i don't believe it untill you prove it!

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For the whole Nami's a lesbian thing I would like to point out a few things. For the moment with Kalifa she showed no interest in her before that moment and no interest after so I honestly think it was just because of her powers not her gender. Also for her "moment" with Tashigi It was stated that she's got a weakness for female marines because her Mother was a marine so I think it makes sense for Oda to use that link to get rid of the kids. so yeah...

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So here’s the interaction in question:

Are you trying to tell me that Nami is sexually attracted to soap bubbles? That Kalifa herself had nothing to do with it? And that it had been Lucci, or Jabra, or Blueno, or Fukuro there lathering themselves up with soap while striking sexy poses, Nami still would have gone, “Wah, he’s so sexy… If he were my secretary, I’d be happy!!” Because I’m really not feeling that.

I don’t have any qualms about admitting that my belief that Nami is a lesbian is a headcanon. Nami’s never stated her sexual orientation. She’s never been in a romantic/sexual relationship with anyone that we know of. That’s why it’s up to us to look at her character and base what we think off of what we’re shown. So allow me to quote my own tags on this:

#if people are allowed to assume that Nami is straight just by virtue of her not being EXPLICITLY stated not to be

#then we should be able to assume she’s not straight when she directly states she has the hots for another girl

A lot of people really love the idea that Nami is lesbian (or bi or pansexual), but if you don’t believe she is then you are free to… not believe it. Nami has never done a single thing in the entire series to demonstrate that she’s romantically or sexually attracted to men, so the argument that she’s heterosexual seems pretty damn weak to me. Claiming that you believe a character is anything other than heterosexual without direct and irrefutable “proof” is considered unreasonable and something that needs to be protested and corrected. But believing a character is heterosexual by default, even in the absolute absence of anything that proves or suggests it, is considered fine. I don’t like that.

So again, I think Nami is a lesbian. If Nami wants to tell me otherwise, I’m all ears. But until then, I’m going to keep shipping her and Vivi.