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Am I crazy? Because I'm shocked that no one is freaking out over Phil saying, in the beginning of the new video, "Yasuhati, the game that almost got our neighbors to call the police, and we're back doing it again, because we don't care anymore." WHAT!? Why don't they care? It seemed like that might possibly confirm the move? And Phil so brazenly eyed the camera as he said it! (Also, hi! I love your blog! I'm new to the phandom and your blog/analysis are some of my favorite parts!)

“the game that almost got our neighbours to call the police…but we don’t care anymore” yet another moving hint

With the new Yasuhati video, what did you think of the comment about “we don’t care anymore about the noise”? More moving proof right? (also I would like dnp singing toxic together to be played at my inevitable funeral when they get married in japan)

tell me you heard that blatant moving hint at the beginning too. they don’t care what the neighbors think bc they’re not gonna live there anymore LMAO ITS SO OBVIOUS WAKE UP SHEEPLE

“ 1) intro: the game that almost got our neighbors to call the police but we don’t care anymore.. BECAUSE THEYRE MOVING”

hahahaha as you can see you are not the only one “freaking out” about phil saying that. i mean, i actually definitely think they are moving and would be surprised to find out that they aren’t, so i will gladly interpret anything as a further sign of that lmao :) tho i do think in this case it was probs just phil tryna be a hardo (like, ‘go ahead and call the police u boring fucks see if we care’) but maybe it is both, and he is a cheeky shit (he is). lol thank you for the lovely words btw you are very sweet (and thanks to all of you ppl for sharing ur thoughts on this v intriguing comment ;))

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Lol yeah don't get me wrong, SPN is my favorite show and i will defend the many great things about it to the end. But we're long past dignity here. Creator is long gone as you said, we're actually having a scooby doo ep, we've reached epic levels of "jumping the shark." Again, will defend it to the end, but it's not exactly a quality content show anymore. The character focus and their arcs drive it for me more than anything.

who fucking cares about dignity. This isn’t mad men. This isn’t game of thrones. This is a show where they fought a racist ghost truck in season ONE. The greatest thing about supernatural is that it hurts and it’s epic but it’s all FUNNY and IRREVERENT and META AS FUCK. 

  • *Wymack giving the Foxes a pep talk*
  • Jean: *listening from down the field* What?
  • *Wymack continues speech with more feeling*
  • Jean: *taps Jeremy's shoulder* What the hell is he talking about?
  • Jeremy: He does this every year.
  • Jean: Seriously?
  • Jeremy: Yeah...
  • *Wymack continues speech with grandiose gestures*
  • *The Foxes cheer*
  • Jean: Wait, is this...?
  • Jeremy: Yeah it's the speech from Independence Day.
  • Jean: Uhhuh...
  • *Wymack continues speech with an Oscar winning performance of emotion*
  • Jeremy: Coach's favorite movie.
  • *Wymack practically punches the last words into the air*
  • Jean: He doesn't know any sport speeches?
  • Jeremy: I don't think he cares.
  • *The Foxes CHEER!!!!*
  • me: i really like this new video game
  • me: *looks up game on the internet*
  • me: *sees that terrible things are going to happen to my favorite characters*
  • me: but maybe that won't happen when i play it
My life so far:
  • Pre-Yugioh Era: what is this dumb card game show with the stupid hair. smh pokemon is better.
  • Yugioh Era: This show is actually very deep and has amazing characters and storylines. The Abridged Series did so much to generate interest and introduce people to the anime, but the heart of Yugioh really is in the characters and their development. But I don't actually care enough about the dueling to watch the show in full so I'm going to rewatch the same few episodes with my favorite characters, bury myself in fanfiction, and cry about Thiefshipping every night. RIP me.
  • Post-Yugioh Era: yknow I would actually love to be into something that DOESN'T have a dub that makes me want to claw my ears out or a fanbase that barely takes it seriously. maybe something nice and live action. this anime stuff is getting a little old.
  • Pre-Pre-Neo-Yugioh Era: yknow actually i was wrong, this anime stuff is my life. i'm never leaving you again, my sweet weeb trash.
  • Pre-Neo-Yugioh Era: wow i sure did like that yugioh anime, didn't i. hahaa. it sure would be funny if.....my friend roped me in again....

Me: One of my favorite parts of fire emblem games is training up a wonderful army full of warrior women + 1 hot prince

Intelligent System: Here’s a remake of a game from the 90s so there’s all of about 5 women in it and 10000000 men and the lone prince is only 17 and looks like a garnish


Differently shaped Barbies are stupid.

Yeah yeah get mad at me if you want. I don’t care.

Y'all think you’re doing a great thing with these dolls with all kinds of body types. Let me tell you about my experience with Barbies as a kid.

That was one of my favorite games, just sitting quietly and having them act out little scenarios and such. I had mostly a lot of the standard, Fairytopia or My Scene dolls, along with some my sisters gave me from the late 80′s. One time I was dressing up one of the My Scene dolls, and late 80′s Barbie had some gold striped workout pants that would have been perfect, but HER HUMONGOUS LEGS DIDN’T FIT IN THE STUPID PANTS.

I didn’t care which one had what size. I just wanted to be able to dress them decently. And oh, it wasn’t any better for Ken. Poor feller only fit the ballet tutu from a troll doll, and none of Barbie’s pretty dresses.

Barbie didn’t make me feel bad about my body. I didn’t think she looked anything similar to any real person. I thought she was a freak with a big ol’ pill head, skinny neck, massive legs, a weird ribcage and tiny chewable feet.

But they were fun to me and I loved them. And I didn’t think they needed to all be blonde and identical. My favorite one was black with a big poofy Afro. She was best friends with a glittery pink woman, and a blonde woman with one arm. Later on one-arm’s head fell off too, so I cut out a picture of Will Ferrel from Elf and taped that on there.

Anyways, my point is that I do not think different sized Barbies will go so well. Not because that’s the right way to look, but because then they can just wear the damn pants. Multicultural Barbies, however, are awesome. But you know what would be even better yet? More Barbies with jointed limbs. I think I only had two of those, and it was a real shame.

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Have you've read the supports? Heck, even talk to your units in those sections where you look around like it was a visual novel? There still some personality in em. Kliff is my favorite too, mostly cause how sassy and deadpan he is.

I’ve only seen Kliff’s C support with another one of the guys (at least, I THINK it was a support) and yup, I talked with the beginning crew in the visual novel-like background two times, if I remember correctly? 

(pssst, everyone please blacklist the tag “shauni whines about echoes” if you’re tired of my crap ^^’ sorry)

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wha t do you love the most aout automata

I’m a die hard NieR fan, dear anon and I was honestly afraid pre-release because I feared that Automata maybe doesn’t feel like NieR or that I would end up horrible disappointed like with other sequels which got released last year. I was really afraid because NieR is my favorite game and no one wants a shitty sequel for their favorite game, right?

But all this fear was honestly in vain. Automata is beautiful and gave me so much more as just “a good sequel”. I fell right in love with all the characters and even if there is no familiar place in this game, it fell like …coming home. I don’t know how to describe it but it feels like coming home after an especially hard day.

And they fixed the gameplay. Good work, whoever fixed it. 

I think one of the reasons I feel like coming home is because of the OST. Personally nothing will ever be able to top the original NieR OST but Automata is a very close second. 

But the thing I love the most about Automata are the little hints to the original game. They make me super emotional and sometimes I have to stop playing and just breath for a moment but it’s the best like, our old buddy P-33 got built at the  Abandoned Factory. Or the maschines in the Desert wearing the Facade masks. Dear Lord, as I spotted the one, female maschine in the Desert who wears a Fyre mask, I honestly started to cry. You can find documents of the Gestalt Project and talking with Devola and Popola after seven years again is honestly the best thing. 

And then there is Emil. My poor, innocent son, who always gets fucked. It’s been seven years and he’s still suffering. But… finishing his side quest (Emil’s Memories) and then using the lift in the Shopping Mall to find this… this place honestly killed me. Already finding these lunar tears was hard but then to get down there and to find a literal sea of lunar tears, with a new version of Emil’s song playing in the background and Kainé’s hut there and this horrible picture of her Grandmother honestly killed me. 

We all know that Automata plays after Ending D of NieR, literally earsing the protagonist to save Kainé’s life which earse all the events of the game as well but I believe that Kainé, Emil and maybe even Yorah still found each other. At least it’s implied in the final monolouge of his side quest and that’s honestly so much more as I could have hoped for. 

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Skies of Arcadia is your favorite JRPG? Care to share why? When people I like/respect are really into something I don't know anything about, I enjoy letting them sell me on it. My knowledge of the JRPG canon is pretty limited, so it's not surprising that a lot of classics slip me by.

Oh man, I am more than happy to talk about Skies of Arcadia. That game is something really special. Buckle up @discovergames and everyone else who doesn’t know about this fantastic game because I could go on all day.

So Skies of Arcadia is a game about being an air pirate, flying around in your airship and finding treasures and stuff, and building your pirate reputation. Yeah, sure, there’s an evil empire to fight and stuff, but that’s all part and parcel to this type of story. Just being a sky pirate is really what makes the game stand out, as you ride the clouds between floating land masses.

Your main character Vyse is a Blue Rogue, the Robin Hoods of the skyways, as part of a pirate crew, until eventually he gets his own ship and his own crew, and even builds his own pirate base. All the side quests are related to various privateer activities from the classic swashbuckling tales, but adapted to airships and the three-dimensional movement this gives you since you can rise up and down through the skies, and eventually further upgrades extend your ship’s range even further.

There’s a log book to fill out that has discoveries you can find - everything from the discovery that the world is round to long-lost civilizations to legendary monsters that you can take back to the Explorer’s Guild and sell information about for cash - assuming you beat the competition to the discovery, of course, because there’s a rival adventurer who’s trying to find all these things too.

There’s buried treasure to find, wanted criminals to hunt, dungeons to explore, crew to recruit, a base to build, ships to fight.

The game has a separate battle mode for ship combat, where Vyse and each of your officers can make various actions like evasive maneuvers, fire the cannons, and so forth, where you have to space out your total allotment of actions through the entire crew because you can’t just have everyone stand there and attack all the time - you only get so many action points per round and you need to avoid taking heavy fire of your own. It’s not an overwhelming tactical system or anything but it’s got enough variety from the standard combat to make those fights stand out, and upgrading your ships - and getting new ships - through the game has a satisfaction that most side quests don’t give me. Getting to see your crew growing when you walk through the decks of your ship or returning to your base to see the latest construction efforts made things feel a lot more satisfying than just getting some random rare item or whatever does. Later on you can even use some ship special moves like having your entire crew do an all-out attack for massive damage, complete with a separate little animation for each crew member you have.

There are of course regular battles too, where Vyse and his officers leave the ship to head into your traditional dungeons or get into hand-to-hand combat on the deck of the ships. It’s a pretty straightforward turn-based affair, but even back when I first played it it immediately stood out how much more alive the fights felt, simply because you can watch them fight. Even when it’s not their turn, characters on both sides with do attacks to each other, and the characters will dodge out of the way, so it looks like the fight is still going and your turns are just the attacks that happen to hit rather than the action completely freezing every time it’s your turn like in most turn-based games. Not to mention, characters actually physically run across the battlefield to attack. There’s no grid for movement like in a tactical RPG - If you tell Vyse to attack a monster on the other side of the deck, on his turn he just runs over there, and he will stay until you tell him to attack someone else that requires him to move again. The net effect just makes the combat feel alive, at least to me.

Vyse also has a title that you can see once he becomes a captain, telling you of the reputation he has in the world. For the most part it’s cosmetic and doesn’t mean much, but some characters treat you differently and some side quests open up based on how famous Vyse is in the world, including a bit of an impact on the endgame sequences. I admit this won’t appeal to everyone, but between the reputation improvements you get for completing tasks and the feeling of being the first to discover something in the world - which isn’t diminished since you can be beaten to them as previously mentioned - made this one of the only games I’ve ever strived for 100% completion on. I wanted to be a legendary pirate of the skies, not because the game gave me mechanical rewards, but because this all made me feel accomplished. Despite the advancement of open-world games today, where you have this giant wide-open sandbox to explore, Skies of Arcadia is hands-down the most satisfying exploration of any game I remember playing. It really made me feel like an actual explorer of this bizarre world in the clouds.

There’s even a sidequest once you get famous enough with some imposters trying to mooch off your reputation.

That’s not to say the game is flawless, of course - what game is? There’s too much combat in the original release, with random encounters tuned way too high. The magic system also feels pretty useless compared to the characters’ personal special abilities, which is disappointing. The actual main plot is servicable but not nearly as engaging as getting to just fly around and being a sky pirate for the side quests.

But it’s absolutely, whole-heartedly a recommendation from me, especially if you play the re-release. It came out on the Dreamcast originally, and it’s still a fantastic game, but the re-release on the Gamecube dramatically improved the problems and added even more content, including a whole new sidequest chain involving a bounty hunter after Vyse and crew.

It also has the distinction of being one of the only games I’ve purchased multiple times to give out to my friends back when it came out, along with owning a copy of both the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions myself to this day, because this is the game that convinced me that RPGs were truly my favorite genre.

I’m going to stop here but only for the sake of everyone’s sanity because I could go on so much more.

What she says vs what she really means
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she really means: I really love Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's 1990 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel nominee Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch.
  • What she says: Nothing.
  • What she really means: The fact that the entire fandom focuses so much on Aziraphale and Crowley to the exclusion of the rest of the cast bothers me, but not enough for me to complain about it because they're my favorites also.
  • What she says: Whatever, I don't care.
  • What she really means: It seems like there is a lot of overlap between the Good Omens fandom and the Welcome to Night Vale fandom. Is there some link between them I haven't discovered yet?
  • What she says: I'm just tired, that's all.
  • What she really means: I legitimately cannot believe Hollywood started making movies about board games before Good Omens got an adaptation and the fact that in 2002 Terry Gilliam almost successfully got a movie made with Robin Williams and Johnny Depp still makes me angry, despite the fact that I somehow simultaneously want a Good Omens movie very badly and am violently opposed to the idea of a Good Omens movie. The numerous fakeouts on movie and TV adaptations means I didn't believe the radio show would actually happen until I heard Peter Serafanowizc start hissing out Crowley's lines.
  • What she says: I'm not in the mood.
  • What she really means: Why am I so okay with there being so few depictions of Aziraphale and Crowley as asexual in fandom despite the passage in the book that angels are sexless? Is it because no one in this fandom argues about anything? Is this insulting to asexuals? Should I be upset?
  • What she says: Don't worry about it.
  • What she really means: It's sort of amazing that a 25-year-old book manages to still have an active fandom, albeit a small one.
  • What she says: It's okay.
  • What she really means: Adam named his dog "Dog." He named it "Dog."
  • What she says: I don't want to talk about it.
  • What she really means: It's beyond disappointing when fanfic writers write a Good Omens/Supernatural crossover and slide Good Omens Crowley into Supernatural Crowley's spot without attempting to reconcile the huge differences in personality between the two.
  • What she says: It's not you, it's me.
  • What she really means: There was a stage adaptation of Good Omens?? Why have I not heard about this? Why can I not find any information about this? Why can I not see or read or hear anything from this production?

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Hi there, I've been having a real problem lately. I'm female and know it, but I really don't like being female. I want to be physically strong and tough like a guy and not care about the things most girls care about (fashion, cute stuff, the like) I know I sound like I'm gendering stuff but when I'm into things like horror art, fishing, autos, and gaming, I really don't feel like I belong. I feel like this will make it harder for me to find a partner and I'm wondering if I just should not care.

I’m going to use my favorite saying: “You do you”. Period. We only have so much life to live and spending it worry about people liking you is stealing from yourself. Be free to be yourself, like what you life, do what you want to do, teach yourself knew things and teach others. There will be someone who will love you for exactly who you are without asking you to change yourself and that’s the only person you should concern yourself about. Don’t like girly things? Don’t do em. Like to fish? Go for it! When people can’t accept you that’s their problem, the only person you owe that love and acceptance to is yourself and as soon as you give it to yourself, you’ll feel amazing. Don’t stop being amazing!

<3 The Daily Feminist