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Rem I don't know if someone already ask you this but when did you started shipping Judy & Nick? When I saw the movie Zootopia for the first time I started shipping them the moment Nick called her "Carrots" the second time. I was like "That's it I ship them! I don't care! I ship them"

Mmm….maybe, since the first trailer 😂. No, just kidding… I thought they had a good chemistry since their first meeting. And I confess that I hoped until the end that something happened between them. But … nothing 😔. I wasn’t disappointed, because I think their relationship is beautiful, whatever it may be.

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I don't think that anyone should care who you reblog stuff from

Tumblr’s a place where if you see something to reblog that isn’t from a friend, it’s probably already been reblogged through about 15 other accounts before reaching you, so knowing who the source is most of the time is not possible. Even though the source name is right at the bottom, it’s a case of not knowing anything about them. 

All you know is, “I saw this cool post from X, who reblogged it from Y, who reblogged it from Z, who reblogged it from Q, who reblogged from the source poster, W.” Accounts Z through X have no idea who W is or how they are, they just know, “Hey, cool. I’ll reblog this.”

And then you get me, the one who reblogs from X, having no clue who W is and suddenly getting ten warning messages saying, “NO DON’T DO THAT, W IS A PIECE OF SHIT!”

So, should anyone care who I reblog from? If the source is something like 5 times removed or more from me, then no, I seriously don’t think so, because who on earth is going to do a background check on every single source for a single cool reblog while just scrolling on their phone?

But if it’s a direct reblog of the “OP to reblogger” type, then maybe it should be questioned. Although, if it’s something as silly as an Arthur meme image that has nothing to do with insulting anyone or social issues, then it’s… well, it’s an Arthur meme.

I suppose, all things considered, I shall stay in my isolation bubble, living in the neighborhood of @baptismonfire and @nyxfears. I already know they don’t accidentally reblog blood diamonds.

He Saw You - Ignis Scientia

So I uh… I ended up writing some angst. And this wasn’t my intention, but this is the product of my late night reflections. 

I feel that the ending is kinda rushed, because I was in an element and then fell out of it, but hopefully this writing is to y’all’s satisfaction. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Ignis thought of you quite often, more often than he wanted to admit, if he was being entirely honest. Despite this, though, you were his muse, and muses didn’t simply disappear. So, usually against his better judgement, he thought about you.

He saw you in everything. 

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99% of people: Didn’t know that there wan an Official Hot-Dog Day until seeing this.

1% of people: Already knew that there was an Official Hot-Dog Day and are happily celebrating it.

Congratulations if you are part of that 1%, or if you saw this on your Switch’s News.

Official Hot-Dog Day is on July 19 (or at least it was this year), by the way.

Happy Hot-Dog Day!


in which Jake Keaton fangirls over the amazing women at the fbi
  • Jake Keaton: *watches as Jane endures three months of torture and then kicks his ass and escapes and still be a decent human being towards him and save his daughter's life*
  • Jake Keaton: OMG SHE'S PERFECT 😍
  • Jane Keaton: *watches Tasha come back to work the day after she's shot, serve the snark left right and center and still manage to be the badass agent that she is*
  • Jake Keaton: OMG SHE'S PERFECT 😍
  • Jake Keaton: *watches Patterson single handedly tackle a satellite and redirect a space glider into the ocean with just a few keyboard clicks*
  • Jake Keaton: OMG SHE'S PERFECT 😍
  • Jake Keaton: So Kurt? I'm applying to transfer to your team. I don't care if there are no job vacancies I just want to bask in the glory of these marvelous women. I'll be happy bringing them their coffee in he morning and running errands for them. Also can you get them to sign this poster I made? It's ermmmm... for my daughter.
How I imagine the scene of Ferid turning Crowley into a vampire
  • Human!Crowley: *lying on the ground, bleeding, after a vampire had attacked him*
  • Ferid: *shows up and walks towards Human!Crowley* Oh my, Crowley-kun! You look terrible...
  • Human!Crowley: You... You were watching me fight that vampire all along, weren't you?
  • Ferid: *getting closer to Human!Crowley* Maybe~ But getting to see me now relieves your pain a little, doesn't it?
  • Human!Crowley: HOW COULD YOU-? *abruptly tries to get up* YOU BAST-! *falls back on the ground, panting*
  • Ferid: Well, if you don't want me near you then I'll just leave and let you die alone. So sad... *turning his head to the side, ready to leave*
  • Human!Crowley: *grabs Ferid by the ankle* DON'T YOU DARE- *coughing blood*
  • Ferid: *looking back at Human!Crowley*... So, are you clinging to life that desperately?
  • Human!Crowley: ... I... I must avenge my comrades. My friends. My brothers... *his voice starting to crack* I... I can't die here... *grabs Ferid's ankle tighter*
  • Ferid: Awww, so noble! As expected from Crowley-kun. It would be a real pity for me to see you die...
  • Human!Crowley: Just... *releasing Ferid's ankle* don't... *his vision starts to get blurry*
  • Ferid: Mmm... Alright! *smirks and straddles Human!Crowley*
  • Human!Crowley: *eyes wide open* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
  • Ferid: I am saving your life, of course!
  • Human!Crowley: ... How-? *feeling Ferid's weight over him, panting* Ah...
  • Ferid: Don't worry, you will be fine! At situations like these, only a true love's kiss can save you~ *laughs*
  • Human!Crowley: ARE YOU SE-?! *coughing*
  • Ferid: Of course I am! *keeps laughing*
  • Human!Crowley: *facepalms internally*
  • Ferid: You do want to keep living, right?
  • Human!Crowley: ...
  • Ferid: You see, I can make your wounds heal in no time. In fact, I can grant you eternal life! In order to accomplish that, I shall feed you my blood... Mouth-to-mouth. *laughs*
  • Human!Crowley: *sighs deeply* Unbelievable...
  • Ferid: Trust me, that is the only way I can save you!
  • Human!Crowley: *panting*... I feel that... I'm talking to the Devil himself right now...
  • Ferid: But I am much more beautiful, right? *smug face*
  • Human!Crowley: ... I am already dead... and I ended up in Hell. That must be it...
  • Ferid: Don't be silly, Crowley-kun! Now, you better accept my offer before you die~
  • Human!Crowley: *looking at Ferid right in the eyes*
  • Ferid: You don't have much time left and you know it. I can see it in your eyes... *leaning closer to Human!Crowley, pinning him to the ground with both arms*
  • Human!Crowley: ... You... you saw this moment coming... right? *panting*
  • Ferid: *passing his tongue over his upper lip* Perhaps~ *chuckles*
  • Human!Crowley: *heavily panting* I... don't care anymore. Just... Do what you have to... *visibly weakened, starting to close his eyes*
  • Ferid: *bites his lower lip with his fang, making it bleed* My pleasure~ *lowering his head, opening Human!Crowley's lips with his tongue and pressing their lips together for a while*

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Hi Mama! Something happened this weekend (My family forced me to go to Burj Khalifa even though I'm afraid of heights). I have had a panic attack before because of heights and they completely discarded that and went on to make fun of me because of that panic attack. And now they think that I shouldn't be mad at them! They didn't care about my mental health and put me in a situation that I didn't want to be in, they even said that I was faking!! I don't know how to deal with them. Please help?

That sounds rough. I’m sorry you had to go through that and I hope you could recover a bit from that. I think teaching people about mental issues when they’re not open or experiencing them themselves can be very hard, as you probably saw yourself already. One thing you could do (and probably should) is trying to sit down with them and let them know you’re serious about it. Parents often dismiss these things because teens “don’t know what they’re talking about” but if you tell them in a more serious manner and let them know it’s a problem that goes over this one situation they might see it’s nothing you made up. Make space for this topic and only this topic to be discussed, with nothing else happening around (no TV, no eating, no phones). The other way would be to try to live with your parents ignorance and try to wiggle your way out of situations that make you panic. Sometimes that’s all you can do when parents don’t take your problems serious, but maybe you have chances to discuss this with a health care professional as well who reassures your parents it’s something they should take you serious. I hope you manage to tell them and make them understand, because no one should be forced into situations that make them panic. Please be okay and stay strong!

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So I don't know if you noticed... or if someone already told you. But like... Camilla is changing!! I saw it in this episode... Like she really cared about what her sister did and what was happening. (Also cared for Laura... but we all know that)

Oh I noticed, I definitely noticed. Carmilla, all by herself without any prompting, actually gave a shit about what Mattie might have done to Perry, kept LaF away from Mattie (lbh Mattie would have ripped their head off), and looked none too impressed that Mattie had killed the Summers (even though she totally didn’t and it was Perry).

I spy character growth.

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I just started reading your FF and love it! I don't want to spoil anything for the Prom Equivalency, but if you already saw it, could you possibly write Sheldon asking Amy to stay after their goodnight kiss? No coitus of course. Just cuddling and sleeping. 😁

Hi.  Thanks for the prompt.  Ahhh… the Shamy sleeping in the same bed.  That is my favorite thing.  I hope you enjoy.

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Louis doesn't know about ALL of the theories because we think he doesn't look for them. He just knows enough to be aware of the situation and be careful around Harry but if he doesn't like these rumors why would he search for it? There is no contradiction there. He saw on twitter some theories and it already bothered him so i really don't think he would go on the internet to learn more about it. And even if he knows some of them, we can't be sure that he knew this one.

I will give you that Harry and Louis may not be aware of ALL the rambling head cannons this fandom has. The ones I speak of are the ones that come without much proof, and are of no threat…like the one I thought of the other day about Louis possibly owning a bakery. I’ll I’ve got to go on is that Liam answered “you bought a bakery” when Louis was answering, and pointed at him—bakeries being a place we heavily associate with Harry; I digress.

With that being said I will disagree and say that Harry and Louis would be very much familiar with a fandom wide head cannon involving how the, once very close, best friends first met.

I am going to be using the very talented Kati, at bulletprooflarryTattoo Timeline and also tracedust Oops/Hi Post to address this next part.

The first time that we have the “Hi” tattoo was June 23rd of 2012. Around this time Eleanor was heavily present with Louis. Right after this tattoo the head cannon started, because someone matched Louis’ handwriting to the actual tattoo, and I am no expert, but they seem to match. 

Also on the TMH Yearbook Edition, Louis listed some of the inside jokes he has with Harry, one of them being “Hi!”.

So in your theory, Louis started distancing himself from Harry, blindly because of rumors that he hadn’t seen, so as not to appear as if he was gay.  In my opinion, that is a huge dick move and not at all congruent to who we’ve seen Louis to be—sorry can’t be friends with you because people will think I am in a gay relationship with you.

I’ll continue…

On October 15th, 2012 Louis gets his first set of tattoos, one of which is the Stick Man skateboarder. However, it isn’t until nearly a month later, Nov. 9th, that he adds on “Oops”. When asked, Louis said that he got it because his tattoo artist messed up a line in the stick figure, so he had him add “Oops” above it…. I wonder if this sounds like bullshit to you, it definitely does to me. He waited a whole month to point out a mistake!

And then we get this on the same TMH Yearbook Edition:

So in closing we complete this head cannon.

So I would at least think that if not directly aware of this head cannon (i.e them searching for it, or really at about this time just being present on the internet, because it was all over)  then their management company would’ve advised them, in regards as to the dangerous thought that the fandom arrived to over their tattoos, to step away from one another so that unwanted perception would stop. So they would still know as to why, wouldn’t they?

Or are we still going with Harry and Louis dissolving their friendship blindly?

So if he knows enough, what is enough? (This is one of the first head cannons to be presented, especially since they talked about it openly about them meeting in a bathroom)

He apparently knew a good amount, if you believe he personally sent out the bullshit tweet on September 16th (Oops hadn’t even come into existence yet) over conspiracy theories, but I won’t get into that today.

So where is the line drawn? Why wear a sweater that is heavily associated with a tattoo that we mach back up to Harry, to first meeting his best friend…is it so wrong?

And if you were to discount this, how do you discount everything else?

The one where Kiba is the ultimate wing man and a NejiTen shipper.
  • *on the Sasuke retrieval mission*
  • Chouji: So how do you think the girls are doing?
  • Shikamaru: Does it matter right now? Troublesome.
  • Kiba: Well we saw Sakura and she was crying over Sasuke.
  • Naruto: ....She really likes Sasuke.
  • Kiba: Don't worry man, one day she'll see how awesome you are.
  • Naruto: Wow thanks man.
  • Chouji: Neji you've been awfully quiet.
  • Neji: I just don't care about this conversation.
  • Kiba: Man you're lucky you already have a girlfriend and stuff.
  • Neji: What?!
  • Chouji: Oh yeah! You and Tenten!
  • Neji: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Kiba: Dude everyone knows you like her, and I'm pretty sure she feels the same way.
  • Shikamaru: It's so obvious even Naruto can see it.
  • Naruto: Hey! Okay true....
  • Neji: Why are you all so interested in my personal life?! *runs ahead*
  • Kiba: *to himself* They are so together.
  • Akamaru: Woof! (True.)
Just saw Naruto Gaiden spoilers

I have classes (and a writing test) tomorrow (actually i was still studying), but I saw NG spoilers now and I needed to share me happiness. As I don’t have friends who like NG, I just came to Tumblr.


I’m REALLY feeling happy right now. Just imagining what can happen already makes me happy. I can’t even imagine how happy I will be after the manga releases. 

Kishimoto, thank you (finally!)

PS: Please, Evil, I hope you’re not lying ;-;