i don't deserve to go to hell

some antis act like theo’s the most evil villain to ever set foot on teen wolf. and a lot of times, those very same people are ones who stan peter or deucalion. compared to those guys, theo’s pretty tame. people whine about his return and say he deserves to stay in hell, but honestly? he doesn’t. he’s done his fair share of shit. but after everything, he didn’t deserve to be sent to hell. now, i do believe he did deserve some repercussions for the things he did, but to be sent to that place, also known as a place of eternal torment, for months on end? i think that’s excessive. you don’t have to like theo. i understand if you don’t, because not everyone is into villains, and that’s okay. but you shouldn’t go around acting like he deserves this shit. i mean, after all, look at all the things kate, peter, deucalion, etc. have done. are they in hell for their actions? no. not to mention, all of them are adults and the things they’ve done have been their own ideas. on the other hand, theo was constantly manipulated from a very young age, no matter if he was evil to begin with or not. the doctors still used him as a pawn. even deucalion manipulated him (he’s to blame for theo’s decision to kill josh again, which also led to him killing tracy soon after). i know theo isn’t wholly innocent, but he’s really not as bad as y'all make him out to be.

I’m going to forgive you. Not because you asked for it. Hell, not even because you deserve it.

I’m forgiving you because I deserve it. I’m so tired of being angry at you. You’ve taken so much from me already and I refuse to give you more hold over me.

I refuse to feel anything for you. Not even anger because after breaking my heart, you don’t deserve any of my feelings.

—  Because staying angry at you means I still have feelings for you / d.a.p

supernatural hiatus creations ~ week twelve

“I could go with you” (Dean x Castiel) 

The hardest part about letting go of my abuse was the fact that my abuser played the victim. They still are playing the victim. They got what they wanted and got the attention, whereas I was the one who went through hell because of them and I’m the one who had to pick up the pieces. They were so abusive to me, and everything they claim I did, was exactly the things they did to me.
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“Beth has meant a lot to Daryl. It wasn’t so much lovey-dovey feelings; she had hope in her. Hope in anyone is hard to find in this world. He thought, “Hell, we could live in this house together and maybe things can be good. I know we’re going to have to leave this house at some point but let’s hold on to this for a second.” If he had butterflies in his stomach, I don’t think he understood what those were but he was down to feel those butterflies. She means a lot to him.” -Norman Reedus

★ good morning

rotoscope animation (gif) by the ever stellar @froschkuss, drabble by @elfrooted. thank you, chacha, for being you, the sweetest friend and kindest soul, as well as one hell of a hard-working and amazing artist. you have my eternal gratitude and admiration ♥

cullen’s arm, limp from the quietude of dreams undisturbed, tightens around him before either of them dare to crack their eyes open. alistair’s hand feels warm over his, fingers laced loose against his stomach, and he leans back, secured in his embrace, legs intertwined as thumbs and knuckles flutter in caresses unhurried. there’s a sound between them, a note of longing, i’ve missed you, and alistair smiles and cullen’s lips touch his cheek and he sighs, a chuckle that swells with the rise of his chest. it’s crowded, full, hearts pounding in gentle devotion, and alistair cranes his neck for him, the tender stretch of his mouth brushing against his own. good morning, and cullen hums and alistair beams, noses nuzzling, seeking, bodies molded and wrapped in languid urgency, lazy, senses stirred awake.

good morning.

and with him by his side, the same tremor in his breath, the same ease in his arms, open for him, willing, welcoming… he could never imagine a better way to start his day.

i’m sorry

The first time Keith kissed Lance, there was alcohol involved, of course there was. Lance had discovered the somewhat unsafe looking thousands of years old space liquor cabinet underneath the main castle, and had dragged the entire gang there to marvel at his findings. Shiro passed to go pace around and think about something deep and meaningful, and after a couple of bottles of space wine Pidge was passed out in the corner and Hunk had wandered off to go eat anything and everything, and it was just the two of them, drunk past any semblance of control. Keith would have jumped out of the ship right them if Lance told him to, he was so far gone. They were lying there on the ground next to each other, fingers just barely touching, courtesy of Lance, and Keith was staring up at the ceiling and all the pretty swirls and patterns in it, completely mesmerized. He’d since forgotten what they were talking about, but he was giggling and so was Lance and they were such a mess, oh, they were a trainwreck. And Keith found himself looking into those perfect blue eyes, the eyes he hated, the eyes he loved, and Lance smiled this big, goofy smile at him, and then their lips were touching and it was like once Keith had gotten a little bit he couldn’t have enough, and they weren’t people, they were pure energy, raw and electric and amazing.

The first time Keith told Lance he loved him, they were alone, and Lance was crying, and Keith’s only thought was that he had to make him feel better, he had to. It was late at night, the time of night when Keith pretended he was sleeping and Pidge held her computer like it was the only thing keeping her alive and Shiro acted like he didn’t have waking nightmares and Hunk snored like a fire engine and Lance thought about how much he missed home. He was awfully sentimental, more than Keith, certainly, more than any of them, except maybe Pidge. That night, Keith was wandering around the castle with dark circles under his eyes and murder on his mind, wishing he could just let himself have one moment of peace. Most of the crew were sleep deprived monsters, and it showed. He wondered how much the rest of them wished they could close their eyes and keep them closed, how many times each night they laid there, staring up at the ceiling, waiting for the soft hands of sleep to latch onto them but, of course, they never did. Keith was tired and fed up with everyone and their bullshit, and he half hoped that if he paced up and down the hall enough times he would pass out from exhaustion. He found himself outside Lance’s door, as he did most nights, and he leaned against the wall, listening and wondering if Lance had somehow managed to get those few restful hours he seeked so much, even though he knew he hadn’t. Instead, all he got was sniffling, the sound of someone trying to hide that they’re crying, although Keith didn’t know why – he was far to tired to even think about crying over anything right then. He didn’t want to have to deal with Lance and all his drama and yet, almost against his will, he pushed the door open and sat down next to Lance on the edge of his bed, where he was hunched over like a defeated old man, crying into his hands. Keith didn’t know why – he just wanted to have some peace and quiet, and this was the completely opposite of that –, but he reached out and put a hand around Lance’s shoulder and pulled him close. He let his dejected boyfriend rest his head on his shoulder, and he ran a hand through his hair in an effort to calm him down, to calm both of them down.

“It’ll be okay,” he assured Lance, even though he had no idea what he was sad over, and even though they both knew it probably wouldn’t be okay. And then he spoke, those three words he’d thought over and over but never said, that burned away at his mind and heart and invaded his thoughts when he needed them least. “I love you.”

The last time Keith kissed Lance, he was in a state of panic, the walls were closing in, his breaths were erratic, jarring. He couldn’t hear anything but the rush of blood in his ears, tears streaming down his face as his lips brushed Lance’s against and again, cold, pointless, unnecessary. He pumped on his chest even though he knew it was hopeless, counting numbers he had already lost track of through the blood in his mouth, he’d chewed away at the skin on his cheeks without realizing it. It was pointless, this was pointless, everything was pointless, oh god, oh god, he couldn’t breathe. Every bit of air tasted like poison, the rising and falling of his lungs ached in his chest, this wasn’t his air this was Lance’s. He was falling, he was losing him, he was gone, he was gone, Lance was gone, why was he still doing this? Why did he still think that if he tried hard enough, he could bring him back?

The last time Keith told Lance he loved him, it was a struggle just to open his mouth and say those words. Because he was holding Lance against him and everything was the same: his hair, his jacket, it was Lance, his Lance, but behind that jacket there was no heartbeat, the body was getting cold and even Keith couldn’t stop it. Lance would never smile again, he would never laugh so hard that Keith had to join in, he would never act like an idiot just because he could. And he would never hear what Keith was trying to tell him, he would never understand those last few words that might as well have stayed left unspoken.

“I love you.”

Every word, every syllable, every letter ached, and the hole in Keith’s chest grew larger, and he doubted it would ever close.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

thewindthief replied to your post: There’s been a lot of discussion on my dash lately…

Same. To say he loves the un-elect in hell cheapens his love. To put it mildly.

I agree. And even if one doesn’t believe in saving grace and all that, God is…God. He can do anything He wants. To set up arbitrary rules like, “I love you but you’ve gotta choose me or I can’t help you,” when He has total power over both mankind and hell sounds, frankly, petty. Our God is not petty.
Plus, if all this is to bring Him glory, in what way would that serve His purpose? To say He’s incapable of saving those He wants to save? It’s the equivalent of the comedy dialogue gag: “Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”
And I know, saying all this isn’t worth much without the Scripture to back it up, but I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there. One of these days, I’ll type up something with substance on the subject.

(part 1)

They’re on the field the first time Kuramochi uses Ryousuke’s first name in public.

More specifically, they’re defending in the second inning of a first string scrimmage, and things aren’t going well. Miyuki is doing his level best, but Jun keeps taunting Kawakami by taking a large lead from first base, and the next pitch allows Masuko to hit a grounder between first and second. Ryousuke jumps, catches the ball mid-leap right after it bounces.

“Ryou-san!” Kuramochi calls from second base, and two things happen.

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dean: quotes (1/3)
→ dream a little dream of me

Richonners! Give yourselves a pat on the back!

Since last weekend we have been putting in the work in order for our ship to receive the recognition it deserves. I am so proud of every single person that spent long hours voting and going through CAPTCHA hell, for spreading awareness, and for encouraging each other. 

We really came together as a fandom and it has been an awesome experience to go through with you all. 

A special shoutout to @shipnation, she started the crusade that led us to outvoting last year’s winner of that poll. And she has been an unstoppable force, pushing us to keep going. Drinks to you!

Now, we may have lost the EOnline poll, but we know that Richonne was indeed the TOP TV Couple of 2016. Richonne going canon made POSITIVE news all over even before 6x10 had officially aired, the 6x15 episode sneak peek of Richonne on AMC’s youtube channel has 360k+ views. The Richonne fam keeps growing with more and more new shippers joining our rank. And let’s be real, Richonne is the BEST thing Scott Gimple has done and he did it right in season 6. 

So, let’s put our energy into getting our lovelies on the cover of EW @entertainmentweekly and TV Guide @tvguide. Let’s get Richonne trending on twitter. There are so many other ways we can help Richonne (Andy and Danai) receive more recognition, let’s do it!!

Gifs belong to @anjelia3

sooo... i'm going to kindly ask that folks stop sending my asks about beck before i get shady as hell. i know who he is, and in no way believe he deserved that album of the year award for his most watered down and uninspiring record in 20+ years. to win it against beyonce's industry-altering record is insult to injury. fair warning: don't come for me unless i send for you.