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“Be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher", they say. But there’s one thing they can’t hear: the silent beat of creativity within you - that calling beckoning you to trust your gut, follow your heart, and do what your soul demands. You can never articulate to others what you feel in your bones because you rarely understand it yourself. Do you know how many times I get a bomb-ass idea but can’t explain it to anyone? All. The. Time. They can’t see it, but I can - and that’s all that matters. They will see it when I bring my idea to life.”

well, I have eye of the north now on my gw1 account

so I suppose now I have to try and max out my hall of monuments ( / v \ )

if anyone has any spare miniatures or items that work towards HoM I’d be more than happy to trade gw2 items for them or anything like that ; v; I’m still not overly sure how gw1 functions but I’m trying my best, a-ahah.

It makes me really upset when people say Haru doesn’t care about Makoto. Or say that it’s a one-sided relationship. Like. You don’t have to ship them, but you really can’t deny they have a special bond together. They’ve been friends since childhood…Don’t trash their entire relationship just because of what you ship.

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that bpd/dpd + avpd feel when your avoidant ass keeps everyone you care about at a distance, but then there’s that one Exception, your Favorite Person, whom you pull in close and absolutely cling to, and you expect everything you should be taking from other relationships to be satisfied by just this one person


DOLCE AMORE GIFS EVERYDAY! ✿ Exactly a year ago, Dolce Amore aired its first episode. I’ll be posting 3 posts per episode starting today. One photoset for Serena, one for Ten Ten and one for Serten. Tall order, I know. Realistically, I promise to post at least one gifset per episode. Let’s relive the glorious moments of Dolce Amore.

Zouis love spending time together

L/arry and Z/iam might be real, or any other pairing for that matter. But as a Zouis-shipper there is one thing that I find it odd that no other shippers notice or take seriously. I have read a lot from a lot of different shippers, and especially when it comes to L/arry a big question is: But when do they spend time together? And how do they manage to keep the relationship going when they can’t be together properly? Especially since Harry “lives” in LA. A lot of people bring up that long-distance work and that they can in fact be together more often than we think, we just don’t get to see it. But it’s here that for me Zouis gets in the way of other pairings. Because Zouis just seem to be together all the time… And this is something I’ve also seen many recently commenting on as a “smokescreen” or promoting Zouis and that it really is a “fake relationship/friendship” to make people not notice the absence of L/arry. I find this very insulting honestly, because even with all the troubles lately, Zouis has always seemed genuine. Even from the start. SO, I felt the need to ask this question back. WHEN exactly is L/arry and Z/iam together when Zouis basically spend all their time in each other’s personal space?

This is going to be a  masterpost about all the time Zouis actually spend together.

First the obvious… The things we get to see, when they are working.

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I don’t get it… why suddenly from one phrase “I like… men” you are all assuming that Sehun is gay/bi … If someone asked me, if I like women, I would answer the same. I like women. I like how they take care of themselves. I like how they act cute and laugh in full voice. I like how they smell and how they look with high heels. I like a lot of things about women…. but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m sexually or emotionally attracted to them.

What if he would have said differently? People would attack him for being homophobic? I guess there can’t be a middle point for some people. It’s either one extremity or the other. Just let the boy live and love people who make his sweet heart tremble with joy, without assuming or even deciding for him…

@chopperpirate | Continued  

“Your love… huh?” Love…In reality there was only one person’s love that she wanted. and there was only one kind of love she wanted from him. She really didn’t care about any other ‘love’ that anyone else could give to her. But she would keep this act of hers up… if anyone wanted to give her their love, or even had a crush on her, she’d just act like you’d expect anyone to act. On the inside though, she’d want to crush the person like a bug, so they were out of her way. “That sure is sweet of you. It’s great to meet you, Tony. I’m Ayano, Ayano Aishi.”

“You’re a cutie pie, aren’t you?” She giggled as Tony began to shake excitedly like that, allowing him to be in her presence, like he was some sort of cute pet. In reality though, she was feeling rather… angry, and when her face couldn’t actually be seen while she was keeping the creature in her presence, it twisted momentarily into a pissed off one, her actual feelings pushing to the surface for a moment. It twisted right back though as soon as she looked back towards Chopper. “A bad time? Oh no, no, don’t be silly. It’s never a bad time. You sure are an interesting one though… Do you mind me asking well… what, you are…? I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

Pokemon Go Before vs After

Before Pokemon Go:

1. Quiet and ghost-like neighborhoods
2. Rarely any crowds in the streets
3. People indoors playing Pokemon on their 3DS
4. Discounts on items by coupon only

After Pokemon Go:

1. Indoor people transformed into outdoor people in one day
2. Crowds everywhere with people trying to catch that rare Pokemon
3. Discounts everywhere for people with the game
4. People outside playing Pokemon on their phones now
5. Two teams at each other’s necks while one is just the bystander
6. Crazy incidents in the news lately since some people don’t bother reading the warning right when they start it

Like, Finn was risking getting captured and possibly killed for being a traitor by going on the rescue mission for Rey. But he didn’t make any accommodations for his own safety. All he cared about was getting Rey out of there.

And Rey was so touched when she found out it was Finn’s idea because no one has ever cared about her that much or had her back like that before. Rey has been alone her entire life so she probably had the mentality that no one would care enough to try to rescue her. But Finn did, even with all of the risks towards himself. Because Rey is also the first person he’s ever formed a deep and personal connection with.

So I understand that Natsu cares deeply for his friends and would fight anybody no matter which person was hurt. But don’t pin it on him like that’s all he feels. Natza, Nalu, and Nali shippers pretty constantly argue about “who’s ship moment is actually a ship moment and not an act of friendship”.

How about this. Stop saying your moment is a ship moment and no one else’s can be. Let people ship what they want. I ship Nalu, and although it seems to be a popular ship, there are a lot of people who shit on it. Just stop shitting on people’s ship.

Thank you.

I’m rewatching s2 of Doctor Who atm and annoyingly David Tennant is getting more and more attractive?? There’s a bit in Girl in the Fireplace where he’s kissing Reinette and at first he’s all surprised and dorky but then he like?? puts his hands on her waist?? it is honestly so rude. I’m outraged.

does anybody else just like twenty one pilots? im just wondering because theres people who got into other bands/artists because of tøp or vice versa and they stan them too and blog about them and keep updated on the members but i literally just like tøp and thats it. like i listen to p!atd and fob obviously but if you ask me any details about them i wont know honestly unless i seen it on my dash once. twenty one pilots are the only artists im fully invested in or care about and im really not sure why but i just, nobody is like them for me or could be like them.

Honestly I could care less

if we were called “aggressive“ or a “dead” ship, because, you know what? This “dead“ ship has been more alive than any of the other so called “living“ ones.

What they lack is the PASSION which we share and which bonds us. Passion about two characters who haven’t had scenes together in a long time and despite that little fact, the fans keep on hoping, keep on showing their love. We have the media on our side, articles mentioning the possibility of an endgame(which we already know is happening), worldwide trends (just yesterday we achieved a Klaroline AF trend in 61 countries, mind you) dedicated fans who make beautiful graphics, breathtaking videos, write awesome meta and engaging fanfiction. No matter how much someone tries to put us down or shows hate towards our ship, whether it’s an angry bitter antishipper or an actor, who probably didn’t even comprehend the meaning of his/her words, it doesn’t matter, because we are stronger than ever, because when you believe in something and fight for it, it’s bound to come true.

Because we will wait “however long it takes”♡

I get so pissed @ people who complain about the price of concerts/VIP/upgrades, especially when they live in the USA.

Do you even know how much we pray and wait for artists/bands to come to our countries (the ones that nobody really cares about)? And did you know we have to wait until they get really known worldwide so they actually make a real “world tour” but that means they’ll only come to ONE city and it’ll be only ONE concert and it will be SUPER expensive, and we can only hope we get to meet them waiting at airports and hotels where they’re not allowed to stop because they’re scared things might get crazy but it’s the only thing we can do because you have to win the M&Gs and there are only 30 and that’s not enough for everybody and it’s always so freaking impossible to win? And we don’t get to buy merch because they’re not known here s nobody sells it but if they are known it’ll cost a lot of money and be really shitty, and buying it online costs us so much and most of us can’t afford it?

So yeah, i’m sorry you have to pay $5 more to get a VIP upgrade with early entry to the venue and amazing gifts and merch and the chance to meet the band/artist, and that this is your 7th time seeing the artist and you’ll go to the next date in like two months, that sounds SO unfair.

okay so no one told me that when you actually fall for someone, you want to be with them all the time and you think about them more than you think about any other thing and you can’t help but grin when you hear their name and it physically hurts not being able to reach out and hold their hand and kiss them and every time they smile you feel like your heart is going to burst out of its cage just to show everyone just how hard it’s beating.