i don't care good hair day


Like my house is in the middle of two streets and on either side these giant fireworks are going off every minute.

And like, the minute I think it’s ending, one neighbor sets off another couple and the other one starts going off again too.

I mean, two free fireworks shows for me, so I’m fine with it. I may or may not be writing a Romeo and Juliet, Fireworks Edition story in my head though.

Two lovers on rich, preppy Long Island, caught between a competition over who had the most extravagant fireworks display.

The ending? They die in a fireworks accident trying to combine both of their shows and the last firework is a giant red heart or something.

Edit: Just as I finished this both neighbors seemed to shoot off all the rest of their fireworks at once and it’s so bloody extra oh my god I love it

wheel of time + @wolfpupy tweets
  • rand al'thor: life is about the journey not the destination, forget about the impact and just enjoy hurtling on fire in a downward trajectory
  • matrim cauthon: if you take a second to think about it, that's one second you have completely wasted
  • perrin aybara: if you underestimate a wolfs ability to wield a weapon just because of a lack of thumbs you will get what you deserve in the end.
  • egwene al'vere: things are going really well for me now that i've changed the meaning of really well to the opposite of what it means in my head.
  • min farshaw: looks like things are always happening once again
  • nynaeve al'meara: i won't do what i'm told, it involves listening to what people tell me
  • moiraine damodred: i did the best i could with the resources i was given, which was nothing
  • faile bashere: stop being so defensive i am just trying to hit you with weapons
  • tuon athaem al'paendrag: who would have thought that 10, 20, even 30 seconds later that the thing you said would still not matter to me, yes time is a cruel mistress
  • elayne trakand: i'm not going to claim that i know everything, i am simply going to act like it
  • aviendha: blood is just nature's red water that flys out when you make a mistake. relax and enjoy the experience for once
  • the dark one: when the sun goes out, the air turns to fire, and the streets run red with blood, i am probably to blame for it
  • asmodean: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • aginor: back in the frankenstein times you could make a monster whenever you wanted, these days you have to have a license or something i guess
  • lanfear: when you get your revenge on someone always immediately hit them with a second revenge, undercuts any counter-revenge or betrayal they have
  • graendal: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • ishamael/moridin: instead of spending all your time trying to make things better and failing you can cut out the middleman and just make things worse
  • the forsaken, generally: i don't want to throw anyone under the bus here unless they are my enemy or betrayer or if it will help me get where i'm going faster

I reject the idea that Annabeth doesn’t care about her appearance mainly because of her hair. Do you realize how much work it is to get curls to look good? Do you realize how dedicated she has to be about her hair care in order for it to always be described as “princess curls” and not “a frizzy mess”? The answer is very.


~PeteZahHutt Appreciation Post~

• hilarious
• cares so much about his subscribers
• works super hard to create good content for us
• still makes videos even when he isn’t feeling well
• is super sweet with Kara
• has a huge heart
• laughs like a kid
• smiles brighter than the sun
• honest in everything he does
• always positive
• really talented
• incredibly soothing voice, singing and talking
• awesome hair
• super cute

He can always brighten my day, and whenever I see a video from him in my sub box, it brings a smile to my face. Love him so much ❤️


All it takes is one day to break the pattern. I struggled HARD this morning to get out of bed with enough time to shower and wash my hair. The past 6 days, I haven’t succeeded. My sleep schedule has been completely off and I never really made it up on time. But today, I did. And now a 6 day streak is back at 0. That reset is important and I’m proud of myself.

At Valencia College
  • Me: *walking*
  • Guy: ugh. short shorts? Blue hair? really? You're in college, grow up. What are you studying, Drama?
  • Me: *kinda pissed off* Look, buddy, I don't care. It's hot as fuck outside, we live in Florida. I like my hair, if you don't, too bad. And I'm studying motherfucking Marine Biology. Yeah, taking all the chemistry and calculus and physics courses. If I was studying drama, I'd still smoke you because drama is hard and memorizing lines is difficult and shit so this leads me to say 1) who the fuck cares how I'm dressed 2) it's hot outside, my friend 3) I'm a fucking science major with blue hair which makes me 1000 times cooler than you. Good day, sir.
  • Guy: god, no need to get so offended

I was gonna make a post about Becky and how it’s not a racial slur but honestly as a black woman I WISH people called me a basic ass bitch Becky as an insult like YES PLEASE IMPLY THAT I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR STARBUCKS, YASSS IMPLY THAT I WEAR YOGA PANTS AS PANTS TELL ME I HAVE SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE HAIR ASSUME I PROBABLY HAVE A DEGREE IN THE ARTS AND INFER THAT I READ JEZEBEL EVERY DAY I would take Becky over nigger bitch any damn day so if y’all wanna trade racial slurs feel free to call me a Becky!!!

anonymous asked:

I am a tattooed woman, and I also have really bright hair. How would you deal with a backhanded compliment or comment? I never know what to say when someone says to me "you dyed your hair." "you got another tattoo", "must be nice not to care what people think", etc. I don't want to sound rude but it feels secretly judgmental. I get these comments every day and I never know what to say or if I should be offended. Also, I love you and hope you're having a good day!!!

Hey, maybe i read this wrong, or i spent the last week feeling like shit, but honestly, call people out. I’m not saying if someone on the subway is openly talking shit on you that you should intervene, but it sounds like these are people in your everyday life? Call them the fuck out. I do it. It’s not always aggressive, or even apparent,  but if you create walls around yourself to block out chumps, you’ll find that your circle becomes more supportive. 
“You got another tattoo?”
“Sounds like you keep better track than i do lol”
“You dyed your hair?”
“Yeah, it’s something special I do for myself.”

“Must be nice to not care what people think?”
“That’s a weird approach, What makes you say that?”

IDK. Hit them with a fucking dose of desensitized conversation. I’m fucking sick of this behavior, but as i get older i feel like it has become more easy to diffuse, or maybe I just have no respect for people talking down to me, IDK. 


anonymous asked:

Sheila, how do you get your boobs to look so frickin nice? My boobs have never looked that nice a day in my life. Can you help a girl out? (If this is too weird of a question, then I'm sorry & I'll understand if you don't answer.)

Do you mean like, knowing what types of bras and undergarments to wear with what outfits?  I have a whole tutorial on that here! 

As far as my own boobs just normally like in those pictures… it depends! I feel like boobs are like hairstyles. You have good hair days and bad ones. Good boob days and bad ones. 

Some days my boobs look great, full and perky! Other days they look small/flat and pathetic.

Just take care of em, lotion up and so on. Don’t wear bras too often (like to sleep) Its good to free them up so you don’t strain them. 

Make sure the bra size you are wearing is your FITTED ACTUAL SIZE. A bra too big or too small really ANNOYS your boobies. They deserve their actual fitted size. Band width, strap, and cup should all be the right measurements. 

Massages and attention is good for them, as is certain foods!

150901 CBB Fanaccount:
  • Me: Hi~
  • Hyuk: Hi, how are you~?
  • Me: Good and you?
  • Hyuk: Fine.
  • Cashier: drink?
  • Me: 1 Ice Tea, please (in korean)
  • Hyuk: (to the cashier) Her Korean is good but why she always talks to me in English? (If you knew lol)
  • Me: Cos it's fun :D. So how was your day?
  • Hyuk: uhm... so so.
  • Me: Why?
  • Hyuk: ehm... sleep no good?
  • Me: aw, me too, but why?
  • Hyuk: I don't know (in korean)
  • Me: when you go back home, sleep well.
  • Hyuk: Ok, thank you.
  • Me: /rise hand for promise/ see you in 2 years and please take care of yourself a lot.
  • Hyuk: i will. Thank you :)... your hair, you cut it really short this time.
  • Me: yeah, too hot. See ya~
  • Hyuk: Bye~
  • cr: Nuku
Where it all began ( a jack gilinsky fanfic )
  • Chapter 1
  • *Flashback*
  • Year 2010
  • Jacks POV ( 14 years old)
  • "Hey jack come on we're gonna be late for the first day!" My best friend jack yelled at me.
  • "Ugh I don't care I wanna sleeep!"
  • I groaned
  • "Move your ass out of bed before I kick your ass outta there!"
  • Jack left my room while I got up and stretched. I grabbed some jeans, a tee shirt and threw on some vans while styling my hair quickly. I walked down stairs to see my mom cooking breakfast
  • "Good morning jack"
  • "Hi mom"
  • " ready for your first day of Highschool?!" She squealed making my eyes grow wide
  • "Yup" I managed, still half asleep.
  • "We'll jack is just in the bathroom so when he's out I want you boys to eat then get your little bums to school."
  • "Alright mom jeez"
  • " no attitude jack"
  • We ate breakfast and headed out the door.
  • "What do think it'll be like?" I asked
  • "Probably just like middle school with older kids and hotter girls" jack wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed at his gesture
  • "Yeah I plan to get laid tonight" I joked. We both laughed as we headed through the doors.
  • "Well I have English first ill see you at lunch. Meet here I don't wanna seem like a loner" Johnson laughed
  • "Yup. Ill see you bro"
  • I asked the office for directions to the science room, which was right in front of me. I was so embarrassed as the older kids laughed at me.
  • I took a seat in the back of the class. The teacher came in and introduced himself as Mr.Clemson
  • About 5 minutes into the class this beautiful girl came in
  • " sorry I'm late "
  • "Name?"
  • "YN"
  • "We'll YN you can take a seat in the back" he said pointing to me
  • " well class this is your new seat for the whole semester I hope you like it cause your not moving"
  • "Hey, uh, what's your name?" She asked.
  • "Jack. YN right?"
  • "Yup" she said popping the 'p'
  • "Nice name" I complimented.
  • "Thanks" she smiled and looked down, her cheeks getting a rosy tint.
  • The class ended and I got to know her real well. She's a tomboy which I kinda like too
  • {lunch time}
  • "Yo jack!" I shouted
  • "Hey what up man"
  • "Ok so in science there's like this really cute girl and I think I have a crush on her" I admitted
  • "Awe does jacky have a crush" he said in a baby voice
  • "Shut up" I shoved him slightly while looking down smiling. I think I do have a crush on her......
  • YN POV
  • "Hey YN!" My best friend Chelsea called
  • "Hey! What's up" I asked
  • "I over heard someone say they had a little crush on you" she smirked at me while wiggling her brows
  • "Ha good joke chels." I laughed at her comment
  • " no really. He said he was talking with you all science. So you know this boy" she said, her smirk growing wider
  • "Jack" I muttered under my breath
  • "Ooh so you do you like him?"
  • "Kind of...." I looked down feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. When I looked back up I found Chelsea had ran off. Shit she's gonna tell jack..
  • I ran out looking for her. I finally found her after 5 minutes talking to jack
  • "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled and jumped on her back causing us both to fall down as people looked down at us and laughed.
  • "I just set y'all up. You gotta meet each other after school at Starbucks near the mall at 4. Y'all can thank me later. Now you two get to know each other!" She called as she walked off
  • "Uh sorry about her.... She's kind of weird" I said after some awkward silence.
  • "It's okay. Um you don't have to meet me at Starbucks later. Like you can I'd you want but if not you don't have to" he rambled on
  • "Jack ill meet you it's fine"
  • *Flashback over*
  • 3rd person POV
  • That was the start of a amazing relationship between YN and jack. They have been inseparable ever since. They started dating a few days after that Starbucks date. There still together 4 years later. Lets look at there story now......
  • YN POV
  • "Jack you have to be on in 5 minutes stop!" You squirmed as he tickled you backstage at digi tour.
  • " ugh I don't wanna I wanna stay here with you!"
  • "Don't let your fans down come on go givem a show!"
  • "Fiiinneeee!" He exaggerated
  • I watched hime as he ran on stage with jack, Sam and Nate as they did there thing. I'm so proud of all of them.
  • I'm just a little disappointed because jack hasn't mentioned my birthday at all today. The boys have and same with twitter but he hasn't. I just don't get it because he always remembers.
  • "Now guys I wanna bring my beautiful girlfriend on stage and sing happy birthday for her. And give her a birthday present. YN COME ON STAGE BEAUTIFUL!" I can't believe jack just did that. But I got this rush of energy and I just had to run up!
  • All the girls screamed at the sight of me. I'm glad they all like me. I barely get hate.
  • They all started singing to me while I took a snapchat video of it.
  • Everyone started screaming when they saw snapchat on my phone. I laughed and made a few more videos.
  • Soon talk dirty came on the speakers and I was confused. Then jack sat me on a chair while all the guys took off their shirts. They all danced around doing body rolls and hip thrusts. Meanwhile I couldn't keep my laughs in and I new the fans were loving this.
  • The song ended And unfortunately it was the end of the show.
  • We were saying hi to some fans back stage and just having a good time.
  • " hi YN!"
  • " hi sweetheart"
  • "Babe ill be right back I forgot something in the tour bus" jack came over quickly, and pecked my lips and ran off
  • " so-" I started but she cut me off
  • " listen bitch I don't fucking know who you think you are but you can take your fat ass and ugly face and get the hell out of jacks life, better yet all of the boys life, that would be greatly appreciated. No one likes you. Your a fucking selfish bitch and your just using jack. At least I would have more to offer." She referred to her huge tits that were hanging out of her crop top
  • Tears welled at the the edge of your eyes. No one has ever said anything like that to you before.
  • "That's right cry you fucking slut" he hissed. I walked away from her past the screaming girls, into the bathroom and started crying. I got a few texts from all the boys asking me what happened. I didn't reply though. Then I heard the bathroom door open
  • "YN?"