i don't care if this movie is bad

  • things you should not come to me about: how much you hate ron weasley and his fans and how he's not that great
  • things you can always come to me about: how much you love ron weasley and the books and to complain about the movies

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I just can't watch the fantastic beasts franchise, I just can't. Jhonny Depp being there ruined the experience for me, I don't feel comfortable with a woman agressor being in such a big movie and how people do not care about it. What to you think about that? (sorry for the bad english)

Tbh if you don’t want to watch Fantastic Beasts because of Depp, or you want to watch it but in a way that doesn’t give him money, I’m totally with you on that. Like, me and my friend saw Murder on the Orient Express last weekend and if we hadn’t already bought the tickets before we realised he was in it, we would have made other plans. It’s despicable that men who are proven to be abusive are still given work and attention and celebrity in Hollywood, and their victims treated like attention seekers.

Bear that in mind, actually, when we talk about Fantastic Beasts - we don’t support Depp, or his casting. I loved the first Fantastic Beasts film, but I’m very apprehensive about the next four because he’ll be more prominent and that’s? Not something I’m down with. I’ll still probably see them (by whatever means) but I don’t want to support him at all.

(also your English is great anon, no worries!)

Things The Signs Have Said That Break My Heart
  • Aries: Was I ever anything more than a sad kid? I thought the drugs would help, but they just make you sadder and a little deader. I really tried my best, but I don't think there's much use anymore. Nobody cared then, and nobody cares now.
  • Taurus: I'm sorry, but I fell in love with you. I watch you move and I'm captivated. The world slows down just a little bit when I look at you. I wanna kiss your long neck, and run my fingers through your curly hair. I wanna listen to you talk for hours about old movies and bad music. I wanna hear every word that you have to say. But I can't, because you're in love with someone else
  • Gemini: I dreamed so much as a little kid. All those dreams are dead know. The world has a lot of fun killing little girls dreams.
  • Cancer: Please don't go! Stay! Stay! I need you to stay! No one ever stays.
  • Leo: I used to be special. Everyone thought I was going to be this amazing person. They thought I would do great things, but look at me. I'm nothing. If I was anything, it would be a failure.
  • Virgo: She just left. She didn't say anything. In one simple second, all the love and laughter that we had, was ripped from both of us. She just decided she did't feel like loving me anymore.
  • Libra: It's all gone. Any hope that I had is gone.
  • Scorpio: Do you think that if I get prettier, he might look at me like he used to? Maybe he'll love me again.
  • Sagittarius: The whole world is at my fingertips, they say, but I can't seem to ever grab it.
  • Capricorn: I could tell she didn't love me anymore. She would smile, but in her eyes I could see the pity and slight disgust she had for me. I tried to stop loving her, but I couldn't. I felt pathetic, like I was stood up. But this time I couldn't just go home and forget about it the next day. She was, and still is, my everything.
  • Aquarius: I don't want to feel this anymore. I don't want to be trapped in my mind. I want to live again. I just want to see the light one more time.
  • Pisces: Could you just tell me you love me? You don't have to mean it. I just want, for a second, to feel loved.
a masterlist of prompts and sentence starters
  • ☂: our muses get caught in the rain outside without an umbrella
  • ★: our muses stargaze together
  • ✈: your muse is going away for a time and says goodbye to my muse or vice versa
  • ❤: one of our muses says the first "i love you" to the other
  • ✿: your muse asks my muse to dance with them or vice versa
  • ☤: my muse visits your muse at the hospital
  • ☢: your muse tells my muse that they need to break up
  • ☯: our muses have their first kiss
  • ❅: our muses have a snowball fight
  • ☠: my muse visits your muse's grave
  • ▲: how our muses first met
  • ➳: how one of our muses asked the other on a first date
  • ✌: our muses' wedding
  • ⌚: my muse proposes to your muse or vice versa
  • "Please don't leave me."
  • "I don't want to lose you, okay?"
  • "Because I love you!"
  • "And I thought I could trust you."
  • "I can't believe you forgot."
  • "What did you do this time?"
  • "We're going to get caught!"
  • "Kiss me."
  • "I'm sorry, I screwed up."
  • "I might be drunk."
  • "You look beautiful."
  • "That smirk is annoyingly hard to ignore."
  • "Stop staring at me!"
  • "Please go away, you can't see me like this."
  • "Come on, dance with me."
  • "I need you. I need us."
  • "You can't just lead me on like that!"
  • "I can't do this anymore."
  • "Oh, I'm nothing special."
  • "Just don't forget me, okay?"
  • "You have to let me go."
  • "We'll get through this together."
  • "You're not alone, you know."
  • "Shut up! I hate you!"
  • "I wish this could last forever."
  • "Maybe I was right in thinking that I should never have even fallen in love with you."
  • "What would the world be like without you?"
  • "Why do you like me so much?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Shit, what did I do?"
  • [text]: Fuck you.
  • [text]: Where are you?
  • [text]: I'm sick.
  • [text]: I love you.
  • [text]: I wish I could be with you right now.
  • [text]: I'm at your door.
  • [text]: Is that all you care about?
  • [text]: Please stop talking about her/him.
  • [text]: Just come over, watch a movie, and cuddle with me.
  • [text]: Don't even start.
  • [text]: Is that all I am to you?
  • [text]: Help me.
  • [text]: Wait, what happened?
  • [text]: I can't go to sleep because you're on my mind.
  • [text]: I miss you.
  • [text]: Good night.
  • [text]: Stop leaving me voicemails, I'm not going to forgive you.
  • [text]: Tell me you didn't forget.
  • [text]: I've had such a bad day.
  • [text]: Don't talk to me ever again.
  • [text]: I have nothing if I don't have you.
  • [text]: After all we've been through, you can't leave me... please.
  • [text]: Breaking up over a text? You've stooped that low?
  • [text]: Can you stop ignoring me for a second?
  • [text]: Sometimes I worry that you won't know how much I love you.
Cute Starters
  • "I'm glad your home."
  • "How was work?"
  • "Did you have fun tonight?"
  • "Get back in bed."
  • "Hey, I have a cold sore! Don't kiss me!"
  • "My favorite character died..."
  • "What's your favorite flower?"
  • "I'm baking a cake for us!"
  • "Happy Anniversary, ___"
  • "Aren't you going to give me a kiss?"
  • "Will you cuddle with me?"
  • "I had a bad day."
  • "Can't we just stay in bed today?"
  • "Please?"
  • "Don't make me use puppy-dog eyes!"
  • "Don't use the puppy-dog eyes!"
  • "Let's watch a Disney movie together..."
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "May I have this dance?"
  • "My back still hurts. Will you rub it?"
  • "Get up! It's morning!"
  • "Are you sure you're okay?"
  • "You look a bit tired, why don't you just stay home today?"
  • "I'll take care of you."

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Why is whitewashing in movies a bad thing? Seriously. I don't care what actors play who as long as the movie is entertaining. Why do liberals see everyone by their color. You are the real racists.

Like… That’s not how racism works brah? Like, you can enjoy whatever movie you want, so why are you here whining about people who DO care about representation?

Like, if you don’t give a shit then ALL you have to do is sit down, shut up and eat your popcorn, but you can’t even do that.


Dear Sora, I’m sorry about what happened. I haven’t felt this bad since the time I accidentally threw up in your hat and didn’t tell you about it before you put it on. I know our relationship has been a little stormy lately. You say you love thundershowers, so what’s a few raindrops between friends? Love, Tai. Love? I mean from!

An oldie nobody cared about but I still like it.

I wanted to draw a classic old-school action movie scene where the hero and villain have their final showdown, but with women only.

It makes me think of something I heard somewhere “Showing women bloody and wounded because they’re in a fight is not the same as showing violence against women”
Lego Batjokes Prompt #111

“Doc, give it to me straight. What’s wrong with me?” Joker sighed dramatically to his friend.

"Well, first of all, I can’t give it to you in any sort of straight way because neither of us are,” Harley said with a smirk. “And second, I don’t have to be straight to see that you’re head over heels for Batman. Like, boy, you got it bad.”


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Hi emma, today I'm really exhausted and I can't go to school. I feel bad about it but I don't want to get sick if I don't listen to my body. Do you have these days too and what do you do to not feel too bad about yourself?

Hey there. It is so important to listen to your body and take care of yourself. You shouldn’t feel bad for having to take time out to deal with those things. I’ve definitely had those days myself. I think it is important to do something fun or that you enjoy for a bit of the day. Maybe watching your favourite movie, reading a good book or having a good ol’ nap. That downtime can be really helpful. Alternatively, maybe try doing something productive but that isn’t necessarily strenuous like studying. Just tidying my bedroom, organising my study space, or decluttering can help me feel better x

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I don't care if you don't see this. I just have strong feelings over one thing. Josh Keaton is in the Emoji movie. He's beat us. He's the biggest meme. I'm done. I realized this awhile ago but I thought I could ignore it; I was wrong.

Me and my friends have vowed to get the emoji movie when it comes out on DVD and watch it whilst drunk. Honestly I lowkey wanna see it bc T.J. Miller is one of my fav voice actors so like the fact he voices the main character will make up for the fact it’s so bad lmao

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From one Asian-American to another: Do you ever feel like our opinions don't matter to other people and nobody really cares about us except us, and that not even other POC like or sympathize with us because we're more privileged(at least compared to other POC in this country)?

Hey sib.

Sometimes I feel that way. Everytime we have whitewashed, white savior, etc. movies, there are some fellow People of Color who will say, “It’s not whitewashed!” or “Get over it!” or “It’s not as bad as such-and-such’s situation!”

  • A whitewashed or white savior movie is what it is, there’s NO refuting it regardless as to who says so. Even if you have your token Asian American friend say said movie isn’t whitewashed or white saviored, that doesn’t matter either. In fact, let me meet that friend so I can smack some sense into them.
  • And no, we will not “get over” something that has been happening for over 100 years.
  • And sure, whitewashing can’t be compared to fellow People of Color’s forms of oppression but we aren’t the ones who are making that comparison. It’s a silencing tactic that is often used against us. However, those Asian Americans who do provoke a situation by making a comparison deserved to be dragged. I won’t argue with that.

Voices that speak out against any kind of injustice deserved to be heard, whether they be big or small. And you can’t just tell someone to speak up then try to silence them when they actually do speak up.

Angry Asian Guy

i have like 20 pages left in this book and then i can watch the movie and be upset all over again