i don't care for your misogyny

Idea: more fantasy heroines who don't look down on female-coded work

Sword-swinging mercenaries who admire the hell out of their sister-in-law’s delicate, painstaking embroidery. Mages who find their experience with running a household helps them organize and control their magic. Desperate rebels who know they are absolutely dependent on the women who cook and mend and care for the wounded.

I am so bored of heroines who sneer at ‘womanly’ things and complain of the uselessness of embroidery. Your average medieval kingdom wouldn’t last a week without people doing women’s work.

  • you: mary's death is important!!! it is important so sherlock stops being arrogant!! and it is important the show has conflict!!! john and sherlock need conflict or the show is stagnant!!!!
  • me, an intellectual: in episode 5.8 of elementary, Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes decides that he is far too clever to continue attending recovery meetings. Joan "played by Lucy Lui whose character is not a cheating hypocritical white male" Watson points out to Sherlock that addicts who continue going to meetings maintain their recovery better than those who don't. After some crime solving and self reflection, Sherlock takes Joan's advice and returns to regularly attending meetings wherein he acknowledges his arrogance and starts on the path of unlearning his arrogance. This happens as a result of mutual honesty and respect between him and his best friend/equal partner Joan "played by Lucy Lui whose character is not a cheating hypocritical white male" Watson and Sherlock's disposition for self-reflection and the best part??????? No women were killed to make male characters more interesting because Elementary is not written by misogynistic wankers who openly admit to not reading valid critiques of their show, but is written by decent humans that care about their audience AND the sensitivity of their content.
  • P.S. If you are anti!elementary, or a tjlc person pretending your fetishistic misogyny is lgbt representation, this post is not for you so please kindly don't interact with it.

Ok I’ve resisted making this for so long but:

I don’t care if you’re cis, trans, male, female, agender, bigender, genderfluid whatever,

I don’t care if you’re Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Baha’i, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, whatever,

I don’t care if you’re black, white, asian, red, whatever,

I don’t care if you’re gay, bi, pan, ace, straight, demi, whatever,

If you don’t treat someone with the respect they deserve just because of their gender, sexuality, religion, skin colour, ethinicity, you are a an asshole and you do not deserve my support.

Thank you for your time.

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hey so, as a woman, may i caution against confounding statements like the one that user made with abuse? don't get me wrong, i think they're out of line and your initial response was gold. that said, people genuinely misunderstanding reactions to misogyny (even if in a shitty way) isn't, in my mind, the same as active psychological abuse. i think we should be careful about tying the two together, because it might wind up hurting what we're trying to do rather than strengthening it.

I didn’t say it was abuse. But can you see the parallels between what he is saying and how abusers treat their victims? “You need men, don’t alienate your allies” - abuser: “you need me, you won’t make it without me, don’t upset me or I’ll abandon you”

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Explain how I'm being mysoginist and also why you're being so hostile? I'm not being mean? I'm raising good points? How about having a talk instead of shutting down other people's ideas cause they challenge yours like a little bit? And also acknowledging that we have a common enemy in misogyny and bigotry?? I don't want anyone to feel bad for who they are, man woman or otherwise. You, on the other hand, have excluded anyone not like yourself from being allowed to engage in any meaningful way.

Look. I don’t want men weighing in on my feminism. Men don’t share the experiences of women. Men don’t share the experiences of lesbians. I’m being hostile because you’re playing the “all people have issues” card and erasing the reality of these issues. Sure. Your feelings probably get hurt when I say mean things about men. Do I care? No. I get harassed constantly by men. I’ve been raped. I’ve been abused. I’ve been beat up by men. I’ve been sexually assault. I’ve been abandoned. I’ve been screamed at for hours on end. I’ve been through hell and fucking back with men. Have I been through the same with women? No. That’s my personal experience. And interestingly enough, MANY women share these experiences. This is a horrifying reality. Men are victims of violence at the hands of other men, but men are not attacked BECAUSE they are men. Women are raped, beaten, harassed, catcalled, abused BECAUSE they are women. BECAUSE they are seen as weak, fragile, and submissive. When we act out of line? Rest assured a man will be there to put us in our place. Men stalk us. Men threaten us. And while all of this is happening, men like YOU have the fucking audacity to defend the rapists, abusers, etc. You don’t care to listen to the women who’ve been victims of misogyny and homophobia because it may make you feel bad. You are not battling misogyny in the same way as women. You are not experiencing things the same way we are. Women do not have privilege over men. I don’t hate men BECAUSE they’re men. I fucking hate men because they excuse the actions of other misogynistic men and try to play “nice guy”. Because they try to police women’s feelings and act like we don’t have a reason to be hostile when you probably can’t even IMAGINE what it feels like to live as a woman for ONE DAY. I am allowed to be angry. I am allowed to be hostile. I am allowed to have emotions. I am allowed to have emotions whether you like it or not, so why don’t you back up and realize you’re doing that thing where you expect women to be nice and soft and sweet at all times.

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I’ve watched your videos and I’ve read your damn blog. It doesn’t change my mind about the fact that you’re a nasty person who lumps all larries together in the same boat and makes mass generalisations that simply aren’t fair. You’re just as bad as the big larrie blogs you talk about because you both bully people into believing what you want them to. If you actually cared about fighting misogyny and homophobia that the larries apparently spread you’d do something more than running a hate blog.

The ancient proverb of the Not All Larries !!!!

Come off anon and we’ll see if you really are different from all those big larrie blogs. I’d argue you’re not. There’s NO WAY you can actually believe that Louis and Harry are in a relationship and NOT engage in the bullshit I call out.

You know why I lump all larries together in the same boat? Because you belong together. You help each other be as disgusting as possible. You support each other’s nasty behavior. You deny the existence of a child and dishonor the memory of Louis’s beautiful mother. You encourage each other to up the level of misogynistic rhetoric against any woman Harry so much as LOOKS at, except maybe his creative director.

Larries don’t “apparently” spread misogyny and homophobia. This blog and the YouTube channel are called


Y’all literally say these disgusting things. I don’t make this shit up. These posts from big larries have hundreds, sometimes thousands of notes. That doesn’t happen if the little footsoldiers like you don’t sanction them.

If you find yourself THIS ANGRY when you read this blog and watch the videos, maybe you should look at what YOU’RE doing. I know it’s super hard to face the horrible things you’ve at the very least sanctioned, if not said or done yourself, but I’m not letting you off the hook. SOMEONE has to hold you accountable. I don’t mind.

Now, if you want a REAL conversation, message me off anon. Until then, yeah. You’re just a deluded lil conspiracy theorist who believes rainbow bears send you signs. 🤷

Since I don’t think you actually watched the videos, here’s one that’s almost EXCLUSIVELY larrie posts. I make sure to call out the note counts.

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You're just jealous that with trans girls you don't have to worry about smelly pussies :)

Lol looks like I have an autogynophile in my inbox. No one cares about your “girl dick,” it’s still completely and utterly repulsive to lesbians 💗

Or…a mad heterosexual woman with some crazy internalized misogyny….get help.
"Infighting" Isn't A Thing. "Feminism," "Unity," "Solidarity," "Allyship" Are NOT Automatic Friendship
  • Ask FM Question: "What do you think about people who constantly want to bring up 'in fighting' or 'women hate other women the most' to oppose feminism?"
  • My Reply: "They're intellectually lazy as hell. They're ahistorical. They're non-intersectional and willfully ignoring structural power dynamics and the complexity of imperialist White supremacist capitalist cisheteropatriarchy. 'The patriarchy' is not the only oppressor for MOST women in the world. We are not all thin, cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied, middle class White women. Further, two women with different backgrounds disagreeing does not then mean patriarchy is correct. No more than two Black people disagreeing means anti-Blackness is acceptable. This is typical OppressorSpeak, the notion that people in similar oppressed groups but also face different intersecting oppressions who disagree with each other are somehow 'worse' than the oppression or other oppressors. It's nonsense. This also reflects some people's small and inaccurate view of feminism. Feminism is not automatic 'friendship.' I can defend a woman from sexism, misogyny, misogynoir, racism, anti-Blackness, colourism, ableism, fat shaming, slut shaming, homophobia, transmisogyny etc. and still not be her friend. I am also entitled to self-defense, including from other women who may harm me."
  • Ask FM Question: "What do you do when you don't get along with someone you respect? Even united politically, sometimes our personalities might not be compatible (might even be antagonistic)...I recognize that. And yet it breaks my heart going separate ways with people I see as brilliant, insightful, radical, etc."
  • My Reply: "Heartbreak happens. I get over it. Political solidarity is NOT friendship. Meaning, even if I cannot stand your ass, I will fight for your humanity, rights. But no, you cannot come over my house for dinner. And no, I won't wanna discuss film and music and media and makeup and food with you. I wouldn't wanna travel with you. Feel me? Truth is, a lot of people I fight for (i.e. regarding racism, that would be Black men; regarding sexism, that would be White women) would gladly step over my corpse. And they cheer when I am harmed. So I don't even bring friendship into the equation. That is very sensitive for me and protected. I value my friends. I trust them with my life. But in terms of political solidarity (where Whites say 'allyship,' Black men say 'unity,' and NBPoC say 'solidarity' with Black women) that is also difficult since no matter the political lean they have, many people see Black women being harmed as acceptable collateral damage at best, good targets at worse, so...um. As with other Black women, well yeah, some don't like me and I don't like them. It be like that. Luckily in most cases, they've left me alone and I leave them alone. As opposed to Whites/men who will troll me for MONTHS or YEARS versus leaving me alone if we don't get along. It can be heartbreaking. But be careful not to confuse 'allyship' with 'friendship.' Build quality long term friendships with people who will actually attend your funeral one day. Trust me."

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You should be ashamed of yourself. Your ship is toxic and the reason the fandom has a bad reputation. Don't you see you can't change anything? This isn't your show. Your ship isn't the writers' plan. Sending hate to the actors is horrible. How dare you make this cast feel bad for doing their jobs. Do you even care what Lana and Jen feel? All you do is threaten and hate. Try loving the show for once. Wow.

wow, i haven’t gotten one of these in a million years! so long i’m actually gonna answer it!

so, the reason the fandom has a bad reputation is its rampant homophobia, misogyny, racism, dedication to harassing people because of the ship they enjoy (look, it’s you!) and  …  what was it that made The Mary Sue? oh yeah, someone hacking and deleting a SQ blog in the name of CS.

no, it’s not my show. if it were it’d be MUCH better written. but it’s not your show either, nor do you know what the writers’ plan is. i don’t think even THEY know and they’re just making shit up as they go along pandering to what they think will make them money and/or trying to stop the hemorrhaging ratings (in which case, they’d do well to do SQ). no one is asking them to change things. people are asking them to treat SQ like legitimate fans and clamp down on the harassment in their fandom (look, you again!)

find me someone “sending hate” to the actors. not talking untagged about someone’s bad acting. not making critiques of storylines or letting people know what they want to see instead. not sent by one of the dozen 0Q-run fake SQ accounts. i’ve never seen any. i’d be interested to see what it looks like.

no one wants to make the cast feel bad for doing their jobs. it’s not THEIR fault the writing is rapey and misogynist, and they can’t do anything about it if they want to continue working. they are victims of the terrible writing as much as the people who like C$ and 0Q. 

i do care what Lana and Jen feel. do you? Lana loves SQ just as much as any of her other fans, is always happy to talk about Regina’s canon relationship with Emma, and understands that people shipping SQ makes sense. do you respect that? Jen is clear that Regina means a lot to Emma, and has demonstrably been far more upset by CS folks who don’t understand that she and Colin are not Emma and Hook.

people in SQ spend the majority of their time enjoying the things about the show they like–except lately when they’ve had to spend the majority of the time fending off and discussing attacks (you!). some  people (like me) are also critical of how the show is currently put together. i write analysis. that’s part of how i consume this popular cultural object. lots of people do. that is neither threats nor hate. 

again, please to send me any proof of these spurious claims. 

TL;DR: gaslight!  Ha da da dee da hada hada da da

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"no one bats an eyelash when a misogynist dates women" bitch where u coming from that people don't care about misogyny. also change your url to geekandlesbophobia or better yet, geekandtransmisogyny

Bitch I didn’t say no one cares, I said no one thinks it’s impossible, no one demands an explanation. Apparently you not getting that makes me a lesbophobe. Cool story ❤.

#gendered slurs

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You know not all boys are stupid? Get your facts straight. I will admit, some boys have fucked up, but so have girls. Accept the fact we are equal and everybody varies and don't be a sexist little prick blaming a whole gender for something one person did. If I called all girls idiots for what Eve did in the bible, you would flip shit probably. So grow up.

fuck you fuck your whole life i don’t care go fuck yourself you selfish disgusting creep

i don’t give a fuck about your feelings you gross misogynist NAM creep ass loser never speak to me again bye

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See, I don't think the word feminazi is wrong. There are people out there who have ruined the world's view on feminism because of their own radical take on feminism. There are people out there who, like Nazis, want all men dead.

I don’t care what you think because you’re fucking disgusting and gross. If you equate anything that ISN’T systematic genocide to the holocaust you deserve a slap in the face for being so goddamn disrespectful.

#antisemitism is alive and well and your disregard for history and your level of covert #misogyny is trashy as hell and you need to never speak to me again.