i don't completely like it tbh but well :


I… Have no excuse for the second image… I’M SORRY, OK?? The scene from the movie is so funny I just… Had to… 👉 👈

Anyways, hope you like it! ^^

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Hey! Could you please recommend some of your favorite long multichapter CS modern AU fics? I don't really care about the trope, tbh. I've already read tons, but I'm looking for some more, and those I find are either abandoned, or just awfully written. And well, i really like your recs, so I trust you will link me to some amazing ones!

it’s my pleasure. i’m recommending you complete or active multichapters


Bonnie/Damon + this is how you OTP (requested by sylarclouds)

“I guess that’s just how you two show your l o v e .”

url music tag

tagged by @allonsy-allie million years ago for this, and i finally get my shit together and did it! thank you 💕

rules: turn your url into a kpop song acrostic poem, then tag 10 people to do the same
(well, i changed a little the ones you had, because those are the actual rules i saw when i did the research for having the name of this tag game lmao bye)

  • As I told you (BTS)
  • Come back Home (Seo Taiji and Boys)
  • Cheer up (Twice)
  • I need u (BTS)
  • One of a kind (G-Dragon)
  • Shake the world (G-Dragon)
  • Up & Down (EXID)
  • Go go (BTS)
  • Act cool (Wonder Girls)
  • Stay (Blackpink)

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I know a lot of autistics feel sad when they find out their special interest is problematic, but tbh, while I'm not happy about it, I think it shows me how far I've come. It shows me that I'm able to recognise problematic features and characters in things I like (like racism, sexism etc), and still enjoy the show, yet be critical about it. Because I don't like the thing because its problematic, but I'm able to like it despite that, while recognising it. Idk. I suck at articulation...

This is such an important point and I am super glad that you brought it up. The fact of the matter is that if we completely ignored everything that is problematic, well, there wouldn’t be much of anything left for us to enjoy.

One of the best ways, in my opinion, for autistics to be activists, is to use critical thinking skills with regards to their own special interests. For example, I absolutely love Steven Universe, and I will info dump about to people who haven’t seen it yet because I think everyone should watch it. But I also always include aspects of the show that the QPOC have criticized, using the arguments and analysis that they have shared.

And the thing is, we can do that with almost any special interest. I can’t think of anything off the top of my had to criticize something like geology about, but I’m sure there autistics out there who could - and that’s a really important thing.

So please, keep enjoying things that are problematic. And please, please, keep being critical about those things. It helps people learn, and it helps us a society grow.

so apparently my family cannot let me enjoy things and i gotta do whatever they want or i get shouted at by three people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now they’re all ignoring me because i said i didn’t wanna watch a movie today because i’m tired and wanna write and have school tomorrow

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I don't think they're going to bounce the season premiere back beyond the time they've already announced. Chances are, there will be less fan goodies like early previews or even public events. I don't think Disney is vindictive but they will be way less trusting of fans in the future (a loss in its own way).

It would be kind of a stretch if they pushed the premier back so far (or tbh do anything to ruin starco if they had any future plans for it, like the op said) ,but even then what happened completely inexcusable, and I’m extremely disappointed. They ruined the fun for the rest of us, and worst of all, disrespected Daron and the crew. We were doing so well on not leaking the intro, and I was really hoping we were gonna make it until an official posted it or the season started, but for some god forsaken reason they just couldn’t be patient and pulled a stunt that cost us the trust of the crew, and any other fun things they might have had planned for us. Tbh any punishment we get is deserved, and I can’t express how sorry I am for the StarCrew

So @daronnefcy if you actually get a chance to read this, I am so, so sorry. I don’t expect anything out of apologizing, but I do hope you know a lot of us are truly sorry, and send you all of our respect and sympathy 

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Okay but how does spamming Cartinelli cause you to lose followers? Like I don't understand?

I lose followers any time I breathe so I’m not surprised by anything anymore


I’m gonna keep this brief as I can, but unless we get money to fix a lot of things wrong with my house the county is kicking us out. We have less than a week to make enough progress to get an extension on the date before we get a 5 day notice to vacate. My mom’s trying to get on disability but still hasn’t heard back from them and probably won’t for a few more months or more. I seriously don’t want to be homeless since we don’t have anywhere else to stay so I’m opening some emergency commissions!!

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I’ll draw furries, sonic characters, robots, humans, anything really!! nsfw commissions are okay with me as well. backgrounds are 5$ more and each extra character is 5$ more as well. If you want something like a sketch or lineart we can discuss the price of it. My paypal email is RakugakiSquid@gmail.com anything is appreciated a ton!! If you guys could reblog this around/signal boost I’d be really grateful as well. Thank you! 

In the early hours of the morning, the sunlight plays tricks on him.

It’s a cruel game, but one he grows accustomed to for every day he wakes up at 8:15 (on the hour, without fail), the first rays breaching the cracks along the seams of his window and making him wonder if perhaps time and light are in league with each other, if they’re co-conspirators with designs on his patience and his sanity – if all of this is just another element of her curse.

This Emma, she likes to play, to tease, to wrap her tongue and her hand around his own and use it as a weapon against him, a game of trust in which he’s always the loser, and she the winner. Killian – in his half awake, half asleep, perpetually (these days) tired state – thinks the sunlight is a bit like that, too;

It seeps into his skin, lines of light reaching his bare chest, and if he turns his head to the right, just slightly, he can see her –

Her eyes are still closed, dark freckles and dark lashes a contrast to pale skin, and she squints after another passing beat, tucking herself further into his side as the light only grows brighter and more determined to shine on her. 

Whatever slips from her lips in the next moment is not english – a grumble and a slurred murmur about his sleeping quarters and the situation of his bed right beneath the window, quickly followed by another grumble which he takes as her disinterest in all notions related to the action of waking up.

Her freckles, the dark lashes, they waver as the light shifts, clouds blocking the sun’s path. He lifts his hand to curl his fingers around the dust particles that chase the warmth, the same way Emma would, did, if she really were right next to him, and if he turns his head to the right, if he tilts his ear a little, he can hear her chuckle, warmer than the sun and infinitely dirtier – the low sound a promise of further enjoyable activities in the cramped bed as her hand tracks a path beneath the sheets.

The golden beams melt his cold room, the same way Emma’s touch would, did, first with him and then herself, tentative but growing more sure over time. They melt and then they illuminate, and Killian – he can’t escape the memories.

(Or illusions, he’s not sure.)

The sunlight filters in and out of his room, coming and going as it (not he) pleases, and finds no remorse in conjuring more images of her, even when the horizon claims them at last – his yellow room become orange, become pink – and then she’s in his chair when he returns after a long and trying day spent at the sheriff’s office, searching through ‘surveillance footage’ in order to track her movements, as her father explains.

The sunlight filters and flickers, but Emma sits there as sure as day (dawn, dusk) with a look in her eye that says she’s been waiting for him.

There’s a brown paper bag on the desk, right next to her crossed ankles, and her hair is in golden tumbles behind the frame of the chair. What happens next comes as no surprise:

Killian loses, Emma wins – even in this – and then the light is tracking his steps towards her, his footfalls towing shadows as the room grows just a little darker, and she’s in his arms before the light can fade completely. She’s out of them with a sigh and a chuckle when it does; when it disappears, swallowed by the sea, his yellow room become orange, become pink, become inky blue, and Killian –

He wants it (her) back.

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I agree that genitals/chromosomes/etc shouldn't gender us/that we shouldn't gender each other based off of those traits! I'm curious about if there's a way to talk about biological sex in regards to animals, that doesn't reinforce the notion of biological sex as a valid thing for humans. Like, if biological sex is just a construct with people, is it a construct when we place it on animals? Or might it be different because animals don't have the opportunity to identify as a certain genders?

i don’t think i’m knowledgeable enough to answer that question completely tbh but imo both the gender binary and the sex binary are human constructions in all cases. we were the ones who decided to gender sexual organs and we decided what that meant socially and stuff as well you know?~

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Am I being overly sensitive at being offended by the CC video? Like if they didn't like the name Klaine and wanted to mock it, why did DARREN come up with it in the first place. We were still deciding between names when Darren cemented it. I dunno maybe I am because I love Klaine, and this episode isn't what it should have been. then we get an interview of them making fun of us. Makes me think they don't actually like us. :(

Oh sweetie - I wasn’t offended at all.  Not even a little bit.  Those two little shits have their own wicked sense of humor and they were having a bit of fun over ship names.  TBH, ship names IS a silly thing - it’s fun and we love and embrace it, but it’s silly and that’s just fine.  They are part of one of the hugest ships on the planet and they are well aware of how crazy in love with them we all are.  They do love us, they get frightened by us which is completely understandable.  I mean, let’s be honest - fandom in general, of any kind, is scary.  The crazy ones make the normal, rational ones look bad.  They get that.  They’re fans, too.  But they’re like us, they know where to draw the line.  

Bottom line is, they love and appreciate us very much and we love them back tenfold.  It’s all good.

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It's so unfair for Ten to get so much hate for his treatment of Martha. While I'm not justifying his less-than-kind moments, at least they were plot-inclusive and direct character development. He only reacted that way when he felt the boundaries between them were threatened, and he was still grieving. It was defensive. It wasn't needless or reasonless, like, oh I don't know, every single time Eleven is shit to Amy, Clara or River. Or anyone- really. #totallybitter

i completely agree WITH EVERYTHING you said above