i don't believe in love i believe in queueing


jackson + looking blissful 😌

If you think about it, we tend to break our own hearts. We create different scenarios in our heads with the hope that they’ll come true and when they don’t, we’re disappointed. We convince ourselves to believe that the person we love feels the same way back and when they don’t, we’re heartbroken. We tend to manipulate ourselves into believing certain things when they may not even be true. How strange to think that we, ourselves, contribute in the destruction of the very thing that keeps us alive.
—  we lead ourselves on // D.P

-Sarah Fimm_Afraid

Afraid of love all Under the sun…

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i actually made a wish. that i didn’t have to be alone on my birthday.

                   i’m not alone, i have a lot of people that love me.

happy birthday emma swan. darling princess ♥