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I actually feel kinda presentable today! (for once…)

How are you guys? <3 I’m seriously struggling to find motivation for school right now… I recently turned in my college applications so my current grades don’t really matter anymore (as long as I don’t completely fail HAHA)… After working my ass off for four years to get really high grades and test scores, I think I’m just feeling… done with high school now that college apps are over? I mean, I love learning a lot, but every day I feel like I’m stuck in this fish bowl? I am so looking forward to college… Hopefully my motivation for school will come back after this semester ends and second semester begins and my schedule changes! Which is in… two and a half weeks… what am I going to do in the meantime LAUGHS


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Because I’ve been so excited about the recent Person of Interest season finale, I decided to revisit my older paintings of Reese and Finch - they are among, if not actually, my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, and deserved some touchup and refinement. This show has come so far and raises such interesting questions - it’s a privilege to paint these characters (and hopefully I’ll do more this year during the hiatus!)

You can buy prints and products of “He Who Fights Monsters” and “The Abyss Gazes Back” at my Society6 shop!

You know what. I am going to share with all of you amazing individuals some embarrassingly old Sonic art from 2011. Out of sheer curiosity I went through my “SONIC” folder on my laptop and I found a quartet of absolutely hideous gems from a bygone age that never made it up to this blog (there is some fabulously weird shit in the “sonic the hedgehog” tag on this blog if you feel like spelunking into depths uglier than Hell itself). Here, you all can have them:

And some wtf from 2013 that I know I uploaded here back when, but deleted it within, what, an hour? Here you can have it all over again because we’re well beyond the point of “this is embarrassing” by now; it has been solidly established that I am someone who should never be allowed to be a fan of anything ever:

Aw, Sonic, you’re my favourite.


Some old IO stuff from 2010. Maria the White Chef / White Courtesan. Maria resides on the second Terrace of Heaven with her Celestial lover. Baking is her passion (so is eating). She is highly self-conscious; as a demon of Gluttony she has a voracious, constant appetite. While well-liked for her cooking and agreeable manner, she often comes under scrutiny (often quite vocally) for her Infernal heritage, size, and appetite. Maria is well aware of others’ criticism of her. While she has the constant support of her partner, she feels isolated and unwelcome.

Turnsheet is red ballpoint ink, no pencil. Portrait was done in… I think it was SAI.

ok but things that break my heart:

  • emma swan, at 26 years old, still searching for the family that, for all she knew, abandoned her on the side of the highway
  • emma swan, at 27 years old, finding a red leather jacket right after she’d helped another girl find her past

  • emma swan, at 27 years old and clothed in her armor, taking this as “closure” and the last bricks of her walls being laid

things that heal my heart:

  • emma swan, at 28 years old, just one year later, blowing out a blue star candle on her birthday cupcake and hearing the doorbell immediately ring
  • emma swan, at 28 years old, just one year later, having those same walls she finished a year ago torn down by a ten-year-old boy who asks, “are you emma swan?”

Went digging through my archives to find old designs for IO that were never updated. Looking for Cerberus in particular, I know she was scanned at one point and I had attempted to colour her but it turned out terrible. I’ll have to check again tomorrow, she’s probably hidden on one of my externals. In the meantime, I did find some other older concepts, IO-related and non-, worth sharing.

Saecroph (2007) was an old concept for the true body of Isxunhek. There was an accompanying concept piece showing how the monolithic figure worked as a “walking nursery”, but hell if know where that went. Barbos (2007) was one of the earliest designs for IO that wasn’t based purely in writing. He was a fallen angel, punished for a reason I’ve long since forgotten. He had a partner named Kaada who was similarly damned who was drawn out alongside him, but that’s buried somewhere. The Saloon Dancer (2005) has nothing to do with IO, it was an NPC concept for a game demo our game design class was assigned for the last two - three months of the semester. I somehow got voted in as the lead 2D artist, and got to design the two enemies that would appear in our game. The dancer was modeled by our professor, who really liked the concept, and skinned by one of the students. The Burning Byrd (2008) is also not related to IO, it was a concept for a boss-creature for the awful comic “tournament” I was a part of at the time. Dream Caster (2009) was a gift to someone. The Gryphon was a random concept done during a stream. Ladyfingers (2009) was a hyena-based demon concept for IO, a Gluttony native that lived on the fringes of the Iron Kitchens to steal Chef whelps.


Old, 2011 commission work. The continued issues with steady work are making me consider creating / selling prints and the like as a form of side income. I may be over-thinking what happened on Friday, but I really don’t want a repeat of 2010. Commissions are fun, but they just don’t pay the bills; this is my fault as I generally don’t offer anything bigger than a sketch these days, which is in part because of the larger stuff just not selling in general when it was offered.

Since I’ll likely be sitting about this week waiting for another assignment I’ll be trying out some (hopefully) marketable designs to sell online on RedBubble or similar. Older designs / pieces like Bast, Vorg'nuth, and Vorche'qae from 2006 might get a revamp and get tossed online:


Please bear with me while I slowly tackle Asks, things are a little hectic.

As for your question, Anon! Years back? Oh boy, how about these four, from 2007, 2009, and two from 2012 respectively. The first was done in The Gimp, the second in Open Canvas. The second two are a pen drawing and a Photoshop sketch. The first two were amongst my first forays into digital art *for realz*. The creatures / characters in the first three images are designs belonging to a personal project. The last image is an interpretation of the Knuckelavee.



Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sure 90% of your are getting sick of my Sonic stuff, but dammit he is so much fun to draw. This is a bit older already, but I still think it’s awesome. Remember when I said there would probably would be more strips like this in the future? Wasn’t lying, there is absolutely going to be more coming down the pipe. This was an adventure in colour-picking – wow the amount of time I spent trying to pick a nice colour for the water and the sky without making my eyes bleed was a lot longer than I’d care to admit.

Also, I drew this hideous thing forever ago, I don’t remember when. It’s bork and it’s ugly and it deserves to be shared:

It’s way too hot out, the heat is clearly effecting my ability to make proper non-stupid choices on the internet.


Some old stuff from the last bit of 2010. I find it interesting to go back on older work to see where it’s gone, for better or worse.

Drainage never went anywhere; I don’t remember the circumstances that lead to its creation, maybe I’ll update it and colour it. Last three images are old, old test pages for TUZ’s initial concept, which has changed since then. I’m still about as confused about colour now as I was then but there is less flailing about with the tablet at least.

I’m just trying to wear myself out enough to go to bed at this point.

From November of 2010. I really like Giger’s creature designs, they remain my favourites out of all of the creatures I have had the pleasure to see. In particular I rather like the Patrick Ross creature from Species II. I’ve never seen the movie, but I saw the McFarlane figure for sale at Toys R Us years and years ago. 1997 or 1998. Still have it, even, along with all of my Kenner Alien action figures.

Anyway, the original intent of this drawing was not to recreate Patrick, but to come up with a tribute creature based in Giger’s style. Unfortunately, while I thought I was coming up with something incredi-awesome and original, it didn’t hit me until after I was finished that I had more or less recreated Patrick Ross. I was so bummed out, hahaha. It’s not exactly the Patrick creature but it’s close enough to very easily confused with the original:

Aww lookit that, definition of handsome.

I can laugh about it now! I was pretty *awwwwwwwww nooo* when it happened, ha.

Still need to see Species and Species II. I have the art book for Species, and the work inside is just to die for. I’m half-hoping that there is a similar book for Species II, just so I can see production sketches for the Patrick creature. It’s surprisingly difficult to find good captures of the creature online.

Look at what I found in my archives. First ever internet commission from 2008. 11x14" covered in graphite. Oh man the number of hours I poured into this thing. I think… I think I sold it for $40 or something. This used to be up in my old gallery for ages until I took it down out of frustration. Every day I would get at least one comment pertaining to whether or not Pyramid Head would ever really kill Valtiel or who would win in a fight or, my favourite, since they were “one and the same” (depending on which mythos you followed) that it could never really happen. There was also a lot of complaining over which version of PH was better. I eventually got tired of people not bothering to read the description saying that it was a commission, ha.

I look at old junk like this and I wonder to myself where all the spunk went. There was nothing I wouldn’t try, it didn’t matter how fucked up it ended up looking. I didn’t know jack about perspective but I gave that background everything I had anyways. This will look SO COOL. I wanted to give the scene an epic tilt but it didn’t quite work out.

There were only a spare couple more Silent Hill related drawings I made before I got fed up with the fandom, which didn’t take very long. Seeing this old thing after so long (and hating it for about the same amount of time) almost makes me want to draw SH stuff again.

Man, I seriously wonder if I could even pull an image like this off nowadays after so much regression.

On a bit of an Alien binge. Playing AvP (2010), or was - my AV cable for my 360 seems to be frayed, as I’m getting an E74. First error I’ve gotten with my machine, which isn’t bad for the four or five years I’ve had it. Hopefully just replacing the cord will suffice to fix the problem and there’s nothing internal to worry about. I would like to finish the marine campaign. Something is under the temple, what is it?

Anyway, who remembers this thing from my old gallery? From the Comicon Challenge back in 2009 on one of CA.org’s sub-forums. The challenge was to reinvent an iconic villain, and the Alien Queen was on the list. While I got into the competition, I wasn’t able to get far due to starting a week late and having just too much school work to deal with.

The Queen’s coxcomb was redesigned to subtly resemble the uteral organ + ovary layout, and overall sport more of a biomechanical theme as opposed to the more organic feel that Stan Winston developed for her.

Might be worth picking back up and pursuing again as a design project. The original intent of joining the competition was to create portfolio material.

Always portfolio material, feels like a constant scramble. I would love it to reach some kind of conclusion; have one less thing to constantly worry about.

From way back in 2008. Spent a good hour or so looking for the book that had this unfinished sketch. I recalled it being finished, but alas. This was meant to be the design for Leviathan. There was a wide variety of deep-sea fish that inspired the design, though I don’t recall which species, probably various types of anglers.

I need to redraw this. All the design needs is an update and some anatomical corrections.

There was one other drawing that I’ve been hunting for and can’t for the life of me find. It was made somewhere between 2008 and 2009, it was the only drawing I ever made of Dement'tia’s few lavish buildings, in particular the Podium of Perverted Science, which was Maunstrou’s haunt. I might have to just redraw it from memory but I’d rather find the original. I also had some sketches of Gluttony’s capital and its Fortress, the Iron Kitchens. Goodness knows where those went.


I bet you all forgot that I could ink in Photoshop. That’s okay, I forgot too, HA.

Another mid-break art-dump for you fab lot, because I miss all of you. Having freshly finished this updated version of the Killer Birch Tree (which has appeared here more than once, as some of you may remember), I wanted to share with you the… journey of this tree. This carnivorous tree came into being in 2011 or thereabouts with the inception of a hilariously poorly titled project named “Funky Town”. Funky Town was a game-concept project that I started up in 2011 for fun. I was just coming out of the hellhole of depression around that time, which left a huge impression on my work stylistically (some 2010 goodness for those who missed that colourful part of my life), and carried over to this project.

Funky Town revolved around a legally blind protagonist named Joe (who looked a lot like Johnny Bravo) who was out on a quest to find his kidnapped seeing-eye-sorta-dog-thing, Fred (who was a lady). The game’s mechanics were to revolve around the combined dis- / abilities of Joe and Fred, and was to be visualised in a SNES / Genesis limited palette and pixelated rendering. The cast eventually expanded to include Mad “Maddy” Madison - a psychotic car wanted for vehicular manslaughter, and his driver - Bobby the Gangster, who had an underground operation involving a criminal grip on carbonated drinks and M&Ms. Maddy and Bobby can be seen in this photoset. Flora and fauna included carnivorous trees, Hammer Birds, Trash Dogs, Bird Cats, Screw Flies, and highly emotional buildings. The whole thing was very Toon Town / Earthworm Jim-like. While I haven’t invested much in terms of energy into the project since 2011, I’m making an effort to revive it as I feel there were some very strong designs and ideas that resulted from the initial brainstorming. Maybe I’ll pursue it in a bigger way, as in beyond just giving polish to the designs, sometime down the line.

That’s it for now - I’ll see you all soon! I hope you’re all having a lovely 2015.

knightlyapparition-deactivated2  asked:

8, and oooo 24 :O

08. What is your favourite piece that you have done?

Oooh… That is a hard one! Lemme… lemme dwell on that.

I think this piece is my favourite:

Have some close-ups:

This piece is a 2009 piece. I had used Open Canvas 1.1 to colour it, and I was so proud of myself of the hard work I was doing. Of course, I had zero idea just what I was doing to begin with I was just doing it.

There is also this piece which is even older, 2007:

This was done in The Gimp with a touchpad (I didn’t have a tablet then), a coloured / demi-painted version of a pencil drawing I had done that year and was especially proud of. There wasn’t much technique in it, I just put in colour and then used the smear / smudge tool to move the paint around until the lines were invisible. I still maintain that it is one of the pieces of which I am most proud, because like the image above, I had no fear of failure when I worked on this. Digital art was a new and mysterious thing, and all I knew at the time was that if I wanted to get into the industry, I had to be able to use it, so I dove right in. After then I lost a good 90% of the confidence and don’t-take-no-guff-I’ll-show-you-what-for I had at the time, and it’s taken until now to rebuild even just a portion of it.

24. Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.)

Not really! I used to trace when I was super young, I had one of those books where you traced the characters and then traced on clothing and accessories and whatnot. I thought it was hella fun but my mom got rid of it, saying it was a bad influence. Never really got why she said that until I discovered deviantART and saw the incredible wreckage that is using tracing as a crutch. Also for a while I copied everything I saw, obsessively replicating comic panels and paintings with my pencil, mirroring everything my favourite artists did. I did that for years! I don’t consider it shameful however, as it taught me a lot and gave me a deep appreciation for the work involved in creating all of the things I enjoyed so much.

tl;dr, uh… nope?

stablercake  asked:


03. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.

WITHOUT digging through my external or my storage closet, this is the oldest piece I have on-hand:

This is from 2005, an ancient deity-character named Menakma. He was one of the gods that ruled over the elements (fire and wind to be precise); he was a lecherous git and his frolicking with the god of terrestrial chaos resulted in the phenomena of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters.

…I can’t believe I remember that.

Last repost of old crap for a while, I promise. From waaaaay back in 2008, when I was participating in a laughable excuse for an OC comic competition called Fading Heavens. While the tournament was still running, one of the admins revealed to the remaining participants that the entire system had been rigged to push out artists that didn’t produce “quality” work (essentially anyone who didn’t strike the tourney-maker’s fancy) irregardless of other non-visual qualities and that my character, a total asshole of a parasite named Maunstrou, had more or less been set in the storyline as the executioner. It was an overall incredibly shitty experience. The project eventually failed entirely due to disgruntlement and in-fighting. Never auditioned for another OCT again.

The character wasn’t scrapped though, Maunstrou had been created with a background link to IO as the “Godkiller”, a narcissistic hunter of deities. Maunstrou is one of the vital character links that drive the overall creation of Dement'tia and the eventual start of the Dement'ted War. Its obsession with beauty makes it a prime target for manipulation by Urd early on, and its connections to the Lord of Wrath, its sibling, plays an immense part in fueling Yomesh’s genocidal campaign against his fellow demons in Gluttony. Maunstrou wages its own “war” on the sidelines once Hell and Dement'tia come to blows, hunting, slaughtering, and further posing as various gods to shower itself with holy praise to build for it a personal illusion of invincibility, beauty, and power. It eventually begins to believe its own lies, fancying itself a real god - beautiful and powerful in every way.