i don't care about the notes i really love this ship

what your fav homestuck character in 2017 says about you: The Kids
  • John: you just love this soft windy boy!! you super dig his aesthetics of blue and wind and flying and oh look you just drew a picture of him kissin some boys. "a pure, splendid boy indeed", you note as you draw john slam dunking dirk into a trash can as a prank
  • Rose: you are gay. you understand the true nature of rose as NOT a prim and proper lady but a pretentious messy goth lesbian who just likes to stay up at 4 am eating coffee beans and critiquing the homoerotic nature of literary works behind an Arby's or something. you love her and you love her twelve million girlfriends like kanaya, jade, vriska, terezi... the list goes on and on. you love her.
  • Dave: you really sympathize with his triumph over abuse and you constantly reblog davekat like your life depended on it. you understand that dave is the most developed character in the comic and you own a pair of mirror shades just to subconsciously remind yourself. have I mentioned how much davekat you reblog and draw and write? davekat is canon guys and your soft asshole boy got the boyfriend of his dreams. here's another comic of him in his underwear watching movies with karkat.
  • Jade: you SUPER DIG her aesthetic. JEEZE she is GOALS. you own at least 500 different pictures of jade holding the five planets on your phone and you love how she is both smart and capable of standing on her own. furries are a-ok and you like making dog jokes with jade. what a precious daughter. being part-dog was the greatest thing that could happen to her. also, you really think she got shafted in the ending and regularly post jade in many cute outfits to fill the void.
  • Jane: you draw her with bright red lipstick and a diner aesthetic. you are kin with jane and primarily ship janeroxycallie (or as I like to call it CottonCallie). you're kinda quiet about your love for her and don't post a whole lot. if someone else made a post for her, you'd be there giving your support and throwing in your own opinions.
  • Roxy: GOOD WIFE GOOD WIFE WIFE MATERIAL HOLY WOW NO WAY WOWZA GOOD WIFE. you are absolutely in love with her and everything she does. you get mad when people draw her with a drink because Hey, my beautiful wife worked her BUTT off to get past that and??? she did it??? wow. she's strong, she's beautiful, she's smart, she's sassy, she's funny. Wow. you draw her gaming, you draw her making jokes, you draw her in different aesthetics, you draw her doing void things, honestly who cares as long as you're drawing her. you might not be into johnroxy but ROXYCALLIE HOLY SHIT MAN. I cannot stress enough how much you love her.
  • Dirk: you can't help but love this trainwreck of a man. he's so problematic but that's why you love him! you regularly upload dirkjohn comics involving his wacky manime antics. everything you draw with dirk is gay or is him doing something ridiculously over the top but that's just the way you like it. sometimes you'll do character analysis posts that really delve into his subconscious and then accidentally attract 30 haters to your blog. you like how he cronches into an orange with the skin on and are CONSTANTLY shitposting.
  • Jake: you and twelve other guys are in the same small cult for this goofy boy's butt. you know just about everyone on this site that loves him. you would die for this man. everything he does makes you smile. you make analysis posts all the time about how he is WAY smarter than he lets on and is an ingenious manipulator but not in the Bad Way. you appreciate him way more than just guns, skulls, and movies. you draw him with very fluffy hair and have four askblogs for him. people will say you have bad taste and you will agree but continue to love him. every one out three comics is about dirk.

im sorry im really salty right now but i have to go on a gd rant bc im????

  • this fandom is so violently against thinking outside the lovesquare it’s crazy. go through every ship you can think of, count the amount of content in the tags for each, and then come back to me if you don’t believe me
  • like first off let’s start with the f/f ships
    • by far the most popular two are julerose and chlolya, a.k.a. ships that don’t include mari and don’t mess with the lovesquare
    • and before you pull the whole “oh but their dynamic is better”
    • chlonette and chlolya are both rivals to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is chlolya more popular?
    • alyanette and julerose are both friends to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is julerose more popular?
    • it takes clawing through alyanette, chlonette, lilanette, etc. tags to find content, meanwhile chlolya and julerose are everywhere bc they’re “safe ships”
  • m/m ships! 
    • this one’s even funnier bc mlm ships in this fandom are practically nonexistent
    • the most “popular” ones are adrinino and adrinath, but guess why you barely see content for them?
    • the only reason they’re more popular than kim/max is bc they either involve the main characters, or they involve nath (the only background character that people seem to give a shit about for reasons unknown????)
  • oh and it gets better bc let’s talk about het ships that don’t get any love
    • i’ve seen marinath used so damn often as a means to an end for lovesquare shippers. like if i had a dollar for every time i saw marinath used as a way for adrien to be jealous/confess his feelings, i could buy a fucking condo
    • nino x marinette? alya x adrien? no?
    • yeah. figured. kinda makes the lovesquare impossible, right?
  • the best part about this is that when you check which pairings get useless comments tagged on about ‘oh are you guys serious?’ ‘yeah but they’re just friends?’ ‘this pairing would never work’ and ‘x person loves y so they can’t possibly like z,’ do you know which ones you’ll see more often than not?
    • pairings that include adrien or marinette

im tired of seeing people be dismissive of alyanette, adrinino, and ninette. i’m tired of having to literally claw through the tags for chlonette or lilanette. im tired of seeing artists and writers get tens of thousands of notes on their lovesquare art and struggle to get 200 notes on art with pairings that disrupt the lovesquare. 

it’s disheartening. it’s annoying. it’s isolating. and it feels like a lot of people don’t even care so i guess im done

what your sonic ship says about you
  • i have a theory that who you ship sonic with is reflected in your personality:
  • sonicxamy: you can be over excitable and occasionally annoy others. you look adorable in a bow, whoever you are.
  • sonicxsally: you didn't choose to be the leader of this project but everyone else is incompetent so you just do it so it doesn't suck.
  • sonicxshadow: either very sad or very gay. scratch that, even if you're straight, you're very gay. probably cries to live and learn. sa2 trash.
  • sonicxtails: you are smart and loyal and it'S NOT CREEPY IF THEY'RE AGED UP SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • sonicxblaze: you tend to be reserved, can come off as aggressive. you have tried to burn something with your eyes at least once.
  • sonicxelise: you are probably a really nice person but a lot of people might hate you.
  • sonicxknuckles: you find arguments cute. you have a massive sweet tooth. probably have a good sense of humour.
  • sonicxrouge: you are really sexy and angry. also slightly broke. but mostly sexy.
  • sonicxsilver: you probably apologise when you walk into doors.
  • sonicxchris: what, really? shucks, i'm sorry, you probably get more bashing than sonelise. i'm so sorry this befell you.
  • sonicxcream: you are adorable but you also could get away with murder. not saying you should, you just could.
  • sonicxeggman: you are dr. eggman trash. you would do anything for the good doctor. a n y t h i n g.
  • sonicxsonic: you probably wish they hadn't introduced so many characters. you came over sonic generations.
  • sonicxsomeoneelse: you are probably one person holding up your little fort but you don't care, you don't need anyone else, you're a badass, please stop crying.
  • sonicxONLYTHISVERSIONOFTHEMEVERYOTHERVERSIONISAWFUL: you just love to be special. probably overanalyses sonic like it's their job. i'm completely you.
  • sonicxeveryoneandanyone: cries a lot. massive slut but might be a virgin. me.
  • ace/aro sonic: traditionalist. there's a possibility that you don't want to hit me with a brick. maybe.

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship Ayahina? I think they are seems as just friends. I mean, I don't think Hinami has feelings towards Ayato in other way. (I daubt Ayato tho) But I really like this ship, don't get me wrong please

Actually, this was something I kinda thought about a lot in the past but I think it seems this way because Ayahina’s relationship has all along been shown from Ayato’s perspective from the manga. 

But Ishida also gave us that shojou stare off between them that took up like one full page

And it reminded me of this scene between Sasaki and Touka

And we know that Sasaki had canon feelings for Touka. I think Kuroiwa and Yoriko also had a similar panel with the focus on the eye, but I guess that’s to explicitly set up the future marriage parallel between Yoriko and Touka. 

And Ishida also subtly does things with the two of them in Cochlea, like the jacket and the fact that they’re beside each other quite a bit for some reason???

Like… Hinami, sweetie, your Onee-chan is right over there, don’t you wanna stand beside her? 

Okay on a more serious note, we haven’t had anything about Hinami’s thoughts about their relationship in the manga which is why I’m really glad that the novel story was written in Hinami’s perspective. I mean, how you interpret it is up to you but I feel like Hinami puts Ayato on a different level than she does with the rest of Aogiri. I don’t know if you have read it but if you haven’t then maybe you might want to first?

From the novel, I think I can even say that the importance Ayato has to her is on par with that of Touka’s and Kaneki’s. There was a clear difference in Hinami when she was with Ayato than Miza, Naki and the rest, whom I think are more like friends to her. Hinami was stressed out because she was worrying far too much about whether she’s a burden to Ayato and she really thought hard about what she could do to make things easier for him– she did this for Touka and Kaneki as well, at different moments in the 2nd novel and the manga respectively. 

And another thing was how Hinami seemed to associate Ayato with light that was shining on her when she was in the dark shade of Aogiri or something like that and that she got courage from him. The feeling I got from this was a little bit more than merely friendship? Not to the degree of Touka and Kaneki, but when Kaneki was at his lowest with no reason to live, he found it in Touka. Likewise, when Hinami was at her lowest and surrounded by darkness all around, she got some light from Ayato. And this light gave her courage, which Hinami had believed she lacked– she’s too afraid to go out and fight for the people she loves. And if you were to look into the manga, she eventually does end up as someone who is brave enough to fight to protect those she loves and I think the root of this confidence she achieved was from Ayato’s presence in her life. 

Miza looks at Hinami and Ayato’s relationship in envy and considering we know Miza likes and wants to be with Naki, I think it implies that Ayahina does have some romantic connotations even back in Aogiri.

Oh yeah, there’s this panel: 

which I think was meant to replicate this:

So I’m inclined to think that their feelings for each other are the same?

I mean, in the end, it’s up to interpretation how you wanna see them. But I like their relationship for how deep their connection is and while I like my angst and complications and messed up Ishida-ish content in the manga, I love how he managed to come up with a pretty healthy relationship, especially with a relationship that had all the potential to end up a toxic one.

Personally, I don’t really care how they end up. Even if these two turn out to be the best of best friends, I don’t mind because let’s be honest, if they’re willing to go to such lengths for each other, it’s already a joy to see. I’d be happy just seeing them interact more.

Why I don't think this ship is wrong

I’m not interesed in fighting with antis, or trying to change other people’s opinion forcefully. However It may be usefull if I collect some things I and others have said

TL;DR: This ship *can* be handled so badly that it makes our beloved conman into a pedophile, but I think the grand mayority of the people being bullied on this site don’t even ship it like that. Don’t put everyone on the same bag. People don’t deserve to be bullied for what they like in fiction and there are clear differences between reality and fiction.

I don’t think this ship is pedophilia simply because I dont ship it that way. Pedophilia implies fetichistic sexual atraction to kids under 13, and a horrible abusive element of “I don’t care about you, I just wanna fuck u cuz ur young”. Now, if you see this pairing as reigen sexualy taking advantage of a very young mob or simply not really caring about his well being and preying on him, that would count (and also be horribly ooc and a sad way of doing it).

However if, by example, you ship them romantically as having mutual care for each other and mob in full understanding and control of the situation, even if the relationship gets sexual while mob’s still 14, I wouldn’t call it pedo. Questionable or innapropiate? Yes. But not pedophilia. And then you have many, many, other scenarios that get really away from all that.

An important distinction should be mentioned here: While I’m ok with a romantic relationship between this two characters despite their age gaps, If I saw a similar age gap in real life and the younger party is still a minor, I would probably call the cops. For me that is the difference between fiction and real life for this issue. Minors in real life should be discouraged from dating people much older because they could easily be taken advantage of. However in fiction, you have control over these characters and you can make sure their relationship is healthy, especially if you keep them in character as much as you can.

You can have them being romantically involved but not turning sexual until mob is older. You can have them being platonic for a long time before they develop romantic feelings. You can have mob being assertive. You can have reigen feeling conflicted. You can adress the age gap issue. You can have it not mattering at all and them just slowly getting closer witouth noticing. You can have them being only platonic, in a very strong friendship.

There is many many ways to make this ship beautifull and I don’t think it’s just to put everyone on the same bag as the worst content and condem them all using a really severe accusation of condoning child abuse or being abusers themselves.

It’s just not alright to make call out blogs and tag whoever ships it, regardless of how they ship it, as “pedophiles”. I remember one of these some months ago tagging a user who only had like two barely shippy posts with grown up Mob as “condones pedophilia”. Neither is ok to send mean messages to users with death threats or fill their asks with insults. Or flood the main tag with complains about which, I have to be honest and say that to have so much nsfw noncon underage content popping on your dash as some people complain, at least on this site you literally would need to follow the 2-3 blogs with such content and have them on notifications. I know what Im talking about, I check the main ship tag nearly daily, follow most shippers and have stumbled onto that only like twice on my dash.

Continuing with the list of shit people have been puting on with, it’s even less fair to ramp up the generalizations and make really rude comics portraying all the shippers as disgusting creatures. Or say you get disgusted if a shipper reblogs your content, even if they respected your tagging preferences and/or the content has nothing to do with the ship at all. Or to claim “x has great art but they ship reimob, nevermind, their art is trash”. What’s the necessity of doing all that? I frankly doubt people who do that have the best interests of minors at heart. At best I have seen questionable beliefs about content on a site as tumblr being influencial enough such that a fanart with less than 50 notes of a niche fandom can “normalize pedophilia” in american society (because you know, we are all americans and america is the world). At worst it just seems to be used as excuse for harassment.

Speaking of that, regarding the users who make really wrong content: While I won’t defend that, I feel another distinction should be made. Do I think certain content is gross? Yes. Some of that content nearly made me throw up? Yes. Do I think the autor of that content is gross/deserves to die/etc? No. Do I harass them? No. Some of them have turned out to be csa survivors. I try to abide to the notion that nobody should be bullied for their likings in fictional settings, even if I don’t like it. What I do to deal with that is simply not follow the blogs with such content and so far it works.

As I said, I’m not interesed in discussing with antis, I just wanted to put some things together. Maybe it will help confused bystanders understand the shippers aren’t defending pedophilia. We are just defending a ship we like and love. Let’s try to respect each other.

i might like you too

Title: i might like you too
Pairing: Mark Lee/Reader
Genre: Soulmate!AU. You hear your soul mate’s thoughts inside your head since the moment they/you are born.
Summary: Mark is young, to the point he doesn’t really care much about soul mates and the entire concept behind them. However, once he realizes that his soul mate might be closer than he thought she was, he starts to wonder if he wants to meet her or not…yet, there was still a problem: they could hear each other’s thoughts.
Note: I do not write for NCT in any of their units, not because I don’t stan them (because I absolutely do) but because I don’t think I know them enough to write about them, so this is (most likely) a one time thing. This is a back-story of one of my chaptered fics lost thoughts and Mark just happens to be a character of said fic, so people seemed to be interested in his character and I took the opportunity to write this. However, I had @byunists​ in mind when I thought of this idea and I wanted to give her something as a lil gift, so here it is~

Numbers were confusing, much more when they were all over the whiteboard and the teacher kept talking and talking to no end; it was only the beginning of the school year and he was already making everyone sweat with fear for the upcoming exam. Mark doesn’t absolutely hate math class, he is pretty great at it…in the sense that he doesn’t know what he is doing, but he kinds does and he remembers things five minutes before the exam is over, but it’s enough to have him pass the exams and ace them, so he is more than happy that his brain decides to work that way. His fingers were playing with the pencil on his hand and he tapped it against his notebook, creating a rhythm of a song he heard on the radio as he sees yet another square root in the mix of all those numbers, making him stop his beat and scribble down in case he got lost in the middle of the problem. His lips let out a sigh, wondering what his friends must be doing right now, probably being on Physical Education class for he was separated from them in this new year of school. Perhaps, he needs his friends to annoy him and keep him entertained, but most of them were either on a lower grade or simply in another class.

Then, he hears someone groaning. A feminine voice, quite close, definitely unknown, but it makes him perk up and look around. It’s weird because he is absolutely surrounded by males from all sides and all the girls were on the other side of the room, probably far enough for him to stop hearing their voices altogether. That’s when he remembers that he had a soul mate, somewhere along this world waiting for him…and that was cool, in all the sense of the word. She didn’t talk much to him because they were both too shy, but he had heard her voice once or twice, and he could say that it was really soothing, even when she said she didn’t like it.

I don’t understand shit about math.” His dark eyebrows frown when he hears those words. Sure, soul mates technically shared a same vision of life or their souls connected in one way or another, but what are the odds of someone having math class at the same time as him, let alone his soul mate? He looks around once again, stretching a little bit to see if there was someone that could possibly be having a hard time with math. Most of the class looked like they did, so it was useless. “Like what even is that?  Why is the answer forty five?  God, I need to pay attention unless I will fail at life!” Mark immediately widens his eyes and they roam towards the whiteboard, seeing the teacher’s big handwriting showcasing the number forty five. His heart begins to race and he tries to talk to her, but he feels like he needs to think this through. Maybe she isn’t even in his class; maybe teachers along the entire world used the same problems for students in his grade…

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idk I’m just posting this cause I wanted a comprehensive list of my klance fics on my blog, and also because I felt like shamelessly (that’s a lie, I’m very ashamed lmao) getting them out there - into the beautiful klance filled world. I will hopefully remember to update this when I post more, because I will undoubtedly be posting more. 

note: thank you for all of the kudos, comments, subscriptions and bookmarks I have gotten on my fics so far - I’m honestly so thankful, you are all so kind and I’m having such a lovely time writing for this ship :) 


1. on the edge

Lance and Keith still have a lot things left unsaid between them, which kind of sucks since they sort of might be dying.

Keith and Lance get ambushed on an alien planet, and this is what happens before, after and during the event – complete with a series of look-back moments on their ever-changing relationship.

words: 7000+ (canon universe, btw nobody actually dies lol - I’m too much of a crybaby to actually write that)

2. see you again

Keith and Pidge break into the galaxy garrison, and have a run in with a certain snarky-assed cadet that Keith can’t remember the name of… Oops

‘“My mum and I are parked outside,” Pidge answers, sounding ominously giddy. “So get on out here fast. And make sure to bring your hoverbike, tonight you and I are breaking into the galaxy garrison.”
Keith doesn’t even hesitate.
“Okay,” he says, then hangs up the phone, grabs his jacket, and races for the door.’

words: 9000+ (canon universe, garrison au)

3. accidentally in love

Keith gets covered in amortentia, and Lance smells him - accidental declarations are made. 

words: 2000+ (alternate universe - hogwarts, btw lance doesn’t fall under a love spell, i just realised the title might be misleading lol)

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anonymous asked:

First of all I love ur blog and I'm new to kpop and I'm sorry for what I'm going to request b/c u don't have to do it but I really like ur work!!! I want to stan seventeen, got7, and sf9 but I know nothing about them? Could u tell me a bit about each of the members (esp inside jokes and like who gets along with who the best)? Please thx ~

aww thank you so much!! welcome to kpop and i hope i could help :) this got really long i’m sorry


S.Coups - Choi Seungcheol

unit: hip-hop

position(s): overall leader, hip-hop unit leader, lead rapper

  • 08.08.95
  • the dad
  • calls the members his kids
  • writes a lot of their lyrics
  • loves the members a lot and will do anything to protect them
  • the smut side of tumblr is obsessed with his thighs
  • calls him daddy
  • really hot
  • but also a puppy
  • works really hard and is a great leader
  • originally joined as a singer, but became a rapper
  • sings really well
  • constantly gets attacked by the members though
  • shipped with jeonghan (ship name: jeongcheol) and woozi (jicheol)
  • an amazing sweet talented lil bun who’s hot as frick

Yoon Jeonghan

unit: vocal

position(s): sub vocalist, visual

  • 04.10.95
  • mom #1
  • “i feel like the mother of 12 kids”
  • everyone calls him a cheater bc he always cheats at games
  • hella smart
  • shipped with seungcheol and joshua (ship name: jihan)
  • can make every member succumb to his charms
  • habit of saying “dino nugu aegi” (dino, who’s baby are you?) to dino
  • claims the members (dino is his baby, minghao is his sunflower, dk is his idiot, etc.)
  • one of the last to join svt

Joshua - Hong Jisoo / Joshua Hong

unit: vocal

position(s): sub vocalist

  • 30.12.95
  • amazing visuals why is he not considered a visual
  • plays the guitar really well (teach me senpai)
  • arranged adore u acoustic ver
  • called svt’s gentleman bc he’s soft-spoken and kind and polite
  • rap name: jo$hua
  • also lame as hell
  • english king
  • from la, usa, and grew up there
  • always wears a cross ear ring
  • pin drop master
  • someone stop him

Jun - Wen Junhui

unit: performance

position(s): lead dancer

  • 10.06.96
  • called the prince of china
  • mom #2
  • takes care of the kids
  • was a child actor in china
  • really smart bc he went to one of the top schools in shenzhen
  • can draw and act and play the drums
  • martial arts shifu
  • master of kip ups
  • people say he’s greasy (and he can be sometimes) but he’s really just a fluffball trust me
  • makes a lot of puns in korean and the members are like “this is why you need to stop learning korean”
  • mainly shipped with wonwoo (ship name: wonhui) and minghao (ship name: junhao)
  • talented af
  • really freaking hot but also adorable

Hoshi - Kwon Soonyoung

unit: performance

position(s): performance unit leader, main dancer

  • 15.06.96
  • choreographs all of svt’s dances with the rest of the unit
  • r u d e
  • squishy hamster
  • who can be really sexy when he tries
  • other perf. unit members say he can be short-tempered
  • voted as the most hardworking member
  • sings really well
  • funny af
  • also very extra
  • why is he like this
  • part of the gag trio with seungkwan and dk
  • shipped with woozi (ship name: soonhoon) and dk (soonseok)
  • wakes up when someone shouts “fighting” idek

Jeon Wonwoo

unit: hip-hop

position(s): lead rapper

  • 17.07.96
  • the deepest voice in svt
  • bookworm - loves to read
  • wears circle glasses a lot
  • kind of emo?? he wasn’t really for a while but then he recently said “there’s nothing special about life” so
  • writes a lot of lyrics
  • shipped with jun and mingyu (ship name: meanie)
  • has a really cute laugh
  • amazing hair
  • also sings really well
  • did a really embarrassing dance when he was in school
  • makes a lot of lame puns that no one asked for
  • “clap for me” “why is nobody clapping”
  • hot as hell
  • also a squish

Woozi - Lee Jihoon

unit: vocal

position(s): vocal unit leader, lead vocalist

  • 22.11.96
  • voted as the most hardworking alongside hoshi
  • svt’s producer
  • composes and produces most of their songs
  • king of pastel hair colours
  • very cute but hates being called cute
  • vv dangerous even though he looks like a bunny
  • will slap a bitch
  • “hates skinship” but hugs the members all the time
  • shipped with hoshi and s.coups
  • sings really well
  • hates doing aegyo but is amazing at it
  • can also rap and sing bc what can he not do

DK - Lee Seokmin

unit: vocal

position(s): main vocalist

  • 18.02.97 (same bday as vernon)
  • sunshine man
  • really really cheerful all the time
  • also in the gag trio
  • shipped with hoshi
  • amazing vocals and visuals
  • his cheEKBONES
  • but anyway
  • also knows when to be serious and when to joke around
  • works very very hard
  • svt’s producer said that he would call him in the middle of the night like “how should i sing this part”
  • dances really well
  • high note king #1
  • very mature for his age
  • looks good in glasses
  • looks good all the time

Kim Mingyu

unit: hip-hop

position(s): lead rapper, visual

  • 06.04.97
  • tallest member (185cm)
  • raps and sings really well
  • works really hard and can fill entire notebooks with rap lyrics
  • cringes at himself a lot
  • draws very well (designed bongbong - the little plushie - and the al1 album covers)
  • walked in a seoul fashion show and could be a model tbh
  • also very mature for his age
  • the chef in the dorm
  • svt would starve without him
  • can make amazing food from 7-eleven shit
  • vv clumsy though
  • don’t give him your baby bc he would drop it
  • shipped with wonwoo and minghao (ship name: gyuhao)
  • talented and funny and humble and deserves all the love he gets

The8 - Xu Minghao

unit: performance

position(s): lead dancer

  • 07.11.97
  • king of china #2
  • has the best predebut photos
  • used to be cute and innocent but now everyone knows his true savage nature
  • his korean as improved so much
  • martial artist and b-boy
  • does all the backflips and breakdancing stunts
  • very cute
  • takes good selfies
  • shipped with jun and mingyu
  • loves and cares for his members a lot
  • can rap but rarely gets to
  • very talented bean

Boo Seungkwan

unit: vocal

position(s): main vocalist

  • 16.01.98
  • diva boo
  • takes on the persona of boonon (like vernon, but he can’t rap)
  • last member of the gag trio
  • funny as hell
  • loves his mom and never shuts up about her
  • amazing amazing voice
  • high note king #2
  • dances really well (RECOGNISE HIM PLS)
  • deserves more love
  • shipped with vernon (ship name: verkwan)
  • cries a lot
  • he’s so so so cute
  • always there to lighten the mood

Vernon - Choi Hansol / Hansol Vernon Chwe

unit: hip-hop

position(s): main rapper

  • 18.02.98
  • half white, half korean
  • born in nyc but moved to korea at 5 years old
  • has amazing predebut quotes such as “kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege)
  • so beautiful
  • his beauty is almost ethereal
  • writes most of their lyrics with s.coups
  • a huge meme bc he has the best reactions
  • mature and sensible and vv passionate about rap
  • also very funny
  • but very lame
  • has a lot of english rap lines
  • went on the rap show ‘show me the money’ but we don’t talk about that
  • shipped with seungkwan
  • adorable but can be hot if he tries

Dino - Lee Chan

unit: performance

position(s): lead dancer, maknae

  • 11.02.99
  • can sing, dance, and rap
  • loves michael jackson
  • calls himself michael chanson
  • adorable “i’m a bright child!”
  • vv relatable
  • when members ask how his exam went: “lets move on. i tried my best.”
  • works really really hard
  • can do everything tbh
  • always trying to improve his skills
  • too young to be shipped
  • loves his members so much
  • smol bean
  • needs protection


i’m a bit newer to the fandom so i don’t know that much about them

Kim Youngbin

position(s): leader, lead rapper, lead dancer

  • 23.11.93
  • dad
  • dab king
  • but srsly tell him to stop
  • great at eye smiles
  • loves to hug his members
  • raps and dances really well

Kim Inseong

position(s): main vocalist

  • 12.07.93
  • called a fox bc he kind of looks like one
  • speaks english
  • studied in england
  • high note and adlib master
  • kind of a nerd
  • vv sweet and caring
  • shipped with jaeyoon (ship name: jaeseong)

Lee Jaeyoon

position(s): lead vocalist

  • 09.08.94
  • l a m e
  • gets scared really easily but likes to act tough
  • called the honey vocal bc his voice is clear and sweet
  • dances well
  • doesn’t get enough recognition

Dawon - Lee Sanghyuk

position(s): lead vocalist

  • 25.07.95
  • meme
  • usually called the funniest in the group
  • loud and extra af
  • his voice s a bit lower than most other kpop vocalists
  • sings really well
  • really really really funny

Zuho - Baek Juho

position(s): main rapper

  • 04.07.96
  • low ass voice
  • raps really well
  • writes lyrics
  • hella good looking
  • looks tough but is a giant dork
  • vv funny
  • always trying to get the others to give him love

Rowoon - Kim Seokwoo

position(s): main vocalist, visual

  • 07.08.96
  • model material
  • gorgeous human bean
  • tall as hell so he’s a string bean
  • he’s like 189cm
  • the mom
  • cooks for the group
  • sings really really well

Yoo Taeyang

position(s): main dancer, vocalist

  • 28.02.97
  • guitarist
  • rude as hell but also very cute
  • dances and sings amazingly
  • the most popular member
  • lowkey a fuckboi
  • jk he’s really sweet and talented

Hwiyoung - Kim Youngkyun

position(s): lead rapper

  • 11.05.99
  • king of never getting lines
  • but really he got 5 words in fanfare
  • raps really well but doens’t get many chances to show it
  • visuals on point
  • cries a lot
  • precious bean
  • fights with chani a lot

Chani - Kang Chanhee

position(s): lead dancer, rapper, maknae

  • 17.01.00
  • is babied by youngbin but hates it
  • dances so freaking well
  • good rapper
  • but really he’s an amazing dancer
  • also gets no lines
  • really deep voice
  • deserves more love

I haven’t been following got7 that much lately, i’m sorry :(

anonymous asked:

If kaisoo is real and sm is just trying to hide t then why is it that they paired Kaisoo in the eve dance? Why does kai feed kyungsoo in pepero commercials? They've been paired together for commercials several times before. Also, why does SM let them walk together and talk on stage? Aren't you and all other kaisoo shippers being delusional and using SM as an excuse that they don't have many interactions? They're no different from chanbaek. They're just fanservice. Fake.

hello anon. Okay so first of all thank you for being aware of all the kaisoo interactions despise the fact that you’re not a shipper. Tbh idk where to start with your ask because there’s tooooo much about kaisoo for me to begin with. Anyway I will just answer what you asked in order. About the dance, it’s the choreographer who positioned exo for the dance, sm has nothing to do with this. SM is in charge of exo and all the promotion/production/choosing songs and so on but it’s not their decision to choose who dances with whom because it’s not their job but the choreographer’s since he’s expertised in this and knows who matched with whom rather than sm themselves. Why ji fed ksoo in pepero commercials? Simply it’s because the director told them to do so??? why u asked? I mean for commercial production, the marketing team has to find ways to sell their products no? and when it comes to exo not just their name themselves are big and popular but the ships are as well. It’s a thing for kpop, ships, otps and so on so being with kaisoo, one of the most long lasting ship in exo with many fans follow the ship, of course the marketing team would team them up to make fans to notice more and get more of the products. they’re not dumb enough to take out this advantage to get more consumers, same with nature republic, they’re using baekyeol and kaisoo because they know about these ships, everyone who are exols know about these ships, they are inevitable. And why did sm let kaisoo walk together on stage and talk on stage? think about it, if you’re in the same group with another person and u dont talk to that person, what would others think of both of yall? either yall are trying to hide something or yall hate each other or not getting along it would be hella weird and shady. sm can’t just make someone not talk to his own groupmate because that’s bs and they can’t just tell the manager to be next to them 24/7 and be like “yo ji/ksoo, stop talking to each other” even when they’re on stage. that’d be weird af. Also another reason why sm cant do that because it’s normal for everyone to talk to each other and they know their place, not like theyre talking to each other alone 24/7, they also interact with other mems as well so why should sm stop them completely???! The reason why we shippers said that sm trying to stop them because theres too much evidence of kaisoo being a thing, too much to avoid so they need to separate kaisoo as much as they can whenever there are cameras in front of them. homosexual isn’t really an acceptable thing in south kor, there are many homo couples but doesn’t mean they are accepted by the society, especially korean celebs. I remember some rumors about 9493room ,aka one of kaisoo fansite, leaving because others were mean and made fun of her/him for shipping kaisoo but that was yrs ago and i hope it was just rumor. but being said it shows that homo otps aren’t really accepted yet if u ship them srsly and sm prob doesn’t want that to happen to their artist, their precious babies who make them balling with money because that’s all they care about…and for u saying that those are fanservices, if u see their interactions, it’s always offstage or whereas other members are talking. Because others are talking they would thikn oh the fans will give their attentions to that mem not them so they can just talk to each other or so, and if it’s offstage then who are they doing fanservice to? the staff? also anon, shipping someone or not is our choice and our opinion, i also respect your opinion and choice but calling us delusional and the ships being fake are a little bit too much. You don’t ship them, i’m completely fine with it because i know there are others kaisoo shippers who support them wholehearted like like i do. But please don’t come and attack us like that just because u dont see the sparks in their eyes when they look at each other, or the attention that they give each other that was beyond anything compared to the attention they give other members. We dont use sm as an excuse because we know that there’s no way ji would be away from ksoo with his own will, if u see other fancam or so, the way he looks at ksoo or vice versa. Also for the past fanmeet or so, all the members sat in their normal order when they’re together, yet only kaisoo’s seats were switched and the only one that could have done this is the ppl behind the scene and who would that be? of course sm. One last note for you, please don’t touch baekyeol/chanbaek either because the shippers did nothing wrong just because they ship those two. Thank you for asking this so i can prove to others that i’m not just a whatever shipper but my belief about this ship is pretty strong, as strong as exo’s love for exols. thank u and have a nice day!

i’m still not done lol

regarding lauren’s latest post, what irritates me most is their attitude, how they act like they’re doing us a favor with the way they wrote lapis and peridot’s “relationship”.

“I wanted to create the experience of a growing queer relationship”

yes i admit i am/was an amedot shipper. but this isn’t about me being upset that my ship won’t be canon. i can deal with that. what i can’t deal with is amethyst yet again being used as prop for a white/white-coded character’s development (pearl, steven, and now peridot).

it also bothers me that some white fans/lapidot shippers are gonna eat this right up as great gay representation (you can already see people doing that in the notes of their post). as if there’s anything revolutionary about using characters of color as tools for another character’s development and then tossing them aside when there’s no more “use” for them.

“I don’t want to have people have to sit down and put together puzzle pieces to see if they were represented. Not in this day and age. That game is so tiring.” 

wow it’s so funny that you say that lauren, because that’s exactly what you put me and other fans of color through. i was so excited about amedot possibly being developed, that a character like amethyst who i relate so strongly to, could be shown love when people like her (mentally ill, fat, woc) usually don’t on tv. 

but nope! no love for fat woc huh! as long as your skinny white faves are happy who cares right??

i tried to give lapidot a chance, i really did. if it was actually written properly i wouldn’t have any problems with it. i’m just so frustrated not just because of it’s shitty development, but because amethyst had to be sidelined AGAIN just to further the ship. 

this is why so many f/f ships on tv right now don’t do it for me, because they’re mostly catered towards white lesbians. i shouldn’t have to choose between both aspects of my identity (being black and gay). i know media representation isn’t even the biggest problem in our community right now but damn, it would be nice to see a character like me actually being treated respectfully by the narrative just once!

anonymous asked:

I love how (at least with the later seasons of the show) there's this trend of shipping Sam with a minor character that would love and support him. Sammax, Saileen, I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting.

Okay so I’ve noticed this too, and I love this trend, but I have a hypothesis.

(Quick note:  This is not a meta. I don’t write meta. This is just an idea.)

So I’ve been in this fandom long enough to have witnessed a bit of its history. Not so long ago (soon enough that I still see remnants of it), there was this #givesamaboyfriend trend. It’s still a thing that people want Sam to have a bf, but this was like. A movement. The idea being that 1. Sam has been Claimed By The Queers, and 2. Sam needs someone to love and care for him, because lord knows the showrunners keep putting him through the wringer with little to no acknowledgement afterwards. Our queer boy is being treated poorly and needs someone to hold him and tell him nice things. Of course, there were times where this painted Sam as a damsel in distress who is unable to stand up for himself, but to be fair, there are times in actual canon that paint the same exact picture. So, y’know, I’ll let it slide.

So we see a hundred posts that all read like:  “Season x wishlist:  Sam meets a man (played by Steven Amell) during a hunt and saves his life. Hunter guy sticks around for a while, sees how people treat Sam, and helps Sam re-learn to stand up for himself.” Details change, of course, but that was the gist.

And then, we started getting characters that fit the bill, or could be molded to. Anyone else remember when people were shipping Sadreel/Sezekiel when we first got wind of Gadreel’s existence? WEEKS before the s9 pilot aired, before we knew who Ezekiel was or why he was there, he was the big strong man who would protect Sam. And even now that we know everything about Gadreel, there are some shippers (myself included) who not only held onto this idea, but thought it was ten times better that Gadreel was at least as tragic as Sam was. That’s not to say that Gadreel was the first character that this happened with, but it’s the first I can think of off the top of my head.

So in the case of SamMax … come on, he pretty much fits that description from earlier:  They met on a case, Sam helped save everyone’s bacon, Max (and Alicia) see how Sam is treated and stand up for him. (I know it was a humourous moment, but they could have easily freaked out that Sam was possessed. Instead, they both go “wow, that’s kind of personal, dude. You can’t just bring that stuff up like that, wow, have some tact.”) Max didn’t need to be altered as a character. We didn’t need to use our imaginations like we did with Sezekiel. Max was everything we were looking for with Sam, without changing the character or filling in blanks, and that’s why I think it got as popular as it did. It persists now because Max has survived so far, unlike other characters like Gadreel.

(Another interesting note:  I see people doing this with older episodes too. They see an old gifset from one of the first three seasons and ship Sam with a male one-off character.)

Now, Saileen is different. Not necessarily because she’s female (the “Sam is Queer” thing isn’t diminished by that, I mean), but because there wasn’t the whole #givesamaboyfriend background. I think the most likely reason Saileen got so popular is because she was Sam’s friend. Not to say that males and females can’t be Just Friends, but when was the last time we saw someone who was Sam’s friend, who not only treated him well, but wasn’t Dean’s friend first? Sorry to say, it’s been a long time. Even Charlie doesn’t fit both criteria. I don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge of SPN I used to, but the first friend of Sam’s that I can think of is Sarah. Guess what, she’s dead. Meg 1.0? Not only was she a demon, but she’s also dead.

Then I think of Dr. Cara. They weren’t friends, necessarily, but they could have been. She took an interest in Sam and was kind to him. But I hate how their interaction was treated on the show. Not only because Dean constantly griped about Sam “cockblocking him” (even though she showed exactly negative interest in Dean), but because it was later painted as a bad thing when they hooked up because Dean thought she might be the siren. (I could write a fucking dissertation about this whole thing tbh it pisses me off so much, but I digress). And that’s a really common theme in the show too. Sam can’t just have girlfriends or hookups anymore. Barring early seasons (and Piper), all of Sam’s partners have either had ulterior motives or have been painted in a bad light by other characters. (Think:  The hippie girl and Amy Pond (who I admit wasn’t a romantic partner but was still Sam’s friend – and is now dead, thanks Dean.))

Anyway, Eileen was a breath of fresh air:  She was nice to Sam. She was Sam’s friend (not Dean’s friend who later met Sam). She was a badass and capable hunter, which was important because we all know that hunters (or, at least, the Winchesters) can’t settle down with non-hunters. Dean approved of her. She didn’t have ulterior motives, wasn’t using Sam, and nothing about the storytelling made it seem like their friendship was a Bad Idea. Also, until recently, she was alive and presumably kept in contact with Sam. He even learned a little ASL from her now come on that’s fanfic fodder just by itself.

ANYWAY, this got long as shit, but I think that’s why such rare pairs are popular, with special emphasis on SamMax and Saileen. And I sure as hell hope the trend continues because I live for this shit.

Notes to reader insert writers

As a reader insert writer and reader I’ve noticed when the writers describe reader they often discriminate certain types of readers, I’m sure they don’t do it on purpose. Or stories that are cliché and repetitive. Now I’m not here to spread hate, I’m just here to point things out so it might help with writers. So here’s a list of do’s don'ts when writing reader insert fics.

When going into detail about reader
•Us insets like (h/t) = hair type and (s/c) = skin color. I know some writers don’t like using these but it really let’s the reader ‘insert’ themselves into the story. Using (h/t) can stand for hair color, hair length, and hair texture!
•When describing a female reader styling her hair, write things like casual hairdo or fancy hairdo.

•I have come across quite a few fics with the use of sun-kissed skin and pale when describing the reader. Please don’t do this, it excludes POC when using pale and like myself I’m a pale ass woman and I can tell you I don’t have sun-kissed skin, not everyone has sun-kissed skin.
•When a female is getting ready for an event it’s often described the f!reader has long hair that seems to be easily curled/blow dried/straightened. First things first, not all women have long hair! And they have all types of hair texture that have very different hair prepping steps and techniques, some have more hassle doing these types of hair styles.

Extra tags to “reader”
•Seeing extra tag to reader like plus!reader or deaf! reader, etc. are awesome, because you can included reader that might feel left out and you are giving other readers a heads up of what they’ll be reading
•f!reader = female and m!reader = male reader are really important, I personally need to do this. It lets, again, readers know what they will be reading.
•Gender neutral reader are awesome! It’s a little more difficult for some to write gender neutral readers, but it’s the most including extra tag to “reader”, because no matter your gender you’re included!

•when adding a mental illness to the “reader” tag, be careful to not romanticize it. And just because the reader gets with their ship doesn’t mean there mental illness just disappears, it will still be there, but their ship can be a big help in their life.
•I’ve come by quite a bit if fics that have an insecure plus!reader, now don’t get me wrong, we all have insecurities, but not all plus people are insecure about their body nor hate it. It’s good to write both insecure and confident plus!readers!

Moodboards for reader insert stories
•When making a moodboard for your fic and you have reader inspired people in them, do a mixture of different body types and skin color. You might have to make more than one moodboard but it’s worth it and important.
•You might not be able to find something you’re specifically searching for, for all types of reader and that’s okay, I’ve been there.
•Just do one body type and skin color of person. Such as caucasian super model! Not everyone is white and a super model, have diversity

The clichéness
•Sometimes readers (like me, lol) love the sappy romantic storylines! It’s can be such fun writing and reading those!
•When the reader ship is confessing there love they’ll say “because you’re kind, funny, smart, and beautiful.”. Please don’t do this way. Write why they’re kind, smart, funny, smart, and beautiful. It adds a lot and makes it more memorable. Also, no one is perfect, so if you make the reader A+ in everything it doesn’t make them relatable to the reader, to make the reader feel like this is them in the story. It’s good and realistic to have the reader have flaws.

My life so far:
  • Pre-Yugioh Era: what is this dumb card game show with the stupid hair. smh pokemon is better.
  • Yugioh Era: This show is actually very deep and has amazing characters and storylines. The Abridged Series did so much to generate interest and introduce people to the anime, but the heart of Yugioh really is in the characters and their development. But I don't actually care enough about the dueling to watch the show in full so I'm going to rewatch the same few episodes with my favorite characters, bury myself in fanfiction, and cry about Thiefshipping every night. RIP me.
  • Post-Yugioh Era: yknow I would actually love to be into something that DOESN'T have a dub that makes me want to claw my ears out or a fanbase that barely takes it seriously. maybe something nice and live action. this anime stuff is getting a little old.
  • Pre-Pre-Neo-Yugioh Era: yknow actually i was wrong, this anime stuff is my life. i'm never leaving you again, my sweet weeb trash.
  • Pre-Neo-Yugioh Era: wow i sure did like that yugioh anime, didn't i. hahaa. it sure would be funny if.....my friend roped me in again....

anonymous asked:

So Bakugou and Todoroki's hero names didn't get decided early on I think because they're each gonna get their own little mini arcs that get em to decide them, but I kinda wanted to know your opinion on what they might end up being? 'Course they'll probably be derived from future plot that we don't know right now, but I wanted to ask anyway!

!!!! I’ve never really thought about Todoroki’s, tbh? So I have no clue, honest, but as far as Bakugou goes I’ll keep on holding onto Ground Zero until Horikoshi officially and unequivocally tells me he 100% definitely scrapped it, my friend - it’s such a cool name??? I read it and I nearly cried when I realized that probably it’s not gonna be his actual hero name rip

Anon said: You need to draw Bok.uro more (i love them so much,(you to of course)

I’m sure you didn’t mean anything bad by this ask anon, but as I’ve said more than once I really, really don’t like the word need. I don’t need to do anything, no one’s paying me for this. When I’ll want to draw more bokro it’ll for sure happen, so don’t worry about that~

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anonymous asked:

This is not a prompt and I know you usually don't do asks... but! just in case: the finale is really messing up with my mind. The idea that she talks to him every day and he probably doesn't know she is alive is too much for me. What worries me the most is the idea of Bellamy getting romantic with somebody in the ark, given where the storyline is going do you think it's a possibility? How do you see things panning out?

In general, you’re right, I don’t do much speculation of this type, and I’m afraid I’m not going to start now. But here are some things that I consider to be important and good:

  • That was not a finale you write unless you care very, very deeply, about the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke. 
  • Clarke doesn’t really have a non-Bellamy love interest other than Niylah, and Niylah hasn’t ever really been treated like a love interest so much as a FWB. Obviously it’s possible they could leave her single or give her a new love interest from a number of places, but I think the lack of an extant obvious person is probably a good thing, in terms of Bellarke.
  • I also think their being separated makes it much more likely that the show is, if nothing else, considering making Bellarke canon. If they were together, they’d have to deal with their relationship in the Ark, with the following possible outcomes:
    • They get together during the time jump (unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together during the time jump and their relationship is at its current level for six years, and then they get together once they get back to Earth (bizarre and probably also unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they are not interested in a romantic relationship and enter S5 as Firmly Just Friends (ugh)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they have a Huge Falling Out and have to learn to be friends again on Earth (probably the most interesting of these but also like wtf why)
  • So being separated basically allows the writers to delay making a decision about whether or not they will be canon, whereas I think that leaving them together would have necessitated making that choice, and necessitated it in ways that would not be promising for the ship. I like the time jump, and as much as the sadness both of them are doubtless feeling during their separation hurts me, I much prefer it to the alternative, from both a story and shipping perspective.
  • Our cliffhanger was literally Clarke calling Bellamy EVERY DAY because she misses him so much and Bellamy being in actual mourning, so there is every reason to believe we are getting a fucking EPIC reunion.

On a broader note, I come from the old way of fandom, and from the old way of slash fandom, especially, where we never really expected our ships to become canon, and just sort of assumed every important conversation involving our OTP would end with some variation on “no homo,” so I get that my perspective on this is probably different from some people’s. Will I be frustrated if Bellamy and Clarke don’t mash their mouths together at some point? Yes, I totally will. I desperately want them to mash their mouths together, and I do think it’s pretty possible that they will. But my shipping of things has never really taken becoming canon as a very important factor in how much I enjoy them, so I am much more likely to think of all the reasons it might not happen to keep my expectations low than try to reassure myself that canonization is coming. So I’m not a good resource for that kind of reassurance.

But that also means what I mostly think about is all the things that will make me happy aside from actual face-mashing, and that finale was basically non-stop Bellamy and Clarke love each other so much, holy shit, with every indication that S5 will continue with that. And that is 900% what I’m about.

Dating J-Hope would include
  • •back hugs Galore
  • •constantly reassuring Hi there he is amazing
  • •having to force him to rest when all he wants to do is practice
  • •when he is finally in bed after hours of trying to force him to sleep he hold you tight
  • •you caressing his arms, chest, head, face and back, putting him to sleep immediately
  • •waking up late to find him gone but he left sticky notes everywhere that list different things we loves about you
  • • Skin ship everywhere because he doesn't care that people know you are his
  • •He loves taking pictures of you when you stare off into space or when you at focused because he loves the faces you make
  • •the boys complaining that you guys are too happy all the time
  • •When he is away on tour he tends to forget to contact you
  • •you feeling insecure that he will lose interest because you think you aren't as pretty as the other girls he sees everyday
  • •Him holding you in his arms tightly
  • •"No girl I have ever met or ever laid eyes on were nearly as beautiful or as perfect for me as you"
  • •Disney marathons
  • •BOTH of you are loud and clap loudly and point at random things that make you laugh
  • •He love playing with your hair
  • •"why do you always play with my hair?"
  • •"Hush, I love your hair, it's pretty and soft "
  • •He loves playing and dancing in the rain with you
  • •him forcing you to go with him and the boys to Kota kinabalu
  • •Him forcing you to pack sundresses and cute bathing suits
  • •him looking like a deer in the head lights when he sees how sexy you look in the biking he made you take
  • •"Dang Hobi hyung how did you get such a beautiful girlfriend" "Yah! Stop looking Jungkook!" Hobi yells and throws his towel over your body
  • •At night he waits in bed for you to get out of the shower cause he can't sleep without you
  • •You come out in his over sized shirt and panties and he can only stare at you as you crawl into bed
  • •sweet love making all the time
  • •love bites
  • •Passionate kisses and soft moans
  • •Spanking
  • •Harder biting
  • •dark hickey almost on every inch of you neck and thighs
  • •loves being called oppa in and outside of the bedroom because your voice is like music to his ears
  • •whenever you are out together he always makes sure that you are comfortable and asks of your feet hurt
  • •if your feet ever hurt he will pick you up and carry you on his back
  • •You hardly fight but when you do it's over something really bad because you both hate confrontation and are usually good at talking
  • •Fights usually don't last long because when he raises his voice at all when he is upset it makes you cry
  • •And he HATES seeing you cry
  • •so he would hold you tight and you both whisper apologies and say how much you love each other
  • •Repainting the house together
  • •taking a break to sit and drink water but you sit on a box and fall into the empty box
  • •both of you laughing like idoits but he helps you out of the box
  • •loving gazes shared between you two showing you love each other without even needing to speak
  • •having a long future ahead of you knowing you two could last through any storm as long as you where together
  • Hpe you guys liked this I thought it would be cute. I saw a few if these and thought I should give it a try 😊 -Julie

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Zoro x Robin age gap argument?

Ahh yes
I could write a short essay on this, and I will! Because it is an interesting discussion.

9 years is a sizable gap, I didn’t know about it until I saw people here up in arms about it. It shocked me when I realized Robin is that much older than Zoro (and the rest of the crew). A real testament to how ageless Oda’s female character designs are. It makes me kind of sad that she’s been on the run for that long.

That being said, I don’t think there’s any destructive power dynamic in place societally or interpersonally between the two and I am generally lax about age difference when two consenting, mutually respectful and honest adults are involved.

People often feel that it’s disturbing to have age difference in pairings/relationships because there’s commonly a difference in life experience and status, but those two things aren’t inextricably bound to a number of years spent on the planet. I know of wise teenagers, extremely unwise and stupid elderly folks, young people of status, old people of status, really once you’re over 18 I feel like that type of thing can fluctuate vastly between people.

The second main argument that “Age gaps r bad” is this idea of the older character holding social power over the other from a social standpoint, but when it comes to straight pairs that argument only really holds if the framework of the fictional universe is a gendered heirarchy. You can argue that One Piece is set in a patriarchal world, I would largely agree on that… Despite Oda having a pretty female friendly lens on the world he’s built, it is a man’s world he has built. Let’s face it, it’s a shounen, and Japan is a traditional society where people are still raised to have a pretty rigid understanding of gender roles. Furthermore this kinda demolishes the notion that Robin can hold any social power over Zoro. /He/ is a member of the power holding gender in this world of One Piece, not her. In fact most of the people who have done wrong /by/ her are men.

On a personal note, I’m gonna elaborate on this whole topic because my best friend in real life is engaged to a man seven years older than her and I wanna do them a spot of justice. They met in college (Not high school!! They started their relationship when she was above twenty) And they’re one of the most mutually supportive, good hearted pairs I have seen in my life. Great at communicating and listening to each other, never ever putting themselves above their partner. They brighten each other’s lives unimaginably on a daily basis and are both incredibly upstanding individuals. Can’t wait to see those two married. :V



Going back to frickin anime characters and building upon the idea of an abusive or otherwise harmful dynamic…

Robin is initially dubious in terms of morality because we don’t know her true nature for the first few chapters of canon in the manga… To my joy she is revealed as one of the most loving and gentle pirates in the lore. In contrast to Zoro, she didn’t choose to disable or kill people for a living. (Making the assumption he /chose/ to be a bounty hunter for a living, Athough it wouldn’t surprise me if Oda reveals this to be an act of desperation or resignation as well.)

So basically, Nico Robin had to become a murderer in order to survive in a vicious world. Which is pretty fucked up.
As a result of her trauma and her being forced to kill to save herself it makes sense that she has plenty of morbid tendencies, a disturbing sense of humor, even some primal bloodlust. As does Zoro.
Despite most going Merry members being freaks, thugs, thieves, and gruesome murderers– Namely Zoro and Robin do the murdering. Surprise!!!! No other crewmate is as downright scary and unnerving as the two of these babes. One is a knife child, the other snaps people’s necks like twigs. It’s fucked up. My children r into some nasty things.

HOW-EVER. All the crew members are GOOD PEOPLE, who would never take advantage of each other in a seriously harmful way in the long term. The entire running theme of the show is that you can’t judge a person’s character or morality on whether they’ve done things that are considered immoral by society. It’s an interesting series because of that level of social nuance.

You could even argue Zoro is more reckless than Robin, that he is more of a menace than her because he loves combat, his life revolves around it! His life goal is to become the world champion of a masterful and refined form of violence lmao. Arguably this makes him the more immoral one, despite being the younger party.

He’s not ever going to be some naive lovesick puppy either, he shows the absolute contrary very clearly when Robin-chan first joins the crew and he is one of the few Nakama who has suspicions toward her despite her being able to charm the shit out of everyone instantly at face value.
He may have been rather attracted to her from the start, but he kept his head on straight and he was on the lookout for the smallest sign of betrayal, which means he was looking out not just for himself… He was looking out for everyone else he trusted and cared about on the ship.
He isn’t afraid to call people out when they cross him or act shitty, which I think is a great attribute to have in any relationship. Sexual or otherwise.
Speaking of Robin’s first appearances, the arc that really made me feel like Zoro has the hots for her is Skypiea arc. There are several more examples of him having a special reverence for her, but when he catches her after Enel lightning strikes her pretty much cemented the idea to me; Zoro sees Robin as a sexual interest. He’s very intense about keeping her safe in a very delicate and gendered fashion that he has never exhibited before toward any other character. The closest scenario before Robin is one time at the start of Alabasta arc,when Vivi comes at him with a perfume attack. He becomes visibly flustered and confused! But that is one of the few instances of him becoming flustered around women other than Robin.)

With Robin he leaps to catch her and yells “Are you insane??? SHE’S A WOMAN!” He loses his fucking SHIT! He attacks Enel knowing that he has no chance against him. He’s never ever reacted that way about any other character taking damage. Some of it might be chalked up to distress over finding Chopper badly hurt right before she’s attacked by Enel, too. 


If he didn’t feel any attachment to her he would not be so worked up, and if he didn’t find her particularly interesting sexually I don’t think he would have made a point of her gender. So basically Oda is implicitly showing the reader that he is crushing on her, or at least holds her rather dear rather quickly platonically tbh. Possibly he’s just very impressed by her poise, manners, and elegance. If nothing else he reveres her as a positively matriarchal figure.

Tldr; the most poignant thing about their relationship to me is the fact that they respect one another deeply as people, and if that’s not grounds for a quality romantic/sexual relationship then idk what is.

P.S. She isn’t old enough to be his mom. She would have had to have given birth as an elementary school student and I find that concept infinitely more fucked up than them dating canonically.

Have a nice day y’all

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22. "oh, don't cry." w/ minghao bc u love me? ~cece💖

mmmmmm oK

the8 + 22. “oh… don’t cry.”

word count: 345

“Are you insane?!”

Minghao ran a hand through his hair, staring dumbfoundedly at the small child in your arms.

“But it’s cute,” you whined, cooing at the baby, who giggled. “Someone just went and left it on our doorstep Hao, what was I supposed to do? This is obviously a sign!”

“A sign that you’re insane?” 

“You already said that. But yeah, that too.” It appeared on your and Minghao’s doorstep, in a small basket with a pink blanket, no note in sight.

Watching you dote on the small child, Minghao padded over quietly to take a look. It was a baby girl no doubt, bright brown eyes staring with curiosity.

“It is adorable but,” Minghao sighs, “we can’t keep it, Y/N. Someone’s probably running amok looking for it.”

You pouted, bouncing the baby lightly. “They obviously don’t care about it if they were able to just leave it at a random person’s doorstep, isn’t that right?”

Sighing, Minghao stuffs his thumbs in his pockets awkwardly, not being able to remember the last time he was ever good with a child.

Noticing his awkward stance, you motioned him over, Minghao staring at you bewildered. “Hold her, Ming.” “I really can’t—” “–Just for a little bit?”

He shakes his head with a grin. “Fine,” he drawls out.

Awkwardly, you transfer the baby girl to him, nearly dropping her due to Minghao’s awkward grasp.

Everything goes well for about 2 minutes. Minghao mutters, “She is kind of cute,” and is cut off with a loud cry, the baby girl’s eyes closing shut as loud wails emanate from her mouth. You snickered, pursing your lips.

Minghao panics, bouncing her lightly, “Oh, don’t cry!”

Within a minute, the baby sniffles, leaning into Minghao’s chest, eyes closing. “Well, that was easier than I’d thought.”

He turns to you slowly, “Call 911. This is someone’s child.”

Pouting, you solemnly nodded, turning away.

“And Y/N?” Minghao calls out, loud enough for you to hear without hurting the baby.

“We’ll have our own child someday. One that I will give you,” he grins.

no more prompts please!

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One thing that always gives me trouble with daenerys' chapters is that im almost as naive/trusting as her, so i always believe her judgements at first xD some characters i really don't know what to make of even when thinking critically... what's your stance on daario, is he on dany's side/trustworthy? Even she doubts him, not to mention all the older characters, so i'm almost inclined to say he might be up to something good after all; since him betraying her wouldnt be much of a twist

Daario is out for what he can get. In Dany’s case, what he can get is fucking a Targaryen queen, something very few men can ever claim to have done – and only he and Hizdahr have ever had the mother of dragons, a far rarer prize. If that sounds kinda gross, it is – I do think Daario’s pretty gross. (His naked lady sword handles, that he fondles in public, are like the naked boob lady mudflaps you see on trucks.) That Dany’s turned on by Daario, that she let him have her “every way a man can have a woman”, well, ugh, I can’t deal with her taste in men, I really don’t know why she thinks she loves him, but she’s 15/16, she’s taking control of her sexuality, she thinks Daario’s hot, go for it girl.

Despite his skeeviness, however, I do think Daario is actually on Dany’s side. That side includes encouraging her more dragonish, vengeful tendencies, so I don’t really care for his influence, but I believe he’s honest about it at least. And that he volunteered to be a hostage to the Yunkai’i speaks exceedingly well of him. That is… if the hostage thing isn’t a trick. I think it’s not a trick, and I worry that the Yunkai’i may kill him like they did the hostage Admiral Groleo– but I also worry that he may betray Dany’s side, especially if he’s found out Dany’s not in Meereen anymore. (Note, the fact that Groleo was presented to Barristan and Hizdahr as a head only, like Daario presented the heads of the captains of the Stormcrows to Dany, makes me more than a tad suspicious.)

I also sometimes worry that Victarion may kill Daario once he finishes up the siege of Meereen. (Although it’s probably Hizdahr that will end up nailed to the prow of Victarion’s ship.) But for all that, we’re going to have to wait for TWOW and the resolution of the Battle of Fire, that’s the only way we’ll find out the truth. Hope that helps!

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Hi, I don't know how to start asks :D I was wondering what other ships you'd be willing to write about? Also, maybe a Radmond fic where the two are stuck in an awkward situation? Loveyourstories:3

First of all Nonny, same. I never know how to start asks so don’t worry ‘bout that! As for the ships I’m willing to write about… Get out your pen and paper kids, time for some notes! 

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