i don't blame whoever it was

How The Moon Signs Should Chill Tf Down
  • Aries: Chill with the raged passion - sometimes people have different perspectives, and whilst you're not wrong, becoming heated and aggressive isn't going to make you any more right
  • Taurus: Chill with the stubbornness - it's nice to let go of silly things because they just waste energy, no one is gonna judge you for being wrong, so don't waste energy trying to make something right if I can't be! 1 and 1 can't be 5!
  • Gemini: Chill with the chilling - I know you're just trying to get through things the best you can, but sometimes things get worse when you don't care enough, so go the extra mile to show your friend you're sorry instead of 'letting it all brush over'.
  • Cancer: Chill with the reasoning/bargaining - some things just happen, some people just leave, and sometimes people are to blame. But that doesn't mean you can make who is to blame (even if it's you) feel bad, and it also doesn't mean it can change. Let go and move onto happiness.
  • Leo: Chill with the pride - pride is great and we should all have pride because we're all awesome, but occasionally pride (in the sense of knowing you are right on perhaps a subject or matter) can get in the way of friendships or other things.
  • Virgo: Chill with the blaming - whether it's on you or someone else, some things don't need blame. Things just happen and we must find a way to cope, not put someone at fault. It'd be better for you and whoever involved to move on rather than look back and point fingers.
  • Libra: Chill with the worrying - I know it upsets you when people think wrong of you or think you did them wrong, but I promise this situation means nothing and is probably a big fuss over nothing. You don't have to feel guilty.
  • Scorpio: Chill with the meddling - you can get easily caught up in others lives and emotions, and whilst you make a great rock, it's not on you to support them constantly, especially if you may be doing more damaged. Withdraw and look after yourself.
  • Sagittarius: Chill with the achieving - this has to be the most productive and intelligent (not just academically) moon I know. You do so well and what you aim for and I want you to know you're allowed a break! Go relax, tiger!
  • Capricorn: Chill with the calculating - risks are there to be taken and I know sometimes that scares you, but I also know living your life in the caution zone won't make you happy. Try a risk you want to take and cling to it like you mean it!
  • Aquarius: Chill with the helping - I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice that actually Aquarius is one of the most friend-oriented and helpful moons, and whilst they can take time to themselves, they outta do it more! Take a chill day!
  • Pisces: Chill with the excusing - you have a habit to excuse others actions whether against you or not. You are allowed to feel wronged and not like someone if it's justified, so let your inner lion roar!

The amount of saltiness in the kd tag. The best part bout it is all of the arguments re repetitive.

Listen…. it’s not okay when straight people make “gay” jokes because when LGBT people joke about fitting the stereotypes and whatever it’s about empowerment because we’re standing there and saying yeah I’m gay and I love it and it’s good, but when straight people do it it dismisses us and makes it even harder for us to be taken seriously. I don’t care if you’re an ally or you “don’t mean it that way” it’s still hurtful and I’m surprised at how common it still is

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Ok but how they blame Larries from this unrespectful question towards H??I mean Larries love L & H and they don t want even a fly annoying them HOW THEY ARE SAYING THAT.SO PLEASE EVERYONE whoever doesn t respect H or L is not a Larrie or even a fan.Thank you

Every time something disrespectful happens to Harry Larries are like 

There's no such thing as "reverse racism" because thats not a thing. racism is one thing. I dont know who the fuck got off saying you cant oppress or hate or be racist towards white people thats a bold and extremely false statement. Whoever made that up is fucking demented. Im so tired of the mainstream tumblr bullshit thats constantly trying to be "pro-black" yet being more so "anti-white" than anything. Why don't you guys promote love instead of hate if you want to see a change? Get off the internet and go into the communities. All you do is hate and hope for a change that you're not going to get by blaming and hating white people.
Pitch Perfect 2 Sentence Meme (pt1)
  • "Back in my day, we put on our blazers and we just sang. We maybe snapped our fingers if we were feeling frisky."
  • "We have a commando situation -- there is a commando situation on stage!"
  • "Who hasn't had that dream?"
  • "She's turning! She's turning! Brace yourselves!"
  • "Avert your eyes, or take it all in!"
  • "Three time defending Accapella National Champions -- which is, a real thing, apparently."
  • "I am deeply sorry for the upset that I have caused."
  • "I feel that I have already received punishment enough in the form of silk burn."
  • "You know, up until today, I thought singing acapella was the most embarrassing thing you could do....."
  • "_______, chill out. It was a mistake, they're not gonna burn us for witchcraft."
  • "Maybe it's time to think about other stuff."
  • "This is the worst thing to ever happen to us. Ever."
  • "You know, before coming to ___, I had diarrhea for seven years. But yes, this is terrible."
  • "And you've also upset these people whose names I already forgot."
  • "What if you win it? You mean /you/ outperform the other groups?"
  • "How do you fit such big dreams in such small bodies?"
  • "They hate us. The whole world hates us."
  • "You have made a great choice. And a cheap one."
  • "I will do whoever it takes."
  • "I think you mean whatever."
  • "Yeah, I'll do that, too."
  • "______, don't blame yourself. You're a ginger, that's punishment enough."
  • "I would be stoked to -- sorry I don't say stoked I don't say stuff like that. I'm pretty cool. You're gonna like me.....that was bad too."
  • "It's only weird if you don't embrace it."
  • "I completely blacked out. How'd I do?"
  • "Honestly, I've seen you do worse."
  • "Did you call the tech guy?"
  • "You understand -- everything else in my life works? I need this to work, too."
  • "That is a really great example of a horrible idea."
  • "My time is like a toddler in a tiara, ok? Precious and short."
  • "Sorry my boobs are all crazy. I was just jumping."
  • "What'd you say about your junk?"
  • "You do not want to hear that woman doing it with my dad."
  • "What an odd thing to say."
  • "Let's not be dicks about it, ok?"
  • "_____, you have a lovely vagina."
  • "I stick pennies under my tongue."
  • "If we're gonna talk negative, let's start with the giraffe legs."
  • "Let's go get into trouble!"
  • "You know there's a gate, right?"
  • "For someone who left four years ago, you're harder to shake than mono."
  • "We're here for one reason and one reason only; to scout the competition."
  • "You? You are the kicker of ass? You are so tiny. Like an elf. Or is it a fairy? You are like a troll."
  • "You....are physically flawless. But it doesn't mean I like you."
  • "Your team is like a heated mess. You know? A mess where heat is applied to it. So that, what once was a little mess, is now even messier."
  • "I really must go rest my neck. It is sore from looking down on you."
  • "Okay, just because you are making me very sexually confused doesn't not mean that you are intimidating."
  • "Acca-wiedersehen, bitches!"

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I don't blame you for not defending Axl. He's a crazy pscho. Stephanie ir Erin or whoever shoulda let him put the bullet in his head. World woulda been much better off.

Ok, I wasn’t gonna answer these but wth :/ 

First of all, don’t think that I’m on your side and I don’t defend Axl. Second of all just stop already. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about. If it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be GN’R. And he didn’t abandon his friends, if anything people abandoned him. I already made myself clear about how I feel about him so I’m not gonna even bother explaining myself again.

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UGHHHHH God I really really really don't want to say this but Mystique is just not that interesting to me. I'm sorry. I don't know if it's Jennifer Lawrence or the producers or whoever calling these shots but stahhppppp!!!! Look if you want to make Mystique into the new hip character or whatever, just do what you always do for Wolverine and give her her own movie.

I love JLaw, but she totally phones it in as Mystique. And who can blame her? The makeup looks miserable and she’s basically naked at all time and just ugh, it looks horrible to try to do anything in.

But the REAL travesty is Singer wasting James and Fassy. I know I am biased af, but James and Michael really are two of the very BEST actors out there right now and not only are they damn good on their own, their chemistry together is dynamite. 


Especially when you don’t have them on contract anymore? And you’ll never get them as cheaply as you did when they signed in 2010 or whatever.



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Linking any violent act carried out by black ppl with BLM is just ridiculous in itself. Who were we blaming before BLM? I don't see ppl saying the KKK must be responsible when white ppl commit heinous acts but ok 😒

“Continued from before. Even though the KKK are well known for acts of terrorism, violence and racism they still don’t get blamed for crimes carried out by other white ppl. So why now whenever a black person does something it’s linked to BLM? Bullshit.”

To me they do so because they believe that race relations got worse with BLM or with Obamacare or whoever they want to blame because they refuse to recognize that racism doesn’t exist in the vacuum they thought existed after they were told Martin Luther King Jr died for our sins or whatever fairytale they were taught. Aslso because they can pretend that their moderate and not attacking whom they see as the good blacks.


I’m seeing a lot of angry posts on my dash right now, and I just want to say, just in case this applies to any of my followers:

If you voted third party, or were eligible but didn’t vote, this wasn’t your fault.

Like, they gutted the Voting Rights Act. We ran an unpopular candidate and underestimated her opponent. We have this absurd electoral college system that means you can win the popular vote but still lose. And some small bit of blame probably also goes to the over 50 million people who voted for Trump. There’s a whole complex system of stuff that lost the election. Jill Stein or whoever is nothing compared to that.

“Third party voters” is the excuse Democrats use literally every time they lose an election because blaming the Left is easier than thinking about the real problems we’re facing.