i don't care what you ship above it

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You should tag the ships...

No, I really shouldn’t.  People keep saying I should tag the ships, the fandoms, the characters, etc. for the stories I reblog but don’t actually take a step back and realize just how long and impossible that would be for me.  I cannot do that.  If you want to know the ship please either read the story, read the tags of the original post, or see if the author states what the ship is in the post.  I cannot tag for everything.  So please, please, please.  Everyone stop asking me to do the impossible.

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the reason why i don't ship chuck and blair is because of what happened in 4.20. chuck wasn't trying to hit blair, but he punched the glass right above her head, trying to intimidate her in a fit of uncontrollable rage. he could have kicked the wall or punched his stomach but he hit the glass the intimidate blair. her cheek was cut open, she writhed in pain and desperately ran for her life.

Seriously, why do you come to my blog to tell me this? Did I asked for it? Do you think I care about it? No I don’t. I got my perfect OTP, which is now healthy, married and they have a beautiful son. End of story. Now would you please stop being a drama queen and get over it? Thanks. Have a nice day.

What I really dislike to see is when Fraxus is portrayed as Freed wanting Laxus for his looks, thirsting for him and as if he’d submit/do anything for him no matter how stupid. It’s not how their bond is portrayed in canon and it kind of deprives this beautiful ship of important elements that also make the ship as wonderful as it is.

They are both utterly handsome and stunning men, damn caring and very strong. They trust each other so much so clearly and the fact that this trust, respect and care are mutual is what makes it so beautiful.