i don't care if this was already on tumblr

me reading the hate for call me by your name on this hell website

Fuck ya all.

I don’t need someone.

—  Sadness
  • SCP Tumblr fandom/mainsite coldposters: all the skips hang out in the site cafeteria together and are all buddies!! the coolest skips who are also people get to wander around the site freely because they're cool like that and because they're people. sometimes the foundation loves the skips so much that they let them be agents too because it's fun to have an anomalous buddy on your side right!! the foundation is nice people so they let the D-classes get promoted to staff when they don't fuck up for a month or if they get too sad because they're D-class and that's a depressing job. the foundation is full of tender loving souls who just want to be at peace with everyone and everyone lives in one big happy site where all the sapient skips conveniently live on the literal same hallway together!! so close! everyone is love and happiness and good and pure smol souls. the foundation and the goc are getting married next week and im going to the wedding
  • me: uuuuummmmmmmm that doesn't really sound canonically-
  • Canon-conforming SCP Wiki User(TM) who's Been Around a While(R), interjecting: That's highly illogical. No one lets SCP objects wander around the site; that defeats the entire point of containment. The Foundation is a harsh organization with literally no respect for human rights whatsoever and it is impossible for even one single Foundation employee to be anything other than a heartless slab of gray concrete shaped vaguely like a human being. One time a Foundation agent tried to process an emotional thought and literally just imploded. Human SCP objects have 0.00 human rights left and are likely incapable of conscious thought whatsoever due to the way they're treated. All they do is sit in a box with no books, television, computers, or games (that'd be unclinical) and hate themselves. The Foundation regularly tortures D-classes just for the hell of it because they're cold, heartless assholes. Human skips are subjected to unethical testing procedures literally 749867598 hours a day and absolutely no one cares because feelings don't exist. The world has already ended four times over and SCP-2000 rebooted it. Every time the world reboots the color drains from it and soon everything on Earth will be gray like the Foundation's morals. There is no hope. Put this through the draft forums next time
  • me: look, can we just,
safe word

I get horny sometimes
mostly I feel more ashamed
than anything else
my sex drive is a cement
block tied around my neck
as I sink in the sea of the unclean

sometimes I want to fuck
a woman so hard that she
forgets her name
she just mouths screams
she forgets how to speak
she just loves me

is it so wrong?
does it make me a freak?
should I just chop my dick
pray I don’t need it again?

sometimes I get so lonely
I wish to be pulled so deeply
inside of someone that I
never find my way back out

I want to be the sunrise
someone wakes up early for
I want to be someone’s
favorite season
I want to feel her most private
on my tongue
on my chin
I want to be something different
than a human being
if only for a few minutes
that won’t be counted
just experienced

I want to be someone’s drug
they can’t quit
I want someone to turn me
into an addict
I want to be the answer
to every question she’s ever had
I want to be the reason she
always has a new one to ask

I want to be punched in the chest
I want to be choked until turning
blue is my safe word
I want to be ground into dust
then pieced back together as
best as possible
then I want to be lit on fire
only to be rebuilt again

I want to be a book you read
from cover to cover
as soon as the last word is
devoured I want to be read

I want to be sacrificed in
the moonlight and haunt you
I want purple bite marks poking
out from my shirt collar that
incites riots in the pants of
other women

maybe I will take them too
maybe I won’t
maybe I only want her or you
maybe I’m too ashamed to
figure out what the fuck to do

I just want to be four posted
reverse cowgirl because I’m
out of metaphor
when I’m manic
I’m kind of a whore

that’s okay right?
am I wrong?
am I broken?
am I a demon?

at this point
I don’t care
my only safe
word is don’t

I’m drowning
I’m alone

I’m already dead

He stared at me for a few seconds before opening his mouth and saying the one thing every girl wants to hear. “I think I’m falling in love with you”. And in that moment I felt the happiest I have ever felt, and the biggest grin spread across my stupid little face. It felt like the world stopped spinning for a second and we were the only two people that mattered.

And the best thing about it? I already knew that I was falling in love with him too.

—  my happiest memories with him
today is my 1st tumblr anniversary!

I was going through a few of my old posts and I thought I remembered starting my blog in October, and when I looked at the actual date of my first post on here, it was October 29, 2016!! I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I gathered the guts & started this blog & started to post my writing (the very first was my Park Place series)!

in only a year, I’ve (somehow) gained 3700 followers, strengthened my love for both writing and reading fanfiction, fallen deeper in love with my favorite characters, and most importantly, formed so many friendships I wouldn’t otherwise have had I not started this blog. 

so, I want to say thank you to everyone. to all of my followers and friends, who have been here all this time supporting me and encouraging me to write and broaden my creative horizons. some of you have been here from the very beginning, and to me it’s crazy that some of you have stuck around my weird self for so long, and have continued reading my work all this time. I’m insanely grateful and shocked that I get as much support as I do, but I’m no less grateful for each and every one of you. if you’re not mentioned here, know that I love you & appreciate you just as much - I wish I COULD tag each and every one of you (3703, to be exact), but that be a bit hard. also, I’m still a bit foggy from pain, but I want to write this all anyway, so just let me know if I missed anyone!

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we can use the fancy fonts on mobile without putting in weird codes

this day, august 29, 2017, will be remembered by mobile tumblr users forever

  • <p> <b>Left brain:</b> *studying and trying to take in technical information*<p/><b>Right brain:</b> You know what?! I think we should write something...right now! I'm ready to go!<p/><b>Left brain:</b> It's a bad time<p/><b>Right brain:</b> It's never a bad time to create! I have this amazing idea, better hurry up before I lose it...<p/><b>Left brain:</b> Who cares?<p/><b>Right brain:</b> Wha--? How could you say that?! Don't you even want to know my idea?!<p/><b>Left brain:</b> Not right now<p/><b>Right brain:</b> I gotta get it out of me, or else I might explode!<p/><b>Left brain:</b> Oh, please! You will not! Just shut up already!<p/><b>Right brain:</b> *stunned silent, then several seconds later whispers* I can't believe you actually lost your cool! What were you doing that was so important anyway?<p/><b>Left brain:</b> *sighs deeply* I don't even remember now<p/></p>

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Hi!! May i request a reaction for if bts' biracial s/o, who usually doesn't care what they look like, starts to freak out because people keep mentioning how she looks, whether or not it's good or bad comments. If you already did this and i just didn't see it, pls ignore this lol. If you don't want to do it, i'll understand. I love your tumblr and i hope you stay atound for a while😊 have a good day/night.

BTS Reaction To Their Biracial S/O Freaking Out About Other People’s Comments On Their Looks

Prompt: The two of you decided to go for a stroll around town, since it was such a nice day and it was rare for the two of you to both be free at the same time, so you wanted to take advantage of this time and enjoy a relaxing day. When the two of you happened to walk past a group of kids who immediately stopped chatting and looked you over and whispered you couldn’t help, but feel a little insecure about your appearance and hid behind him trying to not be seen. “What’s the matter jagi?” he’d say looking over at the group “they’re probably saying something about,right? Because I look like this…”


He’d take your hand moving you from behind him, smiling at you he’d nod his head which would make you shock for a second until he spoke up. “They probably are, you know why, because you’re the prettiest woman in all of Seoul” he’d chuckle placing a kiss upon your hand.


Yoongi would look at you with his mouth open for a moment ‘is she serious?!’ he’d think before blinking closing his mouth. “Don’t stress over those things Y/N, who cares what other people think, but between us they’re probably just jealous of your beautiful mixed genes” he’d give that adorable gummy smile, letting you know everything is alright.

Rap Monster:

“You just look too good Y/N that’s why they’re all looking at you” he’d look at the group seeing a few of guys look you up and down. “I just hope none of them try to sweep you away from me” he’d laugh holding your cheek in his hand “after all you’re mine and mine alone”


“Of course you attract stares Y/N it’s not often people get to witness such a perfect sunshine couple like us” he’d give you many kisses “in all seriousness though really jagi you shouldn’t worry they only stare because you truly are spectacular”. Hearing such words would definitely boost your spirits.


“I doubt that’s what they’re talking about jagi, but rather it’s bad or good things, shouldn’t bother you, only thing that matters is that your comfortable with yourself, I know I am, I love you, all of you” he’d make a heart with his hands before hugging you tight “don’t forget that, love yourself jagi”


At first he wouldn’t understand why you would think other people are talking about just because of the way you look. “I don’t see the problem here Y/N, clearly the others just don’t recognize someone with your beauty, luckily for me, I got you before anyone else did” cupping your face he’d give you a big kiss. Mwuah~💋


He’d be a little dramatic. “What would they even have to talk about?” he’d look at you for a few seconds before leaning against the wall letting out a sigh “oh my god jagi your beauty is blinding, that must be the reason, they just had to stop and stare at this shining star here” he’d wink, making you laugh nonetheless though feeling better about yourself.


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Your art is the most cringe thing I've ever seen I don't even see why you even try to draw...you'll always be horrible at art and you know it!!!! Just delete this account from Tumblr already

Tbh Idc Anon, as long as this wasn’t to a friend of mine like @nvart1 @gamesitfo (except he can’t draw according to him XD) @cookievsmilk (who did get a hate message yesterday….) @ect people I care about, but if you did well…


I used to feel guilty about not “properly” consuming a series, that, oh, sure, I could be a casual fan, that was fine, but I couldn’t just watch whatever season of Game of Thrones happened to catch my interesting, I couldn’t just read the first three chapters of A Shitload of Incest and Fucking before deciding it wasn’t for me, I couldn’t just read spoilers on-line or read fic that interested me or say, yeah, so I skipped seasons 3-5, no biggie.

But now I don’t care.  I’ll flail over the things I like in the current GoT season, I won’t push myself to read what I don’t have time/energy for, I’ll reblog all the gifs I want, I’ll read whatever fic I want, and I will have fun.

And it’s an entirely valid and real way to be a fan of something.  I’m just here to have fun and that’s incredibly freeing for someone who used to feel like I had to do it “properly”!

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Logan's cooking skill is horrible. He always pack lunch for Charles, who always complains about the taste but always finishes his lunch.

Anon I love this idea so much I was hanging on to it to write a little snippet but unfortunately I got super busy in the RL and couldn’t make it happen sorry! But omg I adore the idea of Logan being a pretty awful cook (I mean, maybe he burns meat alright on the bbq, and he can do pancakes using the box mix but anything else is sort of … beyond him lol) but he makes the attempt for Charles :D :D :D

I imagine Hank is a pretty great cook (he’s had to be, to make sure he and Charles didn’t starve all that time with just the two of them at the mansion) but with the School up and running again, neither of them have much time to eat, let alone cook. So maybe Logan takes it on himself to help out, and make sure they get fed regularly (never mind that they have a cook on staff, who you know, actually knows how to prepare meals that don’t taste like cardboard) and decides to bring Charles (and Hank, cause they’re besties haha) their lunch on a tray and with cutlery and everything LOL. And Charles is super touched but also tries to avoid it by a) claiming not to be hungry b) has a lunch meeting or c) has already eaten; none of which really works on Logan because he is adamant about TAKING CARE OF CHARLES OMG :D

(And Hank laughs because Logan doesn’t care if he doesn’t finish or even attempt to eat his lunch but Charles has to sit there and ‘mmmm yes…this is quite…good’ through every horrible bite lol!

‘Deep Green’

By Indiana


Characters: Edward Nygma, Riddlerbot OC (Deep Green, conceptualised by @mindismosthuman of Tumblr)

Synopsis:  Sometimes you just need to build your own chess computer.


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sania0810  asked:

I came across many posts saying "when Julian dies" and "I can't believe Julian is going to die". I can't believe we're losing hope already. I don't want my baby to die. What is it?

There is a ton of foreshadowing for Julian’s death, my prediction for it came after Lady Midnight after the quote “you’re a good boy, Julian. But it won’t help you, in the end.” The foreshadowing continues in Lord of Shadows, and can be inferred through hints given by CC.
However, I don’t think the issue is as black and white as people imply on Tumblr. This is a grey area, because there are many questions surrounding it such as “then who will take care of the children?” “will it be permanent?” “will emma also die because of how strong their bond is?” etc.
I also think people are forgetting Cassie has already said QOAAD won’t be as tragic as LOS but there will still be many unanswered questions…. that will be answered in TWP. Of course we don’t know how to interpret this information because CC can change her mind (reminder QOAAD is not complete), and she likes to surprise us and keep us at the edge of our seats.
As much as I love my baby Jules and the queen and love of my life Emma Carstairs, if this series has taught me anything, it has been to be prepared for anything.