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I’ll Be Good - Part 1

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Summary: You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op.

Warnings: swearing (honestly shocked I haven’t sworn already), mild violence

Word count: 1700 (is it lucky that my first post is 1700 even?!)

Author’s Note: I have had a spectacularly awful day and have decided that I might as well let my b.barnes tumblr go down with the ship. So I’m posting my first ever attempt at a fic. I have written 3 parts and stared at them with trepidation for a week. Pt 3 is my fav., so I’ll post at least that much unless you all tell me there are enough self-indulgent non-writers out there and I need to stop now.

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Here goes…

This was a pretty simple mission. The interrogation last week had been fruitful and the small team were now en route to the drop off site. It was an illegal weapons trade, their goal was to stop it and capture the leaders. They had the most adept team available and it should have been simple – Clint was pilot and as usual the tactical eyes in the field. Bucky and Nat would take out the security, clearing a path for Steve to apprehend the organizers. Routine.

They landed in a heavily wooded area a mile from the site of the deal. The four of them left the jet and started making their way in when a long-range shot skimmed a nearby tree. As the team ducked for cover, Natasha examined the fresh wound on her left arm just inches above a very similar scar she had obtained a few years earlier. “Shit,” she mumbled thinking If that was Y/N, that was a warning shot, and Y/N won’t be so generous with the rest of my team.

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I don’t think you’ve yet noticed how captured I am by the sound of you. You haven’t come to understand what the syllables you say mean to me or why I pay such careful attention to the way you’ve made them dance for me. They’re breathing in my head and bouncing around my thoughts, and I don’t know how to get you out of me just yet. Maybe it’s the way the mystery rolls off of your tongue while at the same time everything’s all too familiar. Maybe it’s the way your lips form my name without calling me crazy. I think I’d step into you if it meant getting to hear your lungs calling me from inside your chest as well, if it meant that I could hear your heart sing too.
—  🖤

Okay I finally fixed the screenshots orz so here’s the Kaneki essay people have been asking to read. I screenshot it because I don’t want to run into the risk of “plagiarism” even though it’s already been graded but nothing wrong with being too careful right? Also I apologize for the grammar mistakes because I am so bad at essays. Also I had to write an ethical will in the point of view of Kaneki so here’s extra:

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Okay so I already know I’m going to receive hate for this, but I’m just really done with the attitudes of anti-religious people, especially on tumblr, after tragedies like this. It’s disgusting to see the claims that religions are inherently misogynistic and homophobic when there are multitudes of religious groups out right now forming relief efforts and doing all they can to aid those hurt by the tragedy. I can’t speak for Islam, though I doubt it teaches much differently, but one of the principal teachings of Christianity is to love others and not pass judgment on them. It does not matter what they’ve done, or what they’re doing, everyone is a child of God and deserves love. Now I want you to tell me how that teaching condones hate or any of the tragedies that have been caused by extremists taking teachings out of context.

Blame skewed beliefs. Blame the criminal. But do not blame large groups simply because they don’t adhere to the same belief system as you, because I can assure you that almost everyone out here, regardless of race, gender, or religion, just wants to see peace in our world and in the hearts of those who have been horribly affected by this tragedy.

can we weaponize comfort already? 

a lot of places have a culture that valorizes never sleeping and not eating right and not taking breaks and stuff like that. 

fuck that. I want like

look at how comfortable and well rested I am. I am well-nourished, I take bubble baths, and I have a good work-life balance. 

self-care has made me strong. has running yourself into the ground made you strong?

I will destroy you. and then I will have a pleasant lunch.

can we weaponize that?

You know what? fuck it. THIS IS A REPOST:


Of one of MY own gifs. The one I just posted LAST NIGHT. And it have more notes already than my own post wtf. I already sent an ask to the person so they take it down but I’m seeing the whole thing all over my dash and yes, I got mad. Honestly guys, it’s so easy to tell a repost from a reblog. Those two gifs are so different. In color, in size etc etc etc. 

This fandom just keep doing crap like that over and over again. Other times it have been some else’s gifs and idgaf if this it’s the first time someone repost my stuff,but it IS the first time it gets to my dash.

I was going to make a request tonight but honestly I’m too mad right now to do anything. I mean, why people fight for fanfics and fanart and yet gifs is like free way or something? it’s hard to make those too you know? Also this is a small fandom, where stuff gets reblogged over and over. Of course we are going to notice.

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Just saw Naruto Gaiden spoilers

I have classes (and a writing test) tomorrow (actually i was still studying), but I saw NG spoilers now and I needed to share me happiness. As I don’t have friends who like NG, I just came to Tumblr.


I’m REALLY feeling happy right now. Just imagining what can happen already makes me happy. I can’t even imagine how happy I will be after the manga releases. 

Kishimoto, thank you (finally!)

PS: Please, Evil, I hope you’re not lying ;-;