i don't care that it's been 2 months

I'm doing ok, maybe a little better then ok

I wanted to update this, for the people that care and for myself. It’s been about 2 months since I did this type of post were I just kinda talk about the positives and negatives of my life. So for the to long don’t want to read, I’m doing better then ok. I feel safe. I got a good job that I enjoy doing. My boyfriend really likes me and I know it. I like him to it’s great, so far one of the best relationships I’ve had. I’m making that cash money and everything is going good. But again there’s still the thought in the back of my mind saying you don’t really want to be my friend. I know you love me, and enjoy being around me but I still feel like we’re going to drift apart. We already kinda started again but whatever, I see that you’re so incredibly happy and that’s amazing. Other then that one “small” thing I’m doing ok, maybe way better then ok but whatever. For the 2 people that might read this, you two are great and I love being around you. I don’t know why I’m doing this update I’m just kinda in the mood for it.