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Coldflash - Len meets Savitar for the first time

Okay now that I’ve complained in another post about how hard writing Coldivar is for me, I think I’m going to enjoy taking a crack at this one (I was picturing how I’d write it while lying in bed two nights ago so I’m excited).

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i see a lot of talk about peridot or pearl or whatever being autistic but where’s all my autistic ronaldo content?? people just hate ronaldo because he does pretty bad things lmao. i guess they only care about the cute autistic coded characters that are your ‘precious cinnamon roll babies uwu’.

“Date” Night

DP: “Look, they gave us dandelions! Isn’t that cute?”

DP: “…Spidey? Sugar plum? You all right there?”

SM: “No, Wade. I’m mad at you. You said we were going on a Stakeout.”

DP: “No, I said we were going out for steak. There is a difference.”

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Of course they like misha, they said that they go month without seeing him sometimes, but it doesn't mean they don't like him.

Okay, first of all, nice saracasm there anon. 

Second of all,

If you need anymore pictures of Jared and Jensen generally ‘liking’ Misha Collins, let me know. I’ll get them to you ASAP.

they said that they go month without seeing him sometimes

Man go month without seeing other man. Man is sad. Month too long. *chimp noises*

Non, for the last three years, I’ve lived in different continents than my best friends. I haven’t seen them for months and months. Does that mean that I don’t care for them, or like them? No. It just means, if you say it bluntly, that I didn’t see them for a while. And that’s okay. That just means, 



It doesn’t mean anything more complicated (I didn’t dislike them, I didn’t alienate them, etc.), and I know it might be hard for you to show your nonexistent evaluative skills, your immensely minute amount of intellect and your even smaller sense of compassion, empathy and emotional connectivity - especially in your personal life, sheesh

But do me a favour, and don’t try to show that intellect in my inbox. Because it’s not any form of intelligence, it’s simply ignorance.

(That, and you can’t see over the end of your elongated nose, Pinocchio)

Thank you for your time.

PS- Please spell Misha’s name with a capital ‘M’. Basic grammar here, kiddos.