i don't care if this ship ever gets romance

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I was never part of the ship wars in bleach and never really cared about the ships but come on even I can't understand people say that ichiruki isn't canon. Like, let's be real, what more must happen so people see it? And ichihime, nono. There never was a thing. Can't grasp how people even ship them, it's the most one sided thing ever and it's clear to see. I just don't get it, why is it being denied so much by him since himself made it so obvious lol. Face it pal, it's romance, not crime.

That’s so true. But the thing about Ichihime is that the shipper love the old passioned style when it comes to romance. I don’t insist that I’m right about my observations about them but, let’s be real.

They like Orihime for Ichigo because:

1. She’s beautiful. (The body, face and personality a.k.a her bubbly side persona.)

2. She’s the princess in distress. (Yes. She is. Her whole persona is the princess in distress.)

3. She have a crush on the Hero. (Which is obviously one-sided) And it’s unknown to the Hero too. (How cute is that?)

4. She always need protection. (And who better protect her than Ichigo a.k.a the one who protects?)

5. Other stuffs Idk. (Hehe, this post is getting too long for me, sorry.)

But the thing is that Bleach isn’t that typical.

Ichigo isn’t that typical.

Because Ichigo needs someone too.

He’s not that Dattebayo guy, who can push himself to his best.

He needs someone to do that for him.

He’s not that Geass guy, who knows what he wanted and needed.

He still needs someone to remind him of what’s important.

He’s not that Pirate driven guy, who believes in himself strongly.

He needs someone who believes in him so strong, that he is in her heart forever imprinted.

And we all know who that is. ;)


Kuchiki Rukia