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What Your Fave BNHA Character Says About You:

I got quite some asks a while ago about “What does my fave say about me???” and I wanna answer all of them and also no new chapter which is crushing:

Class 1-A: Alphabetized

Aoyama Yuuga: you have horrible self-esteem issues and cover it up by attracting attention to yourself because you want the attention but have absolutely no idea what to do with it once you have it

Ashido Mina: a loud passionate person with a fondness for dress-up (everyday wear or costumes, it doesn’t matter) and people are shocked to find out your level of nerdiness because like… “you don’t look like a nerd…”

Bakugou Katsuki: a spitfire on the inside and sometimes on the outside. You spicy af and people tell you to tone it down. Was a genius in middle school but then found out about everyone else catching up. Has a SUPER fear of failure.

Hagakure Tooru: A cute little flower who blends into the background but never fear, all that gossip is here! People forget you a lot, but you’re used to it. Gotta keep that positive attitude!!!!

Iida Tenya: People tell you you’re weird a lot and they also tell you you’re annoying but you’re just trying to help. Smart af when it comes to what you know, but pretty clueless otherwise.

Jirou Kyouka: You have that one piece of clothing you love dearly and have owned for years and people are shocked to see you whenever you’re not wearing it. Actual music hoe. *takes out one earbud* whut

Kaminari Denki: Admit it you’re an irl troll face but deep down you’re actually the rarest of pepes. Just wants to be loved by friends but you also want a date to prom so jokingly-for-real ask people out on dates. It hasn’t really worked.

Kirishima Eijirou: You love The Gays™ or are irl gay yourself. You’re an actual cinnamon roll but you’re hella burnt on the inside so you’ve got a spine of steel. You love your friends and aren’t afraid to say it. HUGS FOR EVERYONE

Kouda Kouji: You little animal lover you~ <3 ! Shy and sweet, people tell you that you don’t talk much but you’re just anxious. Will talk about your passions until you pass out but if it’s in front of strangers then NO THANKS

Midoriya Izuku: Actual cinnamon roll just trying your best, you’re smart with what you’re passionate about but that also makes you a giant nerd. You have that one weird little quirk that nobody understands so you hide it a lot. 

Mineta Minoru: You’re goofy and the squad clown but also naive af. Might not be noticeable on the outside but UR A SINNER HARRY. You read way too much fanfiction because actual porn feels weird/ is too much

Ojiro Mashirao: You like to stick to the background but you also want people to notice when you’ve achieved something so you’re stuck in this cycle of “I want this to look good but also original but not too weird but also cool but also…”

Satou Rikkidou: Your resting bitch face almost has yourself fooled but there’s nothing that can comfort you like food and your best bro can. Is really good at cooking. Part of the “Support Everyone But Forgets Yourself” Squad.

Sero Hanta: You come off as harmless but deep down you’re a disgusting memer waiting for the perfect moment to pun and meme. Your health is important, look at this article you printed off just for your friends’ cringe

Shouji Mezou: You’re quiet at first but hella observant so you can tell the moment to open up and let people see how harmless you are on the inside. Gentle soul who only want the best for others. Will kill/die to protect others.

Todoroki Shouto: You’ve been deeply hurt by someone you looked up to and you know you’re still messed up. You’re trying to grow away from the pain but it’s hard. A little wrapped up in your head, you want to love others again.

Tokoyami Fumikage: You know every word to “Welcome to the Black Parade”. You like really cool, dark and edgy things so your inner emo is Strong™. People tell you that you need to cool your chill and warm up. flip them the bird.

Tsuyu Asui: IRL perfect friend, you are the mom friend/ big sis friend of the group who makes sure everyone stays together and doesn’t do stupid shit. At least, doesn’t do stupid shit without you. Pokèmon was a lifestyle, once.

Uraraka Ochako: Looks innocent on the outside but will punch a guy if they step over that very clear line. Friends and family are to be protected at all costs. You’re so cheap, people laugh but in reality you’re scared to spend money. 

Yaoyorozu Momo: Smart af and pretty too, you’re so used to things coming easily to you that you panic as soon as something seems hard. In group projects you’re the one that does 95% of the work. You’re (kinda) ok with this.

Alright, I covered Class 1-A first, but if your fave isn’t on this list, or you wanna look up your other faves, I left it all under the cut!


All Might/ Toshinori Yagi: Actual cinnamon roll trying their best to be a good guardian and lead those who are lost. Is the actual biggest dork around. Tries to be cool but simply… isn’t. We love you anyways. Pls take care of yourself too.

Eraserhead/ Aizawa Shouta: you’re extra salty in need of a nap and still care about everyone around you but still like to fuck with them to show you care. Is a cat person and feels like you can only get along with other cat people.

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Why I don't think this ship is wrong

I’m not interesed in fighting with antis, or trying to change other people’s opinion forcefully. However It may be usefull if I collect some things I and others have said

TL;DR: This ship *can* be handled so badly that it makes our beloved conman into a pedophile, but I think the grand mayority of the people being bullied on this site don’t even ship it like that. Don’t put everyone on the same bag. People don’t deserve to be bullied for what they like in fiction and there are clear differences between reality and fiction.

I don’t think this ship is pedophilia simply because I dont ship it that way. Pedophilia implies fetichistic sexual atraction to kids under 13, and a horrible abusive element of “I don’t care about you, I just wanna fuck u cuz ur young”. Now, if you see this pairing as reigen sexualy taking advantage of a very young mob or simply not really caring about his well being and preying on him, that would count (and also be horribly ooc and a sad way of doing it).

However if, by example, you ship them romantically as having mutual care for each other and mob in full understanding and control of the situation, even if the relationship gets sexual while mob’s still 14, I wouldn’t call it pedo. Questionable or innapropiate? Yes. But not pedophilia. And then you have many, many, other scenarios that get really away from all that.

An important distinction should be mentioned here: While I’m ok with a romantic relationship between this two characters despite their age gaps, If I saw a similar age gap in real life and the younger party is still a minor, I would probably call the cops. For me that is the difference between fiction and real life for this issue. Minors in real life should be discouraged from dating people much older because they could easily be taken advantage of. However in fiction, you have control over these characters and you can make sure their relationship is healthy, especially if you keep them in character as much as you can.

You can have them being romantically involved but not turning sexual until mob is older. You can have them being platonic for a long time before they develop romantic feelings. You can have mob being assertive. You can have reigen feeling conflicted. You can adress the age gap issue. You can have it not mattering at all and them just slowly getting closer witouth noticing. You can have them being only platonic, in a very strong friendship.

There is many many ways to make this ship beautifull and I don’t think it’s just to put everyone on the same bag as the worst content and condem them all using a really severe accusation of condoning child abuse or being abusers themselves.

It’s just not alright to make call out blogs and tag whoever ships it, regardless of how they ship it, as “pedophiles”. I remember one of these some months ago tagging a user who only had like two barely shippy posts with grown up Mob as “condones pedophilia”. Neither is ok to send mean messages to users with death threats or fill their asks with insults. Or flood the main tag with complains about which, I have to be honest and say that to have so much nsfw noncon underage content popping on your dash as some people complain, at least on this site you literally would need to follow the 2-3 blogs with such content and have them on notifications. I know what Im talking about, I check the main ship tag nearly daily, follow most shippers and have stumbled onto that only like twice on my dash.

Continuing with the list of shit people have been puting on with, it’s even less fair to ramp up the generalizations and make really rude comics portraying all the shippers as disgusting creatures. Or say you get disgusted if a shipper reblogs your content, even if they respected your tagging preferences and/or the content has nothing to do with the ship at all. Or to claim “x has great art but they ship reimob, nevermind, their art is trash”. What’s the necessity of doing all that? I frankly doubt people who do that have the best interests of minors at heart. At best I have seen questionable beliefs about content on a site as tumblr being influencial enough such that a fanart with less than 50 notes of a niche fandom can “normalize pedophilia” in american society (because you know, we are all americans and america is the world). At worst it just seems to be used as excuse for harassment.

Speaking of that, regarding the users who make really wrong content: While I won’t defend that, I feel another distinction should be made. Do I think certain content is gross? Yes. Some of that content nearly made me throw up? Yes. Do I think the autor of that content is gross/deserves to die/etc? No. Do I harass them? No. Some of them have turned out to be csa survivors. I try to abide to the notion that nobody should be bullied for their likings in fictional settings, even if I don’t like it. What I do to deal with that is simply not follow the blogs with such content and so far it works.

As I said, I’m not interesed in discussing with antis, I just wanted to put some things together. Maybe it will help confused bystanders understand the shippers aren’t defending pedophilia. We are just defending a ship we like and love. Let’s try to respect each other.


“ […] Chaves não é sobre personagens infantis, é sobre relacionamento humano e isso ultrapassa barreiras. É sobre como as pessoas comuns convivem, se detestam, se amam, sentem inveja uma da outra, depois cooperam uma com a outra… Você vê ali todo mundo em volta de miséria e pobreza, e eu não digo pobreza financeira, o pessoal da vila do Chaves são pobres de espírito. Os personagens, assim como todas pessoas, tem uma pobreza de espirito muito grande e o que o Chaves traz é um alívio gigantesco pra essa condição miserável que o ser humano tem dentro de si. Eu acho que é por isso que Chaves foi tão longe, ele é fundamentado em coisas muito verdadeiras, que falam com o indivíduo. São valores que eu tenho e que você tem, que nenhuma correção política tirou da gente e por isso a nossa identificação é tão forte com a obra. […]”

Danilo Gentili, 2014 [x]

Insecurities (Josh Dun)

Hell this is my second ever imagine I have written on this blog and I am thankful for the notes I received on my first post, as always feel free to drop some requests in my inbox and I will try to get round to doing them as soon as possible.

I was in a very sappy mood so I decided that I was going to write some emotional stuff about Josh being insecure about his looks as well as comparing himself to Tyler.

I want you to know that everyone reading this out there is beautiful even if people tell you any different (Including yourself) Trust me you pretty and beautiful every single day. If you ever want someone to speak to feel free to send me a message. :)

Triggers: Josh talks about body parts he dislikes such as, hair, eyes, chest, tattoos, and height. If any of the things above trigger you please be careful, however they are only brief mentions and don't go into any detail.


Josh POV

I have alway been slightly an anxious person throughout my life, whether that means hiding behind my powerful drum kit and letting Tyler be the main attraction during concerts or breaking into a small sweat when I order at a restaurant scared that I will mess up a simple order. However I thought that the one thing that I was able to control really well was the amount of negative comments me and Tyler often receive, I tend to just block them out because I know how many positive comments we get back from our fans, but something is different.

As I sit on the cold sheets at the very edge of the bed that me and my girlfriend (Y/N) share I can’t help but hear all these pessimistic words flood into my ears. I am sitting shirtless with only a pair of basketball shorts laying low on my hips, my elbows creating red marks on my thighs from where I had been leaning on my hands for a period of time. I didn’t know where this ongoing battle in my brain was leading to but instantaneously, I couldn’t handle in any more and the tears cascaded down my cheeks all at once as if every hurtful, mean and spiteful comment I have ever read suddenly turned to a pool of tears I was slowly creating on the crisp clean bed sheets, I have no idea what has come over me but I don’t feel this flood of emotions starting to slow down anytime soon. I suddenly remembered that (Y/N) is downstairs and that I should quieten down, the last thing I want to do is worry her about my stupid problems. I quickly jump up off the bed and rush over to the large mirror that was on the wall above a chest of drawers and stared into it

She doesn't love you 

She doesn't really want to be with you 

Did you actually think that someone like (Y/N) would actually want to date someone like you. 

Everyone likes Tyler more than you

Tyler is the attractive one

All you do is play the drums, Tyler does so much more and you just sit there

I look in the mirror that was in front of me, I stare into my dark brown eyes, brown boring old brown, I look at my bubblegum pink hair, its horrible, not even a natural colour. I continue to pinpoint different things on my body, my tattoos, my chest, my height and the list goes on. 

“Josh are you alright? You have been in their a while now” I hear (Y/N) call from outside the door, with concern laced in her voice. I look once again into the glass mirror and rub the salty tears from my eyes trying my hardest to rid any evidence that I had been crying.

“Yes I’m fine, I will be out in a second” I reply unconvincingly because my voice broke halfway through.

“Josh, I know you’re upset please can I come in?” (Y/N) asks, (Y/N) wasnt stupid she knew when I was upset I don’t even know why I tried to hide it from her because I knew that she would just find out anyway. She was also stubborn so no matter how many times I tell her I am fine she wont stop pestering me to make sure that I really am alright.

I dont respond in the fear that my voice won’t be able to support me, I walk back over and sit on the bed like I was previously. (Y/N) pokes her head from around the door and sees me with my head in my hands trying with all that is left in me to fight back the tears that were threatening to spill.

“Oh Josh” (Y/N) exclaims sadly, putting her small her to her mouth and rushes over to comfort me.

I feel her protective arms wrap around my shoulders, I respond automatically by turning to her and burying my head into her soft sweet smelling hair, I continue to cry into her shoulder for another few minutes until I am settled enough to talk.

I explain to (Y/N) about all the emotions I have been experiencing and that I felt like people like Tyler more than me because he sings as well as play other instruments. I continue to speak to ashamed to look up at her softened glance. But when I finally do I notice she is also crying, however she speedily wipes the tears away not wanting to show her emotions on the situation.

“Josh, I can only understand that you being in a famous that at times it is going to get overwhelming for you, having all these amazing fans look up to you, admire you. However I know that you and Tyler are going to get your share of negative comments, but honestly that is because they are jealous, they are jealous that they can’t play the drums, they are jealous that it isn’t them on stage surrounded by thousands of people who love them, they are jealous that they can’t tour with their best friend, fuck that the people who say these low life comments proably don’t have a best friend.” (Y/N) takes a sharp intake of breath and swallows hard.

“(Y/N) I-”

“I’m not finished” She cuts me off and I stay silent looking at her from the side, at this angle I can see how the low moonlight reflects beautifully off of her glistening eyes. She truly is beautiful. 

“Do you know how upset it makes me when you say all these untrue negative things about yourself, Josh you are beautiful, personality wise and appearance wise, I love your chocolate brown eyes, because I love the way that they widen when you hear something funny, I love your pink hair because it suits your personality and I love the way that it sticks to your forehead when you play the drums.”

I cant stop grinning, I didnt realise that she picked up on all these small details about me.

“I love the your tattoos they look amazing, I love that when you are asleep next to me I trace over them softly not to wake you, I love your body all of it I love your toned chest and the way that your back glistens with sweat you have been playing the drums for a while. I love how tall you are you may not be the tallest but you don’t need to be any taller because your height is the perfect height for me to do this”

(Y/N) then gives me a quick and small peck on the lips, I grin widely.

“I love you Josh alot, and so do thousands if not millions of fans out there.” She finishes and tightens her grip around me. I sit in shock I didnt realise I did all of those things myself so I was surprised when (Y/N) picked up on them.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say, I mean how did you notice all these things about me?” I question a smirk appearing on my face. I see (Y/N) duck her head down as a red blush forms on her cheeks.

“I dont know I just, notice” She replies, I chuckle deeply.

“I love you (Y/N) and I’m sorry, I’m sorry for upsetting you”

“Josh it’s alright really, as long as you are feeling better then I am ok to. I love you” She says with a genuine smile on her lips.

We both sit there in silence for a minute just taking in each others company. (Y/N) stands up suddenly and stretched her arm out towards me, encouraging me to take her hand.

“C’mon, lets go watch a film and cuddle on the sofa for a bit” She suggests, I grin

“that sounds perfect.” 

anonymous asked:

You've probably been asked this already so you don't have to repeat yourself if you don't want to, but how do you feel about all the discourse and criticism in the fandom as of late?

I have answered this before, but I’ll reiterate. Basically my stance is this:

If you’re an SU cr//it blog, I can’t tell you what to do, and I’m not going to. You’re just as free to share your opinion as anyone else on this site.

But I need you to at least understand and be aware of what you’re doing. Because I know there’s some who may not be. (And this is directed to those who make daily critical posts, not to the ones who point out something every now and then.)

You’re making a show known for love and acceptance become famously hated. People who have no idea what SU is who may see what you say will never bother touching the show, because they assume it’s trash.

That’s the power of ‘first impressions’. If the fandom was like this when I first considered SU? Hell, even I may have turned away. Because the reason I picked up this show was due to the positive messages spread from fans. Seeing Ruby and Sapphire’s love. Seeing Greg being a great dad. Seeing the diverse cast of characters and scenery.

You’re boiling down beautiful values and lessons to meaningless frames. You’re turning the attention away from what the show teaches us to how bad it looks to you.

And children are a huge part of this. This show is intended for children. Them, as well as young teenagers entering the fandom, are very very impressionable. When you stop talking about the lessons SU teaches and start talking about the skewed proportions, you’re taking their attention along with it. They won’t care about the meaningful moments in the show anymore. They’ll only care about sharing frames and clips to make fun of and criticize along with you.

I don’t want that. So many of us don’t want that. We want to enjoy the show, and we want the kids of today to enjoy the show, and no amount of joy you may receive from getting a few thousand notes on your latest crit post will justify what it’s doing to the fanbase as a whole.

I’m seeing kids 14 or 15 joining the trend. I’m seeing so many blogs pop up with ‘critical’ in the name. It turns my stomach. It was never meant to be this way. Not because SU is perfect, because it’s not. But because it never deserved the sheer amount of hate, nitpicking, and harassment that you’ve given it.

So I ask you to make a conscious decision: continue creating and spreading critical posts, or step away from it and be one less blog adding to the cesspool of hate.

I love this show. And I don’t know when or why so many of you stopped loving it. But please … please stop ruining it for the rest of us, and please stop ruining it for the future fans-to-be.

I really cannot relate

To people who hate characters over their ships, who hold ships on a higher pedestal than the shows they came from,who hunger for representation in shows (I’m pretty happy being an unknown in a lot of stuff, I’ve already been accused of being in a cult before, I’d rather not drag that kind of discourse to light). Just guessed I might drop why most fandom arguments are really damn stupid to me.

I’m two things. First and foremost, I lack the ability to twist characters that don’t belong to me properly, which is why I mostly write oc stories usually in the first person because I would rather not try to get meta about a character I am not really intimate with. As a result I can only see canon, meaning I can only see what is present in canon. If someone has a new interesting perspective in fanfics, that’s cool! But I personally cannot form such. Why am I saying this? I usually tend to ship things that have canon evidence of romantic development. Stuff like naruhina(naruto ), atsukyou(bungou stray dogs ), kyoren(skip beat), daiyui(haikyuu ), etc. Two, I am a multi shipper. Even though I was a pretty huge Alimor (magi) shipper, when Hakuryu showed up and showed interest in Morgiana, rather than hate him, I also turned to a Hakmor. Heck I turned into an Alikou shipper soon after, so I was pretty fine with any of the ships happening (didn’t stop me from being disgusted with Hakmor shippers that Alimor’s canon development rushed. The boy proposed to her shortly after his crush was even showed, don’t give me bs). And as I final side note, I don’t shop /, for m or f.

So yeah, I have an affinity with ships with that tend to become canon, not to say I haven’t shipped doomed ships before. I was a Ichiruki shipper when I was pretty into Bleach, hearing the ship sunk upset me, but barely. I also ship Izanamie(DRRR!!), but that has more to do with my desire to see Namie make good on her desire to poison Izaya than anything. As for stuff I don’t ship, I simply don’t acknowledge them. Depending how much I like the characters, I will check out their fan work (e.g I follow a bunch of kacchako centric blogs and I like the fanart a lot, but I only really ship Izuocha in bnha). But if I dislike one or both characters I will not talk to people who like it about it, and I will not stalk the fan work. I will simply accept it’s liked and move on (I was pretty much forced to adopt this mindset when I realised / gets more fandom content than any of my ships). The only ship I actually do hate is shizaya, and that has more to do with the fandom spitting on both characters personalities to accommodate seme-uke dynamics more often than not (I also sense this annoying trope in klance from the voltron fandom, but I don’t care about the characters to be as offended ).

If I hate a character that happens to be in a love triangle, it will because the characters personality actually angers me and not because their a potential love interest. Case in point, Sakura from Naruto. I hate her less as the years go by, but her false declaration of love to Naruto is a sore spot for me, simply because she was leading him on and lying to him, not because I shipped naruhina. And as for the ships I like, I do like hearing why people dislike it, simply to aid me put down my shipping lens once in a while and see the flaws in the relationship.

This whole toxic shipper mentality is what makes me laugh whenever a member of the haikyuu fandom call itself nice, because I still haven’t forgotten the Michimiya Yui incident, and it will annoy me whenever I remember it. It’s also the reason I hope little witch academia has a no romance end and no 2nd season, I’m tired of seeing Andrew hate in his dash when he actually has a nice personality and it annoys me so much I want an oban star racers ending out of spite despite actually being ok with Diana (she’s on the spectrum of characters I don’t really care about, neither do I dislike).

I’ve never really gotten the big deal of ships in non -romancentric shows like voltron, because I’m more interested in finding out how and why two characters gotten a cow than which characters have the most romantic chemistry (though I do ship peith and plance, but that is @k-lion heart ’s fault more than anything ). I’ve also never gotten why people are so obsessed with things they hate. I can understand forming meta on your issues with it, but if you 1. Create a whole blog just for it. 2. Refuse to take constructive criticism against your point, I’ll find you impressively pathetic (this is especially for the anti-kacchako shipper I got into an argument with who insulted me when I tried to explain why I think people ship it and spat on all my points.)

And in not even going to get started on the disgusting social justice arguments made against ships or whole series by people who don’t remember that not every country is America, and not everyone thinks the way you do. It’s good to call out actual flaws with the story telling, but stuff like the killing stalking and voltron age discourse has aroused many a facepalm within me.

So yeah, I don’t understand fandoms at all. I don’t get the ship obsessed ones, the ones that feel that one character is entitled to something despite the feelings of the other party involved, the ones who give characters with dumpster personalities the draco in leather pants treatment, all of that stuff. I’m just going to sit back, drink a Coke and watch the while thing burn

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Scenario that takes place after Sebastian took Ciel's soul some time ago and he doesn't know what to do. (if it's too boring you don't have to do it) and also how is the mun doing?


Title: Epitaph

Series: Kuroshitsuji

Characters: Sebastian Michaelis

Pairing: None

Words: 1 307

Author’s note: You’re asking me to write something about Sebastian and tell me it can be too boring?! If I ever consider something like this as boring then it’ll mean that I’m probably sick or something :D It was such a great idea that I made it into an one-shot. Also I’m doing fine, thank you for asking, whenever my clippling depression is striking again I just don’t go on this blog so I wouldn’t do or say anything stupid, that’s why when I’m online here it means I’m okay.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Black car glided smoothly on the dark asphalt to the quiet rhythm of its engine working. Although the whole sky was covered in gloomy clouds, there was still no signs of the rain, not even the tiniest droplets hitting the surface of the front glass. The air was heavy making it hard to breathe, foreshadowing the incoming storm on the horizon, tensed aura filling the cabin and materialized in the driver’s gloved hands, now tightly squeezing the steering wheel. Orange coloured light of the buttons on the cockpit reflected in his eyes bored on the street in front of him but never seeing it, driving more of an instinct than actual focus, drowning too deep in his own thoughts to pay attention to such trivial things.

He sped up and mechanically changed the gear to the top, peeking at the speedometer to make sure that he wasn’t driving too fast to cause himself any further problems. Humans and their technologies, it all began to affect his life more that he would want to admit, forcing him to not only hide his true identity but also to change the way of acting so he could fit into society without attracting unnecessary attention of those who could actually try to hunt him. That was why he was there, resting on the leather seat of the car he has just bought from the car showroom, listening to the sound of the machine working when driving on the new street running through the forest, dressed in a black suit which didn’t differ from his previous outfit that much.

Enough to remind him where was he going.

Sebastian combed through his short, messy hair with the fingers, strands as black as his clothes and eyes, now purposely changed from the dark crimson to the colour which made him look as humanly as possible. Dark, cold gaze was still directed to the landscape passed by, the endless abyss of the irises perfectly reflecting the void inside his body and heart. One could believe that this man, the wolf in sheep’s clothing was capable of consuming lifes and souls just by the single stare of his mesmerizing eyes.

Not that he was wrong.

Driving out of the forest, the meadows appeared on the both sides of the road, fenced with short, bricked walls, completely abandoned. The storm hanged in the sky, waiting for the right moment to finally blow, meanwhile letting only few droplets to fall and smash on the ground. Sebastian noticed the bricked walls and collapsed roof looming on the horizon before any human could see the building so far away. The main street turned left, leading to the nearby town raised over the hill but the demon only slowed down to not destroy the chassis on the old, stoned road he chosed to drive by. High, neglected grasses stroked the sides of the car when he was approaching the long forgotten, victorian mansion, now almost completely eaten by the time, standing alone in the middle of nothing.

He didn’t get out of the car even when the engine stopped working, the front lights got turned off and the keys left the ignition, resting in his hand way too heavy than they truly were. Right now, he could hear the utter silence filling the air and the growing amount of doplets hitting the windows in a silent melody. He was string at the building, contemplating the sight in front of him and trying to recall how did it look the last time he was there. It had to be clean and neat, walls not scrapped away from the paint, wild ivy not covering almost the whole right side of the mansion, windows not broken and dark inside, rust not dripping from under them in a grotesque caricature of the dried tears, the dust and countless spiderwebs not present. And yet, it was all there, lost, abandoned, destroyed.

Sebastian knew that somewhere where he was now, once were beautiful gardens, precisely cut bushes, colourful flower beds, narrow, mysterious pathes and the marble fountain, however, he couldn’t see even the traces of what was there in the past. Only endless fields of weeds.

What was the name of the gardener? At first, Sebastian thought that if the blonde boy was present, this place wouldn’t look like that but then remembered how many times he had almost killed all the plants when trying to take care of them, so probably this place wasn’t in that bad condition. The tiny smile shadowed on his lips but disappeared just as fast when the reality hit him.

Finnian died long ago, as well as Mey-Rin, Baldroy, Snake and Tanaka. As well as friendly prince of Bengal and his loyal butler, weird Chinese nobleman who was visiting this place quite often, eccentric viscount way too fond of wine and human bodies, and the Midfords. As well as his master.

Long eyelashes threw shade on his pale skin when the first lightning cut the sky and the light reached his features, reflecting in his eyes and causing the pupils to narrow for a single moment. The demon didn’t even blink.

Suddenly, as if pushed by an invisible force, he get out of the car and came closer to the main entrance of the mansion, not bothering to close the vehicle. He could feel the rain on his cheeks and neck, some of them falling under the collar of his dress shirt but didn’t react until reaching the stairs overgrown with a moss. Elegant, polished leather boots were tapping on the ground when he went upstairs, not trying to cover himself more with the jacket when the wild wind started to blow from the west, cold rain landing on his perfectly ironed outfit, slowly drenching it. Sebastian didn’t feel the cold air on his wettened skin or simply didn’t care about it when his hand rested on the rusty door knob, twisting it carefully, not wanting to accidentally pull it out.

The door withdrew with a loud creak which soon echoed in an empty hall. The main room was drowning in darkness, the chessboard-like floor covered in dust and ashes, wind whistling between an empty corridors bringing the smell of mustiness and oblivion. Sebastian inhaled the scent and realized that he could no longer feel any of the smells he remembered; no fresh washed tableclothes, no wooden furnitures, no melting wax, no flowers in the vases, no cooked food, no brewed tea, just the rotten walls, mold and dirt.

With a sad smile playing on his lips, the demon thought that now, finally, after all those years, there was peace and silence in the mansion, the same he was longing for everyday while working as a butler. Nobody was screaming and shouting, destroying priceless service, breaking porcelain and burning the kitchen, there was no wild snakes hidding in the closets and no orders to fulfill. He was free, able to do anything, whenever he wanted, he could go and say as he pleased, and nobody could stop him. Unfortunately, with an unknown cramp in a stomach, this realization didn’t please him as much as he thought while planning this little journey.

Leaving the door open, he came back to the car in now pouring rain. He wiped off the droplets from the forehead and started the engine, gentle blow of warm air immediately caressing his paler than usually face. Later, he couldn’t recall what exactly was he thinking about for the whole way back to the center of London, so bright, loud and alive, unlike the place he was now leaving forever to rot.

However, the demon thought and smiled slightly to himself, there were still some positive sides, like fluffy, white Persian cat patiently waiting for him in the apartment on the 56th floor of The Shard. And that was alright.

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may I request an Oikawaii scenario where they just started dating and oikawa finds out that his s/o has been being bullied for dating him? like the bullies would tell her she's not good enough or something. thank you!! your blog is the best by the way! (and don't worry, you have more than one crush! we're here for you!)

I used the Good Ending of Ikki’s route in Amnesia to help with this. I hope you enjoy; I like to humanize Oikawa a little bit lololol

~Admin Emma


Oikawa jumped as Iwaizumi approached him, slamming a text book down on his desk; “Why are you like this, Iwa-chan?”

“Probably because you still insist on calling me Iwa-chan,” Iwaizumi growled. “I just came to return your book. Oh, and you need to talk to your fanclub. Again.”

Oikawa rolled his eyes. How many times had they had the same conversation? “They’re harmless, Iwa-chan. I don’t let them distract me.”

“That’s debatable,” Iwaizumi snorted. “But for once, it’s not about that. It’s about ____. You know, your girlfriend?”

“What about her?” Oikawa canted his head. Iwaizumi had never had a problem with you; you were his sweet ____-chan, and you’d even managed to win over Seijoh’s prickly ace. “Do you have a problem with ____-chan now?”

“No, she has a problem,” Iwaizumi said. “With your fangirls. They’re picking on her.”

“What? That’s ridiculous!”

“You can go see for yourself,” Iwaizumi insisted. “You need to keep those girls in check, Shittykawa, or you are going to lose ____. She won’t put up with it forever, you know.”

Oikawa opened his mouth to answer, but finding nothing suitable to say, he snapped it closed. His fangirls were sweet to him; they took time out of their lives to be nice to him and all they asked for in return was a little validation. Sure, it was a nice ego boost, but at his heart it wasn’t about being admired or adored. They were always all smiles when he was around, even when he was with you.

A voice in the back of his head, one that sounded remarkably like Iwaizumi, gave him pause; what about when his back was turned? What about all those times you were alone and he couldn’t see you? You loved each other, but that didn’t mean you were joined at the hip! He sighed; maybe the only way to get to the bottom of this was to talk to you. You were always honest with him, and you’d never mentioned anything about this to him.

But then, why would Iwa-chan lie?

At that hour, he could usually find you in the courtyard, taking your time on the way to your own club activities. He would get to the bottom of this–he would meet in your spot. It was your special spot–the place he’d confessed to you. The place where you’d said yes and made his whole world a better place. It was the place he’d cried into your shoulder when he’d lost to Shiratorizawa. It was sacred and isolated…

And it was surrounded by girls.

He recognized the more prolific and braver members of his fanclub. Most of them were fellow third years; their normally-kind faces were twisted into something malicious and mean. They were surrounding a figure on all sides, and when he saw the head of familiar hair, he nearly broke out into a run.

“You know Oikawa-kun doesn’t really love you, right?”

“It’s because you’re easy.”

“He’s so nice, he’s probably taking pity on you.”

“You should just break up with him. You don’t deserve him.”

He was so proud of you when he heard you speak up; “Tooru chose me.”

“First names already. So informal.”

“Bitch. He chose you because you’re easy. Fucking slut.”

Then she pushed you. And with that, the tenuous thread of his self control snapped. He snarled deep in his chest; “Hey!”

The girls whirled on him as one, like a hive mind. It was barely a blink of an eye later, but they were suddenly all smiles and friendly ‘Oikawa-kuns.’ He’d never been more furious in his life, especially when he saw your wide eyes and red face.

“____-chan,” he murmured softly, gathering you into his arms, heedless of the watching eyes. Let them watch–let them see how much he loved you! “Are you alright?”  

“I’m fine, Tooru,” you replied with a grin. “We were just talking.”

“Don’t try and protect them, ____-chan,” he assured, pressing the gentlest kiss to your forehead. His voice dropped low and dangerous, like it did when he was facing an opponent. He shot one of his glares at the group of gathered girls. “If anyone messes with you, they will deal with me. No one lays hands on my ____-chan.”

Some of the girls tried to reply; others were caught in shocked silence; they all took the hint. They scrambled away from him quickly, shooting hurt looks over their shoulder. Some even showed regret, but you noted none of them admitted they were wrong, nor did any of them try to apologize to you. You didn’t hold it against them; Oikawa was like the sun–brilliant and beautiful, but blinding, if you weren’t careful.

“Thanks, Tooru,” you murmured, burying yourself in his chest. You tried to hold back your tears, but you could tell you were shaking. His big-but-slender hands moved in soothing circles across your back.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He sounded hurt, and you felt a stab of guilt for keeping it bottled up and hidden. “How long? Iwa-chan had to tell me, so–”

“A few months,” you answered.

“____-chan, I wish you’d told me,” he sighed, burying his face in your neck. He took a deep breath next to your skin, pressing soft, soothing kisses against your skin. He held you like something infinitely precious. “I would have done something! I would have said something.”

“It’s not a huge deal, Tooru.”

“It’s a huge deal to me!” His hands were in your hair now, combing through the freshly-combed tresses. “I want to protect you… and I can’t if you don’t tell me these things.”

“I know how important your fans are to you, Tooru,” you murmured.

“Not as important as you!”

You paused, putting your hands on his chest. You smiled up at him, stepping in close, and brushing his fringe out of his eyes; he leaned into your touch like a spoiled cat–touching his hair was a surefire way of getting him to relax.

“Tooru,” you said softly, cupping the soft curve of his jaw in your palms. “I am so grateful that you chose me. Every day, I thank any God that will listen for blessing me with you. You have no idea how lucky I am to have you.”

“____-chan–” His eyes were wide and his mouth was parted on a surprised gasp. You pressed your advantage, rocking up onto your toes to press a sweet, chaste kiss to his perfect lips. You giggled lightly when he blushed–you never caught him off guard.

“I knew dating with you came with a lot of perks, but I also knew it came with some caveats. I know that in a few days, you will forgive your fans, and we’ll move on, and I’m alright with that. I love all of you, Tooru, and that includes how indulgent you are of your fans. I promise, I’m alright, and I promise I will come to you with stuff like this in the future. Kay?”

For once, Oikawa Tooru was rendered speechless. He took your hands in his and smiled so brilliantly, it was hard to look at. A beautiful ache bloomed in your chest when he returned your earlier kiss with one of his own.

“What did I do to deserve a perfect girl like you?” Oikawa asked, nuzzling your nose with his. “What would I do without you?”

You giggled, leaning into his touch and squeezing his fingers; “You’ll never have to find out.”

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hello!! i was wondering if you have any hobi fic recs (fluff, smut, comedy, angst, etc)?? ^_^ i absolutely love your blog and i've re-read all of your works constantly and i'm sad that i don't find many hobi fics that i like as much as yours ;; thank u so much!!

Oh wow this might get long, but you definitely came to the right place, anon! So in no particular order… (Also some of these might be unfinished but they’re still worth the read!) (…and a lot of this is smut whoops™)

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Hello! Warning my blog is very explicit. But I don't care to ever use the anon switch. I'm an infj plagued with this horrible need to replay events 300x and either feel guilty, imagine a different/better scenario, or mentally slap myself for insignificant things. HOW can I practice to stop this?? By the way your blog is amazing. I have your ego development post written out on giant post it notes hanging on my wall.

I’m glad you find the blog helpful. As for your question, I will take this opportunity to discuss the phenomenon of rumination or mentally replaying past events because INFJs are not the only types who are prone to this frustrating behavior. People tend to ruminate because it is an important part of the process of trying to make sense of their experiences. Introverts are more likely to do this because they already process information inwardly. But extraverts will engage in this behavior when they are stressed, depressed, or feeling lost in life, and they will utilize their introverted functions to withdraw inside themselves to reflect. Depending on which function you are using for rumination:

Introverted Sensing (Si)

Si types are perhaps the best known for this kind of behavior because they naturally have a past-oriented focus. They consider past experiences as an integral part of who they are and they use personally meaningful knowledge and memories to construct their sense of self. They will tend to revisit past events, positive or negative, in order to maintain their internal sense of stability and identity. This is how they find existential meaning in life.

To stop ruminating, it would be important to realize that the past does not necessarily have to define who you are. You have free will which means that, in any moment, you can choose to do something different than what you have done before, that is, there are always new possibilities to explore. Sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to let go of a past version of yourself in order to evolve into a better version of yourself, but this cannot happen if you are too fearful of risk, change, or uncertainty, or afraid of losing yourself by letting go of a memory. Sometimes, holding on to the past is even a convenient excuse people use to avoid confronting the scary unknowns of the future.

While it is important to learn from past mistakes, dwelling in them is not a useful exercise because, no matter how many times you replay the same event over and over again, it will never change anything. Drawing illogical relationships between past, present, and future can keep you stuck in one place, unable to move forward. The past does not always determine the future, for example, it would be a mistake to think that the more you flip a coin, the more you can change the next outcome. Sometimes past and future have no connection and sometimes they do, however, the most important thing is: What you do right now in the present is what actually affects the future, so choosing to waste the now to focus on the past keeps you living in a static state where progress becomes impossible.

You should understand that what you have experienced up until now is just an infinitesimal fraction of the whole of human experience, thus, it is extremely self-limiting to base one’s entire identity on only a few fleeting moments. If you only pay attention to the things that are familiar or comfortable or known or already defined, you will have difficulty growing and fulfilling your potential because your movements will be too slow and hesitant, even stagnant in the most extreme cases because you are always turning away from the possibility of doing something different to get a new result. Try to expand your vision of yourself in different outward directions in order to keep moving forward, then you will realize that there is more to life than what you have already done or seen or been.

Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Ni types replay negative past events as a way to search for some meaning behind what happened in terms of finding a sense of closure as well as learning something that can help one make sense of the future. Therefore, until they can fully process an event, they have difficulty letting go of it. They can get stuck on only one negative way of seeing the situation and this can get very frustrating, almost like listening to a broken record that is replaying the same two seconds over and over. Ni is idealistic in wanting to have a clear plan for the future, which means that it can form high expectations about what reality should be like, making a person very frustrated when reality falls short, and this can lead to self-blame or wanting a chance to set things “right” when things are perceived to have gone “wrong”.

To stop ruminating, it would be important to realize that: 1) past events don’t necessary have any deep meaning, 2) past events don’t necessarily predict future outcomes, 3) unrealistic ideals or expectations are your own mental constructions that make you too emotionally invested in situations, causing you to be chronically dissatisfied with the present, and 4) sometimes the facts are just the simple and plain facts, and no amount of interpretation or re-interpretation is going to change them. To put it crudely: shit happens. Sometimes bad things happen and there is really no satisfying rhyme or reason for it except that sometimes people do shitty things and get shitty results. Secondly, just because something bad happened or you did something bad, it doesn’t mean that you or the event is doomed to repeat in the future. You have free will, so you can learn from past mistakes and choose to do things differently at any point. Just because you failed in the past, doesn’t mean you will fail again. And, even if you do fail again, refer to the first point: shit happens.

For example, just because you screwed up a previous relationship doesn’t mean that your present relationship will suffer the same fate. Actually, the more you focus on the past failure, the more you are setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy because you cannot appreciate the new situation for what it really is, that is, you keep viewing the present through the lens of the past mistake and this will actually make you more prone to repeating it. In essence, you keep seeing the old version of yourself and being that version instead of consciously creating a new and better version of yourself. Therefore, do not punish yourself for the past or indulge sad feelings about what went wrong, rather, learn from it and try to be better. Focus on what you can do in the present to make up for the past and create a new and better future for yourself. That is how progress is made.

You should understand that how you choose to interpret a situation is how it will have meaning but there are often many ways of looking at something. Readjust your perspective to fit reality. Life is not always predictable so it is important to be adaptable and realistic. There is randomness and chaos that cannot always be understood, so sometimes you have to be content with things being “good enough” or accept that things are so-called “imperfect” or simply leave it at “agreeing to disagree”. Life is messy so deal with it. Be more patient to look at things from different perspectives. The ultimate truth is never just one way of seeing something, rather, it is actually being able to see something from every angle. The 360 view will bring you closer to the truth but you can’t get that broader view if you stay stuck in your own head and avoid/ignore what the facts are telling you.

Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Fi types replay past events because they are looking for a sense of internal harmony, that is, they want to reconcile how they feel on the inside with the reality of the outside world but it can be hard to do when the two sides are at odds. Replaying past events over and over inadvertently widens your separation from the outside world because you end up overindulging your feelings and taking everything that happens too personally, making you feel completely entangled in a problem with no way out. The more you unconsciously view yourself as separate with your own unique pain and experiences, the harder it will be for you to escape your own perspective and see the world accurately, and the harder it will be for others to reach you with the outside support that you need. In other words, you are much more than just how you feel at any given moment, so learn to see things in a broader and more objective way. Open up your mind to other perspectives to get a better view of the facts and explore other ways of interpreting situations so that you can avoid being too personally biased in how you see things. If it is a relationship problem, try to understand the situation from the other person’s point of view as accurately as possible because their experience might be very different from yours but equally valid from their standpoint.

To stop ruminating, realize that sitting around wishing that things could be different will ultimately lead you nowhere because it doesn’t solve anything or change anything for the better. Feeling separate from the world by dwelling in your own pain means that you do not see yourself as an active player but as a passive experiencer, a victim even. Getting stuck on the past is essentially getting stuck in your own personal perspective of a situation (your own private hell, as it were), which means that you are not approaching the problem objectively nor are you doing anything to solve the problem. Think about how you make decisions moment to moment and whether those decisions really produce good outcomes for you, according to standards other than your own.

For example, just because it feels right for you in the moment to avoid a problem, it will not produce good outcomes for you in the long run. Personal expectations, preferences, and feelings are very important and should be given appropriate attention when necessary but they should not be the only factors that you use for making decisions. There are bigger things that need attention and you must learn how to put your feelings aside when necessary and attend to problems with more determination to solve them, especially if it will help you reach an important goal. Therefore, try to become more systematic in how you analyze problems and make decisions. Readjust your values, ideals, or expectations to fit the reality around you. It is very important to do this or you will feel perpetually unhappy and unfulfilled, unable to achieve a sense of progress or inner peace. Do not expect that the world can fully conform itself to you and accommodate your needs, you must also do something to actively conform yourself to the world - finding the right balance is the key.

Reflect on what is good for you, what will help you to move forward, and what actions you can take to pursue positive development. Instead of passively brooding or waiting for things to happen or writing off people/situations or trying to avoid/escape from things, create a concrete plan of action to move your life forward in a way that can make up for past mistakes or negative events, learning from them and building upon them so that you can put them behind you, and then you can loosen your grip on past experiences rather than using them as a crutch or an excuse to linger in your comfort zone and avoid the demands of life. Focus on the changes that can be made right now to improve things rather than wasting your time thinking about the things that cannot be changed.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Ti types replay past events because they are looking for a formulaic or causal understanding of what happened and how they arrived at their current (bad) situation. Systematically analyzing past events can provide lessons or clues about how to proceed, however, sometimes it can be quite impossible to find the true cause of what happened, especially because the human world is so complex, with so many moving parts and variables that it is simply too difficult to grasp how they all work together. The drive to overanalyze and figure out exactly what happened is often emotionally motivated. Bad outcomes often produce hurt, fear, or anger, and obsessing about figuring out every detail of what happened and how and why actually deflects attention away from resolving those negative emotions.

To stop ruminating, get to the root of the problem. The past cannot be changed no matter how many times you think it through or how many ways you try to analyze it. Thus, instead of running through scenarios over and over in your mind, analyze how you are reacting emotionally to the situation, whether you contributed to the problem, how you can take responsibility, learn from it, and move forward. Resolving negative emotions will help you to see a situation more accurately because you will feel less personally invested in it. Do not resist your emotions but allow yourself to feel them and process them appropriately.

Ti has a tendency to confuse facts and values, sometimes failing to see that making value judgments is not the same as making factual statements. For example, a relationship can break up for many different reasons, so do not assume that it was one particular thing that caused the outcome. Look more closely at what the other person was thinking or how they were feeling all throughout the relationship. Did you really understand their feelings and motivations accurately enough? Perhaps you will try to look for flaws or shortcomings in yourself or the other person and use them to analyze the relationship, even trying to assign fault or blame. However, sometimes there really is nothing “wrong”. Rightness and wrongness are value judgments and value judgments are not objective statements of fact because they are open to interpretation based on subjective vantage point. Sometimes two people simply do not share the same worldview and, therefore, they are unable to maintain a strong connection for a long period of time. Sometimes, no one is in the right or in the wrong and there is genuinely no solution that can keep the relationship going in a healthy manner. Being determined to mentally calculate the “truth” about reasons, fault, blame, responsibility in retrospect is a fool’s errand that distracts you from dealing with your own issues, thereby impeding positive growth and development.

Ti has a tendency to draw a direct relationship between a person’s behavior and their motivation, assuming that everyone always acts with rational intention, but there can be a lot of internal and external factors that lead people to behave a certain way unconsciously or unpredictably, that is, you cannot always know the complexities of another person’s experience - you can only really know yourself and what part you played. Therefore, it is important to avoid jumping to conclusions or developing an overly simplistic or judgmental view of other people or relationships. Try to understand the other person’s point of view and how it differs from yours and why their view may be equally valid from their standpoint. Admit that a mistake was made, admit that you feel bad about it, admit your part in the error, learn the lesson and move on.

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Hey, I saw you on the Diversity Cross-Check blog, and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to write non-offensive polyamorous relationships? I have no experience with them and wouldn't want to do anything that is offensive just because I don't know. Can you answer me privately? Thanks :)

Hi anon! I would answer you privately, if you were not an anon.

As it is:

  • Polyamory is not seamless. It does not move like clockwork without any discussing, negotiating, and working out kinks (as in, the non-sexual ones, though those are a good thing to talk about, too!). A lot of people on tumblr like to yell ‘poly!’ to get rid of the love triangle problems in a fandom, and that’s a beautiful idea, but if there are already difficulties, polyamory is going to cause more of them before things are shiny and happy. So just remember to follow a simple rule: the more people involved in a relationship, the more the need for honest communication increases. If two people need to look over their wants and needs in a relationship periodically (and they do), then three, four, or more people need to do this even more! Dividing time, managing intimacy, and working out boundaries are all a big deal.
  • Polyamory is not inherently (just) about sex. Spot the ‘amor’ snuggled in there. Poly relationships comes in many different forms, and they may involve varying levels of physical and emotional intimacy. If you want to write swingers, or people who have open relationships that involve a lot of casual sex, go for it! These are great topics to cover, too. But polyamory (whether closed - say, three people in a romantic relationship committed to each other and only each other - or open - where one or more partners are actively seeking or open to adding partners) is about connections between people. Friendship, romance, dating, marriage, child-rearing…all of these things can and do come up in poly relationships. They are not just about sex. (Not that anything is wrong with just sex, am I right?) There is a place (a big, welcoming place!) for people on the asexual spectrum in polyamory!
  • This is just a general note about all writing, but diversity is good! Differing sexual and romantic orientations (one of my girlfriends is straight! surprise!), gender identities, races, religions, cultures…people who are different date each other! There are more people involved in polyamory, so you have even more chances to do a lot of research, be a bit creative, and give a little representation to all the diverse lovelies practicing (or looking to practice) polyamory!
  • There’s diversity within types of polyamory, too! I mentioned open and closed above, but there are other things to consider. Polyamory comes in almost infinite forms. One person may date two or more people who prefer to only date them (often represented as a little V, where the polyamorous person is the vertex, and the other relationships are seen to be separate from one another). Three people may form a triad, where each pair has a relationship of some sort, as well as the overall three-party relationship. You may find a group of people who form a sort of ‘6 Degrees of…’, Jill dates Jack who dates Kevin who dates Laura who dates Angel who dates Dina. Obviously, these can be expanded, or mixed. People are diverse, relationships are diverse, polyamory is diverse!
  • If you’re going to write a married couple looking to date a third person together, especially a younger man or woman…please be careful. If someone is objectifying someone else, or there’s manipulation or abuse involved, or if all three parties aren’t full steam ahead with the idea (reservations are normal, ‘I don’t want to do this but I think you’ll leave me if I don’t’ is not), POINT THAT OUT. Resolve it. Don’t treat this as okay.
  • It’s alright to portray some relationships as taking more priority than others. This is normal for many polyamorous people. The concept of a ‘primary’ relationship and other ‘secondary’ relationships is common, and others add a ‘tertiary’ option as well. Some people don’t like this kind of terminology and prefer to think of every relationship as equally important, despite their differences. This is fine too! 
  • I’m just gonna repeat myself a little here. Polyamory does not magically solve a love triangle. Two people who hate each other but love a third person will not easily accept sharing said person, nor are they likely to spontaneously develop a relationship with one another (if you’d prefer a triad direction). You can work toward these ideals slowly and realistically, but it’s not a quick fix.
  • Polyamory IS NOT CHEATING. Polyamorous people can cheat, and I’m sure there are some who do, but polyamory is inherently based on communication and agreed-upon multiple relationships. Even if a person is polyamorous, if they are hiding one partner from another, that’s a serious problem, and it’s not excusable.

I might add to this later if I think of things.

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Ok I can't help myself. What are your best most kinky (like the kinkiest of the kink) smut fics? Btw you guys are absolutely fantastic (also maybe some dom!cas as well but I don't really care as long as they're kinky XD)

Originally posted by engellmann

We keep getting asks like these way too often :’D

Why are  you guys doing this to us? I feel so vanilla with the smut fics that I actually like… So for the sake of this blog I always read the kinky, the weird and sometimes downright bizarre fics. You know, just incase we get another ask like this. HERE is the link to our WTF did I just read list. Feel free to scroll through it to find all the bizarre kinks we’ve come across.

Also HERE is a link to all of our tags If you scroll down the list you’ll see all the kinks we’ve covered so far!

Ps. To be fair we don’t usually rate fics in our WTF did I just read tag! – Admin A

For my part, I’m so sorry but I haven’t read anything that could get over the ones I have already recced in the previous WTF Did I just read posts. The way I end up into those is by an accident, and lately it have not happened. I will keep my eyes open when I browse my way through the amazing land of fanfics, though, because I’m sure there are many WTF fics waiting for me. – Admin J

Title: Lessons

Author: Miss_Lv

Rating: Explicit

Words: 8,926 – Finished

Admin A’s notes: Yeah well… Not to be a huge prude and judgemental, BUT WHY?! Why do fics like these have to exist? And why am I reading this? That is all…

Summary: Castiel’s teen son is dating bad boy Dean Winchester. Castiel comes home one night and finds his son passed out on the couch. When Castiel checks his son’s room, Dean is drunk and high as fuck. He thinks Castiel is his son and Castiel goes with it, taking sloppy seconds from a barely conscious Dean.

( Read here )

Title: Fat and Happy

Author: mnwood

Rating: Mature

Words: 61,829 – Finished

Admin A’s notes: So I came across this collection while doing research for a previous chubby kink ask. Now I did not read them all because there’s like 55 chapters of button popping, stuffing and fat fondling… I’m not judging you guys :’D What ever floats your boat and whatever…

Summary: asked for chubby!Dean and chubby!Cas prompts on tumblr, so these are a collection of stand-alone ficlets that I wrote in response.

( Read here )

Title: Kinky Bastards

Author: ClaraOswin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 16,556 – Finished

Admin A’s notes: Some of these oneshots aren’t that bad, but mostly I was highly disturbed and blushing. Also I had to skip a few fics from this collection because there were some things that just don’t ever need to exist anywhere! Pedophilia and Beastiality among other things just really don’t need to exist even in the fictional world. That is just my opinion and I’m sticking with it.
Summary: It’s a collection of kinky fics with loads and loads of sex and wincest.

( Read here )

Title: For the Relief of Unbearable Urges

Author: SloeDjinn

Rating: Explicit

Words: 21,478 – Finished

Admin A’s notes: Why? Why would you want that? This was… awkward. Seriously painfully awkward :’D

Summary: Written for a prompt over at the SPN kink meme.
“I want older Cas (around early 30s) tweaking underage Dean’s (older than 15) nipples and sucking on them til milk comes out. I want Dean getting off to Cas’s deep voice saying dirty things how Dean is such a slut and would do anything as long as he gets his tits sucked and played with. Cas getting off to slutty Dean is also welcomed.”

( Read here )

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Q. -Insert question here about me being the original poster-
A. No. I took the url whenever I saw it was available.

Q. -Insert question/accusation here about my url being on the picture, and the description of what the dog ate-
A. Have you ever heard of the saying “once you post something online it’s on the internet forever” It’s like that post. Someone had this url before me. She posted the picture with her url on it, and than deleted/changed her blog. I saw the vegan dog post whenever it had 90 notes, went to check the blog out, and saw it had been deleted. I than took the url.

Q. -Insert question about why I wanted the url-
A. I was curious on how many people would send hate to a complete stranger. I wasn’t even going to blog on it (the first couple of posts were just asks) but than I started reblogging landscape/animals and it evolved into this.

.Q. -Insert question here about me changing the url-
A. I don’t want to. If I didn’t take the url, someone else eventually would have. If I changed it, someone else would grab it. And just because I change my url, it wouldn’t stop people from sending me hate. I would probably get shit like “I know you’re the vegan dog poster”

Q. -insert hate here about how you don’t believe me and blah blah-
A. Don’t care.

Q. -insert question about me being an asshole-
A. You get what you put out. If you send me hate, I’m going to respond with hate. Why should i be nice to you, and respect you, when you arn’t doing the same thing to me?

Q. Why wasn’t my question/hate posted?
A. I read every single one but sometimes the questions are all the same, but worded differently. I don’t like posting too many asks because some people get pissed about the clutter and I don’t like having too much hate on my blog.

Q. Will you reblog x animal or x place for me?
A. Of course! Just send me whatever you want and I’ll do it. I always take requests, even when I’m not posting anything.

Q. Will you follow me back?
A. Sorry, I can’t. It’s a side blog and only people can follow me.

Q. What’s your main blog? Will you follow back on that?
A. I’m not comfortable with giving anything personal out. There’s a lot of crazies who would use my personal stuff to harm me.

anonymous asked:

Hello darling! I'm sorry to bother you, I've followed your blog for a long time and you seem to have a lot of experience in traveling. I'm scared as hell to travel alone, I've no idea of how to prepare myself, or what I should pay attention to, be careful with and so on. I don't feel confident or smart enough to do something like this. Do you have any advice for newbie traveler?

You’re not bothering me at all!

I don’t have that much experience in traveling, as I was able to do my very first trip abroad 6 years ago (at the age of 26), and very first trip alone two months ago. I can’t say I’d have traveling experience alone, but there are some things in traveling that are good to remember, whether you are traveling alone or with someone.

- Take a copy of your passport. If your passport gets lost, you have a copy of it to identify yourself.

- Don’t carry all your cash with you, take only what you need for a day and leave rest at your hotel room/accommodation place. If you get robbed or lost your wallet, you still have money with you.

- Blend in (if possible)! This is actually the best tip. Always look like you know where you are going and that the area is familiar. Don’t carry any items that can pinpoint you to a pickpockets as “hey, I’m a tourist!” (like for example “I love NAME OF THE CITY/COUNTRY”-bags, big bagbacks, maps ect. Nowadays you can download all the maps to your mobile phone and look like you’re just checking your phone casually.

- If you get lost and definitely need help from someone, ask from young women for help (as a woman). Younger people usually speak English. 

- Learn at least “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, “yes”, “no” and “please” with the language of your traveling destination. You immediately get better service when you can say at least these things.

- If you plan to eat out a lot, check if the country has a tipping culture (as some don’t have it and in some countries tipping is rude) and how much you should tip.

- Learn the basic etiquette of every day life used in your traveling destination. If not sure, follow the example of the locals. This is polite for everyone (and helps you to blend in, if possible).

- If emergency happens - you get robbed, lose your passport, anything unseen big happens - contact your country’s embassy or consulate in your traveling destination! Embassies and consulates are thought to be only high profile places for VIP-persons, who act only when a big catastrophe happens, but as an ex-worker of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs I can tell that all the embassies/consulates exists for the help of their country fellowmen. Whatever your problem might be, if you don’t know who could help you, contact the embassy. This works also if you’re studying/living in the country and still have your native country’s nationality. 

- Make sure you have all vaccinations needed to protect you during travel. Note that some vaccinations need to be taken months before the trip (but after that the vaccination lasts for your whole life).

- Always have these following things with you; paper, pen/pencil, tissues, painkillers, bandage for small cuts/blisters. If you worry about losing/waiting for days your luggage, pack some emergency clothes to your hand luggage. 

- Check out if you can wash your clothes easily at the destination, if you’re staying for a long trip. That way you don’t have to pack so much.

- When packing clothes, roll them into small Wissrolls, as that saves the space.

- Use every single empty place in your luggage! Did you buy a mug? Put socks/stockings/panties in it. Do you have some jars with you? Fill them with stuff. Shoes? There’s empty space inside them. 

- If you plan to travel a lot or stay a long at your destination, take travel insurance, just in case. I have taken insurance only for myself, as I never travel with anything expensive. If you carry expensive stuff with you, take insurance also for them. Yearly insurance is usually cheaper and recommended if you plan to travel a lot.

- I like to check beforehand how to get from destination X to destination Y in the city/country I’m traveling to.

- Avoid tourist attraction spots to find cheaper places for shopping, eating and souvenirs. You also get to see the real city/country when you step outside the tourist attractions. Even a few hundred meters can make a huge difference! Don’t be afraid to explore.

- If you love to explore the city where you are staying, check out before hand the areas that should be avoided, and make sure are there some places which are okay at daylight but shouldn’t be walked during evening. 

- Don’t hesitate to use tourist information spots if you need, no matter how stupid your question might feel to you. I have asked a Rilakkuma store’s location at Osaka’s tourist information center, because I reaaaally wanted to go there with a friend, but we couldn’t find it no matter what. 

- If you have permanent health problems or allergies, write them down with the destinations language just in case. If you are in a medication, add a picture of the medication to this note. If something happens and you need to see a doctor, they know what’s wrong with you, how to treat you and what medication are you taking. This is especially important if you might end up being disoriented or passed out. I recommend printing the note out/writing it on a paper and carry it with you. This way also people around you can give you the first aid. (As a person with very limiting diet due severe allergies, my traveling policy with food is “If you’re not 100% sure, don’t eat it”.) 

- Note that many places in the world won’t understand or serve you with English. In these cases facial expressions, gestures, signing, drawing ect. usually help, if there’s no common language between you (says Niu who handled a big order from a Polish truck driver, who spoke only Polish and Russian, and I spoke none of those haha). Learn to say at least “I’m sorry, I don’t speak NAME OF THE LANGUAGE”. 

andromedadarkblade  asked:

(pardon me while I wipe the drool off of my keyboard...) so I found your blog earlier today. I squeed. a lot. I have so much trouble finding my favorite knb pairings because I only recently discovered AO3 and usually stuck to FFnet. but, now that I've found you, can you direct me to any Murasakibara fanfics? I don't care about the pairing, but I'd prefer no Akashi or Kuroko. smut is okay. smut is great. I hope this isn't too much to ask? please and thank you~

Ahhh, your message makes me so happy waaah, ; 3; and please be as specific as you want, it’s all good! It actually really helps me when I’m looking for fics ahaha, so thank you~

Yes, No, Maybe by Antiago on AO3

Summary: Kiyoshi accidentally eats one of Murasakibara’s candies. While giving due punishment, Murasakibara accidentally gets a taste of Kiyoshi. He may have found his new favorite flavor.

Notes: MuraKiyo, Smutty

Not Really Courtships by heihua on AO3

Summary: The sort of (not really) tale of how Murasakibura and Kiyoshi get together.

Grip by stephanericher on AO3

Summary: He breathes in the familiar scent of potato chips and something fruity before he realizes that Atsushi is pulling the flaps of his jacket around both of them and zipping it up so they’re trapped inside together.

Notes: MidoMura, hella UST, cuddling and smut

Because of Reasons by stephanericher on AO3

Summary: ”Shouldn’t you be doing your homework?”

Atsushi pointedly ignores this question. “Hey, Mido-chin, what are you wearing?”

Snapped by stephanericher on AO3

Summary: Murasakibara interrupts him. “Eh, Mido-chin? You can’t see? How many fingers am I holding up?”

Notes: Make-outs and second hand embarrassment.

A Thing by rustandstardust on AO3

Summary: After the Winter Cup, Himuo is a little distant. Murasakibara finds a series of text messages and starts to see just how close Kagami and Himuro were once (still are?) and is more than a little jealous. When he brings it up, feelings are discussed and…proven true, in the way that teenage boys are known to do.

Notes: Smut.

Warm by rustandstardust on AO3

Summary: Himuro is good at keeping Murasakibara warm, and he likes that.

Happy reading!

- Mod M

anonymous asked:

(1) I need advice for how to avoid making rage-prone people angry. My sister has sensory integration disorder. She can go to school, but she can't do basic household chores, or cook. She doesn't respond to noise in public, but at home she screams and curses and name-calls. Even outside of reactions to noise, anger is her default emotional response. It's like I'm playing Don't Wake the Dragon. I'm not very good at Don't Wake the Dragon. This shouldn't be a lifelong problem because I'm moving

out soon, but she may be unable to live alone when she’s out of high school and college. Her easy-to-trigger anger stresses my parents out. I don’t think it would be healthy or safe for her to live with them when she’s older, which is why I’ve decided that, if she can’t live alone, she can live with me. She’s already expressed that she expects to be my roommate when she goes to college. It’s what’s best for everyone. The biggest problem is that I’m not as good as I should be at avoiding  making her mad. Part of it’s because I’m kind of clumsy and awkward and spacey (thanks, ADD and Autism) and that irritates her. I need to be much better at keeping her calm, because it’s going to be a problem if we’re living in an apartment and she’s shouting and stomping around because I failed to avoid pissing her off.

 Are there any failsafe ways to avoid angering someone with a hair-trigger temper? 

(emphasis mine)

Oh,  sweetheart. Would that there were.

Okay, so, stepping back even from my place as a person with a bad temper and into, instead, my position as a person whose day job involves occasionally working with children/teens with sensory processing issues, I can tell you one thing right out of the gate: there is literally nothing that you can do that can help your sister if she is not involved in the process and she does not consent.

You two need to work this out together, and the sooner the better. You basically have to make a lifestyle change, which is why your sister has to be involved and has to consent to it. She has to agree that her behavior pattern is damaging to her relationships. She has to agree that she wants to change that. She has to commit to putting in the effort.

And you, my dear little sweetpea flower, need to establish that those are the bare minimum requirements for you volunteering to take on her care.

Let me explain why.

I read Autism Self Advocacy Network blogs and I integrate them into my practice. I know that people with processing issues, especially those that affect executive function, require disability accommodations. That is non-negotiable. As a caregiver, though, and one who has seen caregiver burnout first-hand in the case of elder/end-of-life care, up to and including nervous breakdowns, you do not owe your sister your own life. You just do not. Nobody can reasonably expect that of you, and anyone who says they can is just wrong.

You say that she can’t do household chores. Is that everything? Maybe she can’t do tub scrubbing because of the scent or texture, or the vacuum cleaner because of the noise, but can she sweep the floor? Can she wash dishes (by hand), load the dishwasher (without turning it on), dry them, or put them away? Can she sort or fold the laundry even if she can’t wash it? Can she make her own bed? There has to be some division of labor if there are only two people in the house. Expecting you to go to school, work, keep house, and act as your sister’s caretaker with no support network and no breaks is not feasible. That is too much to ask of any one person. You are going to need help.

You can also work on nonverbal communication. I’ve talked about my NVC necklace, and how my therapist, my roommates, and I all discuss my labels, because I’m bipolar and not autistic, so mine indicates spoon count and not social approach safety. The necklace is useful, but J has admitted she struggles with it because it is so small. I’ve gotten used to people who know about it asking me for my color level before initiating conversations with me. It really helps.

I’ve also gotten used to hand signals to indicate a need for volume adjustments, or my need to interrupt someone. A raised index finger is “pause,” a raised palm is “stop.” The pause is usually for a clarification question, or to inform the person of a spoon count, or that they are interrupting a thought that is important to me and I need to finish it before I can give them my attention. The palm is more forceful, but so useful. When I use it, people are learning to stop talking to me. I don’t mind explaining a reason if I have to, but I limit my explanations to as few words as possible: I need to process, I am getting frustrated, you are using too many words, I need to get back to you, can you leave me a note?

Notes are so important. In addition to notes, I use doorknob hangers. I use Skype status messages so my online friends know what they’re getting into. I am working out a SYSTEM.

You and your sister need to work out a system. Especially since you are on the spectrum and have ADD yourself, you need a system. You need to work it out together. Use calendars, schedules, notes, whatever works for you. You may need to create a code that hangs by the door to your apartment that indicates one or both of you are in a place where you are not going to speak or make any noise, and communicate only via text message even though you are in the same house. Do not worry if your system seems complex or tedious to others. It is not for others. It is for your house.

But Step One is getting your sister onboard. Without that, you’re both screwed.

HOW TO → Make a good, useful Gif Hunt

This guide has been written to help roleplay helpers and gif hunters to make gif hunts that people will find helpful, and will be able to use easily. It tried to cover as much as I could think of about gif hunts, from formats, to the 1MB rule and the whole read more/downloadable debate, though if you have any other question, I’d be glad to answer right there. If this has been any useful to you, please, take a minute or two to read this, and take the time to like or reblog.

What is a gif hunt? A gif hunt, as the name almost tells you, is a masterpost in which you find all the gifs one might need for roleplaying with one FC (or play-by). Roleplayers use them to find these gifs and add them to the collection of the ones they keep in a folder of theirs or simply, if they don’t keep a gif folder, to copy/paste gifs from in their dash and face to face conversations.

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First of all as a Cser I love how fair you are to Csers in your metas and congratulate us when we get something good in reviews. I like to read a Neal essay on his suppose plan to end magic. The few sfers I found said it was a retcon and Csers feel it makes neal worse. I don't want to dig through post to find things negative about Cs. I was wondering if you could tell me your explanation

Thank you, GoodShipJollyRoger!Anon– I love my CS followers. You pose an interesting question about Neal and magic because Neal is a tricky character.

Originally posted by lookin-for-my-happy-ending

Own that ambiguity!

My short answer is:

  • Young Baelfire = Yes, destroy magic
  • Flashback Neal = No, that’s not cool, man
  • Corporate Neal = Maaaaaybe?
  • S3 Neal = Yes, if magical people agree (Note: this is hypothetical as post-Manhattan Neal never got a chance, alas)

Confused? Well, so am I … but let’s explore, shall we?

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baebot and me were throwing ideas around
‘I’m sorry I got really excited about that punch buggy I didn’t mean to hit you hard enough to bruise’ au

“I take singing in my car very seriously and I’m sorry to have distracted you at a four way stop serenading my rearview mirror. Please don’t sue me I have no insurance, we can just buff out that bumper au’

'I took to many self defence courses as a child and now my automatic response when someone grabs my arm is to throw them over my hip I’m so sorry. At least I took first aid too?’ Au

'You were staring at me all class and I’m pretty sure you didn’t take any notes want to borrow mine?’ Au

'You forgot your phone on the bus next to me and I texted your dad (he was in your recent contacts) to get it back to you. and for some reason he is now convinced we are living together? Apparently you left home and are lying where you are… Don’t worry I kept your secret. I don’t know how, but hey I’m actually looking for a roommate so hey au’

'You’re a colossal douche bag to everyone at school but I’ve seen you split your lunch with the small creatures around the school and you’re really nice to little kids and the elderly at your shitty part time job but it’s not like I’ve been watching you or anything I swear.’ au
‘Oh fuck shit! Your allergic to nuts?!?! I just wolfed down a whole bag in front of you. Please don’t die, I’ll drive you to the hospital. And pay your bills I don’t know but im at your service please don’t die shit’

'I wasn’t paying attention and almost walked in front of a train thanks for grabbing my sweater- wait aren’t you the guy/gal/etc who caught me when I fell off the ladder yesterday oh shit now I’m embarrassed I swear I’m not usually this much of a clutz’ au

’ I put posters around campus for an event but your the only one to show up so I guess we can split all this food?’
'Turns out we’re the into two in the school willing to admit we like xthing so that means we’re best friends now right?’ Au

’ I can’t believe you like that one lesser known thing too… But wait. No no no, you like that character? Hmm no I’m sorry we can’t be friends’ au
'I’m the most awkward person I know but you’re always around when I say something clever’ au

'You keep fucking talking during class- but your conversation is honestly more interesting than the lecture so eh’ au
'We keep ending up in the same classes and I swear it’s not on purpose. Wait what do you mean it might be?’ Au
’ I noticed you sketching during class and they are damn good wow.. Wait is that me???’ Au

'I’ve been following your blog since jr high but it still took me almost three months to figure out who you are and now I have to remind myself to use you’re actual name’ au

'This cat keeps visiting my house isn’t he cute? Oh wait this is your cat? 
It isn’t? Oh it’s their cat?! 
Damn, their cute. You agree? Hmm maybe we can negotiate a cat share.’ Au

'We’re in like three classes together and you suddenly stopped showing up for all of them are you okay? Yes I got your name from the prof and your cell number from the online site thing. What do you mean that’s creepy?’ Au

’ you look like you have an aesthetic blog. And what I mean is do you have an aesthetic blog? Because I want to follow it my god you are beautiful’ au

'We’re catching the same plane somewhere and it’s been delayed by like six hours want to get a hot drink with me?’ Au

’ we both have a crush on the cute barista. This is war. Orrr something more?’ Au

'Holy shit the person in this picture is beautiful. What do you mean that’s you?’ Au

’ ok so I just joined this class… I know! I know it’s three weeks to the final exam. Do you mind teaching me everything? I can pay!’

'My best friend hates you and i can’t figure out why. Care to explain?’ Au

'I’m on the bus. Your hair game is strong. Like too strong.. It’s stuck in my jacket zipper and my stop is coming up.’ Au

'I know we’ve been going to the same school for almost four years but I don’t actually remember ever seeing you before Au’

’ I’m single, pregnant, and grumpy. I’m sorry for ranting to you on the bus but you just seemed so sweet. And I’m really craving nibs and you have like an entire bag in your hand.’ Au

'We both reached for the same ridiculously rare book at the second hand shop at the same time but it’s mine and if you want it you’re going to have to move in with me’ au

anonymous asked:

BTS gif reaction when you suddenly feel really really sad, and you stop eating and don't do anything for a few days? Thanks <3 I really like this blog.

Hiiii. Thank you so much! And just remember, if you’re sad, remember that your idols love you despite what everyone and you think otherwise because you get them where they are today. :D

And drop by here if you need a laugh. :-) x


[does his best to not see you cry very soon]



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