i don't care if there are a million of these

when people won’t reblog your gifs/edits/posts:

when you can’t get your followers to send you messages:

when people won’t talk to you ever:

when you just can’t get people to acknowledge your existence in general:

when people ignore you and give all the attention to others:

When you want your friend to see a new weird show that you love:

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When you get asked to go to your #1000st’th’nd high school reunion:

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When it’s Dual Mic Karaoke night, you and your best friend are white, and “Don’t Stop Believin’” comes up on your list of choices:

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When you try to go for the harder stuff later that has rapping in it and you’re so drunk that you don’t care if you fail but you both fucking NAIL that rap section:

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When you ran out of costume ideas for the Halloween party and decided to just dress as a fucking hippie by tying a bandanna in your already-crazy-long-hair:

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When you cosplay as David Bowie in Labyrinth and nail the balls hand motions:

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When someone mentions making an unhealthy breakfast trip and you want in:

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When you literally can’t afford any of the clothing store items so you’re just trying everything on while you can until they literally make you leave:

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When you’re at a metal concert and it’s going great until you start getting serious whiplash from all the sweaty crowd hair in your face:

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When Youtube takes down episodes of your favorite show on the barest of so-called copyright infringements:

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When a movie trailer look so unbelievably stupid that you KNOW you are going to drag your friends to go see it once it comes out:

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When you have enough time in the day for a Grumps marathon:

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When you hear someone (white) saying that they’re ‘neutral’ on Donald Trump:

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When it’s Netflix and chill and your go-to flick is the -1 star rated Leo the Lion:

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When you don’t know any sports but you look super hot wearing the outfits:

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When you’ve reached a point in your life where your high friend makes sense:

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When your dairy free friend tells you personally to lay off dairy to ‘lose weight’:

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When you see people living their best life and you celebrate it and are literally the cutest happiest person in the world:

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When any white girl hears that you’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars:

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When you see a friend about to make a really bad decision and you don’t know whether you should stop him or laugh at him with your other friends:

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When your shrink finally gets you tickets to that Pitbull concert:

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When you’re into cheesy pop songs but your friend prefers only metaldeath ska: 

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And when you completely run out of fucks to give:

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Dude, Bucky, how the fuck do you pay rent and take care of the strays if you don't have a job ; Are you "turning tricks" at 3 in the morning or Magic Miking it to make ends meet?

you wish.
no, i’m actually in (somewhat illegal) possession of several million in liberated hydra funds, which i picked up from various drops scattered around the world. there was a pretty big one in bucharest. fun fact: nazis still really love gold.
some of it i donated to various good causes. and some of it i donated to the Bucky Loves Plums fund.
i love plums several million dollars worth

I like a lot of people, but my favorite are the ones who stay. The ones who you give a million reasons to leave and they find the one to stay. The ones who won’t leave you even if they know they should, because they care. They care so fucking much, and it kills them, but they won’t ever dare abandon you. They won’t ever, because they know better than anyone the feeling of being left when you need someone the most. So here’s to the ones that stay.
—  Stay.
  • Allison Reynolds: Self care is betting $37 dollars on beating Satan in a fistfight as your disappointed father watches helplessly.
  • Matt Boyd: Self care is driving around the city looking for sad people to bring home and give cookies to so they won't be sad anymore.
  • Nicky Hemmick: Self care is escaping the villagers out for your blood by turning into a bright purple Eldritch monstrosity and marrying your best friend.
  • Renee Walker: Self care is pretending you're going to kill your enemies when really you're just going to kill them with kindness and also a knife.
  • Kevin Day: Self care is transcending your mortal body by turning your blood into pure alcohol and burning gloriously with the morning sun, releasing your spirit into the ether and then possessing the bodies of those who wronged you.
  • Dan Wilds: Self care is bottling the tears of your fallen enemies so you can put them in your morning protein shake.
  • Aaron Minyard: Self care is having three different personalities for each social group you've been thrust into against your will and working yourself to the bone ensuring that none of them collide.
  • Andrew Minyard: Self care is spending millions in blood money on novelty keychains.
  • Neil Josten: I don't know what all this "self care" hoo-haw is all about and I don't intend to find out.
What went down in Moana
  • Gramma Tala: imma terrify the s**t out of some little kids
  • Chief Tui: you're a very bad example for my daughter
  • Gramma Tala: ikr
  • Moana: *is cute and helpless, wanders to the ocean*
  • Sea turtle: *is cute and helpless, fails to wander to ocean*
  • Moana: holy s**t birds, don't eat the turtle
  • Birds: fine, whatevs
  • Ocean: thanks for the turtle Moana
  • Moana: no prob
  • Ocean: I am the last waterbender from the southern water tribe, and I—
  • Moana: skip the exposition please
  • Ocean: ok yeah, anyway you helped the turtle and so you're definitely worthy of this incredibly important and dangerous magical artifact
  • Moana: kk cool, imma drop it on the beach
  • Ocean: no come back you little s**t!
  • Gramma Tala: ooh, shiny!
  • Tamatoa: did somebody say shiny?
  • Gramma Tala: not yet Tamatoa, go away
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, wanna hear a song?
  • Moana: sure, as long as it's during a montage
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, come and see this big stack of rocks that every chief put here
  • Moana: wait, so every chief we've ever had has placed a rock here?
  • Chief Tui: yeah
  • Moana: and what happens if a future plot point suggests that not every chief lived on this island?
  • Chief Tui: ok, go away now
  • Heihei: *eats an entire f**king rock*
  • Villagers: yo some serious s**t is happening to everything
  • Moana: this is definitely related to the one obscure legend my grandmother told me ten years ago
  • Chief Tui: Moana don't you f**king dare
  • Moana: *f**king dares and also wrecks her boat*
  • Gramma Tala: whatever just happened, blame it on the pig
  • Ocean: no, defs blame it on Moana
  • Moana: what are you doing, Gramma Tala?
  • Gramma Tala: I'm crazy, so go into this cave
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: hey Moana, we were voyagers
  • Moana: thanks Lin-Manuel Miranda!
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: no prob!
  • Moana: hey Gramma Tala, we were voyagers!
  • Gramma Tala: yeah, no s**t
  • Moana: hey Dad, we were voyagers!
  • Chief Tui: f**k you Moana
  • Moana: so how do you explain that stack of rocks
  • Chief Tui: I don't?
  • Gramma Tala: *conveniently dies*
  • Moana: welp, bye
  • Ocean: oh no, not you little s**t again
  • Moana: f**k you ocean
  • Ocean: here have a big f**king thunderstorm
  • Moana: *wrecks her boat, again*
  • Moana: fish pee in you, all day
  • Ocean: bacteria s**t in your mouth, all day
  • Maui: A boat!
  • Moana: holy s**t who are you?
  • Maui: I'm glad you asked because I wrote a song about that
  • Moana: I don't f**king care
  • Maui: well, I'm stealing your boat
  • Moana: does that boat even work? I wrecked it
  • Maui: idk, bye now
  • Ocean: *puts Moana on the boat*
  • Moana: you wanna come on my quest
  • Maui: no
  • Moana: please
  • Maui: ok fine
  • Kakamora: *attack*
  • Ocean: *smashes Kakamora boats together*
  • Moana: that was convenient
  • Ocean: ikr
  • Maui: you wanna get my fishhook
  • Moana: oh hell yes
  • Maui: here's a cliff, don't climb it
  • Moana: *climbs it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a thousand foot drop to the realm of monsters, don't jump off it
  • Moana: *jumps off it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a giant carnivorous plant, don't jump in its mouth
  • Moana: *jumps in its mouth, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a terrifying sloth monster, don't antagonize it
  • Moana: *antagonizes it, doesn't die*
  • Tamatoa: HEY GUYS
  • Moana: do you wanna talk about yourself?
  • Tamatoa: ok let's begin with the fact that I'm a fabulous shiny shimmering cinnamon roll
  • Maui: you're really not all that great
  • Tamatoa: m*********er I sparkle with the light of a million stars
  • Maui: my bragging song is better than yours
  • Tamatoa: I don't care because I'm f**kin beautiful
  • Maui: Tamatoa x Reader fanfiction exists and it's terrifying
  • Tamatoa: HOLY S**T WHAT?!
  • Maui: ok he's distracted, imma stealin my hook
  • Moana: ok, we got out of there
  • Maui: you should have died at least twenty times in there
  • Moana: ikr
  • Maui: my hook's not working btw
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair a broken hook
  • Maui: nope, got it!
  • Moana: ok nevermind, wrong movie
  • Maui: so here's a lava monster, let's fight it
  • Te Kā: *throws fire, breaks Maui's hook*
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair—
  • Maui: forget it, bye now
  • Gramma Tala: hey Moana, here's some important advice for you
  • Moana: thanks, I'm going to fight the lava monster now
  • Gramma Tala: wait, what? that's just stupid
  • Moana: and you shouldn't be giving me advice on how to stay alive if you can't even manage that yourself
  • Gramma Tala: bye now
  • Moana: *goes to fight Te Kā*
  • Maui: hey I'm still here
  • Moana: good 'cause imma die out here
  • Maui: go find Te Fiti
  • Moana: Te Fiti isn't here
  • Te Kā: YES I AM
  • Moana: oh hey that's convenient
  • Ocean: *moseses*
  • Moana: *does an epic walk*
  • Te Kā: *does a frantic monster crawl*
  • Moana: *keeps walking*
  • Te Kā: *doesn't kill Moana for some reason*
  • Moana: here's your heart back
  • *everything is magically fixed*
  • Maui: hey Te Fiti, sorry for f**king up all the s**t
  • Te Fiti: I could smite the ever-loving s**t out of you rn
  • Maui: please don't
  • Te Fiti: fine
  • Moana: imma go home now
  • Maui: so we're getting a sequel, right?
  • Moana: nope, they're making a second Frozen
Vocalist VIC FUENTES tells the stories behind each song on PIERCE THE VEIL’s Selfish Machines.

This song very openly features the Spanish side of Pierce The Veil’s music. We always try to incorporate at least a hint of Latin influence in every song, but with this one, we just went all the way with it. Lyrically, it’s about my dysfunctional relationship with a girl I couldn’t stop hurting over and over again. It’s meant to be her speaking to me, asking me why I’m not satisfied with what we had. I wanted to write it from her perspective to try and understand what she was going through at the time. It ends with her wanting to kill me for all the stuff I’ve put her through.

Southern Constellations
This is basically just the intro to “The Boy Who Could Fly.” We decided to separate the tracks because otherwise, the song would be around six minutes long. This short, little tune describes my unexplainable and undeniable recent obsession with Southern girls. The clean guitar tone is one of my favorite tones on the entire album. We used a Stratocaster with a custom amp to get the glassy and unique sound we were looking for.

The Boy Who Could Fly
We went back to our SoCal punk roots for this song. The entire thing is punk beats and super-fast guitar work. It’s almost therapeutic for me to play, because it represents everything that we loved playing as kids. Mike [Fuentes] is the fastest single kick drum player I’ve ever seen, so this song features him in all his glory. The lyrics talk about an unhealthy co-dependent relationship in which I couldn’t live without the other person because if you took her away, I would lose half of myself. It’s about obsession and desperation, and the stupid things you do when you’re in love. Musically it’s the craziest, most intense song we’ve ever written.

The last time I saw my ex-girlfriend, she left all kinds of random things behind at my house: travel shampoo, a razor in the shower, hair clips, etc. It was basically just a bunch of stuff that kept reminding me of her. After a while, it made me miss her, and I wondered why we ever broke up in the first place. When I wrote the music for the chorus, I knew right away that I wanted to ask my friend Jeremy McKinnon [of A Day To Remember] to do the screaming parts on the chorus and bridge. A few weeks after I wrote the song, I approached Jeremy with the idea and he agreed to sing on the album. It turned out to be one of my favorite tracks once we collaborated. One of my favorite things to do is make music with my friends. That collaboration makes the songs very special to me.

Fast Times At Clairemont High
This is a very selfish song that basically says, “If I can’t have you, then no one can.” I think this has gone through everyone’s head at least a couple times in their life. The theme of this album talks about these natural thoughts and feelings to want and take–the desire to be in love and the desperation for someone else to love you. This song deals with human nature and our selfish tendencies. I like the music because it has a hint of Michael Jackson influence.

The New National Anthem
I used to drive six hours just to see this girl that I liked. She was beautiful, but didn’t know it because she was from a small town. I went to her place once and it was completely empty because she was in the process of moving into another apartment. I remember making out with her in the dark in the middle of her empty carpeted floor. A lot of the lyrics are about that night. I recorded the intro to this song in our apartment in L.A. We used a lot of the original sounds from my ghetto little recording on the album.

Bulletproof Love
I’ve always been obsessed with happy songs that have morbid lyrics. Lyrically, this song is one of the darkest I’ve ever written. It’s about being obsessed with someone to the point where you’re hurting yourself. A lot of it is written almost like a suicide note meant to be found by the one you love. It’s completely crazy and extreme, but it’s also comforting to say out loud the things you’re thinking sometimes.

Stay Away From My Friends
This is about my ex-girlfriend trying to stay in close contact with my friends even after we had broken up. We all need our friends to be there for us and help us out during hard times. I wrote the piano parts in my living room at home in San Diego. We wanted to challenge ourselves with this song and make it as different as possible from the rest of the album. We threw it right in the middle of the album as a sort of a breath of fresh air. My friend Dave Yaden played all the keys on this record, as well as on [2007’s A Flair For The Dramatic], and that took everything to the next level.

I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious
I wrote a great deal of these lyrics after a young fan had explained to me that her boyfriend had just recently died in a car accident. She told me that he held her hand for the first time at our one of our shows. She told me that she just wanted to thank us for being a part of their lives. This was one of the most shocking and heartbreaking things I’d ever heard. I wrote the song as a gift to her. It’s meant to be her boyfriend speaking to her, telling her that he is still watching over her and that he will love her forever.

This song is basically about a typical guy’s dream. It talks about girls, drinking and having the time of your life. It’s very poetic and drifts around just like a person’s mind would inside of a dream. I purposely just wrote down the first things that popped into my head. The chorus talks about building something beautiful only to destroy it. This is a very philosophical idea that I’ve played around with for a long time. I wrote most of the music in Florida with my good friend [former ADTR guitarist] Tom Denney. He and I worked on the music for this song, “The Boy Who Could Fly” and “The Sky Under The Sea.” Love you, Tom!

Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)
I wrote this song as a gift to my parents. It’s meant to be my dad talking to my mom. My dad has worked very hard his entire life as a painting contractor, struggling and fighting to make enough money to keep us going. We recently had to sell our house because things were just getting too expensive to afford anymore. This song is about how through all the years, my mom and dad have never let money tear them apart, and no matter how bad things got, they’ve always had each other. I strongly express my hatred for money and the way it sometimes fucks with people’s lives and families. All you need is love. The Beatles were right all along. Go figure.

The Sky Under The Sea
This song is about admitting, “I am the selfish machine.” It’s about being selfish with love and taking what you want without regret. The selfish machine refers to the animal inside all of us that no one ever wants to admit is there. I consider all of our evil thoughts and desires that we are ashamed of to be perfectly natural. We are all humans and no one is perfect, despite how morally good someone may think he or she is. alt

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I feel you on the whole drarry being hard to read lately because of everything happening politically and socially. Like a few years ago, I realized that if I knew Draco in real life I would seriously hate him because of his blood purity shit and everything but I adore him as a fictional character??? I know fantasy doesn't equal reality but that stuff is just way too similar to what's going on lmao every time I read something that glosses over Draco's racism now I can't do it

Yeah, same p much. I would find him really hard to forgive.

On one hand, that’s so much of what can make drarry fic interesting. How on earth can you come back from that? What can one do to earn forgiveness? What would even inspire someone to seek it?  The ethical questions underpinning H/D fic can be extraordinary and rich and amazing. Which in turn can make for amazing, moving, compelling stories.

It’s just that a lot of people ignore them? I think (and some other v wise folks have suggested to me) that that’s worse on tumblr, and I think there’s something to that. The prevelance of aesthetics and fan art and the popularity of fluffy headcanons make it seem at times like everyone’s forgotten where they came from and what their history is about, and how deep and really really justified and well-founded their mutual antipathy was.


  • Draco tried to kill Harry’s teammate
  • Draco almost accidentally killed Harry’s best friend while trying to intentionally kill Harry’s mentor
  • Draco didn’t intervene in the torture of Harry’s other best friend
  • Draco was a bully and a jerk, and was protected and motivated by his privilege in doing that
  • Draco genuinely believed that Harry and his best friends were inferior on account of their blood status and/or class status
  • Draco faked an injury that almost resulted in the death of one of Harry’s mentors’ pets
  • Draco’s father did something that led to deep psychological trauma for Harry’s best friend’s sister/Harry’s girlfriend
  • Draco’s aunt killed Harry’s godfather
  • Harry put Draco’s father in jail 
  • Harry tried to upset the larger sociopolitical order that assured Draco’s privilege (y’all know how privileged people panic and lash out about that)
  • Draco and Harry were on opposite sides of a war

Those are not things you can gloss over. I know they were children at the time, but still. Those are not things you forget. Those are not things you ignore. Those are not things that two people could fall in love with without addressing. They aren’t.

And yet.

So when people do - which is a lot of the time - I have a lot of trouble reading it too, and it’s become so common that I’m pretty much taking a wholesale break from it. 

(and I don’t know that I can even begin to verbalize how it feels to run across a great larry fictional war AU which, in the notes, lists among its influences “a certain feeling of nostalgia for old school HP fics,” and to realize that, as hard as I’d looked in HP, I can’t find anything new like that there - that other fandoms, with other source material, are doing a better job of this than we are.)

It’s not that I don’t want to read drarry. I do; part of why I’m taking a break is so that it doesn’t start to feel like homework, and I can pick back up, probably with draco tops, with a bit of space and perspective and less frustration.

But for Merlin’s sake, y’all.

Don’t forget who these characters are.

AU where Bill doesn’t go off the rails in Sock Opera and instead befriends Dipper and tricks him into helping him take down Ford, the only person who would know how to stop him.

Bill uses Dipper’s body until they’re caught snooping, then switches with Dip so he can play the innocent nephew just wanting to learn more about his long lost grunkle.

Castiel woke with a start.

The room around him was bright and warm. A soft breeze blew the curtain gently in the air above his face. He sat up slowly and the duvet rustled against his skin. The curtain brushed against his neck, a soft touch there and gone.

He could hear someone whistling.

Castiel stepped carefully out into the kitchen and there was Dean, standing in front of the stove, spatula in hand. He was whistling as he poured another measure of batter into the pan. The mouth-watering smell of butter frying filled the room.

Through the widow he could see a manicured lawn and gardens bursting with colour. Somewhere over the hill somebody was flying a kite.

He breathed out, and Dean turned and gave him the brightest smile he’d ever seen.

‘Morning sunshine, some coffee?’

Dean pointed with the spatula at the table, where a steaming mug sat waiting for him. Castiel sat, still slightly in awe of the moment in which he found himself. Dean turned back to the stove and busied himself flipping pancakes onto the plate waiting beside it.

‘Sam’s coming around later with the kids, he wants us all to go to the water park.’

Dean licked butter off his fingers as he plonked the plate down onto the table. He picked up a fork and twirled it theatrically before he plucked two steaming pancakes from the top of the pile.

‘That sounds… wonderful. Thank you, Dean.’ Dean smiled brilliantly again and Castiel had to remind himself how to breathe. He looked down at the pancake on his plate, golden brown and crispy around the edges. It smelled like hot butter and sugar. Perfect.

‘Yeah, but he made me promise not to go looking for a case while we’re there. Apparently he thinks I still don’t know how to relax.’

‘Well… I suppose we can’t help it if a case were to find us.’

‘Exactly.’ Dean waved his fork for emphasis, and went back to happily stuffing his face with pancake.’

Their brief moment of peace was broken by someone banging violently on the door.

Castiel’s heart leapt up into his throat, but Dean didn’t seem to hear it, and carried right on eating.

The banging came again, and the brightness of the room seemed to fade a little.

Castiel cleared his throat, trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his chest.

‘Come in.’

The front door burst open, and there was Dean. Another Dean. His Dean. Looking more real than anything else in the room.

Castiel’s heart broke a little at the sight.

Dean took in the scene before him with relief and a bit of confusion. He watched himself take another pancake off the pile and drench it in maple syrup. His eyes travelled across the table to Castiel, who was sitting half out of his chair, staring at him.

Neither of them said a word. Everything Dean thought he would say had vanished the moment he’d laid eyes on Castiel’s heaven.

‘Deano, we don’t have much time… the Angels are still out looking for us.’ Came a voice from somewhere outside.

‘Cas…’ Dean breathed, and held out his hand, silently begging Cas to take it.

Cas turned back to the table. He watched “almost Dean” carry on talking and laughing as if Castiel was still there in the moment with him. 

‘Only if you want to.’ Dean’s hand trembled, almost imperceptibly.

Cas turned back to meet his eye. ‘Will you still make me pancakes?’

Dean, still holding out his hand, nodded.

Without a backwards glance, Cas took his hand and let Dean lead him out through the door.

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I don't think its insulting #louisgetanewteam because they do nothing at all PR or mgnt Louis lucky we are still here fans and steve team got that song to over 200 million streams & no2 uk charts he deserves better is what we mean not anything else

You’re missing the point. I don’t care if it’s insulting to Louis’s team; I think they’re horrible and treat him horribly. But saying “Louis get a new team” is putting all the responsibility on him and that’s not fair. He is TRAPPED in this situation that is constructed to hurt and sabotage him. You think he doesn’t already know he needs a new team? His best friend liking all those tweets and comments about how awful JGG and Rusty are should tell you that, yeah, he knows, and has likely shared those frustrations with Calvin. 

But no one in the GP knows that. No one in the GP knows Louis’s situation. Anyone looking at that hashtag would see fans /berating/ their “fave” for having a bad team. How does that look good for him? Louis needs our support and I’m happy to give it to him, but this is not support; this is putting him in a position in which he /can’t/ comment or defend himself, can’t say for the benefit of the GP “hey i’m being sabotaged,” can’t say /anything/, and anything “he” could say would probably be aggressive and in support of JGG like people need to stop thinking we can fix everything by putting a spotlight on it. We can’t. People just.. need to know when and how to comment. And this isn’t it

the signs as haruki murakami quotes
  • Aries: “No mistake about it. Ice is cold; roses are red; I'm in love. And this love is about to carry me off somewhere. The current's too overpowering; I don't have any choice. It may very well be a special place, some place I've never seen before."
  • Taurus: “I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it - to be fed so much love I couldn't take any more. Just once."
  • Gemini: “Why do people have to be this lonely? What's the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?”
  • Cancer: "Life is not like water. Things in life don’t necessarily flow over the shortest possible route."
  • Leo: "Whatever it is you're seeking won't come in the form you're expecting."
  • Virgo: “If you remember me, then I don't care if everyone else forgets.”
  • Libra: "Even castles in the sky can do with a fresh coat of paint."
  • Scorpio: “Nobody likes being alone that much. I don't go out of my way to make friends, that's all. It just leads to disappointment."
  • Sagittarius: "But who can say what's best? That's why you need to grab whatever chance you have of happiness where you find it, and not worry about other people too much. My experience tells me that we get no more than two or three such chances in a life time, and if we let them go, we regret it for the rest of our lives."
  • Capricorn: “Don't feel sorry for yourself. Only assholes do that.”
  • Aquarius: “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”
  • Pisces: “I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.”


Writing is a passion, it’s a love. It’s a fucking skill creating new content for others to consume FOR FREE I might add! Going on anon and sending a unnecessary hateful message IS NEVER OK. Not in a million years, if you don’t like the work someone is producing, then do the following


Everyone has their tastes, everyone has their likes and dislikes and opinions. It’s ok to unfollow someone because you don’t like the content of their blog. You are not hurting anyone by doing this. But by sending hateful messages to someone you hardly know, that hurts.