i don't care i thought this part was hilarious

nellynee  asked:

"Sakumo is definitely going to take his friend to task later for not mentioning that his other friend was transcendentally gorgeous and probably capable of knocking Sakumo on his ass. And in more ways than one." I read this and instantly burst into laughter because no matter the universe, if Sakumo reamed Jiraiya for this, I don't care how smart and savy he is, you KNOW Jiraiya's first thought would be Tsunade not Oro, and that's hilarious.

Oh yes, I totally had a scene like that in my head, where they agree about gorgeous deadliness until Jiraiya comments less than politely on parts of Tsunade’s anatomy. And then Sakumo is like “….No? I didn’t see any, even shirtless? What are you talking about??” and Jiraiya just looks at him and Gets It. 

He never recovers from the horror.