i don't care that it's 5th already

Thoughts on jc results

Results are in a day and I’m caring way less than I thought I would about them. [Insert “grades don’t define you” stuff here. You’ve heard it before :p] My classmates in 5th year keep on jokingly saying it was such a stressful time for them but I just feel weirdly indifferent. I know I didn’t fail, and I’m already in the classes I wanted, so everything should in theory be fine.

As I’ve said before, people on Tumblr and just people in general make it seem like a way bigger deal than it actually is. Working in school matters a lot more than exams (at least from my experience. Unfair exams happen).

P.S. I’m hoping we can bring back last year’s jc squad for results because that was the best part about the whole thing, ngl