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there’s a reason this pup has her own fans


Today at the zoo I saw a kneesocked talldog (er, that is, a maned wolf) enjoying some feeding enrichment.

(Also, I finally made an Instagram.)


Day 4 → Family/Friends

Chris and Vitya going out to party (ノ^ω^)ノ♥ ゜・。。・

the resolution is better if you click on the pic ;)

also an excuse to draw Victor wearing a suit~


(✿ ♥‿♥)


Say my name and his in the same breath

Credits: @ukukman on IG


Hands off his Kookie 😂😂😂


slowly finding motivation to edit again

This person on Instagram keeps re-posting everyones work.  https://www.instagram.com/___dean_winchester___/ . I recognize so many edits created by friends of mine on this site and it is incredibly rude. I kindly asked them to stop months ago but they started up again . I am truly sorry to anyone who has gotten their hard work  stolen by this person. 


cr:  @itsmegrandma

anonymous asked:

Old Xian is a male or a female?

We’re not really sure! Rare pictures of them show a woman, but they identify as ‘male’ on their Weibo blog – as does Tan Jiu. It might just be another level of anonymity by obscuring their gender (ditto for their male character profile pic); it might be that they’re transgender and identify as male (no idea); it could be a joke; it might be for some other reason. I don’t know the truth of that so I’m not going to assuming anything. 

Until we know anything for certain I will always use the gender-neutral pronoun ‘they’. It doesn’t assume they are male or female or non-binary, and more importantly, it doesn’t misgender them. Just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean they are a certain gender.

I recommend that everyone does the same tbh, just out of respect.

The long awaited selfie for 2000 followers. I decided to just take an old picture of myself where I look the most decent. I’ll probably post one where I have no makeup on someday. 

I should have done this yesterday for National Selfie Day. :P

anonymous asked:

Ally, I just created a twitter account recently and I want to make it BTS centric and post my BTS fanart on it! Do you have any tips on how to get noticed? Thanks so much! <3

twitter is a platform that requires a lot of interacting and making connections so make sure to befriend many people and content creators with similar interests to have how to say….a social circle?

of course, don’t do it with an intention of using them to get your art out there, but it’s really really hard if you solely rely on your new account and key words in your tweet when it doesn’t have a tag system like tumblr for people to discover you!