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If it's ok to ask, how did you think to publish your web comic to line webtoon? I'm thinking of publishing one to webtoon myself but I don't know how to or if it might be a good idea. Would there be anything I need to think about before if I want to publish one?

Hi nonnie!

In my opinion, I think you should go ahead and share your comic on Webtoon, the best way to learn is to start doing it! Here are Webtoon’s uploading instructions if you haven’t already checked them out.

As for how I approached publishing on Webtoon…I didn’t! I was publishing UtA on Tapastic back in 2014 and was contacted by the Webtoon team. They offered me a contract and they took care of publishing for me in exchange for weekly episodes.

My newest comic is pending for a Webtoon upload so I’ll pretty much be in your same position, but I’ve had great experiences on this platform and it’s a great way to get discovered as well as find new reads to obsess over!

I suggest taking some time to check out existing webtoons and see how other creators are handling things. Webtoon’s scrolling format can be taken advantage of in a variety of ways, so play around with it! I can truthfully say that you will learn as you go.

F-finally. I’ve had this OC for a long time already, but I was too afraid to upload it.
I don’t know if you care but on case you do:
The origin of my blog’s name:
glac(e) + ia
glace = french: ice
-ia = random ending

But as you can see I haven’t picked a name for my OC yet. I know Glacia would make much more sense since it’s the name of my blog but Glacia used to be something different…
I also feel like explaining some details about the design…
Purple hair: Only a few streaks of my hair are purple but I really love it.
Shades: Based on the shades I wear in real life. They’re a present from my dad.

Uhm…. Please don’t steal. I can’t think of a reason why anyone would want to steal this… Anyway. My OC is based on nothing (but me), so don’t steal.
I just used this Villainous-like artstyle because it’s my preferred artstyle at the moment. I’m going to draw this in different artstyles, too.
And: Please tell me what you think. I promise I’ll read all of your comments! And I appreciate honest opinions. Really. You may also tell me whether “Glacia” or “Glace” would be a better name.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.