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Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

Anti Literally Is Inside My Head...

Ever since the hype of Antisepticeye, my daily routine has been fucked up to say the least. Anyone else’s life been taken over by that glitch bitch?

1: Wake up.
2: Check Jack’s Twitter and Tumblr name and bio and freak out if it’s changed.
3: Scroll through theories and freak out over what could possibly happen.
4: Scroll through fan art for #septicart and wish I was as talented as some artists out there.
5: Scroll through my news feed.
6: Reblog and freak out over any theories which make sense.
7: Stare at the ceiling and theorise in my head what Jack could be planning.
8: Wonder if the theory of Anti’s return on Thursday could be true or if that date on ‘The Escapists 2’ thumbnail symbolises the date of something even bigger.
9: Intricately analyse every single frame of Jack’s two new videos that day, searching for references, quotes or face cam glitches, for any alter ego.
10: Scroll through theories… (again), fangirl… (again) and reblog… (again).
11: Repeat.
12: Finally go to bed at 4am.


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every night (i live and die)

Pairing: Kang Daniel/reader (third person)

Word Count: a little over 1k

Rating: G except for language as per usual. minor mentions of violence and injury

Summary: A small angsty drabble of a magical girl!au with a happy-ish ending. Very very loosely based on the one and only Tokyo Mew Mew.

A/N: just a self-indulgent concept I wrote up completely in the last few hours when I should’ve been working on requests nbd. Title from Lorde’s Perfect Places.

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Interview with the Vampire {Sentence Starters}
  • "Do we forgive each other then?"
  • "But now it's time to end it. Now it's time to leave him."
  • "The world changes, we do not."
  • "Please, how shall I put you at ease?"
  • "Do you think of anyone but yourself?"
  • "Forgive me if I have a lingering respect for life."
  • "I assume I need no introduction."
  • "If I leave you here, you die."
  • "Your evil is that you cannot be evil. And I shall suffer for it no longer!"
  • "That's really where we should start, don't you think?"
  • "I only have myself. You taught me that."
  • "I'll put you in your coffin!"
  • "You made us what we are, didn't you?"
  • "You condemned me to hell!"
  • "Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had."
  • "You should consider yourself lucky."
  • "No one could resist me, not even you. And the more you tried, the more I wanted you."
  • "Evildoers are easier... and they taste better."
  • "And what if there is no Hell, or they don't want us there?"
  • "What if all I have is my suffering, my regret?"
  • "Does this make you happy? Is this fitting, proper enough?"
  • "Your body's dying. Pay no attention, it happens to us all."
  • "Which one of you did it? One of you did it!"
  • "Tell me about him. You must've learned something from him."
  • "I'm flesh and blood, but not human."
  • "I learned absolutely nothing. I wasn't given a choice, remember?"
  • "But what if it's a lesson I don't care to learn?"
  • "That noise. It's driving me mad; that noise!"
  • "Why should I know these things? Do you know them?"
  • "Here, all one needs is a pair of fangs. Heh."
  • "But you must know something about the meaning of it all!"

Nathan Adrian is 18 inches taller than me but I am 5 whole feet of willpower and determination and if you don’t think I would scale that beautiful man like a tree, you are mistaken



If you fall, stumble down
I’ll pick you up off the ground
If you lose faith in you
I’ll give you strength to pull through
Tell me you won’t give up
‘Cause I’ll be waiting if you fall
Oh you know I’ll be there for you

Beyonce {Sentence Starters}
  • "Maybe it's over. Maybe we're through."
  • "There's nothing between us but space and time."
  • "I could care less what you think."
  • "I must have cried a thousand times."
  • "You don't deserve my tears. I guess that's why they ain't there!"
  • "I thought that things like this get better with time."
  • "Boo hoo. Did you expect me to care?"
  • "I can't regret all the times spent with you."
  • "I come with a side of trouble, but I know that's why you're staying."
  • "If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it!"
  • "Every time you touch me, I just melt away."
  • "Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears."
  • "I'm not the girl you thought you knew."
  • "The pain's inside and nobody frees you from your body."
  • "I'm giving you my life. It's in your hands."
  • "Nobody understands what we've been through."
  • "There was a time I thought that you did everything right."
  • "And I can't find my way. Won't you lead me home?"
  • "Oh yeah, I bet it sucks to be you right now."
  • "I need your strength when nobody is around."
  • "I swore I'd never fall again, but this don't even feel like falling."
  • "You're everything I thought you never were."
  • "I'm so over you, so baby good lookin' out!"
  • "If you thought I would wait for you, you thought wrong."
  • "It’s a little too late for you to come back."
  • "You're the only one I wish I could forget."
  • "You're everything I need and more."
  • "'Cause, honestly, you turned out to be the best thing I never had!"
  • "Everything I do is just for you."
  • "Yet, it's very tempting when you ask to take me home."
  • "I can't believe I fell for your schemes!"
Show You All of My Heart (Jack Gilinsky Imagine for Daniel)

So I wrote this imagine for my homeboy cashdarier because I decided why the hell not? I had fun writing this and I wanted to get it done quickly because I just loved the idea so much and I just had to do it! I hope you like it! :)

Daniel is sitting on his bed, all of his papers and textbooks and computer sprawled out all over his bed, working on a paper due Monday for AP Literature, when he hears the sound of something hit his window. He furrows his eyebrows as he turns his head to the left to look at his window. Who the hell could be up this late and at his house? No one ever comes over to his house in the middle of the night.

Except for one person.

Daniel closes his eyes and sighs. He knows exactly what’s going to happen, and he is honestly not in the mood this time. But he walks to his window anyways because he knows that the sound of baby rocks hitting his window won’t end unless he answers the culprit doing the throwing before the glass breaks. He lifts up his window and sticks his head out to look down at who is behind the pestering. Daniel rolls his eyes at the sight of a tall, dark-haired boy flashing his million-dollar smile and what seems to be a full case of beer in his hand.

“You know, my window doesn’t appreciate the treatment it’s been given, even after eleven years,” Daniel states matter-of-factly, batting his eyelashes at his best friend. Jack Gilinsky throws his head back and laughs loudly. Daniel narrows his eyes at him because he is simply being too loud. Jack notices and quiets down.

“Sorry, bro,” he apologizes.

“Why the hell are you even at my house? It’s one in the morning.”

“Why the hell are you even still awake at one in the morning?” Daniels huffs.

“Touche, Gilinsky. But seriously, why are you here? I thought you were with Leigh?” Jack’s smile falls immediately after Daniel mentions Leigh. Daniel knows exactly knows exactly what’s happened. He’s just waiting for Jack to admit it.

“Leigh and I broke up.” Called it.

“What happened?” he asks. Gilinsky sighs.

“I’ll explain if you come finish up this case of beer and this bottle of FireBall with me.”

“You know I would never turn down free alcohol and a night out of the house,” Daniel replies, “but I have that paper due in AP Lit on Monday and I kinda wanna get it done now.” Jack’s bottom lip pokes out a little in a pout and his eyes grow a little bigger. Daniel groans because that bastard knows he can’t resist his puppy dog face. “Fine. I’ll be down in a sec. Just let me get some shoes on.” Jack grins in victory while Daniel wonders how in the world he can be best friends with such a moron.

But he signed that friendship pact between him, Gilinsky, Sammy, and Johnson back eleven years ago and he’s definitely not going to break the pact now. So he’s going to be a great friend and drive his best friend’s ass around and let him get drunk off his ass to get over his crazy ex-girlfriend.

As long as he gets his free beer in the process.


An hour later, Jack and Daniel are sitting under the stars near the local water tower right outside of Omaha and Jack is giggling uncontrollably after having seven beers and about three shots of FireBall—or was it four? Neither boy can really remember much since Daniel is just as drunk as his best friend and laughing alongside him. “I am going to wake up with the most killer headache tomorrow,” Jack groans while still laughing.

“Same dude,” Daniel agrees while staring at Jack. He watches as the skin around Jack’s eyes crinkle cutely and his mouth is wide open, showing off his bleach white teeth as he laughs as hard as he can. He begins to wonder why Leigh would ever want to break up with Jack in the first place. He wonders why anyone wouldn’t want to be with someone as perfect and as gorgeous as his best friend. Hell, he would date him if Jack was actually gay. But since he’s not, he might as well shoot that thought down and never think about it again. Jack will never feel the same way about him. But maybe one day he will?

Daniel shakes the thoughts away from his head. Jack is into girls. Always has been. He’s not going to suddenly turn gay for Daniel and Daniel knows that.

“Man, I am so glad Leigh and I broke up,” Jack suddenly says in a serious voice, no longer laughing. Daniel raises an eyebrow at him.

“Why?” he asks curiously.

“She’s fucking crazy,” Jack explains before taking a sip of his halfway empty beer bottle. “It was about time I dumped her ass. She’s not even my type anyways.” Now Daniel is a little confused. He knows that Jack and Leigh would fight a lot, but he never really thought that Jack hated her this much. The sex must have been fantastic enough for Jack to have stuck around for as long as he did.

“Why did you date her if you hated her so much?” he asks. Gilinsky gives him a very serious look. Now Daniel isn’t so sure he wants to know Jack’s real reason behind dating Leigh, but he has already asked the question and he is about to get his answer, whether he likes it or not.

“If I tell you the real reason I dated her, you have to swear you will never tell another soul. You promise?” Daniel takes a breath before saying:


Jack breathes in and out of his nose a couple of times before staring ahead at the trees up ahead on the other side of the field surrounding the tower. “Don’t you ever just get tired of having to live up to this image that everyone gives you?” he rants. “Don’t you just hate it when people expect something out of you and you try so hard to give it to them but you know it’s not you?” Daniel furrows his eyebrows together in confusion. Jack chuckles humorlessly as he runs a large hand through his coarse, black hair before looking back at Daniel. “Everything that I ever said about me and Leigh having this great sex life and everything? It was all a lie. She and I have never even had sex.” Daniel raises his eyebrows, astonished at Jack’s confession. He never would have guessed that Jack Gilinsky, king of Westside High School, Mr. Ladies Man, never had sex with Leigh. “Wanna know why Leigh and I never had sex?”

“Jack, honestly,” Daniel begins to say, “I know you’re upset and all, but—”

“I’m gay.”

To say Daniel is speechless is an understatement. He doesn’t even think he can comprehend the very words that just came out of Gilinsky’s mouth. He blinks a couple of times, still unsure of what to say. Until he finally musters up the courage to finally say:

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You heard me. I’m gay.” Daniel is going to have to make a mental note to do a happy dance later when he gets home. Until then, the party can continue in his head. And for now, he has to keep his cool.

“Ok,” he says calmly. “Just making sure I wasn’t hearing things.”

“This doesn’t change anything between us, right?”

“Of course not! You’re still my best friend!” Daniel beams widely to assure his clearly nervous best friend.

“Well, then I guess it’s okay to tell you something else that I need to tell you.” Daniel isn’t sure he can take any more surprises from Jack, but he nods his head quickly and gulps down the rest of his beer before letting Jack continue.

“Fire away.” Jack takes a breath.

“I also dumped Leigh because—well, I like someone.” Daniel’s heart sinks a little. He knows he sounds selfish, but he really wants Jack to be his. He doesn’t want anyone else to be the one to make Jack smile in the morning or make him feel good or be his shoulder to cry on or be his personal chef or love him unconditionally. He wants to be the one to do that.

“Who is it?” Daniel asks, secretly afraid of Jack’s answer soon to come. Even in the faint moonlight, Daniel can see the blush creeping up on Jack’s face. Daniel raises an eyebrow. “Do I know who it is?”

“Yeah,” he mumbles. “But I know I have no chance with him because I’m almost positive he’s straight.”

“Look, just tell me. I swear I won’t tell a soul.”

“You’re gonna hate me if I tell you.”

“Try me.” Jack sighs in frustration before looking Daniel dead in the eyes, not breaking eye contact at all. Daniel is about to ask him why he’s staring when it suddenly clicks as to why Jack is staring at him like that.

Well shit. Didn’t see that one coming.

Jack suddenly breaks eye contact and hops off of the hood of his Jeep, pacing around and running his hands through his hair, mumbling constantly about he shouldn’t have told Daniel. Daniel is still in the same spot that he was in when Jack got off the car. Jack likes him. He really actually likes him.

Daniel immediately turns to a panicking Jack and reaches out to grab his hand and pull him back over towards him. Jack keeps his head down and face hidden away from Daniel. Daniel places his index finger underneath Jack’s chin and lifts his head up until he finally looks into his eyes. Jack’s eyes show humiliation and hurt and Daniel’s heart breaks at the sight. He never wants Jack to look like that ever again. Daniel’s other hand keeps a gentle grip on Jack’s hand as his thumb lightly moves across his rough skin. Daniel takes a deep breath.

“You have no idea as to how long I have been dying for this moment,” he whispers with a small grin. Jack can feel a weight being lifted off of his shoulders just from those words. His million-dollar smile is back on his face and his eyes look happy again as he hugs Daniel tightly. Daniel hugs him back instantaneously and his smile grows until he can feel it hurting his face, but he doesn’t care. Everything is right in his world and could care less about the world around him. All he cares about is finally having the guy of his dreams in his arms.

“I never thought I would hear those words come out of your mouth,” Jack sniffs into Daniel’s shoulder. “This has to be the happiest moment of my entire life.” Daniel hugs Jack even closer as Jack continues to sniff into his shoulder. After a couple of minutes, he pulls back a little and wipes a stray tear from Jack’s cheek with his thumb before leaning in and kissing him on his lips. Jack’s eyes flutter closed, his judgment becoming a blur as he climbs up on top of the hood of his car, his body completely covering Daniel’s. Daniel doesn’t exactly mind, either, and his mind goes completely blank as he and Jack hold each other and kiss each other like they’re the only two left on earth. And in this moment, they are. Nothing else matters at this point.

And both boys like it better that way.