i don't care if she's up to no good i want her to stay :3

i. domesticity

I drink milk every day because my doctor says I need it to grow. Kind of like I need this calcium rush in order to make my bones stronger so I stop cracking them so easily. Preventing them from ever reverting to the weak, knobbly knees of last summer when a boy I had a crush on. Had a crush on, crushed me. Like a pulp. Into grains. Like a spoon grinding up soggy cereal swimming at the bottom of a bowl. I wake up in the middle of the night, remembering I didn’t drink 3 glasses today, and run to the refrigerator in my socks and chug it straight from the gallon, barbaric and yearning like a schoolgirl hitching her skirt up too high, and picture the white flowing through my veins. Softening me. Rounding me out. Giving me curves. I get a brain freeze instead and pray I’ll stop crying over spills and that I can sleep with this cold lurching in my stomach.

ii. vicinity

Maybe one day my hair will stop being so limp in the heat, but I don’t think that kind of thing can be anticipated, so I just have to wait. Girls like me live in the back of an un-air-conditioned convenience store, ratty sweatpants, tight tank tops, and crawl out with week-old receipts bursting from their pockets. Like glued ribcage kind of girls, like elastic hair tie, red marks around the wrist kind of girls. The cashier doesn’t mind when I snag a magazine from the rack and browse through it without paying because no matter how hard I try, I end up looking pre-pubescent anyway. And they let things slide. For a girl like me, at least. I’m saying, lopsided bun, wide eyes, a mouthful of crooked teeth, stars pulling them into their places, I was always too scared to get braces. The cover has some headline about how to enlarge your breasts naturally, which I think might be useful, and another about how to communicate effectively with others without saying hurtful things, which makes me laugh. I flip to the back to check my horoscope and eat that prophetic, adolescent shit catered to the teenage soul up like Eucharist laid under the tongue. Swallow down a spoonful of March’s: “Prepare to face some stress this month, but that’s okay! You’ll be able to get through it and find time to relax.” I want to rip out the page and shove it into my bra, like keeping these soft, meaningless words close to my chest will make them seep into my heart and change me. Stop making me think so much, fill my brain up with Arizona tea and static instead. But I’m cheap, and I shove the magazine back. I think my chest will stay flat forever.

iii. mobilization

I seek healing. Mending. I’m fingernails deep, sitting in the back of a subway at 3 a.m., pressing crescent moons into the leather seat, trying to dig up salvation. You can’t find that here, you can’t find that in the cracks between the tiles, you can’t find comfort in the ground up cigarette butt stamped into the floor. I’m wishing against this fogged up glass I could say anything, anything that would make sense for once, so someone could help me. Like please, my mind is bending in backwards, like please, I don’t think this underdeveloped chest can take any more of this resentment or it’s going to explode through my ribcage, out of my flesh, like please, I don’t want to hurt anymore. And it’s not my fault that I launch myself around like I’m in some sick little competition, pretending I don’t care, like I’m having the time of my life. Of course I’m not, of course I’m not, I don’t think having your hands shake and your brain go fuzzy whenever you think a little too much is fun, something to be documented for the world to see. I guess I’m different from other people that way, I’d rather people think I’m having a good time than actually have one without anyone knowing. I wish I knew how to sew, so I could stitch up my fibrillating heart, no matter how sloppy and crooked, but the needle jabs my finger as the subway lurches left, and I bleed, I bleed, I bleed.

iv. unearthliness

My mom told me not to walk naked in front of the altar. Disrespectful, she called it, and even though I agree, sometimes I test my divinity and emerge from the bathroom, the steam from the shower wafting off smoke like the incense in its pot. Young god, skin tinted green from fake gold. Young god, empty stomach, fruit scooped out of its rind, leaving me seedless. This hatred has roots, and I don’t know whether I want to dig out my insides with my hands or fill myself up until I’m close to bursting. I let people think the scratches on my knees are from a night of alcohol and a boy tugging my hair. Of course, it’s that and not child worship on a scratchy rug, not begging for forgiveness, not praying for glamour and glory, not hoping for. Of course it’s not hoping for something better.

—  this pain lasts in every location

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While at a hotel the Chocobros and their girlfriends get into a bad argument, the guys say something they regret from anger (like "I don't need you anymore" something angsty as hail) and when their S.O's sneak out of the hotel during the night, the guys freak out? Your blog is awesome by the way

Thank you so much! <3 Things said out of anger can ruin relationships all the time. This is both a fun and unique prompt that I looked very forward to writing.



Noctis dug his fingers in his hair, it had been 4 hours, 4 hours ago, he had yelled at you, over something so stupid.

“Just leave me the hell alone, since I’m not good enough for you, why don’t you just leave.”

The look of hurt, betrayal and sadness that crossed your face, only for you to stand up straight. Staring the man in the eye,

“All right, fine.”

Had he not been so upset, the Prince wouldn’t now be sleeping on the far side of the bed, rolling over to look to you. Maybe he could apologize in the dead of night, and it would help his mind to rest just a little. Only to realize that you weren’t there! Yet he felt you get in the bed.

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hey, i don't know if you write smut, but in honor of the leaked scene, could you write a established!bughead drabble, where he climbs her window and is all flirty? (doesn't have to be smut tho, just a hot make out).. i love your writing btw

(Okay, a little disclaimer. First of all, this is not full on smut, it’s just a hot, slightly smutty make out. Second of all, I didn’t make it full on smut, not because I didn’t want to (believe me Cole tempts me to sin and sin badly) but because I didn’t feel that Bughead’s first time would be like that and I didn’t want to write a random smut without first writing about Jughead not being sure about his sexuality and him and Betty generally testing the waters and all of the other normal things teenagers go through. I intend to write something like that because, asexual Jughead or not, Betty and Jughead are two teens that have a natural naivety and a mutual respect to one another so I believe that, as we saw in the kiss too, they would be timid and taking their time with exploring what they are comfortable with and testing their limits. So I left that for another one-shot. As for the part that Jughead might be asexual. I respect that and I’m not trying to erase anything of his (possible) character here. For what I have read and heard from other ace people and friends, yes, he can still be asexual. Asexuality is a sexual orientation, sexual behavior does not change that. Like every other sexuality it has subcategories; the “I dislike sex”, the “I find it ok, but I do not engage in it often”, the “I’m asexual but my partner makes me feel good” etc.  In my mind, as I became older and kept reading the comics and understanding more about sexuality and educating myself on the topic, Jughead fell to the third category for me. That he was being somebody with maybe a lower level of sexual interest but with sexual drive nontheless. So that’s what I have in my mind while watching Riverdale and writing this one-shot and the possible others that will revolve around this topic in the future.

Sorry that was so long, I just wanted to set some things straight and by all means I’m not trying to offend anybody. Everybody ships what they want to ship and that’s perfectly ok! Ship wars are just tiring and pointless so everybody stay calm and respect everyone’s opinions. And if Jughead does end up being asexual with no need to engage in any sexual activities then sure, everyone should be again perfectly ok and not bitch and moan that he won’t get to have steamy scenes or anything. He is still going to be the most amazing guy in Rivedale either way! 

End of my huge rant!! Hope you enjoy guys!! <3)

 Is your mom finally asleep?

I think so yeah. Why?

I’m coming up ;)

Betty locked her phone and shot up from her bed, abandoning her worn-out copy of Wuthering Heights pages first on the mattress and kicking her covers, a nervous excitement pouring down on her belly as she heard the familiar crack of careful footsteps on wood. She gave herself a quick once over on her vanity mirror, checking that her messy bun was intact and straightening her plain white t-shirt, before kicking off her bunny printed fuzzy socks of her feet and throwing them under her bed in a hurry. It wasn’t the fact that he wouldn’t appreciate them, he would and he would probably offer her that chuckle of his that set free a million butterflies inside her chest, but her toe nails were painted a lovely baby pink and it was a shame not to show them off, even though his focus would be on other places, more important ones. She felt her cheeks heating at that and she quickly grabbed her strawberry lip balm from her nightstand, applying some on her already soft lips with her ring finger, knowing that this taste mixed with her own always drove him crazy.

Since that day that Jughead had climbed up her window so for her to complain to him about her parents and her family situation, it seemed that this became a thing for them. At first, he was just sneaking up because they needed a quiet place to discuss investigation plans and theories, the office hours of Blue & Gold proving not to be enough. Now, two months after, the raven haired boy used that ladder almost every night to see his beautiful girlfriend, cuddle with her and watch movies and most importantly kiss her like she was the heavenly droplets of water on his always thirsty lips.

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It's so bizarre to me that people don't talk about how Lyanna must've found out her brother and father were killed while she was at the ToJ? She would never just sit there and accept it, I imagine she would've despised Rhaegar for it if she knew. Arya, as her parallel, had to be physically restrained by the hound to prevent her from charging into the red wedding to save her mother/robb even though she probably knew it was hopeless, as well as during ned's execution.

Yeah. None of the potential situations look good for Rhaegar here. I mean, it could be that:

  1. Rhaegar found out soon after it happened, but kept that information from Lyanna (which makes their relationship rape by deception and also makes him a total bastard for ignoring the war breaking out to continue to fuck around for months)
    1. or told Lyanna but prevented her from leaving (which would make their relationship just rape, and double down on the total bastard thing)
  2. Rhaegar did not find out (because the Tower of Joy was so out of the way of everything) until Gerold Hightower came to find him and tell him the news of the war (which makes him negligent and thoughtless for not realizing how the Starks would react or what his father would do), and told Lyanna then,
    1. but prevented her from leaving even while he left (which would make her a pregnant prisoner; although the sexual relationship would be over by this point, so no rape as such but still Rhaegar=douchebag)
    2. or he managed to convince her that leaving was pointless and that she had to stay “for her protection” (romantic, but still very Stockholmy here, ugh)
    3. or he never told her at all, just said he had to go back to KL to take care of matters (back to that rape by deception here, even if after the fact)
  3. Rhaegar learned after it happened and told Lyanna, but neither wanted to leave because they were so in luuuuuurve, it’s fuckin’ time

Option 3 is completely out of character for both of them (Rhaegar did show some obligation towards the safety of the kingdom after all), and hugely victim-blaming of Lyanna, so fuck that with a rusty rake. Option 1 and its variant is possible but I think still somewhat out of character for Rhaegar. (I think he was thoughtless and somewhat obsessed with his prophecies but not that much, and also not a rapist the way Robert thought he was.)

Option 2A is what I think is most likely to have happened; it feels most probable for me with what we know of the characters and of GRRM’s themes. (Including that of the Kingsguard obeying royal orders despite their knightly vows.) Option 2B could be true if GRRM goes with a very romantic glow on the relationship (which IMO is possible but is not as likely), but it still edges onto Lyanna victim-blaming, so I think it has a chance of being true but I really don’t like it.

Option 2C… is not impossible, but I really don’t think it’s likely since Lyanna did evidently know of Rhaegar’s death (and the deaths of Elia and her children), so what, did the Kingsguard spring on her all of the news at once? And she was just fine with hanging around alone but guarded with three Kingsguard before that point, not thinking about the whys of her situation, for no reason except “my dad and Robert would be upset”? Nah. It’s not fully out of character for either Rhaegar or Lyanna, but it does require Lyanna to be much more placid and stupider than she should be.

But no matter what, Lyanna did learn everything sometime, or she wouldn’t have been screaming Ned’s name during the battle, and she wouldn’t have begged him to protect Jon. So even in the most romantic glow option, there’s some point where Lyanna was hit with huge regret for everything… and some point where the Kingsguard knew they were keeping a pregnant girl imprisoned in a tower who did not want to be there anymore.

The only question is how long that was – a day, from the time they got word Ned and his companions were coming to the Tower? Several weeks/a month or so, from the time of the Trident and the Sack? Months, from the time Rhaegar left to pick up the Dornish army to lead it to KL and the Trident? Or nearly a year, with her miserable the entire time? How terrible were the ethics of the three Kingsguard, how long did they keep the information from Lyanna, how long were they keeping her prisoner openly or keeping her prisoner by lying by omission? And how much of a total douche was Rhaegar? We’re just going to have to wait and see, I suppose…

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What Voltron ships do you think have a chance or don't have a chance at becoming canon?

Pretty much 100% guaranteed in my book: hunay. Shay is the one who really inspires Hunk to stand up for a cause, and it’s her bravery that helps Hunk find his own courage. How much she means to him is what sets off the balmera arc, which is integral to his character development. He says that the balmerans made him see the war in a whole new way, that he finally realizes that there are countless other people and planets that Zarkon has conquered and it’s the paladins’ mission to free them. The way he’s always so concerned about her and the others tease him for his crush is pretty obvious and incredibly sweet. I don’t think they’ll just put Hunk with someone else after that. Hunk and “the rock he admires very much” are adorable together and I’m so happy for them 

I’ve written like a hundred meta on this, so I’ll try to brief, but–yeah, I think sheith has a really good shot. Time and again they are established as the most important people in each other’s lives (“your friend desperately wants to see you,” “it’s good to have you back,” “it’s good to be back,” “that really stayed with you, didn’t it?” “Shiro was the only one who never gave up on me, I won’t give up on him,” ect). The way Keith is always running to Shiro’s rescue is characteristic of the traditional knight and princess trope, and Kuron is even so bold as to tease him about it–“How many times are you gonna have to save me before this is over?” “As many times as it takes.” 

The way Keith has so many grief-stricken outbursts over losing Shiro and acted as if no one else cared about him the way Keith did–it really feels like Keith is mourning a over. The way everyone else urges him to move on while he’s still carrying a torch for Shiro only serves to further support this. It’s also important to consider that “Keith latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” Because we know Keith’s volatile emotions stem from being galra, and Shiro is literally the only one that soothe that side of him. On it’s own this trope is romantic, but we also see it reflected in Zarkon’s relationship with Honerva as well. “Honerva has really softened you up old friend.” There are so many parallels between sheith and zaggar, and I don’t see why they’d do that if sheith wasn’t also meant to be interpreted as romantic. 

The framing, exclusive privacy, and tone of many of their scenes also feel exceptionally intimate and romantic (see: their first scene together, that part where Keith promises that nothing’s gonna happen to Shiro and Shiro gives him the fondest look, the BOM trial, the hug, how the season 3 reunion was exclusively between the two of them and complete with longing looks as they slowly drift into each other’s orbit, the bedroom scene, ect). At this point I literally can’t imagine either being paired with anyone else. And even if they are, I’m beyond the point where I would be able to rationalize it. They’ll always love each other first and foremost. And the creators have honestly talked about lgbt representation quite a bit. They’re so invested in it that, I think if they were to make a gay ship canon, sheith is our best bet. 

A ship I also think has a really good chance: allurance. I’ve made a few posts on that already, and you can check this one here for a more detailed explanation. But basically, I think season 3 went out of its way to really develop their dynamic. It’s not Keith who hands of Red to Lance and tells him he’s that should pilot, it’s Allura. And this distinction is quite interesting. It feels a lot like how Shiro left Black to Keith (and I mean, I think I’ve already made it clear how I see their dynamic as romantic). Allura also tells Lance about her very personal history with Red and how she wants Lance to carry on that legacy. She could’ve had this conversation with Keith at any time, but she didn’t. It’s Lance who she opens up to and sees her father in. It’s Lance who she look to for advice (”What would Lance do?”) and it’s Lance who looks out for Allura during The Hunted while Keith was ready to leave her behind and couldn’t care less. 

And we also get that sweet moment where Allura only explains what her armor means to Lance. And then Lance hands off his bayard to Allura and says “If I had to lose Blue to anyone, I’m glad it was you.” And Allura looks so fond at hearing that, her gaze softens and I find it hard to believe she isn’t at least a bit taken with him. The way their hands touch when they exchange the bayard and Lance expresses how much Allura means to him, how he’d rather it be her than anyone else? Yeah, we never get any scene like this between Keith and Lance. It feels intimate in the same way a lot of Shiro and Keith’s interactions are. And if Lance or Allura were to end up with anybody, I think this ship just makes the most sense. It would also fit the “slow burn” profile for Lance’s love interest Jeremy mentioned. 

A ship that I thought was more promising in season 2 but now feel like it doesn’t make much sense: ka/llura. It feels like they could’ve been going somewhere after the galra arc, but then the ship just burns out and loses all momentum. During season 3, I think there was a clear divide between them. The only episode that felt ka/llura to me was A Holy in the Sky–but even then, that felt more like a homage to 80′s voltron than anything. I honestly can’t forgive the way Keith completely turned a blind eye to her safety in The Hunted.

And if they were ever going to establish Keith with another love interest, I think now during Shiro’s disappearance would have been best the time. So that they could be there for Keith when he needed some support the most, so they can affirm that there are others who care for him and he doesn’t be alone. But no, that’s not how it is. The most meaningful interaction between Keith and Allura during that time is Allura reaffirming how Shiro is irreplaceable to him. It’s not about Allura’s feelings for Keith, but rather acknowledging Keith’s feelings for Shiro. 

Narratively speaking, Shiro is literally in the position of Keith’s love interest during his leadership arc. And this is further underscored by how Keith doesn’t go to Allura or Lance or anyone else when he wants to talk. He goes to the Black lion and tries speaking to Shiro. Because even if Shiro’s gone and everyone else is right there, he still shoves the other paladins aside and reaches out for the one he lost. That’s love. 

A ship that I can kinda see happening: plance (pidgance?? I dunno, I’ve seen lots of different names for it, sorry). Anyway, I honestly got the feeling that Pidge might have a bit of a one-sided crush on Lance. She’s the one that gets the most annoyed by Lance flirting with other girls, and it’d be an interesting dynamic to show Lance developing a romantic relationship with the one girl he never actually flirted with. 

And I mean, Lance was the first person paladin to try and reach out to her. Even though she blew him off, I think she was still kind of touched by the gesture. And we do still see Lance being protective of her at the garrison, so I think it’s possible she could’ve starting feeling something. I think it’s likely it might go unrequited–maybe something like Sokka and Toph–but it’s possible it might head somewhere later. 

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Skaters on Crutches

Sometimes I mess around with @daysinrussiavictuuri​ about ridiculous scenarios for HCs (some shall die between us ha ha). So now I give you:

Skaters on Crutches

1. Victor - is useless. He hates them, and just wants to walk Makkachin and be independent. Also: “NO YUURI, I WILL NOT SIT ON THIS COUCH ALL DAY… fine… if you cuddle… YUURI COME BACCCKKKKKKK!”

2. Yuuri - takes the doctor’s orders seriously and will not deviate from the instructions AT ALL, he is the best patient there ever was. Also: “I don’t care if I am only going to the bathroom, the doctor says I have to use them!!”

3. Yuri - hates everyone. Crutches make him grumpy so he hates the doctor who put them under his armpits, he hates Yuuri, Victor and Mila for tattling on him to Yakov for not using them and he hates everyone that gets to walk on 2 feet like the humans they are instead the tripod that Yuri has become. Also: “I may only have one good leg, but I will kick the ish out of you with this cast!!”

4. JJ - rents a knee scooter and foregoes the crutches. He speeds along yelling “It’s JJ style!” sometimes forgetting he needs his hands to steer and crashing into a wall. This is Yuri’s favorite thing ever.

5. Phichit - decorates his cast and then gives his crutches the same treatment. He has bells on both handles, tinsel wrapping the poles of each crutch and his cast is covered in doodles and stickers. He is a little sad when he is parted from all his glorious art work and returned to two-footed living.

5. Minami - sets his crutches too tall because “swinging is the best! Look how fast I can go!” Until he falls down (again) and gets stuck in a wheelchair (which he promptly outfits with a Yuuri fan flag and learns how to drag race) Also included on his chair is a bumper sticker for his Tumblr @askminamimcnugget

6. Guang Hong Ji - doesn’t need crutches. Leo insists on staying with him and carrying him in piggy back everywhere they go. When Leo ends up on crutches, Guang Hong tries to return the favor, and end ups back on crutches.

7. Chris - sets his crutches too short and asks everyone if his butt is sticking out too far. Also uses the line “my pants might get stuck and trip me!” as his reason for ONLY wearing leggings during his crutches use.

8. Seung-gil - no one even knew he was on crutches. He disappeared for a bit and only reappeared when he was healed, never admitting to anyone that the injury occurred.

9. Otabek - stoic about the crutches use, but if you stand close enough to him you can hear him muttering death threats to the inanimate objects braced under his arms pits. Some of the most creative include mentions of bonfires, dragging them behind him motorcycle and feeding them to a three-headed hell dog (Yuuri hears the last one and regrets googling the image).

10. Georgi - Cries over getting crutches, so the Russian team steals them, spray paints them purple and black and COVERS them in glitter. Then Georgi cries because they are so beautiful.

11. Sara – Michele was an avid follower of the “Leo carrying Guang Hong everywhere” Instagram story and insists on trying to carry Sara instead of letting her use the crutches. She uses her crutches to sweep the legs out from Michele and races off on them to find Mila.

12. Mila – looks like a bad ass even on crutches and no one can figure out how crutches became a fashion trend, but the assumption is that it is all Mila’s fault.

13. Emil – owns his own custom-made titanium steal crutches with E+M in a heart engraved on the side. When asked why he responds with “it is more cost effective and you know… love.”

14. Michele – does not understand why Emil wants to lend him Emil’s personalized crutches so badly. Also pouts constantly that Sara will not wait on him hand and foot. Threatens at least three separate men who approach Sara by saying “I might be on crutches but I can still kick your butt!”


Yakov – The first time he ends up on crutches is after he loses a battle with Makkachin’s leash when the dog became enamored with a squirrel and took off. Victor said Makkachin would be happy to romp in the yard and didn’t need daily walks, but Yakov couldn’t resist the begging eyes peeking out from underneath the brown flop of curls.

The second time he ends up on crutches is when Yuri’s cat gets out of the house and ends up in a tree. He can’t let the cat STAY THERE, resulting in crutches for two weeks and an argument with his doctor about why he doesn’t need a round of rabies shots.

He never tells anyone how or why he got hurt, but he does make both Victor and Yuri do quads until they lay sprawled close to death in the middle of the ice.

Nobody Gotta Know - Jack Avery

A/N: I know I’m supposed to be continuing my ‘a different post for every song off of Invitation’ project but I keep on coming up with new ideas and I’m an impulsive person and it’s bad ahhhhh

Summary: You’ve been very close with the WDW boys ever since they met, considering you’re Jonah’s younger sister. But you’ve especially been getting close with a certain band member, Mr. Jack Avery.

Warning: some cursing

“Y/N!” you heard 5 boys cheer as the front door open. You looked up from your phone, smiling as you stood up from the couch.

“BOYS!” You mimicked, letting out a giggle as you went through the line.

Jonah gave you a kiss on the cheek, “hey baby sis”

Zach gave you a hug, “long time no see Y/N”

Corbyn grabbed your hand and spun you around, “What’s up Y/N?”

Daniel gave you a high five and locked your fingers, “how’s it going, girl?”

You walked straight past Jack, trying your hardest to not give him a second glance.

“How was your session?” You grinned, the 4 boys rambling on simultaneously while you felt a pair of eyes burning into your side. Goddamnit Jack.

“That’s great!” You cut them off, pushing them toward the couch and having them sit, you made eye contact with Jack, nudging your head toward the kitchen before smiling back at the rest of the band. “I’ll go get some snacks”

You turned the corner and opened the door to the fridge, hearing faint mumbling coming from the room you just left.

“Where you going, Jack?” You heard your brother question, you froze, knowing that Jack was capable of screwing this up with his choice of words.

“What? Um… I-I’m going to go get some water, I’ll be right back” you let out a sigh at his response, that boy was hot as all hell, but he sure could be dumb at times.

Before you could even turn around, you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. “I missed you, Y/N” he hummed, sending chills down your spine. You turned to face him, placing your hands on his chest.

“Water huh? Nice save Mr. Avery” you giggled, keeping your voice low so the boys couldn’t hear you through the paper thin walls.

He pressed his lips onto yours, your hand cupped his cheek gently as you smiled into the kiss.

He pulled away and placed his forehead on yours.

You stood there for about another minute, just taking each other in, letting your breaths sync as Jack hummed one of their new songs to you.

You opened your eyes and sighed, grabbing Jacks hands that were wrapped around you, now holding them in yours.

“You should get out there, they’re gonna get suspicious” you whispered, not wanting this moment to end.

“Okay.” he huffed, placing another quick but meaningful kiss on your lips before turning to walk out.

“Wait” he stopped in his tracks as you spoke, turning to face you once again.

You then placed a water bottle in his hand, wrapping your arm around his neck and pulling him down for another kiss.

“You may be cute, but you sure are dumb” you giggled, vocalizing the thought you had earlier.

He mouthed a quick “thank you” before walking back into the room with the other 4 boys.

You heard the boys begin talking about some nonsense and sighed in relief.

You and Jack had been seeing each other in secret for about 4 months now. He made you happy but you knew that Jonah would never allow it. His little sister dating one of his best friends was the farthest thing from his mind, and it should stay that way. Even though it was hard keeping the secret from your brother, to whom you told everything, and you wanted to go on dates with Jack, but you knew that it couldn’t happen.

You stood there, leaning your back against the island, deep in thought before you heard a sentence that stopped your heart.

“So Jack, what’s with you and Sabrina?” (Once again, a random name) your breathing hitched in your throat, without thinking you barged out of the kitchen and back into the living room, planting yourself down between Corbyn and Jonah.

“Sorry I took so long” You spoke through your teeth, raising an eyebrow at your secret boyfriend, his eyes widened.

“Didn’t you say you were going to get snacks?” Zach asked you shot him a glare as he was sitting in a beanbag chair diagonal from you.

“Get them yourself” you hissed, a fake smile plastered on your face as you crossed your arms. Zach was taken back by your harshness and sunk deeper into his chair.

“So what are we talking about?” You tilted your head to Corbyn who had made the original comment. He let out a laugh and pointed his finger at Jack.

“Mr. Lady’s Man over here is gonna go on a date!” He laughed, Jack’s eyes locked with yours, trying to tell you a million words at once but you looked over towards Daniel, your heart beating out of your chest.

“Oh really? Who is the lucky lady?” You questioned, Daniel furrowed his eyebrows but answered your question anyways.

“Her name’s Sabrina, she works at the Subway near the recording studio, Jack goes to see her every day. TOTAL BABE!” Daniel wiggled his eyebrows and you were seeing red, you let out a forced laugh.

“N-No I don’t! It’s the only place to eat within a 3-mile radius, it’s just a coincidence that she’s always there.” Your boyfriend tried to explain himself, keeping his eyes locked with yours. You felt your face heat up.

“BULL!” You felt Jonah’s laughter vibrate through the room. “She wrote her number on your sandwich wrapper today!”

“Did she?” You gasped, playing it off as a joke but you really wanted to know. You couldn’t believe that, while your boyfriend sat across from you, your brother and his friends were trying to set him up with someone else.

“Okay, maybe she did, but I threw away that away!” He objected, you rolled your eyes and leaned into your brother. Maybe Jonah was right, the boys were great friends but bad news when it came to boyfriends.

“Good for you Jack, maybe it’s about time you get a NEW girlfriend” your words were harsh as you stood up off the couch. “I think I’m going to go upstairs and take a nap, I’ll see you guys later.”

Without looking back, you ran up the stairs that lead to the second story. Trying your best not to let the hot tears stream down your face, but it was too late.

You walked into your room and locked the door behind you, plopping yourself onto your bed.

Of course, he wanted someone else, who wants a girlfriend that they have to hide from everyone?

You felt your phone buzzing like crazy, you finally decided to pick it up and have a look.

Noodle Head Jones<3 :

“Y/N please come back downstairs”

“Y/N, you know that I wouldn’t do that to you.”


“Y/N, this is a huge miss understanding”

“Come downstairs”

“Fine I’m coming up”

Within seconds of getting that last text, you heard a knock on your door making you jump slightly.

“Y/N?” His familiar voice was soothing. “Y/N, open the door”

You let out a sigh and stood up, unlocking the door to reveal your boyfriend standing in front of you. You cut him off before he could speak, “no it’s fine I get it. I’m just your band mates little sister, and you want someone that you can take on dates, and post cute pictures with. I’m not that girl” he shook his head and grabbed your hand.

“No! Y/N, I don’t care if I have to sneak around with you, just like I don’t care if your brother decides to beat my ass when he finds out about us. All I know it’s that you’re it for me. You’re the only one that I want. And I understand if you want me to never see Sabrina again, I’m fine with driving that extra mile to go to Quizno’s.” His words took your breath away. You had no words, so you kissed him instead, a kiss you would remember for a while. And so would your brother.

“Y/N!” You were pulled out of your moment to see your brother standing in your doorway, anger seething from his body.

“Shit” you whispered.

Part 2

zodiac horror story (part 2)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • *
  • part 1: http://littlekingv.tumblr.com/post/158545307359/zodiac-horror-story-part-1
  • *
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • *
  • - previously on ''zodiac horror story''
  • ''virgo: this forest is scary as shit.
  • aquarius: your face is scary as shit.''
  • pisces: *screams*
  • cancer: PISCEEESSESEESS.''
  • - this time on ''zodiac horror story''
  • *
  • the signs are all traumatized by what just happened. did pisces die? is she still alive? who knows. the signs are sitting in taurus' tent, waiting for the perfect moment to come out.
  • taurus: well, aries, because i wanted to have a tent all for myself because i don't want to sleep with any of you in one tent. and it was really small and cute, i just had to buy it. couldn't resist.
  • cancer: then why are we in this tent and not in yours, aries? you have the biggest tent out of all of us.
  • aries: the tent is only meant for sagittarius and me.
  • scorpio: then don't fucking complain about being in the smallest tent. you are the one who doesn't want to share your big ass tent, so it's your fault that we are here, in this tent.
  • virgo: y'all know that we could easily move to my tent? my tent is the second biggest.
  • leo: what if the killer is outside?
  • aquarius: who the fuck said that there was a killer?
  • capricorn: she could've easily fell.
  • gemini: true, but can you also explain how she's gone all of the sudden and why she screamed so loudly?
  • aquarius: aliens.
  • sagittarius: guys, don't worry. she'll probably be back soon. gemini left too and here she is.
  • gemini: hehe.
  • libra: is pisces gone?
  • scorpio: *hits libra with a flashlight*
  • capricorn: so.. are we going to move from tent or what?
  • aquarius: i just want to sleep, man.
  • taurus: saaMEEEE.
  • cancer: should we just go outside and check if anything's outside?
  • virgo: yes.
  • leo: who's going first?
  • sagittarius: i will go first, i don't care 'bout shit.
  • sagittarius slowly peeks his head out. he crawls out of the tent.
  • sagittarius: no one's here! you all can come out!
  • everyone crawls out of the tent.
  • aquarius: hmm.. what time is it?
  • cancer: *grabs phone out of pocket* ehh.. 3:34 AM.
  • aquarius: OH MY GOD I WANT TO SLEEP.
  • scorpio: well, we aren't going to sleep until we find pisces. let's split up.
  • aries: what?! are you out of your fucking mind?!
  • virgo: why can't we just stick together..?
  • scorpio: if we split up, we have the chance to find pisces faster.
  • gemini: not if she's dead lol.
  • scorpio: she's not. she can't be.
  • capricorn: she can..
  • cancer: WE DON'T CARE. we're going to find her, whether she's alive or not. we can't just leave a friend behind.
  • sagittarius: well, she basically left us behind.
  • aquarius: can i just stay here and sleep?
  • taurus: yeah, can i stay here too?
  • scorpio: no.
  • cancer: wait, what if taurus and aquarius stay here and watch our stuff, and we are going to find pisces.
  • capricorn: good idea.
  • leo: can we just go already?
  • virgo: i ain't leaving if we are all going to split up. i don't want to go alone.
  • cancer: we ain't going alone. we're going in groups. you and capricorn will go that way, leo and libra that way, sagittarius and gemini that way and scorpio, aries and i will go that way.
  • virgo: ugh, fine.
  • cancer: great, let's go.
  • scorpio: and be careful y'all.
  • libra: yay, adventure!
  • all the groups are out in the woods, looking for pisces, not knowing where they are, or where to go. let's see how capricorn and virgo are doing out in the woods.
  • virgo: it's sooooo cold.
  • capricorn: i know.
  • virgo: why does this happen to us?! why, oh, why?!!!!!?!?!
  • capricorn: calm down! we're just going to walk around, head back and then we're just going to say that we didn't find pisces. end.
  • virgo: what!? i don't want to lie!
  • capricorn: well, too bad! pisces probably just left us because we didn't listen to her.
  • virgo: she wouldn't! she would've told me.
  • capricorn: maybe not.
  • virgo: she's my best friend. why wouldn't she?
  • capricorn: soo.. you're her best friend, still you don't want find her. okay.
  • virgo: what? who said that?
  • capricorn: you did. all you were worrying about is splitting up.
  • virgo: that's just because i'm afraid to go alone in the woods, okay?!
  • capricorn: you didn't even say anything when she went missing or when she screamed or when there was a blood trail on the ground.
  • virgo: i-i.. i don't know.
  • capricorn: of course you don't.
  • capricorn starts walking while virgo stands still, not knowing what to do or say.
  • capricorn: hurry the fuck up.
  • virgo: *sigh*
  • let's see how taurus and aquarius are doing.
  • taurus: i wish i had some pizza right now.
  • aquarius: oh my lord. why did you say that?!
  • aquarius: I'M HUNGRY NOW, THANKS.
  • taurus: i have chips in my bag if you want.
  • aquarius: yes please.
  • taurus walks over to his tent and grabs a bag of chips out of his bag.
  • taurus: *sing hallelujah*
  • aquarius: *sings with taurus*
  • taurus: do you want a drink?
  • aquarius: yes.
  • taurus: coke?
  • aquarius: yes!
  • taurus walks over to his tent again.
  • taurus: aqua, do you know where my mini-fridge thingy is?
  • aquarius: uhh.. no?
  • taurus: uughhhhh. someone probably stole it.
  • aquarius walks over to taurus to help him find it.
  • aquarius: uhhh.. maybe behind your tent?
  • they go behind the tent and they see a light in the distance.
  • taurus: hey, do you see that light too?
  • aquarius: yeah..
  • taurus: should we go to it?
  • aquarius: uhh.. i don't know man..
  • taurus: i'm going.
  • aquarius: w-what?!
  • taurus walks towards the light.
  • aquarius: fucking hell.
  • aquarius follows taurus.
  • taurus: heeyy, it's my mini-fridge and a flashlight!
  • taurus picks up the fridge and flashlight.
  • aquarius: phew.
  • aquarius walks back to the camp.
  • aquarius: *looks behind him* taur-taurus? what are you doing? why are you standing there? come on!
  • taurus falls on the ground with 4 knives in his back and one knife in the back of his head. he's.... dead.
  • aquarius: *screams*
  • scorpio: aquarius?
  • *
  • rest in peace taurus.. you will be missed..
  • *
  • stay tuned for part 3, and thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

Hi! How would the Phantom Thieves react to their S/O (who is also a phantom thief) being critically injured and then taken hostage by the Shadow? I love your blog, i look foward to reading your stories

Thank you for your support, I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying your stay! <3 I have never been taken hostage before so I had to look up a few videos. ;A; Enjoy!


  • Akira would fight off his urge to act impulsively because he didn’t want to risk anything while S/O was in danger.
  • He’s calm on the outside, but there are numerous conflicting thoughts racing through his mind.
  • I need to do something!
  • No, I should think carefully about this…
  • But the more I stand here, the more at risk they are.
  • Finally, he decides the best solution is negotiation.
  • With his refined speech skills, he’s able to convince the Shadow to let its guard down and release S/O…
  • But he won’t let the Shadow leave unpunished.


  • Of course Ryuji’s going to be pissed off.
  • “Shit! Goddamn asshole, let them go!” he’ll growl, biting back any further comments as the Shadow crept closer to S/O.
  • “Oh, I’ll let them go… for a price,” it sneered with a smug inflection.
  • He clenched his fists, prepared to launch a series of profanities at the threat.
  • Who the hell does this Shadow think it is?! Why should I pay them for takin’ S/O hostage?!
  • However, he was willing to pay any price to keep S/O alive, even if he didn’t have much.
  • “F-fine, have it your way,” he hissed, tossing money at the Shadow.
  • It retreated shortly after, and Ryuji used various medical supplies to aid S/O, taking extra care to be gentle.


  • “H-hey! Stop it!” Ann cries as a Shadow knocks down S/O and looms over them threateningly.
  • “If you want them back, you’re going to have to give me something in return,” it laughed.
  • Ann gritted her teeth, knowing she had no choice but to comply, and she spat, “You’re the lowest… what do you want?”
  • “You’re certainly spirited… why don’t you give me some of that stamina of yours?”
  • “Huh? How are you…?” Ann glanced at S/O’s battered body and shook her head. 
  • This wasn’t the time for questions, so she promptly nodded her head.
  • “Fine. Have it your way, just give them back.”
  • She immediately felt drained of energy, but she forced herself to go to S/O’s side and heal them after the Shadow retreated.


  • Yusuke wasn’t having any of this.
  • When S/O got taken hostage, the blood drained from his face.
  • They were already in critical condition, and at this rate…
  • He suddenly became furious at the prospect, as a result of his fear.
  • His hand immediately grasped his blade. “You bastard…!”
  • The Shadow scoffed at him. “Stay put, petty thief. You know what will happen if you move, don’t you…?”
  • It inched closer to S/O and drew it weapon.
  • “Th-that’s enough! Stop this at once!” Yusuke ordered frantically.
  • “Give me your health. A life for a life, right?”
  • Yusuke narrowed his eyes at the Shadow, eyes filled with malice. “…As you wish.”
  • He braced himself for the sudden pain, but it nearly caused him to black out.
  • That didn’t stop him from slicing down the Shadow, and he rushed to S/O’s side afterward with a bag of medical supplies.


  • Makoto knew that S/O was going to get taken hostage as soon as they fell to the ground.
  • She felt rage boil her blood as she commanded, “Let them go!”
  • “That’s not how it works. Give me something good, and I’ll consider letting them live.”
  • Makoto loathed this familiar feeling of powerless, but the idea of S/O dying because of her was something she hated more.
  • “Have it your way… but I won’t forget this,” she seethed, forcefully chucking the item at the Shadow.
  • It retreated once it was satisfied, and Makoto darted to S/O to heal them and apologize for her incompetence.
  • Later, she encountered the Shadow once more and promptly put an end to it with vengeance burning like fire in her scarlet eyes.


  • “S/O, don’t worry! I’ll fix this!”
  • Futaba’s nerves were frazzled with anxiety, but her mind reeled with possible ways of saving S/O from the Shadow that had taken them hostage.
  • Her eyes widened as she realized a solution, but this would depend largely on S/O’s ability to react quickly.
  • After mentally reasserting her trust in them, Futaba tapped at her holographic keyboard, hastily writing the code for healing and then running it.
  • Fortunately, S/O caught on immediately, and they whipped around to attack the Shadow with a powerful physical attack using their restored health.
  • When it was defeated, S/O ran up to Futaba to high five her.
  • “You’re a genius, babe!”
  • The redhead blushed. “Hehe… it was nothing.”


  • The Shadow quickly realized after the battle that it shouldn’t have taken Haru’s S/O hostage.
  • Her brows furrowed as she watched S/O be whisked away, and she was fraught with worry.
  • “No! Please, don’t hurt them!”
  • “Give me an item and you’ll get your wish.”
  • Of course, she handed an item over immediately; S/O’s  life was worth more than anything.
  • After handing S/O over, the Shadow chuckled as it retreated, and it checked the box that the item was contained in.
  • It turns out that the action of opening the box triggered the grenade laying inside.

this is going to be a rough week but I wanted to do something for rebelcaptain week because come on universe way to have terrible timing so here we go. for the prompt: family.

She stops cold when she hears it: hushed murmurs from round the corner, her name spoken in a whisper.

“Yes, but it’s Jyn.”

Cassian’s voice. Dread lurches up Jyn’s spine, cold and infuriating. She knows suspicion like the back of her hand—she spent years with Saw lurking in the shadows, waiting to eavesdrop on her own fate—but this isn’t the same thing. She’s not a burden here, she knows she’s not. Not to Cassian.

Even still, she can’t bring herself to step forward.

“Does she know?” asks a voice she recognizes as Baze’s.

“No,” says Cassian—sharp, frustrated. “No, I don’t think so. So I—”

“I understand,” says Baze. “I will be sure she stays away.”

Jyn swallows. Her chest is tight. She can feel it welling up inside her: that old itch beneath her skin, begging her to run. Run before they run from you.

But then Cassian says, very quiet: “It’s just—it’s been a long time since I’ve even tried to celebrate someone’s birthday. It’s not like Kay really has one.”

And the whole world stills.

“I am sure she will appreciate the effort,” Baze says, warm. “One hour, that’s what you need?”

“Yeah,” says Cassian. “Thank you.”

She can’t see him, but she can perfectly picture the slight lilt of his smile, the way his hair falls into his eyes when he bows his head. Her skin is aglow, flushed with a dizzying feeling she hasn’t felt since she was a little girl—the urge to run not away from something, but towards it.

With a deep breath, she straightens her shoulders and rounds the corner.

“There you are,” she says, light as she can manage. “Dinner?”

Both men jump. At least Cassian manages to slide his shocked expression back to neutral rather fast; Baze’s eyes remain wide, his mouth dropping open at the sight of her.

“Dinner,” Cassian repeats, clearly grateful for the easy out. “Yes, of course.”

For a good, long moment, she just stands there, staring between them. It should be a simple thing, to throw her arms around them, to make clear to them how much this means. It should be, but it’s not—she’s out of practice with this. With having people who care.

So she just nods, patting Cassian’s arm, letting her palm linger for just a beat longer than necessary. “Lead the way.”

Her birthday’s not for three more days. She can figure out a suitable response by then.

Why Season 7 did not destroy my hope in Jonsa?

So, Season 7 and all of it’s bullshit is now over. Thank.God. Now, I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’m thrilled this season is over. 

It was the worst.

On a scale of 1-10, it’s a solid 3. It started strong, middle was shaky, and the end was a complete fuck you to the audience. From Rhaegar’s appearance, which was completely wrong. He was the most handsome man in the seven kingdoms, with straight silver hair. This Rhaegar was given Viserys’s wig, and he was lanky? Lol

The boatbang. Wow. Awkward. 

Jon’s OOC. If Jon isn’t playing Dany…then Game of Thrones has gone down the toilet. Badly. Jon would have been written as a fuck boy to prop up the dragon bitch. 

There was a deleted scene with Sansa going to Bran, and talking about LF. Now, I’m glad she did this. She NEEDED to know the EXTENT of LF’s crimes. Because, guess what, she didn’t know he betrayed her father. She also didn’t know how he poisoned Jon Arryn, or how he LIED to her mother. How would she? By guessing? People are expecting Sansa to be a fucking mind reader or something. Well, guess what. Only Bran has that fucking power. 

So, they used it. However. They cut that scene, BECAUSE they wanted us as the audience to assume the Stark children were playing Baelish. I mean, look at the smirk on Arya’s face when she turned to Baelish. And Sansa, damn, she was ENRAGED during the sentencing scene. It was flowing out most definitely. 

ANYWAY! Back to the topic I STARTED ON.

Why didn’t this season sway me on Jonsa? Well, let’s look at a few scenes from season 6…

^^This scene. If you go back and rewatch it…you’ll notice Jon Snow’s facial expressions. It’s that of shock, of wonder, of almost awe. He did NOT expect to see Sansa Stark. It was just so damn beautiful.

Season 7 with DD- (DD is Daenerys) He did NOT show that face to her. Like when she swooped in to save them. Yes, he was shocked. But, it wasn’t that face of awe, like here with Sansa. He wasn’t in awe of DD, let’s be real here. She is the one who needed CONVINCING the fucking wights were real. After hatching dragon eggs…and seeing warlocks…and going through visions. Yeah…convincing…


And that is the truth friends. He cracked ONE smile with DD. And that was in the dragonpit, and it was a smile like this…

Or this…

Or this..

Yeah, it was a little crack of a smile. 

DD smiled plently, yet, Jon was reserved, cut off with his emotions. And, he never told her ANYTHING personal. Like he did with Sansa…

He’s telling her all the things that has happened to him, plus how he came back from the dead. Like…he says…”We can’t stay here. Not after what happened.” Chances are he told her about his betrayal, and what the nights watch did to him. Guess what he didn’t tell DD. ALL OF THAT.

DD and Jon had no chemistry. Just none. Fell extremely flat. Now Jon/Sansa…


Jon/Sansa  have this sexual tension/chemistry underlining that cannot be ignored. Honestly. It just can’t. It was sensible in that tent scene before the battle of the bastards. 

Look at their faces, and how he advances around that table. He proceeds to yell, asking her what the hell he should do. Mind you. The ONLY OTHER PERSON WHO PUSHED JON’S BUTTONS LIKE THIS WAS…


Sansa pushes Jon. Ygritte pushed Jon. But Jon with DD. He spends all his time trying to gain her favor so in the future he’ll be able to talk her down from doing foolish actions. Like…burning people alive. Like…attacking King’s Landing. Etc, etc. 

Sansa stands beside Jon. And she let’s him know that he’s a good leader, and a good king. Cause, he is very broody. Lol.

Ygritte stood beside Jon when they made it to the wildling group. Making sure the other wildlings didn’t attack him. 

Sansa continues to stand beside Jon while he is gone. In 7x05, when the Lord’s have come to her and expressed their growing concern about Jon being gone, they try to turn on Jon. Sansa stops this, and it also pisses her off that the Lord’s change sides so easily. She tells them that JON IS THEIR KING. And tells Baelish that they flip easily. 

Now..boatbang. It was NOTHING like this..

We all know Jon likes to go down south when he’s with a lady he cares for. Guess what he didn’t do to DD…yeah..that.

No foreplay.

He didn’t kiss her breasts, or anything. They kissed a little bit, he flipped her over, stared down at her for a couple seconds, then thrust (rather painfully) I might add, inside of her. All the while, clenching his eyes shut..


In conclusion: The forced, awkward scenes with DD and Jon that held no chemistry…is not going to sway my decision so easily. Sorry.


About Stef and Brallie

I need to start by saying that I love Stef, normally . She’s so awesome and I would love to have a mom like her. But if I was Brandon? If I was Brandon I would have honestly married fucking Cortney if it meant being away from her. And I hate Cortney. 

Let me explain. 

In season one, when Callie is still a new addition to the family, a girl that wasn’t supposed to stay in their house for more than a few weeks, a year at most, Stef reminds Brandon that foster siblings aren’t allowed to engage in a romantic relationship. Brandon isn’t interested at the time, he’s still with Talya, but he’s “an horny teenager” so better safe than sorry, right? Right. Fine. Legit. 

As we know, Brandon can’t really help falling for Callie after that. He knew he couldn’t, sure, but he probably thought that they could wait and sooner or later Callie would be out of the house, and it’s not like he could just erase his feelings. That’s not how feelings works. Also, it’s not like Callie was blameless here. She kissed Brandon after knowing that she was going to get adopted, remember? Sure, in season 3, during the interview she says that she wanted to fuck the adoption up before something else fucked it up, because she was scared. Doesn’t seem like a good way to fuck it up to me - if Jude hadn’t walked in on them they would have probably never been discovered and then what? I’d like to ask her. Also, we knew from her conversation with Wyatt at the hospital before then that she already had feelings for Brandon too, she just didn’t think she deserved him (to quote Wyatt, she was “too fucked up”). But at the wedding she says that she knows what she deserves now - meaning Brandon. She felt safe because she finally had a family who wanted her, she thought for the first time that she deserved everything everyone else deserved. To love who she loved. But Jude walks in on them and she runs away. 

Brandon confesses to his moms that he kissed Callie, which - btw - it’s his first fucking mistake. He didn’t kiss her. SHE kissed HIM. It’s interesting because he keeps saying that it was him, even during the interview in season 3. I don’t know if he wanted it so much that he remembers being the one instigating it, but this mistake plants the first seed of distrust in Stef, who probably can’t help making parallels between her son and Liam, since, you know, Brandon says Callie ran away because of him, when she actually ran away because of what Jude said. 

The moms forbid Brandon to go see Callie but he doesn’t listen. He loves her and he doesn’t want her to believe that there’s nobody out there for her anymore. And - let me point it out - he was right. She needed to know someone was still there for her, even if she had run away and was high risk and whatever. So yeah, seeing Brandon was what she needed. But Stef doesn’t trust him and she gets him a restraining order, like he’s stalking Callie, like that beautiful hug never happened (and for all we know, Stef might not know it happened). 

Brandon doesn’t care. Brallie keeps meeting secretly. Stef doesn’t know. Eventually, they both realize that Callie needs a family and Brandon backs down and lets her go. Because he loves her. So much. And he wants her to have all she needs. And she needs a family more than she needs him. Fyi, this it’s his most beautiful act of love. 

After the first break up it seems like Brandon is the only one hung up on them. He’s hurt, he can’t forget. I don’t blame him, since he has to see her everyday. He tries. He’s vulnerable at this point and Dani keeps planting ideas in his head. That he should get her back before she gets adopted and stuff. Things blow up during the winter ball and everything Stef ends up hearing is “I realized today that you didn’t lead me on. You just never felt the way I did. What you needed, what you wanted, it was never me,” which, AGAIN, makes it look like his feelings aren’t reciprocated, not really. She doesn’t know that Callie followed him before he got into the cop’s car to tell him that what she had said about Wyatt wasn’t true - meaning that she still loved him too, since she told him that lie just so he could forget about her. But she doesn’t want him to at the end. 

Things are friendly between Brallie later, up until the GU fund riser. Callie kisses Brandon when she discovers that Robert isn’t gonna sign her adoption papers. Later - in season 3 I think - she tells the girls of GU that she did it because she thought she was giving up Brandon for nothing. Meaning - she still loves him. Brandon tells her that he doesn’t want her to give up on her dream (they promised each other, right?). Stef doesn’t know that they let each other go again, for the second time. 

Callie doesn’t take it well. She asks him if it’s because of Lou. Brandon breaks up with her. Again. 

Season 3, Brallie’s adventure in Mexico. Stef finds a pregnancy test and the first thing that comes to her mind is “you don’t think callie is pregnant with brandon’s child, do you?” How did she even go there?? All she knows at this point is that Callie and Brandon kissed once. Which makes me believe that she can see that something is still going on between them but doesn’t want to acknowledge it. 

Brallie has sex. It’s consensual. And they break it off again as soon as the adoption gets through. 

Callie tells the moms the truth and everything Stef can think about is “Brandon took advantage of the fact that she was vulnerable”, when, honestly, it was about “giving up Brandon for nothing”. 

Stef confronts Brandon about it and she doesn’t listen, won’t listen to him. She accuses Brandon in all the ways possible and never asks Callie about her feelings. At this point, Stef only knows that Brandon is in love with Callie, she never heard Callie say that she is in love with Brandon, she doesn’t know that Callie almost went to live with Robert to stay with Brandon, that she wanted to put his keyboard in her apartment, that she was the first to say I love you. 

For all season 4 Stef treats Brandon as some sort of predator and he can’t stand it, obviously, and stays with Cortney. The only person defending him is Mike, who sees the same thing happening with AJ. Stef keeps taking Callie’s side. 

And it makes me so angry. She doesn’t know the whole story, never cared to sit her kids down to ask them honestly about it, never took the time to talk about it with Callie! When Callie said they had sex, Stef brushed it off like she didn’t even want to know about it and went to bite B’s head off for it instead. She told him in 03x08 that she could see that she hadn’t been there for Brandon about Callie and she could see now that he was heartbroken, but after that? Did she do anything to be there for him? She didn’t. She kept accusing him, suspecting him, blaming him. To the point that she can’t even see Brallie in the same room together without getting tense. 

I’d like to say that I don’t blame her 100%, since she doesn’t have the whole picture, but I can’t because it’s her fault she doesn’t have all the information she needs in the first place! I blame her for being a shitty parent to Brandon, for playing favorites, for being judgmental and closing her eyes and not listening when literally EVERYBODY knows Brandon and Callie are a thing after 0.5 seconds in their presence. Sophia didn’t even need to see them together to know that Callie was in love with him! Like, seriously, Stef decided not to see what was going on, she ignored her kid like he’s some kind of rapist, did NOTHING to comfort him when he couldn’t go to Julliard (and yes, he was to blame, but not even a hug??). The only person that honestly stopped for a moment to ask him how he felt about it is Callie! And then you’re surprised he’s in love with her? Please. Brandon literally helped everyone in that house and Stef treats him like he’s a criminal. 

So now I hope she’ll get scared every time someone points out that Brandon and Callie look like they’re dating and not like siblings, because she had it coming. 

She told Mike that he couldn’t play favorites between Brandon and AJ, but that’s exactly what she has been doing with Brandon and Callie. She keeps choosing Callie over him. So Mike had it wrong, it wasn’t because of Callie that Brandon wouldn’t move back home, it was because of Stef. 

I can’t believe nobody is calling her out about treating Brandon like shit. Sure, Brandon isn’t perfect and he made his mistakes, but not everything is on him. Callie is as much to blame as he is, and yes, she’s dealing with other drama, but it can’t always be “good old Brandon who has to take it up the chin”. It takes two to tango. It’s just easier to blame Brandon than acknowledging that she should have taken Brallie’s relationship seriously when Brandon told her about it the first time instead of taking a fucking restraining order against her son. Brandon was right in 03x08 - she humiliated him. And she’s STILL doing it. KEEPS doing it. 

I’d divorce the family too if I was him. No shit. 

mischiefpuff  asked:

I saw this earlier but was at work. Congrats on the 500, tbh you deserve it. Hmm....I'm gonna go Fremione or Theo/Blaise.

thank you!!! i’ve never written Fremione before so I decided to give it a try <3

(also, postwar Fred Lives AU!!)
(background music for this: Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing)

  • Although Fred had always been adventurous and was never afraid to try new things, he became even more so after the war ended.
  • The near death experience made him realize that life was too short and he knew he’d regret it one day if he didn’t try out as much as new and interesting and fun stuff as possible.
  • When he heard that Hermione had been planning on getting a muggle driver’s license, he insisted in properly learning the muggle way to drive, too. And after they both passed the test, he persuaded Hermione that they should go on a road trip, the muggle style.
  • Hermione had been working on an important case at the Department of Law Enforcement for a while, and agreed that maybe she could take a break and make some time for vacation.
  • Fred was in high spirits that he’d successfully convinced Hermione, and also really excited to be driving on this ‘Highway’ thing for the first time.
  • As a Quidditch player, he naturally enjoyed the speed, even when it was on the ground rather than in the air. And he could tell that Hermione, despite her constant reminder for him to be more careful, was enjoying the thrill of it, too.
  • Fred knew how Hermione would be upset if they got into an accident, so while he was driving near the speed limit and feeling the freedom of the high speed, he was also always constantly on guard.
  • They also sang along to the latest muggle music. At first, Hermione was hesitant to sing because she didn’t think she was good at it, but after Fred continued to sing in high spirits for a while, she gradually warmed up and tried a bit. 
  • (Fred felt really pleased. He was sure that even Ron and Harry had never heard Hermione sing.)
  • They both really liked Aerosmith’s album I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing and the song of same title.
  • Fred also really liked the way Hermione seemed to blush slightly when Fred sang, “I could stay lost in this moment forever. Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.
  • They weren’t together yet, but they still slept in the same bed every night because they both felt it wasn’t a big deal. It was just like she and Harry sharing a tent, or something.
  • But one night, Fred suddenly decided to sing that song of Aerosmith’s again.  He begin in the middle, “Lying close to you feeling your heart beating, and I’m wondering what you’re dreaming …
  • Hermione looked shocked for a few moments, but that didn’t deter Fred as he continued singing, while looking closely at her.
  • A few verses later, Hermione joined in, her voice slightly nervous, “I don’t want to miss one smile, I don’t want to miss one kiss, I just want to be with you …
  • And Fred slowly grinned as they continued together, “ … right here with you, just like this. I just want to hold you close, feel your heart so close to mine, and just stay here in this moment, for all the rest of time …
  • When they finally reached the end of the song, they stared at each other, and the air in the room seemed to have suddenly tensed.
  • So Fred leant forwards slightly – just slightly – and wasn’t sure if he was really surprised when Hermione also leant forwards –
  • and when their lips met, everything suddenly felt right, and Fred knew, that he would treasure this moment forever.

500 followers MMC headcanon celebration

pxiao  asked:

Top five Fruitshipping moments. Cause I want to see a good show don't tell relationship and we have plenty of moments to fill a large variety of these lists.

Oh god just 5??? Okay I got this be still my heart

5. Episode 2, Yuzu and Yuya’s action duel

Okay I know this is pretty early in the series and it can be seen as platonic, but you get so much character from this scene and grounds of a solid friendship between them. Like:

Yuzu’s getting shit because she was rude to Yuya like some of the fandom does to her lol but instead she just goes with it.

Like at this point of the story we now know both Yuya and Yuzu are entertainers, and now we get to see them doing what they love together and how they work off each other.

Not to mention this scene is funny as hell. Like wow it’s just showing us two cuties performing together (granted it’s not perfect because Yuya’s in funk atm) and I already fell for their dynamic at this point and its only ep 2. 

ALSO they fucking used Plain Plain (where this duel took place) in episode 141 to rip my god damn heart out and to show this duel had meaning and we should realize that we’re missing Yuzu.

4. Yuya is PISSED/cry baby (eps 50 + 51)

At this point in the show we’ve gotten a good basis on their relationship. Yuya and Yuzu are childhood friends with the same goal and they inspire each other to become stronger. Pretty standard and honestly nothing new.

And then they get separated.

Like I did NOT expected them to act the way they did when this happened (at least Yuya because when has a main protag ever cared that much for the female protag minus Anzu from season 0)

I am 98% sure that this is the first time Yuya has cried openly to people without his goggles AND ITS CAUSE OF YUZU. This boy has hidden his emotions about his dad, his bullying, and pendulum summoning but Yuzu’s apparent capture is what got Yuya to finally show his sadness and not cover them with jokes and his goggles.

Yuya as we know, when he’s not berserker, is a pacifist but he’s going out of character because he’s so mentally distraught and sad. Like the only person I would get like that for is my twin so to me this speaks volumes since Yuya values Yuzu’s well being over his own values.  

And then in Yugioh it’s a known thing that the female protags most times stay on the side line and cheer on the main protag AND THEYRE ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGING IT AND IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO YUYA. Like apparently Yuma’s says something similar to Kotori near the end of Zexal but I’m not there yet but like this is ep 50 compared to 140-something.

Looking back this is super important. Like when Zarc got revived he stated he was surprised/thrilled that there was more to Pendulum Summoning than he first thought (combining all the three methods w/ it) and the reason Yuya was able to do it was because of Yuzu. He was able to go beyond Zarc’s expectations and plans BECAUSE OF YUZU.

God when has a main protag screamed out a female protags name like that before in yugioh??? 

Yuzu is also a cry baby three episodes down the line.

3. Yuzu saves Yuya from Zarc

It speaks volumes when nearly all your friends (including your bff THE MAN Gonzengaka) can’t save from Satan, but the moment you say one sentence to you, you regain some control.

Like god, I love their relationship. Zarc and Ray are literally trying to destroy the other but these two can break through their previous lives soul’s to communicate with one another cause of how god damn much they mean to each other.

Listen if you go across DIMENSIONS to get save someone in Yugioh YOU KNOW your ship is real (Spiritshipping and Keyshipping being the other prime examples). But like in my fruitshipping video (which ya’ll should watch) this moment is when I used the lyrics ‘no distance can ever keep us apart’ because WOW dimensions AND demonic/angelic possessions isn’t enough sever the bond between these two.

Also my otp tag.

2. Yuya summons Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

Lowkey this moment is up so high because Yuya’s just fucking amazing in this scene. Like Zarc’s influence is getting stronger but like LIST OF THINGS THAT HAVE CAUSED YUYA SO GO BERSERKER 

-Ep 39 with Zarc’s trigger words and Yuya didn’t even remember it

-Yuto’s memories of being attacked the Academia 

-Being electrocuted in the god damn brain

-Being in the same area as all four boys that causes a hole to open in the sky

-Creepy old guys touching Yuzu

Like one of these things is not like the other lol

Seriously though, the others are near close to psychological torture and PTSD but someone touching Yuzu inappropriately invokes the same amount of rage from Yuya. THATS A HUGE ASS COMPARISON. Also the scene was gorgeous god damn.

1. Yuzu inspires Yuya during Friendship Cup

Okay this moment…THIS is when Fruitshipping went from a casual ship to god damn otp for me.

So for the past couple eps, Yuya has been feeling like shit (ground facility, losing Jack, missing Yuzu), of course Yuzu doesn’t know some of bad shit that’s going on, but goddamit the citrus is going to show the tomato that she’s okay.

Like dueling for other people is nothing new to yugioh but holy SHIT

Of course Yuzu doesn’t know the cost of losing, but all she wants to do is make Yuya feel at ease (which the poor boy hasn’t felt in so long fuck)

Yuzu hasn’t spoken to Yuya this entire arc but she knows how he’s feeling right now. She knows Yuya. This just furthers the belief that they’ve known each other for so god damn long and are ‘irreplaceable’ to one another.

Look at how goddamn surprised he is. Like instead of worrying about herself, she’s worried about him?? Granted this might have to do with Yuya’s self worth issues And as the duel goes on, it’s not just her feelings she trying to convey to Yuya (hot-blooded and shivers). Instead of ‘oh look it’s your love-interest’s feelings’ she shows that everyone from back in Standard are also with Yuya.



Just…fuck me. 

Day 3 - Don’t Forget Mom Gwen

I sadly wasn’t able to participate yesterday but here is my one-shot for today! Hope you enjoy! (This can also be found on Archive of Our Own and Fanfiction.net!)

*MAXVID shippers don’t interact*


Max finished the present by signing his name with the purple sharpie he found on the floor. David stared down at him, smiling as he took it.

“Oh, Gwen is going to love this!” David told him, placing the present onto the table, “Now remember the plan, Max?!”  

Max nodded and recited what David had been telling him for the past days, “Yes I do. First, I’m going to make Gwen take me to the store to buy some groceries. I must also make sure to stall for a while, before asking for some food. I will choose a restaurant that is, relatively, far away, and once done there, pretend to need to go to the bathroom and last an hour in there. After that, I should just stall in any possible way, that does not end up involving the police.”

David grinned, “You’ve got it! Now put on your shoes, Gwen will arrive any minute now!” Max did as told and quickly put on his shoes. As he headed back into the living room, he watched as David placed ingredients onto the table and take out birthday decorations. They had agreed that while Max was out with Gwen, David would cook a meal and decorate the apartment so when they got back they could celebrate Gwen’s birthday together as the small family they were.

“Alrighty, Max! Gwen is outside, now remem-”

“Don’t come back till 5. I got it, David. No need to say it again.” Max finished, as he walked towards the door. David smiled, “Exactly! Now! Make sure you both have fun!” He watched as Max got into Gwen’s car and even gave her a small wave. As soon as the car was out of sight, David began preparations.

As for Max, the moment he got in the car he felt how tense the air was. Gwen had mumbled a greeting and waved back at David. As soon as she began to drive, it became silent. It was awkward and unnerved Max, who would normally enjoy any silence he got.

“H-how are you?” Max asked, stuttering a bit. He wasn’t very good at starting conversations. After years of being the edgy and silent type, it didn’t fit him well.

Gwen raised an eyebrow but answered. “I’m fine, and you Max?” Max shrugged and kept looking at Gwen, who kept her eyes on the road. Her finger tapped the wheel continuously and she had a prominent frown that seemed like it wouldn’t go away. Max would normally care less, but today was Gwen’s day. Even knew he should respect that. Not only that, but he has seen her nearly every day for the past year. Even he could say, maybe when she wasn’t around or in his room alone, that Gwen was the closest mother figure he had.

“How’s your day been going?” Max said, trying, again, to start up a conversation.

Gwen sighed at his question, “I…It’s…decent.” Her lack of words and attitude stopped Max from questioning any further. Knowing well that he, himself, might bring out an attitude that would make the situation worse.  

The rest of the ride was silent and Max knew he needed to do something to break it. They arrived at the grocery store and Max guided Gwen around, placing the things they needed in the cart. He placed an item in the cart and watched as Gwen picked it up.

“Max, what is this?” she asked. Max looked at the baggie of dinosaur shaped marshmallows. “Oh, that? Those are David’s. He loves those damn marshmallows.” “Hm.” Gwen simply said, surprised. She pushed the cart into the next section of the store. “What’s next on our list?” she asked.

Max looked down at the list he had in hand. The last sentence simply said ‘Make things up, Buddy!’. Max looked back up at Gwen and then at their surroundings. They had exited from the food section and were now surrounded by cooking utensils.

“David says we need…some knives!” Max quickly said, pointing at the array of knives next to them. Gwen raised an eyebrow and looked down at Max, “You’re kidding? You still have loads at home and they still work.” Max shrugged, “Yeah I know, but David wants more! Don’t be surprised if it turns out he murdered someone!”

“Haha very funny, Max, let me see the list,” Gwen told him, reaching down for the paper. Max pulled away, shaking his head.

“No can do, Gwen. It’s mine and you can’t see it.”

She placed a hand on her hips. Max was acting rather childish. Which wasn’t usual for the kid.  


“Sorry, Gwen, but if you want to see the list you have to catch me first!” With that, Max began running away. Gwen reacted slowly, in that she first had to comprehend that he had left.

“Oh no, you don’t you little shit!! Get back here!!” She yelled, pushing the cart, after him. Meanwhile, Max headed for the gardening department. He tried to think of more items to place in the cart. Suddenly, he heard as Gwen yelled his name, but he didn’t stop. Max made it to the department, fast and safe, and watched how Gwen turned to corner to reach him.

Her chest rose and fell, quickly, as she took in various breaths. She ran a hand through her hair, before asking Max, “What the hell was that for Max?!”

Max cringed, mentally, at the time of her voice. She sounded angry and annoyed, which was not what he wanted. He had thought that by doing what he did he could’ve at least made her smile or even laugh, but it seemed to have gotten her in a worse mood.

He looked down and kicked the air, “I thought it would’ve been fun…you seem so fucking tense and depressed that I decided to try to make you feel better and relax. Now, I know I should just mind my own damn business.”  

At his words, Gwen’s features softened. She sighed, “Max look, I just…it’s been a tough morning and all I want to do is be in a bed asleep. No one has called me and, well, why would they. They probably have better things to do than to congrat- I mean talk to me. So, it’s just been affecting me, you know. I’m sorry, for lashing out at you.”

Max shrugged but noticed how she didn’t want to reveal it was her birthday. He felt the need to tell her that he and David had this whole thing planned out for her, but he kept his mouth shut. It was a surprise after all. For now, though, he needed to lighten up the mood.

“It’s fine, you never were a morning person.Maybe you just forgot to drink some coffee,” Max responded. Gwen rolled her eyes, “I’ll let you know that I’ve been avoiding coffee, Max. Maybe you should too.”

“As if I wanted to become an ass, like you, in the morning,” He said, with a smile. Gwen pretended to laugh, and responded, “That’s because you already are one, Max. Now let’s hurry up so we can finish.”  

Max followed Gwen and noticed how a smile tugged at the end of her lips. He turned around to look at the nearest clock. They had only been there for, about, an hour. He needed to stall more. Max stopped and fell to his knees, just as they arrived at the cashier. He began groaning and wrapped his arms around his stomach.

“Shit! Max, what’s wrong?” Gwen asked, crouching down and placing a hand on his back. Max shook his head and groaned more, “My stomach hurts…ugh. I think…I think I need to go to the bathroom fast.”

“Here,” Gwen said, helping him up, “Go to that bathroom right there. Do what you need to do, and I’ll finish paying the groceries.”

Max did as told and entered the bathroom. He entered one of the few stalls there and sat down. He had managed to convince her he needed to go. All he had to do was stay there for a while.

Max realized he had, in fact, changed the order of the plan, but he knew it was better like this. As he sat, he thought of a restaurant that was far away to choose from. Minutes passed and men entered the bathroom and left, ignoring the fact that he was there. After a while, he began getting impatient but didn’t get out. Max groaned and hid his face behind his hands. Out of boredom, he began counting the tiles on the ceiling and got to 127, before getting interrupted.

“Max?” Gwen called, “Are you done?! You’ve been in there for half an hour! Do I need to call David or the hospital?” Max scrambled off the seat and out of the stall, “Gwen, what the hell are you doing in the guy’s bathroom!?” She crossed her arms, “You were taking too long! I was starting to worry.” “Oh really? Wow, Gwen, that…that was kind of you…to worry that is.” He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Well, there’s a first time for everything.” She responded, and then guided him out of the bathroom. Of course, after he washed his hands. With that, they headed back to Gwen’s car, and he noticed how she seemed much calmer.

“You know what?” Max began, catching her attention, as she got in the car.


“I’m hungry.” He finished. Gwen laughed, “You read my mind, Max. But I promised David I would have you back once finished.” “I know. Which is why I told him in advance.” Max pulled out a small baggie with money. On the baggie written in black sharpie were the words, ‘Only use if hungry.’ “You’re kidding me.” Gwen laughed, “Does David manage your money?” Max frowned, “Yeah, ever since I bought 5 marshmallow guns on eBay he decided he would take care of my money.” Gwen snorted, as she pulled out of the parking lot. She held up her hand in a fist bump directed towards Max. He returned the bump and listened to what she continued to say, “You know, we can invite Nikki and Neil over one day and have a marshmallow fight.”

Max, quickly, turned to look at her, “Really?!”.  “Of course!” Gwen responded, “Just imagine David’s face when the apartment is covered in marshmallows. He’ll be furious but he’ll forget about it once we give him the last gun.” “Glad we’re on the same page.” Max smiled. “Well, when you’re dealing with David, it’s good to have a partner in crime. Or partners in your case. Now, tell me, where would you like to eat?” Max thought about it. Restaurants and Fast Food places ran through his mind, but all of them were, too, close. Yet, he continued to think and soon he got it.

“How about that new Thai restaurant in the mall?” Max asked. Gwen frowned, “I don’t know, Max, it seems a bit far away.” Max shrugged,”I’m sure David won’t mind! C’mon Gwen it’s your b- I mean - it’s our day, without him. Let’s enjoy it!”  Gwen sighed, but smiled, “Alright, let’s do it.”

Gwen began driving in the direction of the mall. She even turned on the radio, and Max knew she was beginning to cheer up. Once they arrived at the mall, they got out and raced to the small restaurant. Gwen won and received a playful punch to her side from Max.

“That hurt you little shit.” She told him as they took a seat. “Yes, because my small pubescent arms are made of steel.” He said as he rolled his eyes. They ordered their food and began to create a conversation about a Spanish tv show they began to watch together.

“I’m telling you, Alexandra is going to end up pregnant,” Gwen told him.

“But the doctor told her she couldn’t have any more children after her accident with the train.”

“Max, you’ve haven’t seen these novellas man. Everything that is impossible happens. It crazy, but oddly entertaining.”

“Yeah whatever, she might get pregnant but then that would ruin her Aunt’s plans for the ranch.”

Gwen clapped and threw finger guns at him, “Bingo. If she ruins her Aunt’s plans Carlos gets to live, and you like Carlos.”

“True, but James is going to stop her Aunt isn’t he? And he’ll do that by - oh my god - she’s going to get pregnant.” Max groaned, sliding down the chair. Gwen laughed, “I’m telling you after awhile you get the hang of these shows and you can tell what will happen in many of them.” “I thought James would’ve like you know, burned up the town or something!” Max complained. Gwen shook her head, smiling. She was going to respond to his statement before her phone rang. Max watched as her eyebrows furrowed together and her frown came back. “Hold on a bit please.” She told him and answered the phone, “Hey?…Oh, hi,mom…yeah…mhmm..wait? Is that why you called me?” Her voice filled with anger, but she took a deep breath. “No, it’s fine…Of course, there’s no other reason you should call me…I mean it’s not like today I came out of -” Yet she didn’t finish because she took in a deep breath. Her eyebrow twitched and her finger tapped on the table. “Yeah, it’s nothing, mom…Just forget it..I’ll send the information over…yeah…yeah I…I love you too…mhm…bye.” Gwen hung up and hid her face behind her hands.

She took a deep breath and looked up at Max. “I’m going to go pay and then to the bathroom. Stay here…I’ll be quick.” Gwen stood up and hurried over to the cashier before running to the bathroom.  

As soon as she was out of sight, he reached for the leftover money in his bag and ran to the shop beside the restaurant. He bought what he needed to buy and arrived in time for Gwen to be out of the bathroom. Her eyes were, slightly, puffy and red, but you wouldn’t be able to notice it at first glance.

“Well, kiddo, let’s go,” she said, making sure they didn’t leave anything behind. Max followed her back out to the car and they sat there for a few seconds as Gwen stared numbly at her phone. She placed it down next to her and that’s when Max handed her what he bought. “Here you go. I think you need it.” He said looking away.Gwen looked at what he had placed on her lap.

It was an entire ice cream tub of her favorite flavor. On the lid, a post-it note with Max’s handwriting read,'Happy Birthday.’ Gwen’s eyes widened in surprise, and she looked over at Max. “How’d you know?”

“Well, when you have someone, like David, to reminded you every single detail, you kind of can’t forget.” Max told her, “Besides…you’re like…the closest thing I have to a mom who cares about it me…and I also know what it’s like to have a shitty family…plus you’ve done a lot so the least I could do is repay you.”

Gwen smiled and looked back down at her ice cream. “Good thing I carry spoons around in my car.” She said and pulled a bag of spoons from the compartment of the car. She handed one to Max and opened the container. He raised an eyebrow and pointed at the ice cream.

“C'mon do you really think I could eat all this ice cream?” Gwen asked. “Knowing you, yes.” Max nodded. Gwen punched him playfully, but he simply grinned.

So, there they sat in the car for an hour, eating the ice cream till nothing was left. They stayed for another 30 minutes as they let it sink in. By that time, Max was sure David was done. Gwen drove him back home and together carried the groceries to the door. Max knocked and they both heard as David walked towards the door. David opened the door and let them both in. Max entered and heard how Gwen gasped behind him.

David had decorated the wall to spell out, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY GWEN!’ and had placed the dining table in the middle of the living room. On the table was a decent sized cake, and surrounding it various snacks. The air smelled delicious and they all knew it was David’s cooking.

Gwen turned to look at David and Max, having pieced the puzzle together.

“You little fuckers set me up didn’t you!? You made Max stall, and everything, while we were out for this?!” she said, trying to contain her smile. David grinned, “Happy Birthday Gwen!!” And hugged her ignoring her question. She laughed and hugged him back, tightly, as tears streamed down her face. She only pulled back to drag Max into the hug. “Don’t think you’re getting out of this.” Max, reluctantly, hugged back, but he meant it when he did.

“You know I love you guys right?” Gwen said in between tears. They both nodded, and David rubbed her back. “There now! Why don’t we wipe away those tears and have some cakes! I made some lasagna and rented various movies to watch!” David told them, pulling away from the hug.

“Hell yeah,” Gwen responded as she wiped her face with a tissue, that David had handed her. She followed them and plopped down on the couch. Max beside her as David began cutting the cake.

“You know…” Gwen started, getting their attention. “Life sucks sometimes…but at least I have you guys.”

1. I am a crybaby and I don’t fucking care

2. When someone sees me cry why is their immediate reflex to offer me tissues? I don’t want to wipe away my tears. I won’t to let them flow. They evaporate on their own. And once I am done I can look myself in the mirror and know - it all disappears if you let it go.

3. When I say ’go away’, I mean it. Sometimes the best comfort you can offer to someone crying is to leave them alone. They are upset/angry/hurt. Lets not add embarrassment to that list too.

4. Sometimes I don’t know why I am crying. And sometimes I don’t want to talk about it either. If I am letting it go, so should you.

5. If I am crying in a public place, don’t be embarrassed for me. Don’t say what I already know - people are staring and we are right in middle of the classroom. I know and I clearly don’t care.

6. There are so many triggers. A quote, a single word, a memory that should have been forgotten by now. When tears appear, when the trigger hits, it doesn’t show that I am weak, it shows that I am strong enough to live.

7. Don’t tell me to ‘stop crying’. That’s like the worst thing you can do. After saying ‘calm down’. It took me a long time to realize there is nothing wrong with tears. Don’t ask me to suppress my emotions. I won’t, no matter how many times you repeat the same frustrating thing.

8. You can leave. You really are not obligated to stay there and comfort me.

9.But if you choose to stay, you must chuck your idea of comfort out the window if it doesn’t match mine. Because in the end it is all about trying to make me feel better in that moment, right?

10. Do NOT start with advice. Not unless asked.

11. Most times a joke works. It can be the silliest one. Not because I want laughter to cancel out the tears but because it is good to be reminded of yin yang.

12. Don’t start telling me about your problems or why your life sucks. Not when my cheeks are still wet and there is more to come. Listening about how bad your life is will NOT make me feel any better. Just worse.

13. I can call myself a crybaby but you cannot. Because when I say it, I know exactly what I mean by it. When you say it, I am not too sure but have a fair idea of how much you pity me and how sometimes you see me as pathetic.

14. Don’t hug me. Don’t touch me. The hugs while crying look comforting only in the movies. When I am crying I feel like everything is closing up on me. It gets harder to breathe or even see. I just want space.

15. If I ask you to stay and you do, I want your company not your words. I have heard her breathe for an hour straight when she cried on call and all I did was let her. That day in 8th grade I realized there are times when words are not needed at all.

16. I will throw up. I will feel hungry soon. I will say things I don’t mean. Don’t make it a big deal. Crying comes easy to me but most times smiling does too.

—  Things I want you to know as a Crybaby 

anonymous asked:

I see, there are a lot quest about kojima haruna so i see at her grad stage that aki-p write her letter,if u don't mind can u translate that?and there is vtr show some member comment for her like from paruru,izurina and the other can u translate that too

From the VTR: 

Yokoyama Yui’s excerpt from something she said to Kojima on her seitansai last year; 
“By the makeup-artists and the staff, we would always get told, “whenever you borrow and then give back something where there’s written “Kojiharu” on it, be sure to properly express gratitude to her”. Now, as a person, that’s just good manners, it’s obvious we’d do that, but I also realized that it is something maybe we don’t really always get the chance to do. But then,  by following those instructions for the past 10 years, and by seeing you doing just the same, I realized what an amazing person you also are not only on the outside, by showing off this cool attitude and beautiful looks, but also on the inside.”

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A Court of Flames and Curses (5)

book 4 of the ACOTAR series ~  1 2 3 4

Every morning, it’s like the night before never happened. She wakes up alone — warm, so clearly not alone for long — and Cassian is off catching a quick breakfast or scouting ahead or partaking in any number of helpful tasks that do not involve Nesta. They might talk as they’re walking, but more often than not, Amren pulls her ahead to work on mental shielding and unearthing whatever powers are hidden deep inside her. Only when they stop at sunset, eating packed rations and sorting out a nighttime guard, does he pay her any mind.

She can’t understand it, and at the same time she hates herself for trying to. She never wanted to be fae; she never wanted a fae male. She doesn’t want him to have feelings for her, certainly doesn’t want to have feelings for him. Maybe she could make herself like Vassa — totally and truthfully uninterested in romance and love.

Still, in the night, she lets herself be wrapped in him until she falls asleep, and she knows she stays that way until morning.

During the day she tries not to think about it. She walks with Amren and picks flowers that only grow in the human lands, thinking of Elain. She doesn’t allow herself to believe they’ll be here so long the flowers rot.

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Aggressive PSA About Dick Grayson

I’m going to address the two ton elephant in the fandom: the fan interpretation of Dick Grayson. So yeah, I’m basically going to say out loud what half of you are thinking and what the other half of you are unaware of.

Dick Grayson is not an eternally happy-go-lucky, trusting, or friendly guy. There, I said it. Dick has flaws. Bring on the pitchforks, fandom, I’ll fight you to the death. I’m glad that Dick Grayson is such a popular character, but the fact that so many people characterize him wrong drives me crazy. Yes. You should love Dick Grayson. You should also make sure you’re loving Dick Grayson for the right reasons.

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Daddy’s New Date (Tony Stark x Reader!daughter)

This fic was suposed to be out 3 days ago, I explained here why I’m posting today. I wrote this in less than 30 minutes, and I think it’s pretty shit (tbh everything I write it’s pretty shit, lol) but I hope you like it anyway :)


It’s having been difficult for you since your dad and Pepper decided to take a break at their relationship. You understood her, dating Tony Stark it was easy, difficult was to date the Iron Man, she couldn’t stand this, not for too long. You never really met your mom, your saw her a couple times but for you, Pepper was your mom, since you entered in Tony Stark’s life she had been taking care of you, like you were her own daughter.

When your dad told you their decision you got a bit sad. When he told you that he was kind interested in another woman you freaked out, you freaked out more yet when he told you that you two were having dinner with her and her nephew. But when you discoverd that the woman was the aunt of your friend Peter Parker you lost your shit out.

-Aunt May? Really dad? REALLY?

-Do you know her?


-Oh yeah, I’ve already forgot this detail. Actually this make the things pretty easier don’t you think?


-Now, first of all, would mind stop yelling at me? 


-You’re being dramatic (y/n)


-Hey, what did I just told you about yelling?

-Sorry again. I’m not being dramatic. I just don’t want you to date Aunt May

-We’re not dating , we’re just… knowing each other

-I see

-Okay, I gotta go now. Be in the dining room at 7, please 

-Do I have another choice?

-No you don't 

-Then okay, I’ll be there


He placed a kiss in your forehead

-And honey


-Be nice

-I’m always nice

-Miss Stark?

-Yes Jarvis

-Your father requires your presence in the dining room

-I’m on my way, thanks Jarvis

-You are always welcome Miss Stark

“Even if you don’t like this idea, try not to fuck up with everything” thats what was passing in your mind. You made your way to the dining room. You father was there with May and Peter. Great. As soon as Peter see you coming into the room he says



-You’re looking pretty…

He makes a pause and look to your father who is starting at him with a murderous look


The boy smiles

-Thanks Peter, you’re so sweet. May, it’s so good to have you here

-Thanks (y/n), you’re always no nice

You look to your father

-I told you, didn’t I?

He rolls his eyes and said

-C'mon, let’s eat

-How are the things at school Peter?

-Great Mr. Stark, thanks for asking

-You’re welcome, remember, studies comes in first place. I always say this to (y/n) as well

-You’re absolutely right mr. Stark

-Oh May, please, call me Tony

He smiled at her and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

-And how about you (y/n), how school is going 

-Pretty well May. Next week is my graduation 

-Really? Congratulations then

-Thank you

-She got the brains from me and the beauty of her mother

-Then you mother must be really beautiful 

-She is indeed.

May noticed the you got a little discomforted with the subject

-Oh I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?

-No, no, no. It’s just…I, I never met my mother, I mean, I encountered with her a couple times but. It’s like we a totally strangers to each other.

-I’m so sorry (y/n). You father did a great job raising you but I know the importance of a mother figure in someone’s life

-But I do have a mother figure in my life

-Do you?

-Yes! Pepper.

You father kicked you leg, he knew you was about to start

-Pepper was always my mother figure. Actually, to me, she is my mother, she’s with us since ever. Without her me and daddy couldn’t work

-You’re exaggerating babygirl

-No, I’m not. Without her nothing works

-She must be very important to you

-She’s exagg…

You cut you father before he can finish

-YES, she is. She is beyond important for us

-I thought you two broke up

May said with a surprised face

-We did

You father said kicking your leg one more time

-They didn’t break up. They just took a break, I’m pretty sure they still love each other

-Can we change the subject. Please?

-As your wish father.

All of you stayed in silence for a minute

-Well, uh, Peter, tell us how your internship at Starks going?

-Is the best internship, it’s great. Great. Thanks for the opportunity Mr. Stark

-You’re a great intern Peter

-What about you (y/n)? Do you work somewhere?

-No I don’t. Actually, I wanted to work somewhere, but dad don’t let me

-Why Mr. Stark?

-Please May, call me Tony

-Tony. Why?

-Why would I let her work? She doesn’t need it. And also, she doesn’t really want to work, she only wants a reason to stay out all day

-Thats not true

-Yes it is. Now, changing the subject, again, I was thinking of dinner out with (y/n) after her graduation ceremony next week, you guys are more than welcome to join us, if it is okay for you honey

-Of course it is

-Good, wanna sugest a restaurant?

-I have no one in mind

-Can I sugest one?

-Of course May

-What about that one nearby the Hotel? the food is great and it has a awesome view to the ocean

-I know this one. It’s great

-Your father took me there once

-Oh he did?


You look to your father surprised. why he didn’t tell you this

-It is a great restaurant indeed, I too you there once honey, don’t you remeber?

-Of course I remember dad, Pepper went with us as well, you were going to propose to her that day

Tony kicked your leg once again

-Wait, you were going to propose for Pepper?

May asked, almost not believing

-Yes, he were, but he was so scared that he didn’t

-I wasn’t scare, I just thought it wasn’t the right moment

-Liar. you talked about the proposal the whole week. 

Tony kicked your leg once more, he did this so many times that you were sure your leg as already red

-Thats not true

-Yes it is

And again another awkard silence

-Well, the dinner was great but I think we should go. It’s getting late

-Oh please. Stay a little bit

-I’m sorry Mr. Stark 


-Tony, I’m sorry but we have to go. Peter has class tomorrow and I have to go to work as well, so… thanks for everything but we have to go. It’s was great to see you (y/n). Bye sweet

-Bye May

-Mr. Stark


-Tony, thanks for the dinner

-You’re welcome May. Bye Peter

-Bye Mr. Stark. Bye bye (y/n). See you tomorrow?

-Of course Pete. Bye

They left and your father started to leave the dining room, you see that your he was upset. Yes, you messed up with everything.


-What now?

-I, I’m sorry. Really. I messed it up, I don’t know why I said those things about you and Pepper 

-Yes you know. And I know too

-Do you?

-Yes I do. You did this because you still hope that Pepper and I can go back together, and you know what? I have the same hope

He hugged you. He has the best hug in the whole world.

-So you aren’t mad with me?

-Oh but I am, I’m very mad at you. But I love you, and I love Pepper too

-Then call her, say this to her

-I will, now, go to your room, you’re grounded

-You heard me

-Are you mocking me?

-No, I’m not. You think you can get way with acting like a brat?


-That’s right. To your room

-You are unbelievable daddy

-So as you. Now go

You are climbing the stairs when you heard Tony calling you


-Yes dad?

-I love you babygirl

-I love you better

-I loved you first. Have a good night.

-You too daddy

You were about about the climb again

-And dad


-Call her

-I will


-Goodnight honey