i don't care if this was already on tumblr

Fuck ya all.

I don’t need someone.

—  Sadness
  • SCP Tumblr fandom/mainsite coldposters: all the skips hang out in the site cafeteria together and are all buddies!! the coolest skips who are also people get to wander around the site freely because they're cool like that and because they're people. sometimes the foundation loves the skips so much that they let them be agents too because it's fun to have an anomalous buddy on your side right!! the foundation is nice people so they let the D-classes get promoted to staff when they don't fuck up for a month or if they get too sad because they're D-class and that's a depressing job. the foundation is full of tender loving souls who just want to be at peace with everyone and everyone lives in one big happy site where all the sapient skips conveniently live on the literal same hallway together!! so close! everyone is love and happiness and good and pure smol souls. the foundation and the goc are getting married next week and im going to the wedding
  • me: uuuuummmmmmmm that doesn't really sound canonically-
  • Canon-conforming SCP Wiki User(TM) who's Been Around a While(R), interjecting: That's highly illogical. No one lets SCP objects wander around the site; that defeats the entire point of containment. The Foundation is a harsh organization with literally no respect for human rights whatsoever and it is impossible for even one single Foundation employee to be anything other than a heartless slab of gray concrete shaped vaguely like a human being. One time a Foundation agent tried to process an emotional thought and literally just imploded. Human SCP objects have 0.00 human rights left and are likely incapable of conscious thought whatsoever due to the way they're treated. All they do is sit in a box with no books, television, computers, or games (that'd be unclinical) and hate themselves. The Foundation regularly tortures D-classes just for the hell of it because they're cold, heartless assholes. Human skips are subjected to unethical testing procedures literally 749867598 hours a day and absolutely no one cares because feelings don't exist. The world has already ended four times over and SCP-2000 rebooted it. Every time the world reboots the color drains from it and soon everything on Earth will be gray like the Foundation's morals. There is no hope. Put this through the draft forums next time
  • me: look, can we just,
He stared at me for a few seconds before opening his mouth and saying the one thing every girl wants to hear. “I think I’m falling in love with you”. And in that moment I felt the happiest I have ever felt, and the biggest grin spread across my stupid little face. It felt like the world stopped spinning for a second and we were the only two people that mattered.

And the best thing about it? I already knew that I was falling in love with him too.

—  my happiest memories with him

imagine a world where you block someone and their crap content doesn’t show up on your dash anymore

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Oh, for Chrissake. Already, certain factions are blaming Democrats/liberals for the violent acts of one. Single. Person. Have we been so conditioned to "win" that some see attempted murder as a chance for victory? After this, we'll either learn – slowly, painfully – to respect each other or we'll kill each other off. It's our choice. For now, it's a good idea to quiet the rhetoric and just listen.

yeah the self-righteousness on display makes me want to puke. who’s surprised though, republicans make everything partisan and they have been creaming themselves to put party above country and american lives for 8 years now. this isn’t a liberal/democratic issue; the rhetoric and extremism by republicans ever since obama was elected has been ramping up to the point they elected a fucking sexual predator who calls Mexicans rapists and mocks disabled people and calls for the violent removal of reporters and protesters and whose supporters have regularly called for shooting and killing Hillary and her supporters and whose own children regularly dehumanize liberals. and now they want to gaslight us like our visceral fight or flight response and survival instincts to being physically and emotionally and legislatively persecuted isn’t warranted. they want to act SHOCKED that their extremism has consequences, their extremism pushes other extremists to violence, even against themselves. they’ve dialed into white people’s, white MEN’S anger and when a white man actually uses it against them, they are SHOOK.

nevermind the fact they refuse to do anything to limit access to guns, to address the real problem of white men and their terrorism against everyone in this country. nevermind that the common denominator among these violent perpetrators and mass shooters is a history of domestic violence and assault on women.

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Jund, if you happen to see this, please read. Cry, you know, your friend who just had severe surgery, is being called a pedophile by a bunch of people. I'm sorry, I really don't want to start anything, but this is really not okay. He's your friend, and I thought you might want to know. Cheyenne is already aware of it, but I'm not sure about the others of the LNC... I want to try and stop this bullshit before it really starts. I wanted to warn you about it before you get dragged in. Thank you.

who fucking cares this is tumblr. its probably some rabid butthurt fangirls


Okay I finally fixed the screenshots orz so here’s the Kaneki essay people have been asking to read. I screenshot it because I don’t want to run into the risk of “plagiarism” even though it’s already been graded but nothing wrong with being too careful right? Also I apologize for the grammar mistakes because I am so bad at essays. Also I had to write an ethical will in the point of view of Kaneki so here’s extra:

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I also want to know your opinion, but I honestly feel Tumblr exaggerates with the whole "representation!!11" stuff. Being LGBT myself (the L to be exact) I don't really care if a couple/character in a movie/serie is gay, hetero, interracial, etc. I mean... i'm seeing the movie/serie/thing for the plot, and not for the couple/lgbtsdkmfksnuinfsiπ character. People already know LGBT people exists, and if someone is lgbtphobic(?) they aren't going to see it, so what's the point?

Representation is important because it normalizes the fact that people like that exist. I think the problem with what Tumblr wants is that they often want the person’s diversity to be a plot point, but making that the only representation that exists runs the risk of creating a caricature or othering that person further. I think the best way to give representation is to make that person’s diversity seem normal.

Example: A black person working as the head investigator in a crime drama, but people accept him as the boss and people talking back to him and not accepting his orders because he’s black isn’t a plot point of the show. It shows him as a leader that everyone accepts. If that representation is shown often enough, then it becomes seen as more normal in society.

So I think the way representation occurs is important, and token “include a black person to include a black person and show how black they are” (or for any race/gender/sexuality) makes backwards progress.

Baby, go ahead,
call me poisonous,
tell me my opinion is a lie
but my love for you
was never falsified

darling, maybe you can pretend
that none of this 
was your fault,
maybe it will help
you sleep better at night,
maybe then the flames 
won’t haunt your dreams,
maybe then you wont’t hear 
my anguished screams 

and sweetheart, 
continue to claim innocence,
claim righteousness,
label yourself judge, juror, and bailiff,
but you and your mob came for me 
when the riot was already over,
the ashes had cooled and settled 
and instead of letting them 
blow away, you pulled out a match
and struck 

oh, and maybe instead of pet names 
I’ll call you Holy,
because for all you claim 
to be above human squabbles,
you sure seem to like the fire,
your words are like gasoline
and I hope you don’t need this bridge 
in the future, I hope you don’t drown
in the river

—  Call yourself Hathorne, you burned me at the stake || O.L.
A car is coming.
  • friend: why don't you care getting hurt?
  • me: *shrug*
  • friend: and what if you get yourselve killed?
  • me: nothing can ever kill me
  • friend: and why is that?
  • me: because I'm already dead inside.
  • me for real now: don't worry I do care, I just didn't see that car coming. I'm fine.
The Signs Pregnant
  • Aries: *touches tummy* "Hello tiny human inside me. You're gonna be such a badass if you're gonna be my child."
  • Taurus: "Doesn't this mean I can eat even MORE now and people can't complain?" *sinister smile*
  • Gemini: Very Pissed off they can't drink alcohol for almost a year
  • Cancer: Already knows they're gonna be the best mom on the face of the earth
  • Leo: "I'm dressing you to look like some of those Tumblr toddlers!!!1!"
  • Virgo: *Looks at stomach* "I am so sorry."
  • Libra: "Um, I can barely take care of myself..."
  • Scorpio: "Oh, so this is what happens when you have sex."
  • Sagittarius: Decides where the baby and them will go after it is born but the baby will have no recollection of them going there cuz it's a baby
  • Capricorn: "... He looks like a Thad."
  • "We don't know the gender of it."
  • "Thad."
  • Aquarius: "This. Is. Science. I am now a doctor." *starts making their own ultrasound*
  • Pisces: "Is there any way I can turn it into a meme?"

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Could you post a picture of you? Or reblog it if you have already posted one? I like your sense of humor and I'd like to know who I have a Tumblr crush on ;) (yes, this is my lame attempt at flirting with you, I don't care).

this is the cutest message i’ve ever received

i don’t have that many pictures of me? i feel like that applies to most socially awkward asian boys though

this one is from when i met noelle stevenson (gingerhaze) in person at my school a while back (jeez was it last year or the year before???) i’m the one on the left in the arrested development shirt grinning like an idiot

it was probably the high point of my entire life and it’s all going downhill from here

  • Tumblr: Ugh, Marvel's giving us ANOTHER Spider-Man movie with a white guy? Like they haven't done that already. How original.
  • Me: Actually they haven't, this is their first time making a Spider-Man movie, and they probably just want to restore good faith after Sony made those godawful Amazing Spider-Man movies. They're not trying to be original, they just want to be in charge of making a movie for their most famous superhero.
  • Tumblr: Oh my god after all these reboots I don't even care about Spider-Man anymore.
  • Me: I hardly think 2 is an excessive number...
  • Tumblr: Oh my god seriously? A third reboot?
  • Me: I mean, it seems to me like you don't know how to count... or what a reboot is...
  • Tumblr: Why can't they give us a PoC Spider-Man?
  • Tumblr: Ugh, how could they replace Andrew Garfield? I love him so much!
  • Tumblr: I can't believe people say such terrible things about other people based on the color of their skin.
  • Tumblr: Ugh, look at this nasty white boy. I am disgusted.
  • Me: ...