of being hung up on the fabric piles, I got stuck on the unfinished sewing project sitting on my ironing board. It takes up a lot of space on there, and if I were to sew a skirt, I would need to find a new temporary home for it, making what I perceived to be an even bigger mess. I decided that I should finish that and put it away before starting on the skirt; problem, the pattern instructions are confusing and I don’t know how to proceed with making it. This led me to feel awful about how I couldn’t finish the project. It brought me to the conclusion that A. I suck to some degree, and B. I cannot sew the skirt that I wanted.

So, long story short, my train of thought just keeps on chugging until it finds something vaguely related that is somewhat negative and inhibits me from carrying out the task that I want to do. …Is that an autism thing? Does it occur in other stuff, like OCD or ADD?? I’ve really been noticing it lately, and it’s super frustrating… Thoughts?


not really spec because it’s a bit wild, more of a plot bunny really, but -

what if for some reason Ed had to FAKE HIS DEATH - like maybe to escape whatever dangerous shit Isabella is maybe gonna be part of or whatever 

(or maybe to idk protect Ozzie somehow, no idek, that doesn’t make sense but my shipper heart is working on OVERDRIVE right now okay??)

so anyway - he fakes say a suicide or something, leaves Ozzie a note, and he’s EDWARD NYGMA so ofc it’s all thought out perfectly and completely believable 

and Oswald is DISTRAUGHT - there’s a funeral and lots of tears and he gives a eulogy and everything

BUT THEN a few weeks/months later this new, mysterious criminal pops up

no one ever sees their face, but they quickly gain a reputation for - I think you know where I’m going here - leaving RIDDLES in advance of each of their crimes (which are like, robbing banks and stuff - because hey, dead men in hiding need to make a living somehow right? :p)

Ozzie maybe thinks nothing of this at first… but then maybe the sound of some of the riddles that get reported seems… familiar… and he starts to wonder

then eventually Ozzie figures out one of the riddles in advance of the GCPD (because the Gotham GCPD are THE WORST :p …and idk, Jim and Harvey are busy with other problems) and he confronts Eddie during his thievery 

and probably Ed is disguised somehow (mask and everything even maybe possibly??) or at least in darkness so Oz can’t see his face, so they have a little tense back and forth - like 

“I knew someone else who liked riddles”

“really? who?”

“a friend, but he died”

“so sorry, were you close?”

“not as close as I hoped, truth is, I was madly in love with him, but he died before I could tell him, and besides, he didn’t feel the same”

“are you sure?”

“that he didn’t love me? or that he died?”


the end ofc is Eddie asking a riddle - then when Ozzie, who has got really close at this point, gives the answer, Ed leans down to say “correct!” revealing himself in the process right before kissing Ozzie hard! :)

…and Ozzie responses with violence and anger for a while after that because of the hell he went through thinking Ed was dead and how DARE HE make him suffer like that and damn it he should kill him himself and so on and so forth, except he doesn’t and ends up kissing Ed more instead and everything dissolves into angry sex maybe followed by cuddling and Ed explaining everything and so it goes…

idk, just my daydream of the moment :)

(I’m bad at riddles so I can’t think of one for Eddie to ask in the climatic scene, but I imagine the answer being “enigma” - because then Eddie would end the riddle with a typical “what am I?” and Ozzie would answer “you’re an E.Nygma” and it would be oh so punny, yes?? ah, I crack myself up…)


modern au where jeyne and theon end up becoming unlikely friends and every so often when one or both of them are feeling down they get together for movie night and stupid selfies and delivery pizza and hot chocolate, because okay their lives aren’t perfect but they deserve some fucking happiness

Get To Know Me Tag

Ba BuM @justwhatevermark tagged me for this:) thank you *finger guns*

  • Are you named after anybody?

First name nope my mom thought she made up the name Alaina , but my second name was after my aunt Julie

  • When was the last time you cried?

I don’t really cry often but i got really close watching this

                                                                                      [Bangtan Boys] V/JUNGKOOK | My Fight Song ZØBOO                 

  • Do you like your handwriting?

    My handwriting starts out pretty in individual letters but then just goes to shit the longer i write

  • What’s your favourite lunch meat?


  • Do you have kids?

Nah. i’m still  a spring chicken

  • If you where another person would you be friends with you?

I would try, but real life me is friendly but distant. I have one friend IRL.

  • Do you use sarcasm?

Never. ever . In my E.N.T.I.R.E. life. ever.

  • Fav cereal?  

Honey bunches of oats. yummy…     

  • Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

I’m doing good if I put shoes on….

  • Do you think you are a strong person?

Mentally? Yeah, I can be if I have to. Two of my brothers have had serious health issues so my parents were away a lot while I was growing up. Kinda jumpstarted the maturity a little.

  • Favourite icecream flavour?

Mint chocolate chiiiiiiip:)

  • 1st thing you notice  about people?

Physical appearance. Im working on that…

  • Red or pink?


  • The physical thing you like the least about yourself?

The cellulite is strong in this one:(

  • What colour are your pants and shoes now?

White shoes and blue jeans

  • Last thing you ate?

I am making Inchiban noodles as we speak.

  • What are you listening to right now?

I like  to listen to songs with a sad, wistful sort of irony to them. But currently i’ve let shuffle rule my life.

  • What crayon best represents your personality?

The one that you can never remember if it’s purple or blue till it’s too late.

  • Fav smell?

After rain smell or warm vanilla sugar hmmmmmmmm

  • Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My mom. I was walking  my sisters 4 dogs. One of them got hit by a car and she wouldn’t pick up after 3 tries so i called my mom. Keely (the dog) is ok, she was lucky and got away with a few broken teeth. Still gave us a big scare…

  • Fav sport to watch?

Im canadian, so i watch the occasional honkey game.  

  • Hair colour?

Really weird sort of platnum blonde but still greyish brown? I dye it dark brown or red.

  • Eye colour?


  • Scary movies or comedies?

Comedies comedies comedies

  • Last movie you watched?

Sing :)

  • Summer or winter?

Sumer:) i love swimming

  • Hugs or kisses?


  • Fav food?

Noodles, i love noodles with a passion.

  • Book your reading?

*insert photo of 31 books stacked on desk*

…… ive been trying to work up the courage to see a doctor about ADD.

  • Last TV show you watched?

Stranger Things:)

  • Fav sound?

Namjoon speaking english. Lord in heaven i wish he would record Demian as a whole audio book…

  • Who do you miss right now?

My childhood best friend. My family moved away and he and I have grown distant.

  • Rolling stones or Beatles?

I’m not cool enough:( i do love Johnny Cash and some Elvis  though…

  • Farthest you’ve ever travelled?

We went on a family trip to the west Coast when i was younger. The farthest we got was BC:)

  • Where were you born?

Manitoba, Canada

  • Special talent?

low-key good at writing letters

wow this was fun:) 

I’ll tag @jungkoog and @namjinsaves

Sometimes reading kink stuff is weird, because either people are failing to express something, or they are way over-extrapolating. For example, I’ve been reading stuff that often portrays subs as being subs/doing things because they like making their dom(me) happy, and I’m just sitting here like, doesn’t everyone do this? Isn’t this the point of caring about something - that you do shit just because it makes them happy? What am I or the author missing here?

(Sometimes reading kink stuff is weird because they go on about how hot wax is so painful and ‘liquid fire’ and I’m just going, no, it’s not a big deal, it goes boop and then it cools, stop trying to look more hardcore than you are.)

OK BUT LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!
they’re quite misteryous, they’re often headcanon-ed being mute or being able to talk via weird stuff (i imagine wes being able to mind-talk with a few characters, like maxwell for saying one), they’re headcanon-ed being the cutest thing of the creepiest shit oR BOTH (like i do lmao)

so yeah

wes and gaster because why the heckie not

Teaching the older generation

I rarely post really personal stories (aside from whenever my brothers say random awesome shit, but since I only see them on the weekends now that doesn’t happen very often anymore) but I really want to share this.

Yesterday I had a really long and really amazing chat with my dad over the phone, because we keep missing each other and meet even less frequently than me and my brothers do. So we were just catching up, and somehow our conversation steered into genders and sexualities.

And let me just give you some basic facts: my dad was raised by a very homophobic father. Very old school, and by that I also mean sexist. When my grandma died, he didn’t know first thing about cooking because he’d simply never had to do it. He’d cringe whenever he saw gay people on TV, and would probably have thrown a fit if anyone ever told him about his beloved Elton John. So we never did.

(His daughter, my aunt, also didn’t come out until after he passed 2 yrs ago.)

My point is: my dad could’ve easily become one of the many assholes of his generation who kept believing in what their old man taught them growing up. The kind that use homophobic slurs without a second thought. But he didn’t. But he also didn’t break down all his prejudices at once.

While he was never as homophobic as my grandpa, he’s still made quite a few offhanded comments and pulled a few jokes that made me upset once I got old enough to understand and stand up for the LGBT community. He wasn’t very perceptive at first, but I kept at it. Till this day. I made it very clear to both him and my brothers that I would not accept their homophobic slurs and jokes – even if they meant no offense – and took every opportunity at teaching them terms and definitions and what they all actually meant.

It’s been a long time now since anyone poked this specific topic over a family dinner, so when we finally stumbled on it over the phone yesterday, I found out where my father now stands on this.

Which turns out to be right under the fucking rainbow.

Because at his own initiative, he told me how he thinks the gender spectrum is stupid, and that sexualities are silly. He said it’s sad that people are so narrow minded that they only look for love in one specific gender, when it can very well pop up in any shape and form. He said why don’t people just fall in love with people, and worry less about what the person you’re feeling a connection with got between their legs?

And as I told him about me being biromantic (which I never would’ve had the guts to tell him two years ago) he said “I’m sorry for being a white old man, but could you please tell me what that is exactly?”

So after this long and incredible conversation of total agreement, I asked him what had made him feel this way about it all, and his simple answer was: you.

Because apparently, me constantly talking about LGBT stuff and insisting that it’s just as normal as anything else, was what made my dad realize I was right. He was raised by a homophobic father, but as a grown man he learned from his queer daughter. Maybe this doesn’t seem like much to everyone reading this, but this is seriously amazing.

We don’t only have the power to teach the next generation to be more open-minded than our ancestors were, but there are also people in the older generation who are willing to learn. Even someone like my dad, who currently seems excited for me to get a girlfriend now. And possibly get a boyfriend himself, it sounds like.

That’s the story. Congratz on my old man.

Not even a little bit do I believe this happened but like I just want to sit here imagining~~~

*first of all that there is only about a 5 year difference in this little fantasy*

Ben Solo training under Luke and all the little underlings are there. Ben is often made fun of for his goofy big ears and honestly doesn’t have too many friends. But little Rey this happy girl a few years younger than him comes over and tells him it’s okay she likes his ears and wants to be his friend. And from then on he helps take care and guide this little girl that is always sweet to him and sometimes the other boys pick on her because she’s so small and she always tells her older friend Ben because he is special and nice to her and helps her through the bullying.
But Ben slowly starts being seduced by Snoke and instead of telling Rey it’ll be okay, to just ignore the boys making fun of her, he starts taking action and beating them up. Luke obviously sees this as a problem and scolds Ben for his actions even though in his mind all he was doing was protecting Rey. And he gets so mad because his master does not understand, so he falls deeper into the dark side.
Even if it didn’t seem like a big thing, when little Rey was there for him, she became his entire life. All he wants to do is see she is never hurt.
But he is completely seduced by Snoke and has orders to rid the world of jedi. Meaning he has to kill every child there. He’s okay with killing anyone who had ever harmed Rey or made fun of her. She was his little luck charm, the reason he believed in himself.
And when he realized ridding the jedi would mean killing Rey too, he couldn’t do it and hid her away.
She eventually faded from his dark-side deluted mind.
And the trauma of everything makes Rey completely blinded about her past. Eventually she ends up in Jakku, seemingly left there as a child by her parents.
And when her and this new dark being Kylo Ren meet, he doesn’t know who she is. Familiar but unsure of her identity. She feels the same way. That’s why Kylo ends up taking his mask off for her. “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too”
All that’s left is a feeling between them.
Neither of them can remember the childhood love and friendship they had. After all it’s been years, they look nothing like their younger selves and it was so long ago…

I just need to vent about something that frustrates the hell out of me. Now I know everyone has their own paradigms and their own personal morals about magic, but one thing I cannot get behind nor understand is the belief that the universe is going to get you back tenfold if you curse.

First of all, people who claim this often say “it’s to restore the balance you disrupted” and if that were the case then 1) if there is indeed a “balance” taking place then why are people only encouraged to do “good” spells, and not “bad”? wouldn’t they need to do “bad” spells to balance out their magic? 2) how exactly is receiving it tenfold balance? Like???? So I curse someone and it comes back to me ten times worse and supposedly one and ten are the same damn number all of a sudden? Shouldn’t it just come back equally?

But the real kicker for me is the idea that the universe is just waiting for someone to curse so that it can punish them, as if the universe doesn’t have more important shit to do, as if our tiny ass little lives matter in the grand freaking scheme of the entire universe. They don’t. The universe doesn’t care about us, it’s too busy building whole galaxies and then ripping them apart. The universe is so much bigger, so much more than humanity. We’re most likely one of thousands (if not more) of planets in the universe, can you imagine how exhausting it would be to hone in on just our planet and sit there, waiting for someone to shoot a hex?

Or maybe the real kicker is people who tell those who were abused or harmed by another person that they need to sit back and wait for the universe to teach the abuser a lesson. No. Hell no. Or just wait for the law to do something, cuz the law is this perfect shiny thing that always gives victims justice, right? 

Those of you who have been following me for a long time know how I feel about the pagan community’s concept of balance, y’all know I think it’s a load of bullshit. But here’s one thing I can totally get behind: someone royally fucks me over, I fuck them over in return.

Boom. Balance. *jazz hands*

Stop using the universe to justify shaming people for using whatever tools necessary to protect and stand up for themselves.

My coworkers are so het that, when I explained to another coworker why I was upset that our manager said she wanted to hire another man for “security” or some other dumb shit, she went, “Yeah but we need someone to take out the trash and change the lightbulbs!” And when I explained that I do those things all the time she went, “Yeah but you’re like the man of the women in the store, us other girls don’t like doing stuff like that!” Like….they’re so het they won’t take out the trash I guess.