i don't care than i'm not pretty

When Alec lets out that heavy breath and shakes his head after saying “I don’t care how many people you’ve been with.” What’s being left unsaid, but communicated loud and clear is:

“I want you anyway.”

“I want you more than that matters.”

“All I care about is how I feel with you. Right now.”

“And I’m willing to fight for you.”

Alec has always been more physical in his expression, using body language and actions to speak for him when his words fail. The beauty of this simple action is that Magnus got ALL of this. Loud and clear. And Alec pours all of that and more into another physical action. A kiss.

After Alec says “I hear relationships, they take effort,” Magnus’s smile says he knows what Alec means is:

“I’m here to stay.”

“You are what I want.”

“And I’m willing to fight for you.”

Magnus’s reply of “I’m all for effort.” Is the last piece Alec needs, to know that Magnus is right there with him.

“I’m here, now, with you.”

“I know you feel what I feel.”

“And I’m willing to fight for us.”

I got a new formal dress for my brother’s marriage on monday (not a black one for a change! it’s a miracle) and now I hope my cold will be over soon :’D 
I’m all red nose and eyebags right now.

Anyway, I’m proud of my brother, getting all settled with his girlfriend B)

Cherry Barb

While not seen as much of a staple of fish communities as others, the cherry barb is hardly a fish that should be overlooked. One of the easiest and most peaceful barb varieties out there, these cherries would be a wonderful addition to many mid-size to large community setups.

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The only thing I want from Rizzoli and Isles is for the canonical establishment that Maura Isles is queer. I don’t need Rizzles to come true. I don’t care if Jack sticks around for ever. I don’t need to see Maura with a woman.

I would just appreciate it if the show would allow for the existence of queer people. And if the show would admit they’ve been writing Maura as less than straight the whole time. I don’t need it to be a big thing. But I do think it needs to happen.