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Hiya! Hope you're having a good day ^.^. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you texture your art on digital? I mean if you don't want to that's fine just ignore this ask. Just want to say I love your art as well and it's inspired me to start my own art blog :)

Sorry for my super late reply (this sat in my inbox for quite a while orz) but as I finally have a workflow I’m kind of comfortable in I’m very much willing to share it and try to explain some stuff ♡ I’m not sure what you mean by texturing my art, I guess I just paint? :’D So I’ll just explain how I build my image!

I work in Photoshop CC!

I always start out with a super rough sketch to get the idea down (this normally takes only some minutes): 

More steps under the cut!

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wowowwowow playing birthday catch-up this is sorely overdue but I hope you had a wonderful birthday all the same! You always give off the feeling of being a clumsy but fiercely protective and mature older sister so I thought I’d change up your Mayor’s hairstyle a bit to match my image of you. Thank-you for always being so supportive & kind to me Aris.

Emergency Commissions/Donations

Hi guys

So, I need to raise about $1,200 by sometime next week. I found out yesterday that my Grandfather is starting to fade and I have been trying  and trying to figure out how to gather up the sums to help take care of him. I know that’s a big number, but every small amount helps. It really does.

[Of course he has a kitten playing with his beard.] 

Sharing/reblogging is also extremely helpful. 

Digital Commissions are open:

As well as prints and animations! [ message me about prices] 

Personalized pins, bags, pillows, and keychains are also available:

All of these will be open for this week[s] only because I will need to take care of things after that. 

Thank you so so so very much for all of your help.