i don't deserve to go to hell


{Who would have thought that one so small would endure so much pain?}  || A music for the Ring-bearer’s suffering, sacrifice and swan song
I can’t recall the taste of food… Nor the sound of water or touch of grass… I’m naked in the dark, with nothing. No veil between me and the ring of fire. I can see him with my waking eyes!

Dear gossip blogs


  • I don’t care who 5sos have fucked all year
  • I don’t care if they have 10 girls up in their grill
  • I don’t care that they’d rather spend time with girls than go to the park
  •  I really think it’s stupid that you hate on them for having a break
  • 5sos are humans and are allowed to have shitty days and not smile
  • They’re allowed to be too tired to meet fans
  • They’re allowed to be pissed if fans are being rude
  • Stop twisting the boys’ words
  • Stop nit picking and focusing on bad stuff they do
  • Did you know that it’s an actual crime to snoop and say such vile stuff about people you actually don’t know? you could be taken to court sweeties.
  • Again I don’t care were they put their dicks last night
  • And guess what? neither should you.

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anonymous asked:

why does this team keep doing this to MAF? he does not deserve this garbage team

I feel you, anon. Flower has been amazing all season and it’s unfortunate that the rest of the team has been stuck in a rut the past few games (slash on and off all season, let’s be real). I know injuries have happened recently but that doesn’t account for the suckage that’s been going on.

I’m hoping that it’s really temporary. This season has been up and down and up and down so I’m just hoping that they go into playoffs on a hot streak or something. I’m trying to be overly naive about it.

Lol, I didn’t get into Joffrey this year but I’ve was accepted the last two years? Idk, maybe they raised their standards because I sure as hell didn’t deserve to get in two years ago, but I’ve improved a lot since then. I feel more shitty about being complacent and expecting my admission than actually not getting in. It’s not like I was going to go but still

Well. Here’s to hoping that being completely honest with my teacher about what’s been going on with this quarter pays off. I don’t necessarily think it will since I’ve been turning in every assignment over the course of the past few days. The worst she can say is no I suppose.

If I had blue eyes, a better bone structure, a flawless skin and would wear makeup, I could pull Delevingne’s looks

sorrow; a mix for the lonely soldier

01. pink floyd - breathe | 02. led zeppelin - ramble on | 03. the national - sorrow | 04. the beatles - hey jude | 05. grizzly bear - foreground | 06. florence and the machine - bedroom hymns | 07. fleet foxes - your protector | 08. led zeppelin - thank you | 09. daughter - home | 10. the republic tigers - fight song | 11. the avett brothers - ten thousand words | 12. florence and the machine - hurricane drunk | 13. metallica - fade to black | 14. ms mr - hurricane | 15. pink floyd - the great gig in the sky | download | download