i don't care everything is stupid

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

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You're doing great Edd!! Just, try not to space out too much, hehe ;) don't wanna miss anything important he's saying, ya know--

Edd: I’m honestly listening to everything he’s saying and gosh am I more interested in him now. He’s smart in someways that people will call “stupid”, he cares about people even if it doesn’t seem like it. He’s honesty so interesting, i’m in love…

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Hey, I'd like to request a scenario. Where BTS is taking care of a sick S/O. I don't feel good at the moment and I just wanna imagine BTS taking care of me. Thanks 💓

Thanks for Requesting and I (j)hope you feel better! And if you don’t mind, I decided to make it into a reaction instead (like BTS reaction to you being sick) because I thought it’d be easier and would just fit the scenario better. But if you really want me to make a fluff imagine on it, just tell me.

Rap Monster:

*Would do everything in his power to cheer up his S/O, no matter how stupid he looks*

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*Would definitely cook you up some really good food and scold you if you don’t eat it or don’t want to eat it* “No excuses, Y/N. You need to eat.”

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*Would be annoyed by your complaining and nagging but would take care of you anyways because he loves you*

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*Would stay away from you because he doesn’t want to get sick*

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*Would come to your house right away after hearing you’re sick* “I’m coming, Y/N!”

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*Would also do the best to make you feel better but to more of an extreme - like insisting on doing everything for you, doing something funny (similar to Rap Monster), trying to cook you something, etc*

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*Would search up online how to take of someone who’s sick because he doesn’t know what he’s doing*

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i loved her.

i loved her and i left her.

and maybe that makes me a bad person. maybe she’ll tell her friends about how i broke her heart. how i didn’t love her enough to stay. but i always leave. it’s what i do. it’s who i am. i feel the wind blowing, and i go with it. i have always gone with it.

i see the moon in the sky and i ask her what it’s like to see everything. and be everywhere. and that someday, i’d like to do that too.

  • Byakuya: God. It's like you live in this stupid make-believe world where "everything's great!" The universe doesn't work that way, idiot. Just look around. It's what I've been trying to show you since day one. Life sucks. And we live in a world of desensitized, apathetic assholes. Why don't you just get with the program and stop giving a shit.
  • Makoto: You're right.
  • Byakuya: What?
  • Makoto: Times have changed. Whether I like it or not. Our classmates don't care, Monokuma doesn't care, even the world has better things to do. That's why I'll never stop trying. Because somebody fucking has to.
I keep telling myself I don’t love you, it’s gotten to the point where I can lie and I almost believe it but then I see you and my heart starts pounding and all of a sudden I can’t remember why I don’t want to love you, stupid right? I think so because then I remember why I can’t love you. You’ll break my heart, you’ll make me feel loved, happy, and everything else but just when I start thinking you love me too, you’ll leave. You’ll leave and forget all about the late night calls, the good morning texts, & drunken kisses. You’ll leave me and then I’ll be left to pick up all the pieces. You’ll break me so until it’s true, I’ll keep lying.
—  12:48 AM thoughts

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I think in general diverse or progressive media is under more scrutiny than regular media. Like you can have the billionth superhero film that only casts white men, and one white woman to be a sex object, and no one cares. The fanboys will rush to see it and if you don't think you'll like it you won't bother. But things like the 100 and the handmaid's tale get flak for not addressing EVERY. SINGLE. ISSUE. at once. Which is stupid because not every show needs to address everything, or be perfect

I have noticed that happening too. Like a black sidekick is JUST FINE. Especially if he is SUPER AWESOME and perfect. I’m sorry I love Diggle, but that’s what he is. But it’s still a white man lead super hero show and the various casts of multicultural sidekicks don’t change that.  But it doesn’t rock the boat.

This one? This rocks the boat. 

Lead Bisexual female? She acts as an actual bisexual, and it rocks the boat, because it comes so close to what people want for their WLW representation, but it’s, well, it’s bisexual, not lesbian. And so they feel betrayed. 

Having a mixed race Filipino lead male? It’s amazing. He’s complex and morally gray and always learning, but it disturbs people greatly that he has to suffer and is placed in a not always perfect light. On a show that is literally about delinquents surviving the apocalypse, they want their representation to be perfect and always win and always a good guy. So they feel betrayed.

We have the WHOLE Arkadia storyline, and there is precisely ONE straight white male in it, and he’s suffering from mental illness, and rather than recognizing that the whole story, especially the political one, is lead by POC characters, we say it’s “demonizing” the black man. I mean. Okay. Pike was the bad guy. And he was fighting with Kane, (a half Chilean man, not a white man) over the soul of our POC male hero. But what they see is a dark story line for their fav POC characters. So they feel betrayed.

I don’t know. I think we’ve got some dark, edgy shows, like The 100 and TWD, about apocalypse and survival, and they have a lot more diversity in them, because of the genre. And people who are looking for diversity… well they don’t always want to see the darkness. But the darkness allows the shows to present a world that is NOT like this one. 

We really do need more diversity in our representation, more shows where we get to see conventional stories with people of many races and cultures… but the more conventional a story is, the less likely they are going to represent diverse people? So we’ve got a catch 22 right? 

We need the lesbian fairy tales, and the multicultural Friends, and the rom com with immigrants, and the fat girls kicking ass. And we’re not getting them yet. It’s better than it used to be, but we’re not there yet. 

The Signs And Things They Wish They Could Say
  • ~ based on people I know ~
  • Aries: Come back. You don't deserve them. I need you. It hurts.
  • Taurus: I need help. You're not welcome. I wish everything would stay the same. I'm sick of it.
  • Gemini: Please don't go. Hold me. I don't like this. It's not okay.
  • Cancer: I'm a better friend than they are. I cried and you don't know about it, but I wish you did. I wish you cared.
  • Leo: This is mine. I miss you. I'm enough for me. I don't want to deal with this.
  • Virgo: You drive me crazy. I feel alone. I'm sorry. No.
  • Libra: Stop it. Talk to me. Stay with me. Don't do that.
  • Scorpio: They don't deserve it. That's stupid. Why? I don't understand you.
  • Saggitarius: I hate it when you're gone. I hate you. You're not a good friend. I don't care.
  • Capricorn: Goodbye. It's okay. I love you. I don't love you. I'm sorry.
  • Aquarius: I know. I'm sad. Can you do this for me? I'm not sure.
  • Pisces: I enjoy their company more. You infuriate me. Please don't. You're being weird.
What the signs always wanted you to understand about them
  • Aries: ’I do care about your feelings’
  • Taurus: ’Life is not easy for me’
  • Gemini: ’I do really understand you’
  • Cancer: ’I'll die for you, but I won't live for you’
  • Leo: ’I don't regret about something I've done before’
  • Virgo: ’I could love you more’
  • Libra: ’Loving can hurt me’
  • Scorpio: ’I hate being alone’
  • Sagittarius: ’I'm sorry for everything that I've done to you’
  • Capricorn: ’My heart can be forever broken’
  • Aquarius: ’I'm not as stupid and frivolous as it seems’
  • Pisces: ’I'm stronger than they think’
Ace Attorney Prosecutor Weapons of Choice

Winston Payne: bad hair

Miles Edgeworth: being your best frenemy

Manfred Von Karma: finger snaps of death (and a taser)

Franziska Von Karma: whipping you, your wife, your pet and everything else you love and care about (and everything you don’t care about) because fuck you

Godot: pipin’ hot cups of joe served directly into your eye balls

Klavier Gavin: tasty air guitar licks

  • hamilton: i always considered you a friend
  • burr: i don't see why that has to end
  • hamilton: you changed parties to run against my father-in-law
  • burr: alexander, i'm going to say something, and i need you to listen
  • burr: it's going to hurt your feelings and you won't want to believe it, but it's true:
  • burr: not everything i do, has to do with you
  • hamilton: what?!
  • burr: honestly, you're the source of maybe 2% of my decisions
  • hamilton: bullshit, you made this personal by-
  • burr: 3% at *most*
  • hamilton:
  • burr:
  • hamilton:
  • burr:
  • hamilton: fine enjoy your stupid senate seat who cares

What a great day to love ichinose guren, a man with flaws, a human who made a grave mistake in face of despair. He makes no excuses and takes the blame all on himself, even though what he did would have happened one way or another. and now, he’s desperately trying to make everything right again and atone for his sins. you go, boy (ノω・、)
I don’t care what haters think of you

I was a little too happy last night…


- We’ve lost agents before, haven’t we? And when we do, it’s all hands on deck!
- She’s more than an agent to you.
- She was a daughter to you. She was a sister to McGee and Abby, and— she was no more to me than anybody.

Oh my heart.


As I said earlier, this is the scene of Michael Weatherly’s career, but let’s not jump ahead of ourselves just yet, because settle in boys and girls, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

The raw emotion spilling out of Tony is so incredibly painful to witness, because it’s one of the rare instances of pure, unadulterated grief anyone on this show is ever allowed to experience. 

Everyone on this show is usually so controlled – particularly Tony – and to see him lose it, emotionally and physically – is definitely jarring, but I suppose that’s exactly the point, because Tony has finally reached his breaking point.

We’ve never seen him like this before– not after Kate, or Paula, or Jenny, or even Jeanne– all of whom’s deaths or departures were sudden and traumatic and personally meaningful to him. But again, there’s a purpose to it, because Ziva, as Gibbs points out, isn’t like any of them, especially not to him

But let’s back up.

I have many favorite parts of this scene (if you can call “getting my heart ripped out” a favorite thing), but it starts off early.

- What are you doing here?
- What am I doing? What are you doing?! What are we doing? Is anybody here?! 

Oh, DiNozzo.

This gets to me right away, not just because of Tony’s meltdown, but because of Gibbs’ immediate understanding of what is happening.

I can’t really explain why, but Mark Harmon’s delivery of that line gets to me and kind of spells everything out. Because yes, he initially sounds brusque, but it’s because he recognizes exactly what Tony is doing and going through, and it’s more like, “Work is the last place you should be right now because it’s not going to be pretty and we both know it.” Like, it’s so paternal (and dare I say even slightly tender) and sadly Gibbs is speaking from experience here, because he’s been there and he knows this is just the tip of the iceberg.

And he’s right.

(More under the cut because this is going to be looooooooooooong)

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“Come over,” she says “and we can kiss a lot and play stupid games. You can do that thing where you bite my neck and I’ll grab your crotch and catch your eye and I’ll laugh. Let me run my hands through your hair like it’s the North Atlantic Ocean and we can forget.”

“Come over,” she says, “we can pretend like it never ended. I’m good at pretending goodbyes never happened.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #130 // It’s all so stupid now but I couldn’t care less
Don’t be selfish. If you don’t love them, let them go. If you don’t love the way their eyes crinkle when they smile or the sound of their laugh. Let them go. If you do not think of them as a fucking masterpiece let them go, because someone else will! If you do not think that they are a fucking blessing upon this world please let them go. If your heart doesn’t almost beat of of your damn chest whenever you’re near that person, let them go. Because holy fuck, I bet someone else would kill to be in your position. Being with someone when you don’t fully appreciate is cruel. Not only that but you’re also holding them back from being with someone who could give them everything they could ever want. Someone that feels their knees getting weakened by just the sight of this person. Someone that has had the worst days but the mere thought of them just turns everything around. Someone who just by hearing their name, it brings the biggest smile to their face and a slight pain in their heart. Someone who hears the sound of their voice and it can soothe the darkest of their nightmares. If that person is not you…let them go. They are beauty, they are magic. They deserve someone who believes in them, cares for them and overall loves them.
—  Don’t be selfish.

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I'm an emotional wuss & I know this won't be gotten to for a long time but I don't care: GARASHIR PROMPT, sequel (AU, unofficial sequel or whatever, idc) to 'Final Letter' where by some blessing of the universe, Julian gets the damn letter early by accident (I don't care how), gets his damn shit together, comes to Cardassia and saves his stupid, self-sacrificial, lizard boyfriend and they get together FINALLY. *cries some more*

I’ll write it now. I thought of a decent idea and I need to warm up before I get into my original work today. Plus the letter is still fresh on everyone’s mind and I believe all the other prompts I have are for new content. This will be the only time I just ahead like this.

In truth, I was okay with the letter standing alone. I’m not a fan of making everything a happy ending. While I enjoyed writing this, it may not be atypical of me to write happy endings out of every tragic piece I work on. Just a head’s up.

Final Letter

Final Sacrifice

It was warmer than Garak remembered. He must have fallen asleep.

Outside his open window, he caught the laughs of children. They carried across the dry Cardassian heat like grace-filled birds, swooping and fluttering and diving and soaring. Such sounds were foreign to Cardassia Prime for months. A giggle, or any joyous noises, were lost in the dust and debris. Garak once believed they’d be lost forever. But here they were, ever present. He’d helped rebuild that. He helped bring that joy to the world and allowed it to carry. His sacrifices were worth it. Yet…

His heart twinged. Garak’s right hand tightened with the pain, though he didn’t fully tighten it. The pain wasn’t due to the heart’s failure.

The letter. Ah, yes. The one he’d saved to his PADD yesterday morning. The one for Doctor Bashir. That’s what rattled his heart. It would for the remainder of Garak’s short life. There was no doubt in his mind that the post-death letter was the right choice though. He’d sacrificed his connection with the dear doctor when he returned and stayed on Cardassia. There was no other option but to die enfolded in blankets, stowed away in a building standing proud under the Cardassian sun. Julian Bashir had no place there.

Garak tilted his head to the left, towards the open window, towards the childhood laughter. He longed for it to take him away again, to carry him to thoughts of rebuilding, of constructing, of a Cardassian future filled with building bridges and stepping away from their destructive past. He tried to force it, but images of Doctor Bashir reading over his words stifled the comforting thoughts immediately. The poor man. He deserved better.

A noise stopped that pity. A shuffle to his right. Someone was in the room with him, sitting in the bedside chair, likely unaware that Garak was awake. A nurse, probably. Someone of Cardassia who decided to sit with him in case his heart finally did give out. It was only a matter of days until that happened. He supposed they would have to check.

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What I need..

I just want to escape this town.
I want to get a truck.
Pack everything I can in it..
Drive to a town I’d be happy..
And stay… Away from this stupid place.
Somewhere my happiness might count.
Somewhere I could be real and it count.
Somewhere I might be recognized.

One unhappy guy.

me re -watching merlin
  • Merlin 1x01: arthur is a royal pain in my ass omg i do not care if he dies, i will even help kill him!!! lol
  • Arthur 1x01: merlin is so stupid omg he is the worst i don't need a servant boy father pls
  • Merlin 1x02: omg valiant is going to kill arthur!!!1!1 i have to save him or he'll die.
  • Arthur 1x02: father i trust merlin with everything even if it means defying a fellow knight on the word of my servant boy
  • Merlin 1x04: arthur no omg do not drink from that cup beynard gave you, it is poison, i will drink it and nearly die for you!!!
  • Arthur 1x04: merlin's life is not worthless father and i will make a super dangerous and long journey to find the cure for merlin's recovery whether you like it or not!!!
  • Me: that went from 0 to hella gay real fast
The Signs Comical New Years Resolutions
  • Aries: Stop being so ready to beat someone's ass
  • Taurus: Humble myself more and act like I don't know everything...even though I think I know everything
  • Gemini: Pay more attention to when someone is not interested in my conversation
  • Cancer: Saying "f*ck" less
  • Leo: Bring my bossiness down a little, just a little.
  • Virgo: Mind my facial expressions so people don't feel stupid when talking to me
  • Libra: Talk a little lower so people don't think I've been drinking loud juice all day
  • Scorpio: Smile more, kill with kindness...even though I don't like them
  • Sagittarius: Mind my mouth...haha, who am I kidding?
  • Capricorn: Stop thinking I'm better than people...sigh
  • Aquarius: Having better relationships with people who claim they care but act like THEY'RE too busy
  • Pisces: Not being so harsh on others when they don't do what I want them to do..when I want them to do it