i don't care i enjoyed this movie

  • Aladdin: so Killian
  • Aladdin: do you think she likes me
  • Killian: dammit I'm a pirate, not a matchmaker!
  • Killian: I mean she's obviously in love with you and you with her, but--
  • Aladdin: you think so??
  • Killian: yes yes, I talked to her earlier
  • Killian: a lady in denial if ever I saw one, and trust me, I know how to spot one of those
  • Killian: besides, Emma showed me the movie
  • Aladdin: omg you really think she likes me??
  • Killian: good grief will you please leave
  • Killian: preferably to that room down the hall where the crew don't really go so two people could go there and not be disturbed, which is an interesting fact that I am sharing with you for no reason whatsoever
  • Killian: also, I might have a book of love poetry in my pocket
  • Killian: I mention this knowing that you are an accomplished pickpocket and Jasmine mentioned that she enjoys love poetry
  • Killian:
  • Killian: now go away, I don't care about your relationship

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Disney Shows/ Movies sakamaki STILL watches!? I know you watch them, don't pretend ;)

♥Shu: I never watched too much tv… But when I was a child, I liked Sleeping Beauty. I don’t care about it now, since I never sit on the couch to watch movies…

♥Reiji: Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve been always a very busy person. I’m not interested in children movies… Actually, I–

♥Shu: He likes Beauty and the Beast.

♥Reiji: Hah?! Why… You…

♥Ayato: The Lion King is great! I watch it whenever I can! That movie never gets boring, heh.

♥Kanato: Alice in Wonderland is nice… We enjoy it very much. Right, Teddy?

♥Laito: Hmmm~ I think I used to watch Snow White. Now now, come to think of it, it’s about a girl living with a lot of men… Just like Bitch-chan, nfu~ That’s really naughty, huh?

♥Subaru: Well, I like many of Tim Burton’s movies…Like Nightmare Before Christmas. They give this spooky feeling… It’s enjoyable.


This or That - Walt Disney Studios or Studio Ghibli - for petcanadian

ok s2 was spectacular and brainy and gorgeous and just full of complexity and life and diversity BUT in my unpopular (probably) opinion dev/francesca kind of dragged out some episodes and i didn’t particularly care for them. i felt that at one point their forbidden love was waaay too precious. maybe that was the idea. their romance is contextualized with melancholy italian movies, so it’s detached from real life. i agree with arnold when he said it’s probably gonna be a shitstorm. they seem like the kind of ppl who really enjoy each other’s company for touristy fun things, but when it comes down to the routine of daily life…ehh. and like, i’m going to be trash and say that rachel’s return wasn’t just coincidence. rachel/dev is making a comeback next season u heard it here first

Let’s get one thing straight. I really don’t care about Ant Man. But if you think I’m not going to pay money to watch that whole movie just to see the ending credits for my poor baby boy, you are dead wrong. Fight me.

despite beeing annoyed of the current minion-hype - seriously, these things are EVERYWHERE - i did enjoy watching the minion movie. i simply LOVE all those tiny details, puns little children don’t get, ideas, art and especially the character designs.
i loved herb since he was first introduced, he is so fucking SLIM. this guy is hilarious in every single way

  • Random Person: I don't understand why girls like Tadashi
  • Another Random Person: Why are girls so into Tadashi?
  • Me: I'm sorry, you think I PLANNED on liking Tadashi? You think I WANTED to fall in love with character out of nowhere? NO. He just happened to be a part of this movie, and I just happened to enjoy his character to the point where I realized I have feelings for him. Is it kinda weird to have feelings for a fictional character? Yes. Is it weird to have feelings for a fictional character that is also DEAD? Yes. Do you think I care? NO! Why? Because Tadashi is a wonderful character and a great example/positive figure. There is no reason to be ashamed of liking him (or any fictional character for that matter). If you even have to ask why, you should rewatch the movie. You don't have to "get" why, but you have to understand that it's not just because he's good looking. That's just a bonus. He's selfless, smart, caring, mature, goofy, and basically an ANGEL. Who wouldn't want a guy like that?

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Hi~ I'm new... Anyway, I wanted to ask how do you think 17 would spend rainy days (either w/ or w/out a s/o I don't care) Thank you! And good luck with college (I'm right there with ya)

Seungcheol/S.Coups: would want to enjoy a lazy day inside with lots of cuddling and watching movies and relaxing.

Jeonghan: wouldn’t mind going for a simple walk in the rain with you under his umbrella and wearing his cardigan for warmth. He seems like the type to like the rain. 

Jun: since it’s raining and everyone’s taking a day off, he’d take the opportunity to go out! He doesn’t care if it’s raining or not, he wouldn’t want to waste the day so he’d invite you out to get some lunch somewhere nice and then go shopping inside a mall since it’s nice and dry there. 

Joshua: the rain is nice, but he’d rather stay inside with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a good book. He’d be all about the idea of you two reading to each other outloud. 

Hoshi: you’ll still find him toiling over practice, even on a rainy day, but since the others are out doing their own thing he might goof around with you in the practice room instead. He’d teach you some silly dance moves or just have some a little party with the radio on.

Wonwoo: It’s raining so the best stuff to do is indoors. This means laying in bed in his pajamas and ordering take-out with you instead of doing anything at all. 

Woozi: rain or sunshine you know you’re going to find him in the studio and honestly it’d be a good time to pull Woozi out and make him have some fun. He’d tell you there’s no point in going outside because it’s raining, but you’d tell him that that’s the whole point - dragging him outside so he can stand under the rain and maybe feel a little more alive since he’s holed himself up in that studio all day.

DK: would think of something fun to do to pass the time like finger painting or coloring or something that you wouldn’t do on a regular basis because a) he doesn’t have time and b) you two aren’t in elementary school but honestly it’s a good way to spend a rainy day.

Mingyu: “Let’s build a pillow fort and then eat like three bowls of popcorn - each!” It’d be another lazy day inside with Mingyu while you two talk about whatever you’ve missed in each others lives while laying ontop of like twenty blankets. 

the8: doesn’t mind the rain so he would be cool with you guys going out to the city or something or even riding the train while looking out of the window is really scenic and nice when it’s raining. He wouldn’t mind doing anything as long as you two had your umbrellas with you.

Seungkwan: for singers, the cold rain can be dangerous, so you’d arrive to see Seungkwan’s neck wrapped nice and cozy in a scarf. You two’d probably stick to tea and board games inside since that will cause less stress on his voice.

Vernon: he honestly looks like the type to hate the rain so you two would be inside on Vernon’s laptop watching cartoons or reading through some of Vernon’s new lyrics. When you ask him why he doesn’t wanna go out in the rain he’d be like “it ruins my hair…..” 

Dino: loves the rain, loves any kind of weather really. He’d put on a raincoat and go jumping in the puddles and looking for rainbows because; why not? You can come along with him or just watch from under the doorway of the dorm. 

  • me: i am finally free. i do not have to see this marvel movie. i could just not go and see ant-man, and no one would know. there is minimal information related to my favs from the captain america movies in this movie, and it seems to not be essential viewing. i suppose i will meet scott lang in civil war anyway. i can save money and be at peace, knowing i have missed nothing i care much for.
  • marvel: lmao guess what
  • me: [hoarse whisper] no

They couldn’t be allowed to fight. Clint had to think of a way to stop it. He thought about it long and hard the entire time as he packed his gear, as he traveled to the Avengers Compound, as he and Wanda and Scott drove to the airport to meet up with Steve and Sam and Bucky Barnes, once upon a time the Winter Soldier.

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signs as things i've said to my mother
  • Aries: What kind of movie are you letting me watch
  • Gemini: I love him and you cannot stop me and I DON'T CARE IF HE'S FICTIONAL MOM
  • Cancer: Am I a cute boy now mom
  • Leo: contrary to popular belief, I, a humble teenager, do not have all the answers to the universe
  • Virgo: You have like 4 more kids now good job enjoy
  • Libra: I am exceptionally adorable whatchu talking about
  • Scorpio: -in response to a twitter mugshot- eh, i'm cuter
  • Capricorn: I don't know he's a weirdo
  • Aquarius: Holy shit i fucking love taylor swift
  • Pisces: -when asked what i was doing on the pc- Sinning

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Sorry for intruding your ask box but I consider naruhina my otp but after that interview kishi did I really don't know what to feel about the ship anymore :/

Personally, I have a lot of issues with how the ships were handled in the series, I have talked about this before.

The movie and the ship being canon is a nice bonus that I’m planning to enjoy, but imo that doesn’t mean I’m 100% happy with how it was written, it could have been done much better. Alas, Kishimoto doesn’t care about the romance and has gone on record saying he is too shy to write it, there’s nothing we can do about it.

Do I like what Kishimoto said? No, not really. Will that prevent me from enjoying my ships? Nah, if my fandom experience depended on Kishimoto I wouldn’t be a Team 8 fan (since he barely pays attention to them).

I thank him for the world that he has given us and I respect that this is how he decided to write his story. That doesn’t mean I can’t respectfully disagree with his choices and enjoy headcanons he never touched on.

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I think if people really did enjoy the hunger games, wouldn't they of read the books? I watched the hunger games and then got all 3 books because i enjoyed the movie so much. If people are gonna be annoyed and put all that effort in to sending messages/posting comments about spoiling it for them then, they should use all the effort into getting off their asses and reading the book. A LOT of people have and they don't care, stop being so god damn lazy and read the fucking book and stop crying.

I feel ya, anon. I really do.

- Sarah

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Phil said lets players who generate revenue through ads on youtube are doing something akin to streaming a movie on youtube and making ad money on it. One is allowed, one isnt. He thinks when people stream a game in it's entirety and get money for it, developers are entitled to some of that money. Honestly, I kind of agree with him. When I see people like pewdiepie make 4 million a year by acting like an ass while broadcasting/consuming content made by someone else... I don't know, seems wrong.

i could see if i wrote some grand story in my game that acted like a movie being upset for people “showing my movie” via youtube. i guess i dont care as much because i never write my games like movies, i dont think watching someone play my games does anything more than make people want to PLAY my games.. because my games were designed to be enjoyed through gameplay… but whatever. 

i can understand both sides, i personally see it as advertising especially when lets players have a lot of fun with the game. 

games arent at all the same as movies or music.. so its a bit fuzzy.

i think a good middle ground would be simply getting permission.. if people dont want you showin off your game i think you should have the ability to say dont post video of my work… 

but it doesnt bother me personaly