i don't do bgs for a reason


101 reasons why I do NOT bias Do Kyungsoo:

1) He looks too cute when he wears hats.

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I don't understand why Louis doesn't fire SJ, I mean, it's up to him to decide who his PR person is and even if it was a label decision, Louis has a DD, so he still has more power. I truly do not understand and I'm honestly tired of trying to find excuses.

PR is not usually a label decision. The only reasonable explanation for SJPR is that he’s there til bg ends.

I can’t see any reason to keep him employed otherwise.

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If I'm being honest, I don't know if I can mentally handle another release under these BG conditions. I'm really trying to work myself up for it, to mentally prepare... but I don't think I can. I'll probably buy his new tune. But I'm just too emotionally drained to do all the streaming, participate in the projects. I feel badly about it...but it's just gone on too long and I don't have any idea how it's going to play out... my reserves have been depleted.

And that’s completely fair and understandable and you have no reason to feel bad about that. They’ve been trying to wear us down and drive us away for years and it’s only natural to feel burnt out and full of dread at the he thought of going through another round of bullshit.

Put yourself and your needs first and know that needing to take a step back if the worst happens doesn’t make you a bad fan, it makes you a human being who’s hit their threshold.

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A little bit different of an opinion. I think Sony boxed themselves in with babygate/solo H. If they end it now, yes some will be happy & buy but there is also a growing number who are wary of H baiting fans & of solo H benefiting from keeping L in stunts. Those ppl would obviously be glad bg is done but also would really question if the sole reason it went on this long was to use the ending to win back Larries & buy H's album, not a good look. It's a dammed if you do/dammed if you don't imo

this is an interesting perspective and definitely something people have discussed with me privately.

i do think the overall positives of them ending it now would still outweigh the potential negatives but they really do need to act fast if they want to keep the tides from turning too much against them.

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BG isn't helping the current situation. Claiming Zayn was fired because he was uncontrollable and on Drugs. This whole situation is shady an makes no sense. I don't think we will ever know the truth. My heart goes out to Zayn and the band for needing to go through this for whatever reason.

I definitely think that BI was also planted by management (just like the last few except the re-print from Pop Bitch). A while back I said Modest was gonna need to do damage control since they’re on the brink of losing their biggest client ever. And they’ve been steadily losing clients since 2011. So here you go. They play dirty. But they’ve gotta find an excuse as to how this got so fucked up. And the excuse is to blame 1D. Based on articles I’ve seen since late 2014, their media narrative seems to include:

  • Harry wants to go solo anyway.
  • Liam, Niall and Louis already have a plan B ready to go.
  • Zayn is a nightmare crackhead diva.
  • Liam is a drunk.
  • Niall is a selfish relationship wrecker who can’t keep it in his pants.
  • Louis is a prickly, self loathing, closet case.
  • Harry has had it. He’s had it I tell you!

So the spin will be that it took a Herculean effort of management savvy to transform these losers into the world’s #1 musical act. That’s the story they’re gonna use to try to lure more suckers in and save face. Personally, I feel they need to go out of business. Magee and Griffiths need to retire and the rest of the roaches need to scatter.