i don't care if this movie is bad


Dear Sora, I’m sorry about what happened. I haven’t felt this bad since the time I accidentally threw up in your hat and didn’t tell you about it before you put it on. I know our relationship has been a little stormy lately. You say you love thundershowers, so what’s a few raindrops between friends? Love, Tai. Love? I mean from!

maxum-the-mage  asked:

Chicken Little is decent, but it definitely suffers from the classic western cartoon problem of "almost everyone a short-tempered bad communicator". That said, Chicken Little standing up to his dad and Buck Cluck apologizing for his movie-long negligence is still one of my favorite moments in any Disney movie.

I can’t say I really agreed with that. Chicken Little’s dad was constantly neglecting him, wouldn’t even stand up for his son when the town turned on him, and only started showing care and concern when he won a baseball game and became popular. The dad can apologize all he wants, but having him be so easily forgiven feels rushed and dishonest. Bottom line, Chicken Little risked everything, and the father risked nothing and was rewarded for that nothing. I like happy endings as much as the next person, but if you’re going to redeem a character, make sure they’re a character that can still be redeemed, and unfortunately the father is too unlikable for the ending that we got.

i’m the kinda person who cries over kids movies and feels bad when i squish a bug and i say “bless you” if someone sneezes on the other side of a building and i don’t think any of that is a bad thing

Kind of Love

So this just kind of blasted through my mind.

Platonic Love: is where you find people who who care for deeply and love as family and friends. You would love to hang out with them and talk, or even simply rest in a cuddle pile as friends/family watching movies together or getting annyoed by pets. These people are supposed to stick by your side and help you through the bad times, they often serve as your anchors and links to morality there to remind you that things aren’t all bad.

Romantic Love: These are the people who you would give your own life and happiness for. Who you would fall into the very core of the Earth itself and die just to know that they would be happy and safe. You would move heaven and earth just to keep them happy. At times you may disagree with them but you still love and care deeply for them. It may not all be sunshine and rainbows but these are the people who you would pamper and shush them and say “just let me make you happy”.

Also, they’re the people who you would like to date and possibly marry. Body, Gender and the rest don’t apply because it’s love.

Sexual Love/Lust: These are the people you want to have sex with… that’s it. All appearance and aesthetic and no deeper emotional connection.

Callie Curious About War Boy Chicks

You know what Fury Road was missing, at least to me?  Wild and crazy puppy like chicks among the wild and crazy puppy like Boys now here me out k, just, listen.

All the chicks in this movie, even Furiosa, are depicted as “good” and “caring” and all around positivity.  Yes Furiosa has done some seriously fucked up shit in the past and at first just helps the Wives out to spite Joe but she’s still a good guy after that.

How sick would it have been to see a few bald, scarred chicks with huge pants with many pockets atop a few cars?  I mean, not all chicks feel sympathy for chicks, and in War Boy culture there’s no sympathy for outside their own kin anyways so I don’t see how it couldn’t work.  Gender obviously doesn’t matter to the War Boys, or you might have heard them say some word or something about women at least once.  They see the Wives as Joe sees them, property and if they catch them, they can get rewarded big time.  They see Furiosa as Joe does, a force to be reckoned with.  I mean come on, he’s got three war parties after her!

I’m not saying throw a million chicks in there, but a few peppered throughout the crowd wouldn’t’ve been too bad.  I’m not talkin’ about focusing on them either, I’m just sayin’ I saw a lack of breasticles among the crowd of War Boys.  You could close up on one chick, as they close up on several other people in this movie even when they don’t have to like Ace and the V8 salute or the Polecat who spotted the rig.  There’s a lot of close up shots of people in this movie where there doesn’t need to be but George wants there to be because he wants you to see this world and the people in it.  I did almost think this one War Boy in overalls was a chick…

Hey man, even Humungous had a chick among his boys, and Aunty Entity was a villain all herself, and ya know, I’m always wonderin’, why ain’t no chicks in these crowds?  I mean what does Joe do with the half life chicks…unless they cut off their tatas or something.  Idk, maybe George didn’t wanna show titties (cuz he didn’t show any titties in this thing, not like a full show of a rack) but then he showed titties in Road Warrior…granted that chick was being ahemed…

I’m sayin why not have a couple vaginas with flamethrowers or something? 

Plus, wouldn’t it make it harder to call this movie Feminist Propaganda that way?  Cuz ya got chicks on both sides…

In the end I don’t care too much, but I did care a little.  I just wanna see one wild and crazy chick among a wild and crazy group of dudes without having to do it myself, and I’ve had to do it myself.  They don’t gotta be important, I just wanna see them there somewhere.